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BC50 gift bags given out after class

Well guys the big half century for the world’s number one martial arts based fitness program has officially been filmed, locked and loaded. BODYCOMBAT 50 is complete! And, as you would expect it was a MASSIVE night.

As per usual, I have to do my short disclaimer. I will endeavour to give you a feel for the release, and my first impressions of it – but I cannot reveal any specific music or choreography until instructor workshops begin. But I will do my best to tell you as much as I can without letting the proverbial cat out of the bag.

BODYCOMBAT 50 had a literal ‘A Team’ of presenters from around the globe. D&R, Andres Vesga (originally from Colombia last seen on BC47), Shaunna May (from the USA last on BC46) and Judy King (now training out of South East Asia last on BC43). The team were dressed in black and white LMI shorts and celebratory BC50 black tops. As per usual they all looked lean, tanned and amazing!

By the time the actual class kicked off it was approaching 10pm so as you’d expect the class wasn’t quite as packed as some previous filmings, yet it was still busy especially given how late it was. However, it seemed that well over half the people that were in the room were fighting for the front row – the front section were just jammed in like venum sponsored sardines! In fact both Dan and Rach told them on separate occasions that they would have to move back, and give each other some room. I’m not too sure the words of advice were heeded however.

If you’ve read my last two filming posts you’ll see I fell in love with both BODYCOMBAT 48 and BODYCOMBAT 49 immediately as soon as I did them for the first time. Some releases you do instantly love, and some can take time to grow on you; I think BC50 falls into the latter category.

Now if you’ve seen the sizzler for BC49 (or done the release itself) you’ll know that the intensity of the workout starts straight from the first track. In fact the first time I did BC49 I was puffing mid way through the lower body warmup! I recall very clearly a friend of mine turning to me during a BC49 rehearsal class and saying “OMFG is this still the warmup?!” – it’s a big track! Well 50 is similar – the lower body warmup felt long and had loads of kicks. I know the upper body track has been in pump before, and the lower body track is a well known artist breaking all sorts of album sales at the moment *hint hint*!

Hopefully I can say this (I’m sure LM will tell me quick smart if I can’t); sound effects are back! Is this part of a celebration of combat’s heritage perhaps? They are very noticeable in track 2, and the muay thai – and I think track 4 as well from memory. Definite “bish” moves on kicks and upper body movements. But don’t fret if you’re not a fan… we’ve not gone back to the days of BC15 with bells and gongs!

There’s a couple of new moves in 50. A new kick in track 4 (this is the kick Dan warned everyone they’d need some room for), and a new adaption of a move in the muay thai. Both are pretty cool. And be prepared as track 6 is 6 solid minutes of pure pain. This track makes Stamp or Spitfire seem like a stroll in a park by comparison; YOUCH!

But, the highlight of the release for me? Third release running, yes you guessed it; TRACK FIVE! Man the days of me absolutely cringing at track 5s has well and truly gone. Track 5 in BC48 was awesome, track 5 in BC49 is EVEN BETTER and track 5 in BC50 is definitely the peak of the release. In fact every single instructor I spoke to felt the same way. It. Goes. Off. Freakishly all three of those tracks (48-5, 49-5 and 50-5) have all been in previous BC releases! How crazy is that! However, much like the version of No Good (aka Don’t Need) that is in 49, the version of the track in 50 that was in an earlier release bears little resemblance to its predecessor.

I mentioned this release may be a grower because if I’m completely truthful the first time I tried it I wasn’t “blown away”. But, the second time at the actual filming I enjoyed it a lot more which is brilliant. Yes there’s a move in track 2 that feels a little silly, yes track 3 didn’t quite peak like they usually do, and yes the cooldown cover is pretty awful if I’m being honest… but track 5 and 8 absolutely go off and that more than makes up for it! Track 8 is another uber-marathon 8+ minuter, and you’ll be riding an endorphin wave the entire way.

Happy Birthday BC!

Overall BODYCOMBAT 50 is a solid release. There’s innovation in new moves, with a couple of the tracks having been in early combat releases plus the sound effects BC50 definitely feels like a tribute release fitting of a such a big landmark. Excitingly I think it’s fair to say a new format has been found for track 5 and I for one freaken LOVE IT. Instructors you’ve got a few months up your sleeve to think of a way to celebrate this milestone – start prepping now and put your thinking caps on as it’s gonna be a big one!

