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BODYPUMP 75 filming

Posted on: April 24, 2010

This is the only pic we could get sorry - the boss himself

This is the only pic we could get sorry - the boss himself

On a filming day absolutely riddled with technical issues, one thing remains clear: BODYPUMP 75 FREAKING ROCKS.

Actually plagued would make for a better term. The BODYSTEP 81 filming was meant to start just after 3pm in the afternoon, it actually started that night at 9:30 and finished at 11pm!! The BODYPUMP filming whilst starting on time, had its share of problems too – we did the warm up twice and restarted the squat track 4 times (yes… OUCH!!) There were mic and volume issues, in fact you may hear the presenters asking for more volume several times throughout the class…

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first: BP75 was presented by a team of five; Glen and Susan, as well as Susan Fleming from Auckland, and the US contingent, Sheldon and Margo. I tell you what – they looked fantastic. Sheldon and Susan F especially, so muscular and so ripped!! I stay pretty lean and I was looking at Susan thinking “I need to get in shape!!” There was a tonne of muscle on that stage!! I know the guys were wearing Nike as opposed to LM gear this time round (grey Nike t-shirts), the ladies were in red tops, not sure if they were LM, I suspect they were Nike too. Unfortunately, the filmings all ran so long and were so rushed that the presenters didn’t get a chance to hang around for pics afterwards (I don’t believe PJ has any either). I do have a pic of Glen which I’ll post as soon as I find the camera! (found it!)

As for the release itself? Well, as you probably know I’m not allowed to reveal any specific choreography or music information, however I can speak in general terms and obviously give you my opinion.

The first thing that struck me after this release was its lack of rock music. There’s pretty much zero. Now that doesn’t bother me so much but I know it will bother a couple of my members. Nevermind, as you know you can’t please all of the people all of the time!

In saying that though, and you’re probably not going to believe this but the closest track to being “rock” is the back track. Yes, you read right; The back track! Much like in BODYPUMP 74 Glen has chosen to go away from the Cascada, Liz Kay and E-type tracks and has gone completely left field. But, tell you what, it works. It really works! The track starts rock, and you think “how the heck am I going to clean and press to this??!” but then it speeds up in tempo and really goes off… then it pulls back again. Hard to explain without revealing more than I’m allowed but yes, definitely look forward to it – it’s fantastic.

So, if we don’t have rock what do we have? We have the return of a BODYPUMP favourite artist… I can’t say who but take a guess and you’re probably right! We have some hip-hop type tracks, dance, R&B, happy hardcore, and dare I say it, one of the tracks I think could possibly be termed country!!! (I’m not kidding!)

The release starts with a hugely uplifting track and doesn’t let up… it’s fantastic – not one track I didn’t like, and that’s saying a lot!

Highlight of the release? Easy: The shoulder track. Oh My Freaking God it is a monster! If you’ve ever thought to yourself “we need more hardcore!” – well, you’ve got it! As soon as I got back home I looked for the track on the net – it is without a doubt the peak of the class and everyone finished it completely and utterly smashed! Sheldon presented it and he pushed us and pushed us and pushed us… and then just when you thought it was over? Guess what… WRONG! Expect your shoulders to be blown to bits!

I mentioned in my post after the BODYPUMP 74 filming:

Now I have no idea if Glen reads the Les Mills’ community forums, but recently there’s been a thread on there entitled “BP choreography likes/dislikes“. As the name makes clear, in  it, instructors and participants are stating a whole heap of various things they’d like to see more of, and less of in BP. Now, if Glen doesn’t read the forum he’s clearly psychic as I couldn’t help but smile as I checked a whole bunch of the suggestions off one after the other in BP74.

Well, same deal here. A lot of the suggestions implemented in 74 have found there way into 75 too. It’s great to see. There’s a new move in the back track (in fact the entire back track itself feels “new”), there’s a new move in the ab track, and the chest track as well is a departure from the usual. The lunge track is very pure too.

So, without giving the game away there’s not too much else I can say. Be excited… be very excited!! I hope this helps wet your appetite, BODYCOMBAT 45 post coming next…

19 Responses to "BODYPUMP 75 filming"

Country?!?! Is it Taylor Swift by any chance?

What?? No ‘Rock’ tracks?? Country music in BP?? What has the world come to?!?! *runs to bedroom to ball eyes out*
Cyndi might be on the money, because Taylor Swift is ‘new’ and an award winning artist, so it wouldn’t surprise me if her music ends up in some LM programs (hopefully not Combat!)
However, as always I like to do any new release a few times to see how the music goes with the chorry 🙂

This release looks awsome. and no Cascada and the ones in back track: GOOD!!

Hmmm I wouldn’t say “no” cascada 🙂

Hmmm I wouldn’t say “no” cascada

Hehehe, just none in the back track! Thanks for the write up Glen, was certainly different not being there this time and hearing about how everything went. Love your work!

Hi Cyndi – t’is not Taylor Swift 🙂

Country? Nice 🙂 thanks glen

Hehehe! Knowing who the BP Favourite artist makes it really funny to hear people’s guesses – once they know who it is they’ll say ‘OF COURSE!!!’

Shame you cant be at Attack filming tonight Glen – I did two team teaches this weekend and the team is looking very very sharp! However Im more excited about Jam filming than RPM and Attack combined!!!!!

Oh and re: Combat – Steve is a babe! Damm. However me friend and I who were watching the Combat filming and ‘mimicking’ (ie kicking like pansies) were like ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ over the Japanese guy – new favourite person ever :0)

Are you coming up for workshops on May 22? If I do Combat will you do Step? Go onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Yeah I have two classes tonight and there’s no way I can get cover, otherwise I’d be there! Let me know how it goes!

Re workshop yep i’ll be there. Dunno about this deal you’ve offered me though! Me doing step… Not a good look! We’ve just launched step at my gym so maybe i’ll try to get a couple practise ones in… I’ll need to!

Hey I’m up in Auckland at a conference all this week, maybe we can catch a class together? Have to be a early morning one though, you don’t do mornings if a recall?!

How about Mid’s Attack at 630am Friday? I team taught with her in that class a week ago and the early morning class wasn’t that bad to tell you the truth! I even had enough energy to do a lunchtime RPM later on :0)

Sounds awesome! I’m going to try to make olly’s 6am pump(Wednesday I think?) and ang’s 6:30 combat (Thursday) so mid’s class sounds perfect. I was going to mid’s class last Friday but the timetable said cassie was taking it?

Carrie? ;0)

Yeah it said that but it turned into a team teach apparently…..

Hi Glen
I was at the filming too. I am originally from Scotland but live in Oz now and was in Auckland visiting the in laws. Managed to get a good spot for the filming. You are right, the shoulder track is the highlight and instructors and participants alike are going to love it!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I think the favourite artist is Pink! Theres only a few original artists in Bodypump which are Cascada, E-Type and Pink. My money is riding on her since we know the back track can’t be E-Type and we’ve only just had a Cascada song in Release 74.

I agree.. its gotta be p!nk.. we shall see.. lookin forward to it….

[…] 75 below. Have linked to the original where an LM cover has been used. For more info on BP75 see my filming post – the shoulder track is […]

Nick, you’re a goofball! I love your posts and replies!

Glen, you’re awesome (well, both Glen’s!) – LOL

what?! Pink again for BP?!
ewww that’s bored….

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