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I know I’ve been so slack with my posting. It’s this crazy time of year when everyone’s running around madly finishing up for the year – myself included! I’ve been teaching 12-14 classes per week, and that’s on top of the 45 hours I spent per week at my day job, plus Xmas functions, BBQs, it’s madness! I do apologise and rest assured I’ll kick the blog back into full swing come the new year – I’ve got a lot of posts to write just need to make the time to do it!

Since almost everywhere in the world has launched BC46 I’m writing this more as a discussion piece as opposed to a review of what you can expect (since you’ve all seen it pretty much!) and will make it short and sweet. Much like the last few releases this one has been getting a really mixed review – I’ve read on various forums people’s reactions and they vary from “dreadful” to “amazing!”. My thoughts are that it’s an “okay” release. To be honest, there’s only one track I really dislike – but, by the same token there’s actually not a track I really *love* either. For the most part in recent releases there’s always been one track that just stands out (BC45: Because the Night, BC44: Your Shining, BC43: Black Pearl etc) but in this release there’s not a track that blows me away… there’s no real “peak” per se. The release is also a wee bit unbalanced in that (with the exception of the warm up) the first half of the class the tracks are fairly short, and in the second half the tracks are long! Not too much of an issue but worth bearing in mind when you start mixing if you’re an instructor. Brief review of each track follows:

1: Teenage Dirthouse (Topmodelz Radio Edit) – Patrick McFly / Black Betty – Masia

Well I hate to start a review on a low point, but I mentioned there’s one track in the release I really dislike and this is it. This warmup is a mess. It’s too long, it’s unbalanced (over 6 minutes upper body and 3 minutes lower?) and the timing is all over the show. This is probably the worst warmup in the last 20 releases, even worse than Numa numa (which was silly but at least bearable). The lower body warmup music (Black Betty) is just horrid! It’s three minutes of screaming as far as I’m concerned. The upper body warmup is better, but still too long. It could’ve done without the third section of music (I do realise this would’ve meant only one set of shuffle/jab/cross/jabs on the left but we’d have survived) – and the way the track speeds up is just awkward. I had members begging (not just asking but literally BEGGING) me not to do this track in only the second week after the release. Pardon my language but this track went down like a cup of cold sick. Thankfully the release only gets better…

2: Shut Up & Kiss Me – Spacegliderz

Yep good track 2. Not amazingly uplifting but light and fun and a pleasure to teach. I often change the lyrics and sing “shuddup and kick ’em!” just to make it a little more combatty. The hook/upper/hook sequence is a tad awkward, to me it feels like it should be a jab/cross/jab but as we had that combo in the track 2 in the previous release I can see why they didn’t use it. As with most of this release I don’t love it but do like this track.

3: Truly, Madly, Deeply (S&B Remix) – Cascada

Again, it’s okay – this track just doesn’t go off. I guess “Because the Night” set the bar pretty high. Not really sure why D&R pulled this one out of the archives, it’s been in a few other LM programmes and is pretty old. It’s also fairly short and comparatively easy. I’ve not used this track since mixing and it’s unlikely I’ll pull it out too often.

4: Kalinka (Russian Hit Mix) – Captain Jack / Kalinka – Za No Za

Wow, this one’s a little odd! Gets a few smiles due to its uniqueness! This track has grown on me – when I first heard it I was “WTF!!” but now I don’t mind it. Not that hard, and not that long! You can really have some fun with it – reasonably solid track 4. Will probably use again in the future.

5: Contagious – Boys Like Girls

I’m actually going to write a whole post about track 5s as I think maybe they’re a little lost as to what to do with them. They kinda seem all over the show. I was talking to a friend about this release at the GFX before I’d actually seen it and his comment was along the lines of “another shitty track 5”, which brings up a point – if you look back at the last few “Proud Mary, Ignorance, Without a Fight, Ballroom Blitz…” – they’re not great (and that’s probably being quite generous). To be fair I way prefer this track over those by a long shot as the music is a little more uplifting – but I do think something needs to be done to change the format. Perhaps they should be more of a power training track like 3 and 8 musically wise – but involving a little more lower body (shuffling etc). I don’t know – all I do know is that the recent track 5s have been a lowpoint in the release for me – and unfortunately having seen BODYCOMBAT 47 it’s more of the same. Do you agree/disagree? Let me know below.

