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This action-packed release will set your hearts racing and drive you to a new level of athletic fitness.

Only Girl In The World helps you relax and have fun during the Warmup, and that light-hearted mood carries into the first real working track as you bust out the Dirtee Disco moves for Mixed Impact.

As the momentum builds, don’t forget to take options if you need them.

Aerobics training encourages you to Raise Your Glass as you raise your heart rate, but you’ll have to really Shake It as Plyometric Lunges send you to your highest peak yet during sport training in Track 4.

Then, hit the deck and give us some Pushups, mixed up with a Crab Crawl and Plank & Pointer that will severely test your upper body strength. Again, don’t forget those options … just don’t bail out!

Enjoy the chance to run with your team – round and round, corner to corner … wherever the music takes you.

Track 7 trains you to win on the court, testing your agility through a variety of diagonal, lateral and backward running drills, the Lunge & Catch, and foot speed through the Ladder Run. Stay sharp, stay focused.

You “dance on” through interval training, but Are You Ready For This … High Knee Running and Jumping Jacks develop the power, then Squats and Lunges condition your lower body while taking you Higher.

Take it to the floor to work on your core and before you know it, you’re lying in a pool of sweat … a sure sign you’ve completed another intense workout that provides you with everything you need to achieve on the sports field.

I’m just writing my review of the latest releases (I’m happy to admit BC45 has really grown on me!) but in the meantime I thought I’d post a few pics from our local releases. If you’re wondering about the balloons everywhere well it was the official 1st birthday of Les Mills Group Fitness at my gym – we officially kicked it off in September 2009 and it’s absolutely going off! I had the pleasure of having the awesome Chris Drake from Les Mills join me for BC45 which was brilliant (Chris actually appears in the latest posters for BC45 [he’s in the middle] and RPM 48! [left]). And I’d have to say BODYATTACK 70 is the first release where I was literally gasping for air after track 4 – OMG!

Anyway, picture is worth 1000 words as they say so here’s a couple to give you a feel (tonnes more pics on facebook if you’re interested so add me there if we’re not already friends :)). Check back in coming days for more info on the GFX too!

Chris and I after the madness

Chris and I after the madness of BODYCOMBAT 45

BC45 - track 4

BC45 – track 4

Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river!

Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river!

Me and Karen - 'Whatcha Say' BODYPUMP 75

Me and Karen – ‘Whatcha Say’ BODYPUMP 75

My attempt at looking 'Cowboy Casanova'

My attempt at looking ‘Cowboy Casanova’



Phil and I - BODYATTACK 70 - Music is Mooooving!

Phil and I – BODYATTACK 70 – Music is Mooooving!

Everyone loves plyo lunges right??!!

Everyone loves plyo lunges right??!!

Those darn Jack Knife walking planks!

Those darn Jack Knife walking planks!



Hey team, slowly getting myself sorted! Here’s BA69 – I’ve not linked to youtube for attack as the tracks tend to be customised specifically for the programme and bear little resemblance to the originals. Few double ups from other programmes; Dangerous, I Gotta Feeling and Jump That Rock – but again the attack versions tend to differ so much that it’s not usually an issue. Enjoy! 🙂

BODYATTACK 69 tracklist

Warmup: I Gotta Feeling (B-Tastic Remix) – Orangez
Mixed Impact: Boys and Girls – Spacejammers
Aerobic: Real Things – DJ Sophia feat Lucy
Plyometric: Dream A Dream (Cheeky Trax Remix) – Captain Jack
Upper Body Cond: Sexy Chick – Olson Bjerre feat. Sam Knowles
Running: Sunshine After The Rain – Flip & Fill
Agility: I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – Fortune Crew
Interval: Dangerous – Rhythm Twins
Power: Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) – Masia
Lower Body Cond: Down – club4life
Core : TiK ToK – Ke$ha
Cooldown: Replay – lyaz

Following on from the BODYCOMBAT 44 and BODYPUMP 74 sizzlers below here’s BODYATTACK 69 (thanks Kacie!!) Others to follow soon…

BODYATTACK 69 sizzler

BODYATTACK is coming at you from all three dimensions in this release – Aerobics, Sport and Strength.

There’s huge aerobic highs with Boys and Girls, Great passion and energy in Dangerous, and a hard-core high-energy finish with Jump That Rock to push everybody’s limits!

Take to the Sports track in Dream a Dream where you’ll find power and recovery phases to challenge every fitness level. Then in track 5 – Sunshine After the Rain– practice quick takeoffs and short bursts of sprints to mix up the running feels. Check out the awesome speed and agility training drills in track 7.

Still got something left in the tank? We’ve got challenging upper body moves with a cool twist, and triceps and chest all get pushed to their limit! How about the power pulse lunge back in track 10 – if you’re looking for serious strength and power, you’ve certainly found it! Your abs will burn through the final Tik Tok on the clock in track 11.

Do you remember your first ever BODYPUMP class? Do you recall the pain you were in afterwards?

I do! And it hurt! I was reminded of this recently when I had a ‘bodybuilder’ jump in and do one of my pump classes. He was a big guy and obviously trained hard and trained well. I asked him before the class if he’d ever done pump before and he said no, but that he’d been weight training for years. First thing I did was warn him that because we use completely different rep ranges to those that he’d be used to in the gym to stay light for his first couple of classes (after all a set in the gym might be 6-12 reps – a set in BODYPUMP is up to 150 reps!). I looked him in the eye and said “trust me on this – try to stay light!”. Do you think he listened? Of course he didn’t! Especially since there were experienced female pumpers in the class squatting the likes of 30kg right in front of him, his ego wasn’t going to have them lift more – he matched my weight on every set in every track. A full week later he came back – and told me he literally couldn’t walk for 3 full days after that class. It’s okay I reassured him… it does get easier!!! He’s now pumping regularly as part of his training routine and loving it.

