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BODYCOMBAT 42 tracklist

Posted on: October 14, 2009

01a. Numb (RainDropz! Mix) – Jan Wayne vs RainDropz!
01b. I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson
02. I Was Made For Loving You – Scooter
03. Poison (Al Storm Remix) – Groove Coverage
04. Use Me – Hiroshi Free
05. The Anthem – Good Charlotte
06. Warrior’s Dance – The Prodigy
07. Excalibur 2000 (2000 Radio Mix) – F.C.B.
08. Miracle (SAD Remix) – Cascada
09. Fire Burning – Sean Kingston
10. Second Chance – Shinedown

22 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 42 tracklist"

Kelly Clarkson, Scooter, Cascada and Groove Coverage all together? Yikes!

Really looking forward to Warrior’s Dance, though, and T5 is pretty fun, too. Had speculations about the Sean Kingston track appearing in either Combat or Pump. Not too crazy about the cooldown track. Am yet to listen to 1a, 4 & 7.

Haven’t had a chance to link to youtube yet but will do later today ๐Ÿ™‚

01a. Numb (RainDropz! Mix) โ€“ Jan Wayne vs RainDropz!
01b. I Do Not Hook Up โ€“ Kelly Clarkson
02. I Was Made For Loving You โ€“ Scooter
03. Poison (Al Storm Remix) โ€“ Groove Coverage

04. Use Me โ€“ Hiroshi Free
can’t find..
05. The Anthem โ€“ Good Charlotte
06. Warriorโ€™s Dance โ€“ The Prodigy
07. Excalibur 2000 (2000 Radio Mix) โ€“ F.C.B.
can’t find
08. Miracle (SAD Remix) โ€“ Cascada
09. Fire Burning โ€“ Sean Kingston

10. Second Chance โ€“ Shinedown

wow thanks heaps mate! Really appreciate your effort finding these!! ๐Ÿ˜€

hi Glen,

GREAT, thanks! for the track list and sizzler! Well what can I say! This made can’t wait for BC42…the track 1 (Numb) is gonna be my favorite BC track for all…as i love the original Numb track by Linking wow wow..Listening to track 4, track 6 and EXCALIBUR….I CAN’T IMAGINE how this is gonna go…i think the muay thai is gonna be one of the longest muay thai ever…:)…I’m pretty sure every body will huff and puff after track 7…no more energy left for track 8…track 8 seems a nice fit..but can’t feel the magic yet…still can’t get over..”what do you want from me..”…

I am curious as to how the track 5 will go…so far I only love Hymn and How far we’ve come…for track 5……

Well, can’t wait for you to post your already-written-BC42-review…or rather notes..:)


Hi Everyone

I was in NZ for BC 42 filming and this is the best version of Track 7 i could find. Enjoy!!!

Hmm….*another* BodyPump back track as a BodyCombat track 8? Oh well…at least they’ve stopped the “oldies” on track 5. Good Charlotte – YAY! That rocks.

@Q – it’s a different mix of it though, so no danger of it getting confused ๐Ÿ˜€

I love BC42! Doing track 8 so many times over at the filming though… O.M.G, I thought I was going to be sick!

Yes! This is more like it. I can see Warrior’s Dance melting the sound system at my gym. Heavy bass line, fast and aggressive, just the way Muay Thai should be.

Seems like for the 2nd time in a row, new BP release have the same track as new BC release? what are they doing? conspiring for the good? There are so many great songs out there..seems there are a lot of “copy cats”…and vice versa as well.

And the remixes were at times “horrible” …imagine you hear a few good tracks in BC and later you hear the same track in RPM or BP and they sound a bit “off”…sounds crazy or rather irritating at times…:)

sounds promising

the scooter track is so unscooterish (is there such a word?)!!

We just started with 41 lol
And i like it.

What is the new move, the sweep?

[…] tracklist (and some of the tracks are covers or different mixes to the links – so use the actual tracklist post for track info). I’ve now got the DVD and have actually started learning the release so […]

Found the Excalibur track, although under a diferent title it’s definitely the same mix, listening to it I can’t help but do the push kicks, descending elbows, but most importantly the RUNNING MAN!

that’s it! thanks Tamlyn!

[audio src="" /]

This is what you’re looking for ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to emphasize the power of that new edition of body combat… It’s just amazing and so powerful… Maybe the best choice of music, especially because of a version of Mozart’s Carmina Burana, O fortuna…

So wonderful!!!

Linda: Carmina Burana was not by Mozart, it was by Carl Orff ๐Ÿ˜‰

And also, isn’t named “oh fortuna”… It’s Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, from the composition “Carmina Burana”, by Carl Orff.

crikey – I’m impressed!

Have to say, this is my first BC class and I’m already addicted ๐Ÿ˜€

I always take a bodypump and bodycombat class after oneanother. And it feels great with these tracks.

Hope that 43 is going to be just as thrilling!

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