6: Spitfire – GhostHunter

OUCH. Killer track. Evasive side kicks, esquivas and lunges. My legs are throbbing just thinking about this track! I’m not a big fan of the music but the pain is so God damn intense that I completely forget about it! T’is good 🙂

7: Braveheart 2006 – Frantic & Gammer

This track has had mixed reviews. I actually don’t mind it – it’s a little repetitive and the timing’s a bit tricky but I overall I quite like it – but some of my super hardcore regulars really don’t! Speaking to them they thought it was too fast and too long (perhaps that’s due to it being so repetitious as Excalibur is longer and they love that one). This track will have you breathing out of your butt though – so many many knees!

8: I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix) – Cadence

Yeah good as well. Again, much like track 6, and 7, this track is quite repetitious. Hooks, hooks and more hooks. It’s not quite as long as Your Shining technically (7:53 vs 8:05), BUT, the ‘run around the room’ piece of music at the end of this track feels shorter so I think they’re about the same length. Again, this track doesn’t quite peak like some of our other T8s. Haven’t taught it since mixing it out after week 3 but it’ll be back for sure (which is the mark of a good track if you ask me).

9: Take It Off – Ke$ha

All abs and no alligator!! Yee haa! Not the hardest ab track in the world but all good.

10: Wait Till You See My Smile – Alicia Keys

Nice finish to the workout. Gentle song and chorey matches well, brings the heartrate back down beautifully.

So, let me know your thoughts! I know no doubt some of you will love this release (I’ve seen your comments on facebook haha!) but all I can do is call it how I see it. Apart from the warmup; which I admit *really* dislike – I usually learn the basics of a combat track in about an hour – the lower body track took me half a day to learn alone just because I found it so hard to even listen to the music! – but, apart from that it is an okay release. It just didn’t “go off” and didn’t have a massive peak like most releases do (and BC47 definitely has! Track 4 ROCKED so look forward to that!)

As always love to hear your thoughts.

Introducing the ultimate warriors’ workout… the intensity of BODYCOMBATTM 46 will leave you feeling like you have a brave heart in the heat of the battle.

After getting seriously warm during the thunderous beats and great guitar solos of Black Betty, Track 2 launches into straightforward, good old-fashioned Combat. Following a little Hip Hop, Russian style, and the Contagious Boxing track, there’s some insanely challenging leg conditioning – in true Karate Kid fashion. Here, Evasive Side Kicks, Lunges and Esquivas shape and tone the muscles of the glutes and smash your quads like a sledgehammer through glass.

The Braveheart 2006 Muay Thai Track is guaranteed to be a favourite. A dramatic intro will make the hairs on your arms stand up. Then, before you know if, your adrenaline will be at an all-time high as you bang out powerful Elbow and Knee Combos. And it doesn’t stop there…

The mother-of-all Track 8’s features not five, not six, not seven, but a full eight minutes of non-stop punches. And while the track may be titled I Surrender, this is something that you certainly won’t do. The aim is to utterly waste yourself, to reach your limit and then go a step beyond.

As things come to a close we give you exactly what you asked for – a whole three and a half minutes dedicated to pure abdominal work, set to the Dance-Pop hit Take It Off.

Well this is the easiest post in the world to write – no change over the previous list! BODYCOMBAT 46 has a reasonably long warmup (9:07) – then most of the tracks hover around the 4-5 minute mark until we get to the muay thai which is long (7:14) – just not as long as Excalibur 2000. Track 8 is also long (7:53) – but again not as long as Your Shining. So none of the tracks made it onto either list!

