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Hey team – it’s officially hit the net elsewhere so here ya go (I’ve had this for weeks but have gotten in trouble for posting it – but now it’s “out-there” I’m sure it’s all good – most of them were revealed in the sizzler anyway!). I’ll post all the remaining programmes over the weekend. Have linked to closest track where it’s a Les Mills’ cover. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

BODYCOMBAT 44 tracklist

1a: Brighter Day (Monday 2 Friday Remix) – Yanou
1b: Use Somebody – Ultrabeat
02: Energy – Shinedown
03: The Time Of Our Lives – Sy & Unknown featuring Lou Lou
4a: Paint It Black 2009 – Masif DJ’s
4b: GIA (Skitz Clubb Mixx) – Despina Vandi
05: Ignorance – ToneTonic
06: ìNessun Dormaî – Lacrima
07: Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man – ColorBox
08: Your Shining (Hixxy Remix) – Styles & Breeze
09: Put Your Hands On Me – Crookers feat Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie
10: Doesn’t Mean Anything – Alicia Keys

Regarding the PPCA – there were concerns about BODYCOMBAT not having any conditioning and cooldown tracks that were PPCA free. Well I doubt these are either – unless LM are making covers? I’m going to write a post on this soon.

Hey team, slowly getting myself sorted! Here’s BA69 – I’ve not linked to youtube for attack as the tracks tend to be customised specifically for the programme and bear little resemblance to the originals. Few double ups from other programmes; Dangerous, I Gotta Feeling and Jump That Rock – but again the attack versions tend to differ so much that it’s not usually an issue. Enjoy! 🙂

BODYATTACK 69 tracklist

Warmup: I Gotta Feeling (B-Tastic Remix) – Orangez
Mixed Impact: Boys and Girls – Spacejammers
Aerobic: Real Things – DJ Sophia feat Lucy
Plyometric: Dream A Dream (Cheeky Trax Remix) – Captain Jack
Upper Body Cond: Sexy Chick – Olson Bjerre feat. Sam Knowles
Running: Sunshine After The Rain – Flip & Fill
Agility: I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – Fortune Crew
Interval: Dangerous – Rhythm Twins
Power: Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) – Masia
Lower Body Cond: Down – club4life
Core : TiK ToK – Ke$ha
Cooldown: Replay – lyaz

Here ya go guys, I’ve had these for a while but been waiting for them to “hit the net”. More to follow 🙂

BODYPUMP 74 tracklist

Warmup: Run (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit) – Jamie Knight
Squats: This Is Who I Am – Annie Lee
Chest: We Weren’t Born To Follow – OneZeroOne feat. Ant P
Back: Don’t Speak – Alex Cortez
Triceps: 3 – Britney Spears
Biceps: Boom Boom Pow – Beat Factory
Lunges: Dangerous – Rhythm Twins
Shoulders: She’s A Genius – Badlands Inc
Abs: In My Head – Jason Derulo
Cooldown: Art Of Love (featuring Jordin Sparks) – Guy Sebastian

If you’ve read my post on BODYPUMP 75 you’ll know that the filming day had been plagued with technical problems – I’ve been to the last 8 Les Mills’ filmings and I’ve never known them to have to bump a filming time back the better part of six hours before! With BODYSTEP now pushed back to a 9:30pm start time every one was pretty rushed and there was little time between the filming classes – literally the BODYPUMP team rushed off the stage so the BODYCOMBAT team could jump up and get started immediately, and again, right after BC the combat team jumped off so BODYBALANCE could start straight away. Normally the time in between classes is when we’re allowed to snap some pics but this wasn’t the case this round. PJ did manage to snap a couple pics before the class began though – so if you do want to see how the team looked jump over to his blog.