I wrote about this exact subject in one of my first ever posts on this blog called Doesn’t matter how fit you are… doing something new hurts! And it’s true -it doesn’t matter what your current level of exercise – when you try something new, whether it be an entirely new form of exercise or just upping your regular frequency you will feel it. But the power of your body to adapt, and adapt quickly is amazing.

When I first started instructing I’d team teach around three BODYCOMBATs per week, and that felt to me like a lot of exercise (at the time). More recently I’d teach four BODYCOMBATs, two BODYPUMPs and a BODYATTACK – and that felt like a lot of exercise. Nowadays, I’m on 5 combats, 4 pumps and an attack per week – and that feels like a lot of exercise! The increase in pumps from 2 to 4 per week especially has hurt – I wake up every morning with sore legs thinking wow I gotta take pump again today and I’m still sore from pump yesterday… But, then I read about other instructors happily teaching 4 or 5 pumps a day and realise what I’m doing is at the low end. Suck it up Glen – your body will adapt and soon 11 classes per week will feel like nothing!

Rest assured your body will adapt, it does adapt and you’ll be fine. Case in point, there was a guy on the news yesterday here in NZ who ran two marathons each and every day for a month. Two marathons a day!! So, participants, instructors alike, just know that yes, while the amount of training you’re doing right now might feel like a lot – your body has an amazing ability to adapt to more. Just like that first pump class hurt, and you wondered how you’d ever do another, your body rebuilt itself, repaired itself, and was ready for more… it always will; and that is a wonderful thing to know 🙂

Love to hear your thoughts… especially about the pain of your first ever class!

I’m smashed. Last night was a monster. BODYATTACK 68 followed immediately by BODYCOMBAT 43 – don’t get me wrong, it was an incredible night, but, man… I’m smashed!!!

Before I kick off – you may or may not know that I’m a bit restricted in what I can write about so soon after the filming. I can’t reveal any of the choreography or music at this stage… sorry! I know you all wanna know – and I’d love to let the cat outta the bag but, lovely as my friends at Les Mills are – doing so would force them to remove a part of my anatomy and feed it back to me (and I am fairly fond of my bits!)

It kicked off with BODYATTACK 68. Now to be fair, I’m probably not the best person in the world to write about BODYATTACK. I’ve done 66 several times (okay more than several as I moduled on it) – I’ve done 67 a couple times, and now I’ve done 68 once. So that gives me a grand total of 3 releases as a reference! But, man, 68 is a blast! It was presented by Lisa and a team of four guys; Grant, Bevan, Nathan and newcomer Brent from the USA – and of course we had June on the options (though did Lisa introduce her as Judy??) Look out for the Agility Track which draws its inspiration from American Football – it’s a beast!!!


BC43 presentation team - pic courtesy of PJ (used with permission)

With BA in the bag the next came BODYCOMBAT 43. Presented by a team of six (yes SIX!); Dan, Rach, Hernan, Judy King, Oscar Peiro Fernandez and Marcus Müller. They were dressed in red and white Venum shorts and a LM top – and all looked fantastic! The theme for this release? Ying and yang. The guys actually had the ying/yang symbol shaved into the tops of their heads and coloured red! Combat is becoming more and more MMA (mixed martial arts) inspired if you ask me with both 42 and 43 having each a different new move that could easily have been pulled straight out of the UFC’s octagon.

Highlights of the release for me? Easy. Track 3 is great, track 8 is freaking fantastic, but track 6, well, in the words of Raina; it’s E-P-I-C!  Honestly I can’t say I’ve ever said a track 6 is my favourite track of a release before – but, definitely it’s the stand out track of BC43. It would be closely followed by track 8 however, this is a beast of a track with a 20 move combo that will smash you into a state of euphoria. We were situated towards the back of the class and all I could do at the end of this track was look to my mate Reymond and just smile – we had completely blown the roof off LM in that last cardio. Smashed is the only word to describe it.

Well without giving the game away there’s really not too much else I can say! Oh, the muay thai track has been used in combat before (there – that’ll get ya guessing!) – I’m really excited about 43 – honestly track 6 and track 8 alone are enough to get excited about! I’ve borrowed a pic from PJ (he’s been kind enough to give me permission before) but definitely head along to his blog to see more… and as always as soon as I get the all clear from LM I’ve give you more info (I warn you though that could be some time!) until then I hope this little teaser was enough to wet your appetite 😉

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in posting this! I don’t have time to link these to youtube just yet as I’m off to Auckland for the filming of BODYATTACK 68 tonight – can’t wait! I’ll be sure to give you all the goss (in a Les Mills authorised fashion of course!!!) In the meantime; Enjoy!

1. Warmup Track: Closer – Chris Crew
2. Mixed Impact Track: Release Me – Agnes
3. Aerobic Track: Gimme More – Mandy Brewer
4. Plyometric Track: Rock It – Bhuvan Brothers
5. Upper Body Conditioning Track: Boom Boom Pow – Beat Factory
6. Running Track: Number 1 – Beat Bandits From Outer Space
7. Agility Track: Put A Donk On It – Northern Accelerators
8. Interval Track: Take Me To The Clouds Above – Global Nation
9. Power Track: Jump – Zombie – Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockers
10. Lower Body/Core Conditioning Track: Wherever – Stafford Brothers vs. Hoxton Whores feat. Frank Stafford
11. Lower Body/Core Conditioning Track: Goodbye – Jessica Friendly
12. Cooldown Track: People Get Ready – Seal

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