I’ve put them below for your reference anyway 🙂


01: Dragostea Din Tei / My Life Would Suck Without You (BC41) 9:48
02: The United Vibe (BC35) 7:11
03: Poison (BC42) 7:31
04: Enter Sandman / Boom (BC41) 7:09
05: How Far We’ve Come (BC37) 6:33
06: Russian Roulette (BC45) 6:48
07: Excalibur (BC42) 7:42
08: Your Shining (Hixxy Remix) (BC44) 8:05
09: Somebody To Love (BC21) 6:05
10: Now We Are Free (BC20) 7:04

TOTAL: 1:13:57


01: Summermelody / Does the Fish Have Chips? (BC34)   6:11
02: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (BC34) / Energy (BC44) 3:16
03: Revolution (BC2) 4:19
04: Tribal Dance 2.4 (BC27) 4:26
05: The Anthem (BC42) 2:58
06: Leave Me Alone (BC32)   3:20
07: Run To The Hills (BC33)   3:01
08: Footloose (BC2) 3:46
09: Gonna Fly Now (BC36) 2:52
10: Black Box (BC45) 3:29

TOTAL: 37:38



These have also hit the net/facebook so should be fine to post here. Very similar in style to last quarter’s .

Loving what appears to be a moustache on Chris’s face on the RPM poster??! 😉



In exactly two weeks the GFX kicks off – man time flies! For those of you that didn’t see the timetable here’s my plan over the GFX weekend:

Friday November 5 2010

  • BODYCOMBAT 47 filming
  • BODYATTACK 72 filming
  • BODYBALANCE 51 release
  • BODYPUMP 76 release

Saturday November 6 2010

  • BODYPUMP 77 filming
  • SH’BAM 3 filming (I was dared to do this – thanks Rach!)
  • BODYBALANCE 52 filming
  • BODYATTACK 71 release
  • BODYCOMBAT 46 release

Sunday November 7 2010

  • Early hours collapse into some sort of exercise induced coma!

So as you can see it’s going to be a crazy few days! I’ll be sure to write as much of a report on it all as I can – just give me a couple days to be able to lift my arms again!

If you are going and we’re not friends on facebook please be sure to add me as it would be awesome to meet all you GF junkies!

I’ve listed the presenters below which were recently announced on the Les Mills website – it’s an exciting time I’ll keep you all posted, otherwise see you there! 😀


  • Lisa Osborne (Program Director)
  • John Alexander Quist (Denmark)
  • Bevan Eyles (New Zealand)
  • Brent McLemore (United States)


  • Jackie Mills (Program Director)
  • Linda Chambers (United Arab Emirates)
  • Kurt Gesteland (United States)
  • Dan McDonogh (United States)


  • Dan and Rachel Cohen (Program Directors)
  • Ben Tang (Australia/Singapore)
  • Andres Vesga (Hong Kong)


  • Gandalf Archer (Program Director)
  • Fabienne Humblot (France)
  • Kimmo Jukuri (Finland)


  • Glen Ostergaard (Program Director)
  • Susan Renata (Head Trainer)
  • Rania Boucher (United Arab Emirates)
  • Nathan Brown (United Arab Emirates)
  • Thomas Cerbonesch (France)


  • Mark Nu’u (Program Director)
  • Lisa Osborne (Research and Development Director)
  • Joella Hopkins (United States)
  • Sarah Robinson (New Zealand)
  • Lizzy Troutman (United States)
  • Olivia Ward (New Zealand)


  • Susan Trainor (Program Director)
  • Maureen Baker (New Zealand)
  • Shelley Townsend (Australia)

RPM 50

  • Glen Ostergaard (Program Director)
  • Sarah Ostergaard (Assistant Program Director)
  • Dan McDonogh (United States)
  • Meg Nuttall (Australia)
  • Chris Richardson (New Zealand)


  • Rachael Cohen (Program Director)
  • Mysti Oglesby (United States)
  • Sarah Robinson (New Zealand)

Track lists for the latest batch of releases below. I haven’t included the tracklist for SH’BAM 2 as it’s currently on the Les Mills website. Check that out here if you’re interested. Looking forward to seeing all these at the GFX in a month, as well as all the 2011-1 releases at the same time (seeing say BC46 and BC47 at the same time will no doubt be confusing!). Enjoy!