Big team this round, Steve Tansey from the UK, Shaz from Australia and Taku the BC Master Trainer from Japan joined D&R. The team were dressed in “Keep it real and stay with the fight” t-shirts and Venum shorts. The theme this release? “Mission Impossible”

Now, as always with these posts on any of the LM filmings I have to keep the choreography and music specifics on the down low – but for BODYCOMBAT I have to be even more careful (for reasons I won’t go into – I’m sure many of you can guess!) so I do apologise for being so vague, I literally have no choice. But I’ll tell you what I can…

Couple of things spring to mind when I think about the release: Firstly, again if you read my post on BP75 you’ll see I was surprised there was so little rock, effectively none, in that release. Well, BC45 is the exact opposite… there’s tonnes!! Actually looking back I think about 4 of the tracks were rock, a couple pop, one kinda R&B and of course tracks 3 and 8 were uplifting trancey type tracks.

The second thing that surprised me (a lot!) was one of the track choices. Now that the sizzler for BODYCOMBAT 44 is out you’ll have seen that the warm up is a remake of Use Somebody, yes the very same Use Somebody that was the cooldown only 4 releases earlier! Weird huh? Well, one of the tracks in BC45 was in BC38. Work that out??!!! Surely there’s enough music in the world that we don’t have to have the exact same song just a few releases later? I kinda understand when tracks from much earlier BC releases are reused, most recent example was Kickstart My Heart (BC22 and BC43) or Excalibur (BC11 and BC42) or Ballroom Blitz (BC6 and BC41), I mean there’s a good 20 or more releases between those ones. But 4 releases (with Use Somebody) or 7 in this latest case? For the track reused in BC45 the versions don’t even sound that different! Hmmm… why?

Okay, so that aside how was the night? How was the release? For me personally, Steve Tansey stole the show. You guys in the UK are very lucky to have him. He presented track 3 first off… and man, without a doubt for me the peak of the class. So so so much fun! The charisma just flowed off the stage and I looked around the room at one point and it was all smiles. Fantastic!

As for the other tracks? The warm up is great – the upper body warm up has a surprise move that threw me a little at first. In fact when I heard the cue to do it I seriously thought I’d misheard it – I was like, this move can’t be in the upper body warm up?! But it was! So expect a surprise there! The lower body warm up was in a very recent BODYATTACK release – same version too I believe.

Track 4 (much like track 6 in BC44) is all about balance and is where the release gets its theme from.

Track 5 reminded me A LOT of Tutti Frutti and Johnny B. Goode from the recent BC releases… 6 rounds, very similar music. If you liked those two tracks you’ll probably like this one too… if like me and you really didn’t like those tracks? Well, this one may not be your cup of tea either.

Track 6 was great – probably my second favourite track behind track 3. Presented by Rach this is a departure from the usual track 6s in musical style… very uplifting. T’is good!!

Muay Thai was very heavy – Steve presented this too. I’ll be honest I think he really oversold this track, in the sense that he pulled it off just because he’s so great at what he does. I’m not sure however when presented by us mere mortals it will translate that well. Does that make sense? Probably not but I can’t really say too much more!

Track 8 musically was awesome! The chorey is different to a typical track 8… hopefully it grows on me. But the music – superb. The track has been used before in both BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP too.

The conditioning was very similar to the conditioning from BC44… so when you see that get used to it as there’s more coming!

So overall what was the verdict? Well, I spoke to tonnes of people after the filming and general consensus was positive… but then again it’s easy to get swept up in the whole filming experience if you’re an international. Me, I’ve been to so many filmings it’s just another class (man what a cynical old dude I’ve become!) so I can step back and review it a little more objectively. There were a couple of tracks I just loved (3 and 6 specifically) and some others I didn’t really rate at all (2 and 5), the muay thai I hope is good “in the real world” once we take it outside the buzz of hundreds of people, disco lights and the smoke machines of LM central.

The final thing I’ll say is that the cooldowns in BC45 and BP75 are closely tied together… not by artist or style but for another reason that you’ll see closer to release date. I wonder if it was a coincidence or planned that way…

And that’s it! My review of the music and chorey in BODYCOMBAT 45 without mentioning any of the music or chorey! Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

This is the only pic we could get sorry - the boss himself

This is the only pic we could get sorry - the boss himself

On a filming day absolutely riddled with technical issues, one thing remains clear: BODYPUMP 75 FREAKING ROCKS.

