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BODYPUMP 74 filming

Posted on: January 30, 2010

Stacy (my better half!) with the BP74 team, Glen, Karen & Susan

Stacy (my better half in pink) with the BP74 team, Glen, Karen & Susan

Okay, onto the good stuff! Actually, I should be saying on to the GREAT stuff as BODYPUMP 74 was un-fricken-believable!!! As you probably know by now I’m unable to write anything specific about the choreography or music after a filming class (back in the day when this blog only got a few dozen visitors a day I could get away with that – now with 3,000 – 5,000 visitors per day it’s kinda hard to do!) This of course presents a challenge – what can I write about when I’m bursting at the seams to share my experience but can’t write anything specific?? Well, it’s a challenge but let’s see how I do! 😉

The BODYPUMP 74 presenting team were Glen Ostergaard, Susan Renata and Karen Russell the Australian Master Trainer. Dressed in the latest official LM Clothing line they looked fantastic! (how lean was Susan!!??)

Stace & I before BP74 - the yellow shirt that got a bit of attention!

Stace & I before BP74 - the yellow shirt that got a bit of attention!

Before I start, here’s a wee tip if you do attend a LM filming class and did want to make it on the DVD – wear a bright colour! I’ve been attending LM filming classes for about 18 months and I’ve mentioned before I never go to the front because a lot of people fly half way around the world to attend these classes and I feel it’s only right they get the front row… after all I just drove up the road a couple hours! However I did wear a bright yellow Nike shirt (it’s usually my BODYATTACK outfit due to the colour) and the presenters seemed to like it as both Susan and Karen called me out because of it… Susan’s words were “that is one bright singlet!” – and Karen even said to the cameramen “make sure you get that guy in yellow on film!” – quite funny really. I have no idea if that will make it onto the final cut but if it does – yes the dude in yellow is me 🙂

Okay, onto the class itself… it was FANTASTIC. Let me say this, BP74 is h-a-r-d. After the lunge track I honestly felt like I was going to throw up. I looked down at my step mid way through the shoulder track and it was sopping wet! My clothes were soaked right through and more sweat was just pouring off me. It must’ve looked a sight! Of course, the beautiful thing about attending a class (as opposed to teaching) is that you can really smash yourself. I would never push myself as hard as I did that day if I was mic’ed up – I wouldn’t even have been able to cue I was gasping for breath so badly! I decided to do the same weights I normally do in a regular pump class that day… but – the only difference (and it is a big difference!) is that the bars at LM central are solid metal. They weigh about 7.5kg… possibly should’ve taken that into account (bit late now!). I was fortunate enough that my close friend Raina had warned me about the lunge track – it is a killer – so I did ease back the weight a little there (and still almost lost my lunch anyway!)

Now I have no idea if Glen reads the Les Mills’ community forums, but recently there’s been a thread on there entitled “BP choreography likes/dislikes“. As the name makes clear, in  it, instructors and participants are stating a whole heap of various things they’d like to see more of, and less of in BP. Now, if Glen doesn’t read the forum he’s clearly psychic as I couldn’t help but smile as I checked a whole bunch of the suggestions off one after the other in BP74. I probably can’t go into specifics, but, if you were one of the people suggesting a change in musical style (and tempo!) for the back track, simplicity in the warm up, a purer lunge track then you’re gonna love 74…

The most stand out factor in BP74 is the tempo and range changes in the chorey. I’ve only really experienced BODYPUMP for the last 3 years or so (I moduled on 69 but have learned most of the releases back to 60) and I’ve not seen any use of the tempos or ranges found in 74. They will really rock your world and I was super sore the next day!

I can’t say too much more other than be excited team – be really excited!!! I left the class just fizzing…. Let it be known that BODYPUMP 74 ROCKS! Pump pics follow (more on facebook too…):

BP74 presenting team with a participant from France

BP74 presenting team with a participant from France

BP74 team with participants after the class

BP74 team with participants after the class

18 Responses to "BODYPUMP 74 filming"

Totally agree with you Pump was the highlight for me this time around – and I can’t say enough how pleased I was that this release rocked after BP72 was a real let down in my opinion. Haven’t seen BP73 yet but if it’s as good as BP74 then I’d say Pump is back on track – roll on next weekend when BP73 is released and my gosh May seems so far away to have to wait to do 74 again it was a Body smashing Aplus 🙂

CANNOT wait to get this release!! Lunge and back tracks are my fave…sounds like we’ve got some good stuff to look forward to. Love the new clothes, too. Good post, Glen.

Awesome write up, Stollery! It really was the highlight class for me of the day – this release really has been worked on and I’m so excited about everything in this release. I’m still sore from it! I haven’t been that knackered from a Pump class for a very very VERY long time. Respect to Glen, Emma and everyone who worked on the release, you can tell that the hard yards have been put in for this one.

(and man, if they catch you on film with the yellow singlet, I bet I’m going to look like the bigger fool next to you cackling loudly, ahahahhaah!)

Can’t wait to see it – we get BP73 on Feb 20….even that seems so far away……. So pleased to see Karen presenting – I did my Pump training with her and she is fantastic – so extra excited to see this one… Good review without giving ANYTHING away!! I guess we’ll just have to be patient 🙂 Will keep an eye out for the yellow shirt……

Good write up Glen – yes Pump 74 is one of my favourites of all time! I didnt even mind having to re-film the bicep track at the end ;0)

Yup – I could taste my lunch after the lunge track!

Awesome to catch up with you and your extreme yellowness – shame you cant make it to Attack!

Haha thanks Rach… yeah I’m gutted I can’t make attack! You’ll have to go doubly hard for both of us! 🙂 x

We’ll see – have RPM filming earlier on that day so if I go to Attack I’ll be that girl at the back with no energy and terrible kicks x

Oooooo Rach, I’m gonna be at the RPM filming! If you see me, say hi! I’m gonna try and do the Attack filming too, we can both be tired and have terrible kicks together, ahahaha

Its a date! See you at RPM! Havent done one for a month or so so I’ll be crap so I understand if you dont wanna talk to me hehe!

[…] hat ein paar Bilder und Eindrücke zum neuen BodyPump-Programm veröffentlicht: Okay, onto the class itself… it was FANTASTIC. Let me say this, BP74 is h-a-r-d. […]

good to see wee Glen looking as beautifull as ever . OH come to Scotland so i can measure up beside you!!!

PS Donny Osmond still my number one…………..

Looks good BP 74 the best pump ever????? I can’t wait 😉

The tracklist and sizzler for 74 are finally out!

Oh I have the tracklist but didn’t want to publish first… Do you have a link?

[…] mentioned in my post after the BODYPUMP 74 filming: Now I have no idea if Glen reads the Les Mills’ community forums, but recently there’s […]

Did the quarterly training for the new release over the weekend n u r right – BP 74 rocks!!! The lunge track is a absolute killer! Really hard core stuff n it hits the legs in a way u can never imagine! :))) was smiling to myself as I re-read ur entry on thus bp74 filming especially the part on the lunge track!

Usually one, two songs are what I’m looking forward to in a BodyPymp class. In this release there are four of them — squats, back, triceps, biceps (for the first time). So, yeah, I like 94. 🙂

However, one of my favourites — squats track — misses a beat at about 3:05, which confused me the first few classes. Now it’s just a bit annoying. How can such an error be not noticed by the creators!?… :\

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