BODYPUMP 76 tracklist

1: The Climb (Almighty Essential Radio Edit) – Almighty Pop Factor
2: Telephone (Original Radio Edit) – Pandora BX
3: Beautiful Day – Lee Jones
4: Pyromania – Sun Flash
5: My First Kiss – 3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha
6: Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera
7: Storm – DJ Lotus
8: Bring It Back – Paffendorf
9: Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner
10: The Truth – Kris Allen

BODYCOMBAT 46 tracklist

1a: Teenage Dirthouse (Topmodelz Radio Edit) – Patrick McFly
1b: Black Betty – Masia
2: Shut Up & Kiss Me – Spacegliderz
3: Truly, Madly, Deeply (S&B Remix) – Cascada
4: Kalinka (Russian Hit Mix) – Captain Jack / Kalinka – Za No Za
5: Contagious – Boys Like Girls
6: Spitfire – GhostHunter
7: Braveheart 2006 – Frantic & Gammer
8: I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix) – Cadence
9: Take It Off – Ke$ha
10: Wait Till You See My Smile – Alicia Keys

BODYATTACK 71 tracklist

Warmup: One Love (B-Tastic Remix) (Pi)
Mixed Impact: Good Times (Turbo)
Aerobic: Mama Do (Maddy Ryan)
Plyometric: Swing (MC Joe & The Vanillas)
Upper Body Conditioning: Gettin’ Over You (Computer Love)
Running: In My Head (Young Drake)
Agility: Would You Raise Your Hands? (Rogue Traders)
Interval: On My Way (Digital Rush)
Power: Jumping All Over The World / Welcome To The Club (Scooter / Manian)
Lower Body Conditioning: Upside Down (Paloma Faith)
Core Conditioning: Winner (Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake & T.I.)
Cooldown: Sign Of A Victory (Sandy Lewis)

BODYSTEP 82 tracklist

Warmup: Things That Go Bump In The Night (Ultra Ego)
Step Warmup: Thriller (Classique)
Step Orientation: Dress You Up (Melanie Z.)
Step Athletic: Broken Heels (Sandy Minx)
Mixed Strength: Addams Groove (Mad Playaz)
Power Peak: Knock On Wood (Rhythm Twins feat. Yolanda)
Step Recovery: Just A Little Bit (Kids Of 88)
Party Step: So Fabulous, So Fierce (Freak Out) (Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!!)
Speed Step: Bad Reputation (Badlands Inc)
Peak: Not Myself Tonight (DJ Reflex)
Recovery/Leg Strength/Balance: Love Kills (Sander Klien)
Pushups/Abs: Kick A*s (Pistolet)
Cooldown/Stretch: Sweet Dreams (Beyoncé)

BODYBALANCE 51 tracklist

Tai Chi Warmup: Breathe (Slater)
Sun Salutations: Gorecki (Unit Three)
Standing Strength: I Got You (Leona Lewis)
Balance: I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)
Hip Openers: Empire State of Mind (Part II) (Alicia Keys)
Core – Abdominals: Pocketful Of Sunshine (Natasha Bedingfield)
Core – Back: I Run To You (Epiphany Joy)
Twists: Sign Of A Victory (Sandy Lewis)
Forward Bends – Hamstrings: The Only Exception (Paramore)
Relaxation: Lovesong From The Mountains (Deuter)
Meditation: Awaken The Dawn (Stanton Lanier)