Actually plagued would make for a better term. The BODYSTEP 81 filming was meant to start just after 3pm in the afternoon, it actually started that night at 9:30 and finished at 11pm!! The BODYPUMP filming whilst starting on time, had its share of problems too – we did the warm up twice and restarted the squat track 4 times (yes… OUCH!!) There were mic and volume issues, in fact you may hear the presenters asking for more volume several times throughout the class…

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first: BP75 was presented by a team of five; Glen and Susan, as well as Susan Fleming from Auckland, and the US contingent, Sheldon and Margo. I tell you what – they looked fantastic. Sheldon and Susan F especially, so muscular and so ripped!! I stay pretty lean and I was looking at Susan thinking “I need to get in shape!!” There was a tonne of muscle on that stage!! I know the guys were wearing Nike as opposed to LM gear this time round (grey Nike t-shirts), the ladies were in red tops, not sure if they were LM, I suspect they were Nike too. Unfortunately, the filmings all ran so long and were so rushed that the presenters didn’t get a chance to hang around for pics afterwards (I don’t believe PJ has any either). I do have a pic of Glen which I’ll post as soon as I find the camera! (found it!)

As for the release itself? Well, as you probably know I’m not allowed to reveal any specific choreography or music information, however I can speak in general terms and obviously give you my opinion.

The first thing that struck me after this release was its lack of rock music. There’s pretty much zero. Now that doesn’t bother me so much but I know it will bother a couple of my members. Nevermind, as you know you can’t please all of the people all of the time!

In saying that though, and you’re probably not going to believe this but the closest track to being “rock” is the back track. Yes, you read right; The back track! Much like in BODYPUMP 74 Glen has chosen to go away from the Cascada, Liz Kay and E-type tracks and has gone completely left field. But, tell you what, it works. It really works! The track starts rock, and you think “how the heck am I going to clean and press to this??!” but then it speeds up in tempo and really goes off… then it pulls back again. Hard to explain without revealing more than I’m allowed but yes, definitely look forward to it – it’s fantastic.

So, if we don’t have rock what do we have? We have the return of a BODYPUMP favourite artist… I can’t say who but take a guess and you’re probably right! We have some hip-hop type tracks, dance, R&B, happy hardcore, and dare I say it, one of the tracks I think could possibly be termed country!!! (I’m not kidding!)

The release starts with a hugely uplifting track and doesn’t let up… it’s fantastic – not one track I didn’t like, and that’s saying a lot!

Highlight of the release? Easy: The shoulder track. Oh My Freaking God it is a monster! If you’ve ever thought to yourself “we need more hardcore!” – well, you’ve got it! As soon as I got back home I looked for the track on the net – it is without a doubt the peak of the class and everyone finished it completely and utterly smashed! Sheldon presented it and he pushed us and pushed us and pushed us… and then just when you thought it was over? Guess what… WRONG! Expect your shoulders to be blown to bits!

I mentioned in my post after the BODYPUMP 74 filming:

Now I have no idea if Glen reads the Les Mills’ community forums, but recently there’s been a thread on there entitled “BP choreography likes/dislikes“. As the name makes clear, in  it, instructors and participants are stating a whole heap of various things they’d like to see more of, and less of in BP. Now, if Glen doesn’t read the forum he’s clearly psychic as I couldn’t help but smile as I checked a whole bunch of the suggestions off one after the other in BP74.

Well, same deal here. A lot of the suggestions implemented in 74 have found there way into 75 too. It’s great to see. There’s a new move in the back track (in fact the entire back track itself feels “new”), there’s a new move in the ab track, and the chest track as well is a departure from the usual. The lunge track is very pure too.

So, without giving the game away there’s not too much else I can say. Be excited… be very excited!! I hope this helps wet your appetite, BODYCOMBAT 45 post coming next…

We’re one week away from the latest Les Mills’ filmings – time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve not seen any of these releases yet, but reports from my “spies” in Auckland are that both pump and combat are both winners! (I’m sure the others are too!)

