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BODYCOMBAT 45 filming

Posted on: April 25, 2010

If you’ve read my post on BODYPUMP 75 you’ll know that the filming day had been plagued with technical problems – I’ve been to the last 8 Les Mills’ filmings and I’ve never known them to have to bump a filming time back the better part of six hours before! With BODYSTEP now pushed back to a 9:30pm start time every one was pretty rushed and there was little time between the filming classes – literally the BODYPUMP team rushed off the stage so the BODYCOMBAT team could jump up and get started immediately, and again, right after BC the combat team jumped off so BODYBALANCE could start straight away. Normally the time in between classes is when we’re allowed to snap some pics but this wasn’t the case this round. PJ did manage to snap a couple pics before the class began though – so if you do want to see how the team looked jump over to his blog.

Big team this round, Steve Tansey from the UK, Shaz from Australia and Taku the BC Master Trainer from Japan joined D&R. The team were dressed in “Keep it real and stay with the fight” t-shirts and Venum shorts. The theme this release? “Mission Impossible”

Now, as always with these posts on any of the LM filmings I have to keep the choreography and music specifics on the down low – but for BODYCOMBAT I have to be even more careful (for reasons I won’t go into – I’m sure many of you can guess!) so I do apologise for being so vague, I literally have no choice. But I’ll tell you what I can…

Couple of things spring to mind when I think about the release: Firstly, again if you read my post on BP75 you’ll see I was surprised there was so little rock, effectively none, in that release. Well, BC45 is the exact opposite… there’s tonnes!! Actually looking back I think about 4 of the tracks were rock, a couple pop, one kinda R&B and of course tracks 3 and 8 were uplifting trancey type tracks.

The second thing that surprised me (a lot!) was one of the track choices. Now that the sizzler for BODYCOMBAT 44 is out you’ll have seen that the warm up is a remake of Use Somebody, yes the very same Use Somebody that was the cooldown only 4 releases earlier! Weird huh? Well, one of the tracks in BC45 was in BC38. Work that out??!!! Surely there’s enough music in the world that we don’t have to have the exact same song just a few releases later? I kinda understand when tracks from much earlier BC releases are reused, most recent example was Kickstart My Heart (BC22 and BC43) or Excalibur (BC11 and BC42) or Ballroom Blitz (BC6 and BC41), I mean there’s a good 20 or more releases between those ones. But 4 releases (with Use Somebody) or 7 in this latest case? For the track reused in BC45 the versions don’t even sound that different! Hmmm… why?

Okay, so that aside how was the night? How was the release? For me personally, Steve Tansey stole the show. You guys in the UK are very lucky to have him. He presented track 3 first off… and man, without a doubt for me the peak of the class. So so so much fun! The charisma just flowed off the stage and I looked around the room at one point and it was all smiles. Fantastic!

As for the other tracks? The warm up is great – the upper body warm up has a surprise move that threw me a little at first. In fact when I heard the cue to do it I seriously thought I’d misheard it – I was like, this move can’t be in the upper body warm up?! But it was! So expect a surprise there! The lower body warm up was in a very recent BODYATTACK release – same version too I believe.

Track 4 (much like track 6 in BC44) is all about balance and is where the release gets its theme from.

Track 5 reminded me A LOT of Tutti Frutti and Johnny B. Goode from the recent BC releases… 6 rounds, very similar music. If you liked those two tracks you’ll probably like this one too… if like me and you really didn’t like those tracks? Well, this one may not be your cup of tea either.

Track 6 was great – probably my second favourite track behind track 3. Presented by Rach this is a departure from the usual track 6s in musical style… very uplifting. T’is good!!

Muay Thai was very heavy – Steve presented this too. I’ll be honest I think he really oversold this track, in the sense that he pulled it off just because he’s so great at what he does. I’m not sure however when presented by us mere mortals it will translate that well. Does that make sense? Probably not but I can’t really say too much more!

Track 8 musically was awesome! The chorey is different to a typical track 8… hopefully it grows on me. But the music – superb. The track has been used before in both BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP too.

The conditioning was very similar to the conditioning from BC44… so when you see that get used to it as there’s more coming!

So overall what was the verdict? Well, I spoke to tonnes of people after the filming and general consensus was positive… but then again it’s easy to get swept up in the whole filming experience if you’re an international. Me, I’ve been to so many filmings it’s just another class (man what a cynical old dude I’ve become!) so I can step back and review it a little more objectively. There were a couple of tracks I just loved (3 and 6 specifically) and some others I didn’t really rate at all (2 and 5), the muay thai I hope is good “in the real world” once we take it outside the buzz of hundreds of people, disco lights and the smoke machines of LM central.

The final thing I’ll say is that the cooldowns in BC45 and BP75 are closely tied together… not by artist or style but for another reason that you’ll see closer to release date. I wonder if it was a coincidence or planned that way…

And that’s it! My review of the music and chorey in BODYCOMBAT 45 without mentioning any of the music or chorey! Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

19 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 45 filming"

Hi Glen,
Yeah – Steve Tansey came to Chch 3-4 weeks ago, before he went to Auckland to train with D&R (he’s mates with one of our instructors – who is also from the UK). He team taught a couple of classes… I thought he had massive biceps, but he had heaps of energy, great technique and was really friendly (came around to most people in the class and introdused himself).