BODYVIVE 17 tracklist

Rise & Shine: You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees)
Connect & Go: Mercy (DJ Pete Fierce feat. Annie Lee)
Dance Cardio: Get Down On It (Workout Remix) (Big Mama)
Interactive Cardio: Flames Of Paradise (White Clouds)
Fitness Cardio: My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson)
Tai Chi & Yoga: Prayer For The Dying (Seal)
Balance & Leg Strength: My Prerogative (Gauze)
Strength 1 – Biceps & Shoulders: Get The Party Started (P!nk)
Strength 2 – Hips, Thighs & Butt: Dirrty (Christina Aguilera feat. Redman)
Ab Strength: Love X Love (George Benson)
Back Care: One Step At A Time (Jordin Sparks)
Release & Restore: Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper)

RPM 49 tracklist

Pack Ride: California Gurls (Bodytronixx)
Pace: If I Had You (Adam Lambert)
Hills: Russian Roulette (Blunatix Meets B-Tastic Remix) (Felix DJ)
Mixed Terrain: Spin (Cassette Kids)
Intervals: Propane Nightmares (Southern Light)
Speed Work: Never Cry Again (Extended Mix) (Dash Berlin)
Mountain Climb: Blade (Jon Doe & Kutski Remix) (Warp Brothers feat. Red Monkey)
Ride Home: Never Hold You Down (Guy Sebastian)
Stretch: Solo (Iyaz)

BODYJAM 55 tracklist

Warmup: Favorite DJ (Clinton Sparks)
Isolations: Shawty Get Loose (Lil Mama feat Chris Brown & T-Pain)
Hip Hop: Baddest Gangsta Ballet Dancer (Big Poppin G)
Hip Hop: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Usher feat. Pitbull)
Salsa 2010: Andale (Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest South Beach Mix) (Stereo Palma)
Salsa 2010: Livin’ La Vida Loca (Pablo Flores English Radio Edit) (Ricky Martin)
Salsa 2010: Samba All Night (Extended Version) (Bellini)
Salsa 2010: Samba De Janeiro 2010 (Manuel De La Mare Smash) (Bellini)
Recovery: Carry Out (de la Roche)
Show Me Jam: Gettin’ Over You (Computer Love)
Show Me Jam: Hotel Room Service (03 Remix) (Pitbull)
Show Me Jam: Not Myself Tonight (Laidback Luke Mixshow Edit) (Christina Aguilera)
Show Me Jam: Show Me Love (Danni Oak)
Groove Down: Rapture (Alicia Keys)

These have hit the net – yay! As always I’ve tried to link to the closest original where a cover has been used, just bear in mind because I didn’t attend the last filming I can’t be sure the mixes are the same (not sure what version of Black Betty it is – and what is the deal with that Russian track??!). Other programmes to come, BODYCOMBAT 47 filming in one month – will keep you posted about that too. Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 46 tracklist

1a: Teenage Dirthouse (Topmodelz Radio Edit) – Patrick McFly
1b: Black Betty – Masia
2: Shut Up & Kiss Me – Spacegliderz
3: Truly, Madly, Deeply (S&B Remix) – Cascada
4: Kalinka (Russian Hit Mix) – Captain Jack / Kalinka – Za No Za
5: Contagious – Boys Like Girls
6: Spitfire – GhostHunter
7: Braveheart 2006 – Frantic & Gammer
8: I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix) – Cadence
9: Take It Off – Ke$ha
10: Wait Till You See My Smile – Alicia Keys

Bit behind the 8 ball here as most countries have released this now but for tradition’s sake I’ll write a fairly brief review below. Once again, as always, this is just my personal opinion, and of course you may completely disagree (do tell me if that’s the case!).