Of course I’ll be there and I’ll report as much as I’m allowed immediately afterwards. I have all the tracklists for next quarters releases too (including BODYCOMBAT 44 & BODYPUMP 74) and I’ll be posting them as soon as I’m able to.

In the meantime the filming times are below – if you’re going be sure to come up and say “Hi!” – I’ll see you there!!! 😀

Thursday 22nd April 2010

  • 3:10pm BODYSTEP 81
  • 4:40pm BODYPUMP 75
  • 6:30pm BODYCOMBAT 45
  • 8:00pm BODYBALANCE 50

Monday 26th April 2010

  • 1:30pm RPM 48
  • 5:20pm BODYVIVE 16
  • 6:40pm BODYATTACK 70
  • 8:00pm BODYJAM 54

Wednesday 29th April 2010

  • 1:30pm BODYJAM+ 54

Recently there was a thread on a group fitness forum about BODYCOMBAT entitled “Are we getting too serious?” – I won’t link to the forum as it’s a private site and you’d not be able to read the thread without joining – however, the basic gist of it was that many instructors feel BODYCOMBAT is starting to take itself a little too seriously; almost turning into a hardcore MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) class instead of a fun group fitness class.

Here’s a paragraph from the thread:

Has Combat become some sort of religion?  Am I going to Combat “Hell” because I enjoy teaching my Monday morning (predominantly mums) with humour and fun, rather than screaming at them from the start of track 2 (or worse, whistling the change of chorey like they’re dogs)?  All I seem to be hearing at present is:  “If you don’t have a martial arts background, you’re worthless as a Combat teacher” and if your class is not “hardcore”, then you’re not giving an authentic Combat class.

A lot of instructors weighed in on the discussion… and, almost all agreed. Another instructor commented; “I am so with you on this one!!!! 90+% of my participants are moms who want to work up a good sweat and take out their frustrations/stress on imaginary opponents.  They couldn’t care less about martial arts , MMA, the difference between a snapping front kick and a pushing front kick, etc.  They don’t plan out their Combat gear before coming to class. Body Combat is just a fun, safe, great workout for them. AND THAT IS FINE!!!!”

They have a point.

Let’s get one thing straight – I do believe it’s important to teach BODYCOMBAT with some level of authenticity. After all, proper tech equals safe technique and when your participants are copying your positioning it’s vital you role model correctly. However, our members don’t come to a BODYCOMBAT class to get a lesson in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they come to get a workout, blast out any stresses of the day and most importantly have FUN.

Yes “fun“. This was a facet of combat that was hammered home to us during the Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) – people come to a BC class for the enjoyment of it! Straight after the AIM I wrote a post and mentioned that my absolute favourite instructor in the world is Hernán López. His classes are fantastic! Yes they are high energy, and motivating, but they are also fricken hysterical. I mean, if he wasn’t a group fitness instructor the guy should be a comedian. Even if you’ve seen Hernan on the DVDs (where yes he is funny “Kung Fu Panda” anyone??) he’s even more hilarious in his own classes where he’s not quite so scripted. They are just so much fun.

And that’s what BODYCOMBAT should be right? C’mon guys let’s not lose sight of the fact that this is group fitness… we’re not training to fight in the UFC here!

Maybe we should just chillax a little? For myself personally the serious nature of BC has even been taken to a higher level as I tend to get slammed for posting tracklists here. But, I make a point of never posting the tracklists first – I always wait till they hit the net somewhere else. Case in point I’ve had the tracklist for BODYCOMBAT 44 for weeks but haven’t posted it as no one else has. But, by the same token I’ve never once been reprimanded for posting tracklists for any other programme (and I do post them at the same time)… just BODYCOMBAT.

I mean really guys let’s step back and put this in perspective, we’re not nuking foreign countries here – this is an aerobics class! It’s meant to be fun… it’s meant to be a laugh… should it be taken all so seriously?

Love to hear your thoughts….