As you know I’m not too keen on LM re-using the same song throughout the different programs, but using the same song in the same program a few releases later?? WTF?!?!?! to me that shows a complete lack of creativity on LM’s part…
Sure if the version of the song used is completely different, then people may not recognise it as being from an earlier release, but if the version is almost the same it could be confusing… especially to hard core participants like myself!

But as always, I like to see how the whole release fits with the chorry & the music to form a good opinion.

I do like the fact that there are more ‘rock’ tracks in this release – especially seeing as you said BP75 doesn’t have any?


Nick 🙂

Thanks Glen for “huffing and puffing” through without leaving any traces that the LM “FBI” will put you in a spot for…really great job!

I bet the rock music usually comes in track 2 and track 4 or even track 6 sometimes (like BC40). I mean rock music is good but depends on where it comes in and what the chorrey is…but normally not a good “fit” in track 3, 7 and 8! Trance music is needed there because it is at the those moments, uplifting moments of energy, anticipation are greatly needed…..

Heard earlier there will be some new “kungfu” moves…:)…not sure whether you can say yes or no…ha ha…..Reusing a recent old track may not be a good idea…agree with Nick on that…..

Can’t “feel” it yet..seems like some tracks are interesting, some are not in the “mold”……

Emm…let’s wait then for another 5 months….so far, BC44 music except for track 2 …seems interesting..:) thanks againi Glen!

Thanks guys!

Yeah, Nick I just realised the track 8 has been in attack and pump too!!!

Reggie I dont recall any kung fu… loads of karate though

As I think of more I’ll update 🙂

Thanks for your post, Glen! Must be hard to write a post without revealing too much! Can’t wait to see what the Muay Thai track is like! 😀

Thanks Gill! Muay thai was interesting… I have the song in my head, but I can’t locate it on youtube. I hope this isnt going to drive me crazy for 4 months till the release!

Hey Glen, thanks for the reply!

So, overall, did not hear your overall “feeling” about the release? any euphoric feeling? :)…

Hmmm tough to say Reggie. definitely during track 3 that’s for sure. I’ve been searching for the muay thai track on the net and just found it this minute… after listening to it again I’m not sure I like it at all! Sucks as muay thai is my favourite track of the class usually. It’s basically heavy metal which isn’t really my style anymore…

Thanks Glen! My taste is the same..muay thai and the power training track 8 are the climax for all….seems like BC44 muay thai track is gonna be great with the track we have…let’s keep our fingers crossed for BC45..4-5 months from now>>:)

yey! i passed my BC module training!!

now considering to do video on 43 or 44.. depends on when i am ready 🙂

the info on the coming releases are so so so helpful!!

Oh man, I really dont like rock… 😦 I want techno!! 😀

Oh wow I can’t wait to try this one.. I’m all about rock and metal!! but I guess that will have to wait a while, we’re still on BC43 (wich is awesome) here in Iceland..

Hey Glenn,

Thanks for posting, I’ve just signed up to BC instructor course here in the Uk, no previous experience of any class instruction…only been a participant in the class for the last couple of years. Steve T is going to be the lead trainer for the module – can’t wait !

It’s funny to see how you described Steve Tansey. When Dan Cohen was publicly criticizing you on facebook, Steve Tansey called you an “attention seeking parasite to the fitness industry.”.

Meh, publicly criticising me behind my back takes a lot of courage!

Hopefully that kind of negativity doesn’t trickle down into the rest of the industry – as some of us are doing a pretty good job of building his programme.

Regardless of what Steve thinks of me personally (not that we’ve ever met) he did do a great job in BC45.

[…] more natural fit). But we better get used to it as there’s loads of running in the track 5 in BODYCOMBAT 45 as well. Track fives in recent releases are always the weak point of the class for me and again […]

I love this release but a can agree with you about track 9, what were they thinking?
We have a fight for your life theme in this release and you really has the posibility to set the scene. For example
Track 5 – play with the thaught of a real fight with vampires, they loves it!
Track 7- we were 2 instructurs in the release and one of us had a videogame controler and pretended to play and the other one was in the videogame. And then I was thrown into the game and then we had a fight, and we did the poses (sonya, sub zero…) and had a blast doing them, they loves it! The participants does the leg guitarr alreaddy 🙂
Track 8 – This is a great song to let them imagine that they ar e in the ring and has to fight for there lifes!

We have Body Combat 3 times a week at our gym and all of the participants are there at least 2 times a week. lots of them comes to all 3 classes. I wrote to you earlier about why you are mixing the tracks so early…we have the same release for 3 months (sometimes we do spceiall classes, ex 75 minutes, boxing theme etc.) and we always have a full class, if you do that little bit extra, they wont be bored…I always gives them something extra to think about and a don’t give them all the hardest options the first times, cause they have so much to think about anyway in the beginning…if you give them more and more everytime it wont get boring. But of course, as an instructor you have to love BC and the release to make it your best everytime! 🙂 So I really have to make track 9 this time to something funny, cause I dont like it…

I like your blog and your rewiews about the different releases! 🙂

Hi glen, wrote for chile, video BC 45? somewhere?…. o not yet?….

[…] than the original and so different I’ve not bothered linking. For more info on BC45 (for now) see my filming post. […]

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