To be honest, after I did this release at the filming (around 4 or 5 months ago) I wasn’t impressed and thought I’d be absolutely ‘bollocking’ it (which I absolutely hate doing)… however, my opinion’s changed. It’s very decent (if you don’t love it at first do give it time – it’s one of those “grow on you releases”). Here’s a short blow by blow review of each track:

1. No Easy Way Out (Radio Edit) – DJ Fait  / Are You Gonna Go My Way (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) – Kato feat. Ian Dawn

Well I’d have to say musically this is probably my favourite warmup ever – great touch having the theme song from Rocky IV as an upper body warm-up, and, great remix too. Lower body works as well, nice driving beat. My only negative comment is that the track itself is possibly too long. I’m sure the Programme Directors could’ve created the chorey such that is wasn’t necessary to have that last third of the lower body track (side kick sets and side kicks part). I mean to we really have to have back kicks in the warmup? Surely the chorey could’ve incorporated side kicks instead and not have the last additional bit. Back kicks only feature again in track 6 which is so slow there’s plenty of time to cue them. But, that’s just a wee niggle – otherwise great track with a couple of surprises. 8.5/10 (would be 9 if just a minute or 2 shorter in length)

2. Back To Innocence – Stephanie Smith

Grown on me quite a lot this one. Wasn’t a fan at all to begin, and although it’s not a track that I feel will go down in time as a classic it’s fairly catchy and a good length; we’ve had some crazy long track 2s (I was made for Loving You/United Vibe) and crazy short (Love Drunk/Beat It). Was one of the first tracks to get mixed out – but will bring it back at some stage (unlike say Energy from BC44 which is unlikely to ever see the light of day again unless specifically requested). 6/10

3. Because The Night (Breeze & Unknown Remix) – Cascada

Despite being used in BC38 this song has gone down fabulously. Highlight of the release for me. Builds perfectly, pulls back just long enough in the shuffle/double jab portion before slamming into the peak at the end of each half. The jab/cross slip/slip combo is awesome – albeit does take a few sets for the members to time correctly – once they do it’s all smiles. Love it – absolutely love it. 9/10

4. Take A Look Around – Badlands Inc

Much like track 2 this track has grown on me. Really important you stay low in the lunges to get a great workout or the heartrate will drop too much. In my classes because the evasive side kicks just come from no where I’ve found they really need to be precued early and clearly (step left kick right works). I did find this one of the tougher tracks to learn as the chorey is uneven – but yes, members like it and will come back in future mixes. 6/10

5. Proud Mary – Dr John Henry

Low point of the release unfortunately. Obviously this is just my opinion but the cheesy song, dreadful cover, and odd repetitive chorey make for a long, long, long 5 minutes. Gets a few smiles first couple of times you teach it as it’s so silly and uncombat like, but once the novelty has worn off it’s just a bore. I understand why this track was in BODYATTACK 70 – being a celebration release and the track having a 70’s feel to it – but why put it in combat in the same quarter?? I mean I can understand when current hits are in multiple programmes, as they are “current” – but a track from 40 years ago? It’s like Lisa O put it in attack and D&R went – “good idea – we’ll do that too!”. Anyway, clearly I’m not a fan; 2/10

6. Russian Roulette (Blunatix Meets B-tastic Remix Edit) – Felix DJ

First time I did this track at the filming I LOVED it. It blew me away – I thought the music was beautiful and Rach presented it so well. However – after doing it a few times yes, whilst lovely it’s just too darn slow. Loads and loads of blocks, and while if you concentrate on staying really low in your stance you’ll get a decent leg burn it’s too long a recovery heartrate wise. Even if you really power into every block and kick it’s still a big drop for the heart. But, nice track – you can pull back and say very little when teaching and almost just use your eyes to cue the movements which is always nice as a contrast… but, yeah, too slow and a bit long for my liking. 6/10

7. Goin’ Out Swingin’ – Turbo

Other low point of the release for me. Hideous cover of a non-hit by Mötley Crüe. I guess if you’re a Crüe fan you may love it (I was in my teens – not so much now) but it’s not a great track. Kinda cringe worthy really. To be fair I wasn’t a fan of Kickstart My Heart either (another Crüe cover in muay thai just 2 releases earlier), but the chorey in this one is better IMO. Sorry, not for me. 3/10

8. See The Light (Styles & Breeze Mix) – Paradise

Great finish. Musically really good – the power hook is an unusual addition and to be honest not sure if it’ll stay around (might go the way of the “sweep”) – however lovely end to the cardio part of the class. Well used track (attack and pump before) but still works here. The tracks 8s in the last few releases have just been simply AWESOME, Overload, Your Shining… superb. D&R if you do read this keep it up. Love it. 8.5/10