Hi guys! Hope you survived the chocolate onslaught that was Easter okay! I posted photos of the massive amounts of chocolate we’ve got left on facebook – OMG I’m going to be eating chocolate every day until next Easter! Below are the sizzlers for BODYSTEP 80 & BODYJAM 53 – normally I get all the sizzlers at once but this round they’ve been trickled through… I expect the rest in the next 24 hours (thanks again Kacie!). Also keep an eye on the blog in the coming days as all the Les Mills tracklists for 2010-Q2 will be out any minute (yes already!! Crazy!) And BODYCOMBAT 45 filming is in two weeks… will give you all the goss on that too! In the meantime enjoy!! 🙂

BODYSTEP 80 sizzler

We’re celebrating 20 years of BODYSTEP people. Can you believe it? BODYSTEP 80 is packed with singalong 80s remakes, karaoke moments, legwarmers and fluoro colours. What more could you ask for? oh yeah, its also fun, athletic and a seriously tough workout.

First up we get Respectable with the Mel & Kim Arm combo. If you’re too young to remember the original, check out youtube for inspiration.

Warm the stepping muscles to the familiar 80’s riff of track 2’s Goodbye with its strong focus on correct technique and clean arm-lines.

Get low and explore the pyramids then stomp through the sand as you walk like an Egyptian in track 5. There are some great imagery opportunities to help you train the lower body. Slip on the headbands as we join the kids from fame in track 7 and get ready for a mix of work and play as you catch your breath. focus on correct knee alignment and fame fun in the Hip extensions. BodyStep is gonna live forever!!

Yee-Haw..In track 9, grab your cowboy hat for a hoedown throwdown speedstep. Then, simple powerful moves in track 10 will help everyone hit that final cardio peak. Dont call me, call BodyStep!!!

BODYJAM 53 sizzler

Welcome to the Church of BODYJAM!! Release 53 could quite well be, the hardest, most intense, most insane workout created by anyone, EVER.

Fedde Le Grand sets the class on FIRE (AGAIN! how many FLG warmups does the world need? Apparently one more…) the Chris Breezy and Lil Weezy will transform the un-isolated into pure isolation-ites.

Our latin Excursion will get you High-High-HIGH in the ayer. Then welcome to the Disco Twenty Ten, the most nostalgic, flashiest, cheesiest BODYJAM routine since Jive from Release 48!

The Freemasons then set us up with British poshness. Beethoven has been reincarnated, mashed up with Soulwax, to make the choicest remix of a 150 year old track. Then Bob Sinclair will have you humming constantly (you know when you get a song stuck in your head and wake up at 3 in the morning wanting to scream??) DU DUH DAH DA DOOO DOOOOOOOO….

Russian Roulette drops the heart rate with a little Stomp Wave, then are you ready for the Maddest Dopeness Eva?!?

Wait til you hear the Laidback Luke remix of Dizzee… Shut, the, front, door. And how soon is now? Swedish House Mafia pose the strangest question to the sickest beat ever… clearly its quite soon!!

Following on from the BODYCOMBAT 44 and BODYPUMP 74 sizzlers below here’s BODYATTACK 69 (thanks Kacie!!) Others to follow soon…

BODYATTACK 69 sizzler

BODYATTACK is coming at you from all three dimensions in this release – Aerobics, Sport and Strength.

There’s huge aerobic highs with Boys and Girls, Great passion and energy in Dangerous, and a hard-core high-energy finish with Jump That Rock to push everybody’s limits!

Take to the Sports track in Dream a Dream where you’ll find power and recovery phases to challenge every fitness level. Then in track 5 – Sunshine After the Rain– practice quick takeoffs and short bursts of sprints to mix up the running feels. Check out the awesome speed and agility training drills in track 7.

Still got something left in the tank? We’ve got challenging upper body moves with a cool twist, and triceps and chest all get pushed to their limit! How about the power pulse lunge back in track 10 – if you’re looking for serious strength and power, you’ve certainly found it! Your abs will burn through the final Tik Tok on the clock in track 11.

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