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BODYATTACK 69 sizzler

Posted on: April 1, 2010

Following on from the BODYCOMBAT 44 and BODYPUMP 74 sizzlers below here’s BODYATTACK 69 (thanks Kacie!!) Others to follow soon…

BODYATTACK 69 sizzler

BODYATTACK is coming at you from all three dimensions in this release – Aerobics, Sport and Strength.

There’s huge aerobic highs with Boys and Girls, Great passion and energy in Dangerous, and a hard-core high-energy finish with Jump That Rock to push everybody’s limits!

Take to the Sports track in Dream a Dream where you’ll find power and recovery phases to challenge every fitness level. Then in track 5 – Sunshine After the Rain– practice quick takeoffs and short bursts of sprints to mix up the running feels. Check out the awesome speed and agility training drills in track 7.

Still got something left in the tank? We’ve got challenging upper body moves with a cool twist, and triceps and chest all get pushed to their limit! How about the power pulse lunge back in track 10 – if you’re looking for serious strength and power, you’ve certainly found it! Your abs will burn through the final Tik Tok on the clock in track 11.

14 Responses to "BODYATTACK 69 sizzler"

what about bodystep 80 sizzler?

Won’t be too far away 🙂

What? “Quick takeoffs and short bursts of sprints” in T5? Interesting!

You make a good point?! This was emailed to me, perhaps it has an error? Will double check…

What? “Quick takeoffs and short bursts of sprints” in T5? Interesting!

Is T5 the running track?

If yes, then this is correct.

Track 6 is the running track… Must be a typo. My sources are looking into it…

T5 is upper body conditioning!

Hah, there are definitely no takeoffs and short bursts of sprints in the upper body conditioning, short bursts of sprints happen in the running track; I remember watching that track at the filming and feeling very frustrated that everyone in the circle had to keep stop. starting. stop. starting. stop. starting. I was like OMG JUST RUN *headdesk* I bet they have their reasons for choreographing it as such!

It must be an error in the sizzler.
T5 is the upper body conditioning and T6 the running track indeed.


@chatje: Glen would be posting the sizzlers that he receives for the programs in which he is trained – and Jam is not one of them!

Have jam now – will post 🙂

hey guys!… I got the info directly from the Magazine and it definately says: then in track 5- Quick takeoffs and short bursts of sprints to mix up the running feels… unless there is a typo in the mag its accurate! 🙂 enjoy!

AAAAH!!! This sounds sooooooo exciting, I can’t wait for this release! I just went through initial training for BodyAttack 68 (PASSED, woot-woot!) and loved it! I teach at East Carolina University at the Student Recreation Center and we are launching 68 tomorrow night!!! I’m so pumped! Just found your blog, love what I’ve read, and can’t wait to here more!

ohh my goood!!!! amaizing, really love BODY ATTACK!!!waitng for a complete tracklist Glen, KIA KAHA FOR EVERYONE!!!!!
besoos desde Argentina

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