9. I Can Transform Ya – Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz

Two words; Alligator pressup. Yep, I think we all know my opinion on this move. To be fair the adaptation of it in 45 is much better than the way we did it in 44 – but, still would prefer something a little less “clever” (especially in a 57 minute release – not too much time to cue it for newbies to be fair!) 4/10

10. Black Box – Stan Walker

Cooldown is really just down to musical taste so completely personal. Not too much to say here – a little too much kata in this track for me – musically nice finish – just would prefer the last minute or so that we’re doing soft katas to be used for stretches personally. But yeah, nice finish 7/10

Overall as I mentioned this release grew on me over the 2 weeks I did it solidly (teaching it 4 or 5 times per week). It’s not the hardest release in the world, the muay thai (where according to my HRM my heartrate usually peaks at up to 180 beats per minute) isn’t that tough and is pretty short – and track 4 and 6 does see your heartrate drop so cardio wise this isn’t a release that will have you absolutely gasping for air. My only other comment is that it’s over 57 minutes long – if you’re not an instructor that usually follows the “push play and go” philosophy you will now! However, it’s got a couple of outstanding tracks in it and, most importantly the Members have reacted to this release really positively and that’s all that matters!

Because I was overseas for the last filming at the GFX in just over a month I get to see both BODYCOMBAT 46 & BODYCOMBAT 47 at the same time! I’ll keep you posted on those for sure. Again sorry for the delay in writing this guys and as always love to hear your thoughts!

This is the BIG ONE! November 2010 sees the GFX – if you don’t know what the GFX is it’s a Group Fitness Xtravaganza where all the DVD filming classes, workshops and special training sessions are combined into one huge weekend which finishes in a MASSIVE party! The last one (in May last year) was absolutely crazy and this one is looking to be even bigger!

I’ve listed the filming times below – but all the workshop times are listed in the graphic as well if you are interested (click to enlarge). We’ve already booked our accommodation (right across the road from Les Mills – parking will be an issue I’d say and you also don’t want to be walking too far after doing 6 or 7 classes in one day that’s for sure!)

If you were to come to one event at Les Mills NZ – THIS would be it. You’ll need to contact Les Mills NZ to book in. If you are thinking of coming do let me know – and remember to make sure you turn up super early for each event. The queues last year were literally down the street an hour before the opening, and if you do come all the way to NZ to be there I’d hate for you to miss out! It’s officially less than two months away now so the countdown is on! I’ll see you there!

Friday November 5 2010

  • 8:10am BODYCOMBAT 47
  • 9:30 am BODYVIVE 18
  • 10:50am BODYATTACK 72
  • 1:30pm RPM 50

Saturday November 6 2010

  • 8:10am BODYPUMP 77
  • 9:30am BODYSTEP 83
  • 10:50am SH’BAM 3
  • 12:50pm BODYBALANCE 52
  • 1:50pm BODYJAM 56

Okay team, bit slow off the mark here but better late than never! As you may know I was in Europe for this filming round, so I actually missed the classes. However I’ve had numerous reports from people who were there and I’ll try to update you as much as I’m allowed… but, obviously as I wasn’t personally there I can’t go into the detail I’d normally go into.

