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BODYSTEP 80 / BODYJAM 53 sizzler

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Hi guys! Hope you survived the chocolate onslaught that was Easter okay! I posted photos of the massive amounts of chocolate we’ve got left on facebook – OMG I’m going to be eating chocolate every day until next Easter! Below are the sizzlers for BODYSTEP 80 & BODYJAM 53 – normally I get all the sizzlers at once but this round they’ve been trickled through… I expect the rest in the next 24 hours (thanks again Kacie!). Also keep an eye on the blog in the coming days as all the Les Mills tracklists for 2010-Q2 will be out any minute (yes already!! Crazy!) And BODYCOMBAT 45 filming is in two weeks… will give you all the goss on that too! In the meantime enjoy!! 🙂

BODYSTEP 80 sizzler

We’re celebrating 20 years of BODYSTEP people. Can you believe it? BODYSTEP 80 is packed with singalong 80s remakes, karaoke moments, legwarmers and fluoro colours. What more could you ask for? oh yeah, its also fun, athletic and a seriously tough workout.

First up we get Respectable with the Mel & Kim Arm combo. If you’re too young to remember the original, check out youtube for inspiration.

Warm the stepping muscles to the familiar 80’s riff of track 2’s Goodbye with its strong focus on correct technique and clean arm-lines.

Get low and explore the pyramids then stomp through the sand as you walk like an Egyptian in track 5. There are some great imagery opportunities to help you train the lower body. Slip on the headbands as we join the kids from fame in track 7 and get ready for a mix of work and play as you catch your breath. focus on correct knee alignment and fame fun in the Hip extensions. BodyStep is gonna live forever!!

Yee-Haw..In track 9, grab your cowboy hat for a hoedown throwdown speedstep. Then, simple powerful moves in track 10 will help everyone hit that final cardio peak. Dont call me, call BodyStep!!!

BODYJAM 53 sizzler

Welcome to the Church of BODYJAM!! Release 53 could quite well be, the hardest, most intense, most insane workout created by anyone, EVER.

Fedde Le Grand sets the class on FIRE (AGAIN! how many FLG warmups does the world need? Apparently one more…) the Chris Breezy and Lil Weezy will transform the un-isolated into pure isolation-ites.

Our latin Excursion will get you High-High-HIGH in the ayer. Then welcome to the Disco Twenty Ten, the most nostalgic, flashiest, cheesiest BODYJAM routine since Jive from Release 48!

The Freemasons then set us up with British poshness. Beethoven has been reincarnated, mashed up with Soulwax, to make the choicest remix of a 150 year old track. Then Bob Sinclair will have you humming constantly (you know when you get a song stuck in your head and wake up at 3 in the morning wanting to scream??) DU DUH DAH DA DOOO DOOOOOOOO….

Russian Roulette drops the heart rate with a little Stomp Wave, then are you ready for the Maddest Dopeness Eva?!?

Wait til you hear the Laidback Luke remix of Dizzee… Shut, the, front, door. And how soon is now? Swedish House Mafia pose the strangest question to the sickest beat ever… clearly its quite soon!!

5 Responses to "BODYSTEP 80 / BODYJAM 53 sizzler"

Just waiting on the sizzlers for balance, vive and rpm 🙂

no wait here’s balance:


This release comes to you from the heart. You will feel light and uplifted as you journey through song after song filled with beautiful lyrics.

Conjure One’s Extraordinary Ways sets the mood in the Tai Chi Warmup. Feel the energy of this wonderful music during the Arm Swings and Archer movements before coming into calmness for the Arm Circles.

The fun continues in Track 3’s Live Like We’re Dying. Lose yourself in the feeling as you work through these Standing Strength moves and work on bringing life and vitality to every pose.

Play with chart-topping Fireflies in Track 5 and look out for two fun new moves. This song was the most downloaded song on iTunes in the USA when it was released.

Work confidently and Just Say Yes to the emotion of Track 7 and move towards the optional Back Bend. We finish with a chilled-out remake of White Flag and a Pyramid Pose.

Surrender and enjoy.


BODYVIVE™ 15 is a fully-fledged teenager with heaps of energy and plenty of strong, powerful, easy-to-learn moves that deliver great leg strength, toning and conditioning. It’s even got a bit of a sting in the tail courtesy of a butt-burning Beyoncé track!

As you’d expect, there’s no shortage of singalong tracks – the only question is which one will you be humming all afternoon? Guaranteed to get under your skin is Track 3’s Shake Your Groove Thing – show us how you do Dance Cardio now! It’s a Perfect Day in Track 5 so drop the VIVE™ ball and enjoy the freedom while you work your class to a cardio peak. Track 6 takes us through Tai Chi & Yoga with three BODYVIVE™ Sun Salutations. In Minute By Minute you will feel length and strength in the Down Dog as your heart rate lowers.

You’ll find yourself Crazy In Love with some challenging Functional Strength innovations in Track 9 – it’s intense but it’s worth it! Then it’s time to Push Up with the Freestylers in Track 11. We do 30 Pushups in three blocks of 10!

take take take take ta ta ta ta ta take take…take or leave us only please believe us we ain’t eva gonna be respectable (respectable)


Was a huge song in its day! Remember it well! (god how old am I!?) 🙂

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