Firstly BODYCOMBAT 46. BC46 was presented by Dan and Rach, Hernan and Shaunna May from the USA (for more on this see Raina’s blog here). As seems to be the case with recent BODYCOMBAT releases I’ve had mixed reports. Let me put it this way – BODYCOMBAT 43 was pretty much unanimously considered to be a fantastic release. Definitely The Black Pearl has gone down as possibly the best track 6 ever – Send Me An Angel, Overload, Lovedrunk – all brilliant tracks. 43 was definitely considered a hit. BC44 – not so much. Pretty much all reports I’ve had back from instructors all over the world was that the komodo dragon move is a disaster (and I’ve done this release in 4 or 5 countries now!). ìNessun Dormaî although made for an interesting change was no Black Pearl – The Time of our Lives didn’t quite peak like Send Me An Angel and Energy didn’t set the scene for the workout ahead like Lovedrunk – although there’s no denying Your Shining was a great one. BC45, well to be honest it didn’t blow me away at the filming. I was a little confused as to why Because the Night was brought back so soon (it was in BC38!), that darn komodo dragon is back (sigh), Russian Roulette whilst is nice is just so sooo slow, and Proud Mary just doesn’t work at all (in my mind). However the release did grow on me a little at the workshop over the weekend, and perhaps I’ll enjoy it more when we release it here next week. But what has all this got to do with BC46?

I guess my point is after BC43 response to the releases have been “mixed”… and again it looks like 46 is no exception. What can I tell you. Well, firstly – there’s no komodo dragon (yay!!). Those of us with smaller group fitness studios rejoice! As I’ve said before, although the track seems to work at Les Mills Auckland (where the main studio holds 300!) – it doesn’t work in typical packed studios that hold 30-50 people. There’s just not enough room to go forward in busy classes and the move ends up being a mess. However in BC46 the conditioning is just pure ab work (in fact I’ve been told it feels like a BODYPUMP track 9 more than a combat – which I think is a good thing).

This is what I found funny though – here is the description I was given of 46’s track (6 oops) – I mean 5“some weird ass Russian Folk Song” – Russian Folk?? You can’t help but picture those Russian Cossack dancers can you?! Don’t worry I checked and this move is not in the chorey! (but OMG imagine if it was- heck of a leg workout!) 😀

I’ve seen the tracklist for 46, and there’s a couple of interesting tracks (Russian Folk aside!). I can’t specifically name any tracks as you probably know – but, if I were to ask you who is a stock standard artist we’ve seen in many a combat track 3 or 8 what would you answer? Well yes, she’s in 46 as well (the track is a pump squat track if that helps!)

One thing I have heard is the warmup in 46 is brilliant – word is it’s almost too good to be a warmup! So look forward to that. I’ll of course update on more on 46 when I see it (which admittedly won’t be for some time) – but, hopefully it’s one of those releases that grows on you. Moving on…

BODYPUMP 76; okay, this is where it seems to get good! BP76 was presented by Glen, Susan, Emma Barry, Mark Sinclair and Ruthie T! (again, for more on this see Raina’s blog). Here’s what PJ had to say about it: “I was totally blown away by this release – I am starting to have doubts if Glen will be able to come up with anything awesome-er to top this release, but I won’t underestimate his magic…” – that’s a pretty great review!! Especially considering how great 75 is! You can read PJ’s full report plus pics on his blog here. So what did my other spies tell me?

Okay – well the first thing I noticed when I looked at BP76’s tracklist is we once again are missing a lot of rock. Lack of rock is the first thing I noticed when I did BP75 too. Personally, I’m happy with rock,. trance, dance, anything in pump as long as it has a driving beat and the music peaks. So, not having any rock doesn’t bother me so much if the other tracks are driving and uplifting (which in 75 I know they are). But, I do know some of my participants just love it so it would be nice to see a bit more in there. Here’s what else I noticed, the tracklist has a large amount of female pop (like half the class!). In fact, although there’s no Pink or Britney, if you could rattle of five other female pop artists they’re all in there! Don’t despair though – I’m told the remixes are awesome! And, everyone I’ve spoken to LOVES the shoulder track! Could it be better than the shoulder track from BP75? Personally I don’t see how that’s possible but time will tell!

So there you have it!

As I mentioned we’ve got local releases of BC75 and BC45 next week so I’ll let you know my thoughts on those after I’ve taught them a few times. In the meantime I hope the above gives you at least some idea, given it is an update on the releases, without naming any artists or specific choreography from someone who wasn’t even there! (thinking about it how did I even manage to write this post?!) 😉

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