And of course to BODYCOMBAT; Happy Birthday! It’s been a wild ride so cheers to another 50!


After the Warm-up it’s straight into a new squat combination – four Singles and four Bottom Halves. Then be prepared to have the kitchen sink thrown at your triceps with Extensions, Presses and Overhead Extensions. Even the Abs track has something new – a Reverse Weight Grip that opens up the chest and makes Crunches just a little trickier.


The first couple of tracks use a new style of choreography that warms you up with sets of Kicks before the heart races into the training zone with simple Kick/Punch combos. There are no tricks here, so just go with it.


Energy, passion, drive and challenge – this release has it all! The full-on Aerobic track will have your heart pounding before your legs are tested with an awesome Lunges/Squats power combo and the new Walking Burpees fire up arms and shoulders. You sure weren’t Born This Way but you’re on the ‘right track’ to a better you.


Flowing t’ai chi movements in the Warm-up encourage you to connect breath, body and mind before a series of composition moves combine to make the ultimate complete core workout. Let your mind lift up into the music as you energise your body before you re-enter the stillness of the Meditation track and, eventually, bring your awareness back into the room and re-enter the world.


To mark the programme’s fifth year you’re invited to celebrate with this release, which is divided into two blocks: low impact but high intensity, and functional strength. As you enter the Integrated Strength track, there’s a surprise for you! Then focus your attention on your hips as you work them using a VIVE tube and a whole lot of willpower.


This is the hottest dance class in the world – The Future Funk of Paris. You’ll feel it drop straight from the first beat, so roll up one leg and get ready to jam. There are three advanced options for this release. This is your class: take it, love it, dance it, own it.

RPM 52

Attack your legs with a release that features short, sharp sprints and some big climbs that’ll get you out of your seats and stretch your lungs to the limits. You’re playing in the Mixed Terrain – racing and climbing – then a series of intervals kick-start your heart rate and smash your legs as you take on the pack. Attack, attack!


Welcome to the revolution. You can choose your usual kick-butt workout or push your class to another level with the new format. Instructors can now replace Tracks 8 and 9 with the new Athletic Circuit – 7½ minutes of high-intensity interval training including the Weighted Squat, Power Jump and Burpee. Get ready to sweat because this ain’t no dance class.

Now’s your chance!

So I mentioned in my last post that I had a bit of a surprise. Well, as part of the celebration for the big twenty year anniversary of the world’s most popular group fitness program, the massive BODYPUMP 80, Les Mills International have asked me to interview the Program Director Glen Ostergaard… and I’m going to let YOU choose the questions!

I’ll be sitting down with Glen O and picking his brain on Thursday, the day after the filming of BP80. Ever wondered about the filming process? How the music is chosen? How a program is choreographed? Any LM related question you’ve always had at the back of your mind about  the program(s)? Well now’s your chance to find out!

I saw BODYPUMP 80 for the first time myself yesterday and it truly is fitting of a landmark release. There are some amazing innovations, more than one new movement, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t actually come close to losing my lunch at one point… it’s tough!! So as such you may have a question about BP80 specifically itself, or BODYPUMP in general. Either is all good.

I must admit I was very honoured when Les Mills asked me to do this, so let’s do it together. Just post your questions in the comments section below on the blog (not through facebook ideally) and I’ll choose the best questions to ask Glen. Both Les Mills International and I will be publishing the interview. Ask away!

Posters have hit the net guys! Very similar in style to the last ones – though I’d have the argue these slogans are better. BUT- check out the new calorie count for combat! Finally an accurate reading! (I’ll be able to put these ones up in my gym now!) I’m THRILLED about that – great work LMI!

Lots going this month, loads of updates on their way plus BODYCOMBAT 50 and BODYPUMP 80 filmings next week! I’ll post on those soon after (as much as I’m allowed of course) – in the meantime take a look at the below and let me know your thoughts! (oh, and watch for some REALLY exciting news in the coming days too!)

Hi guys, LMI have just published the times for the filmings later this month. Good grief combat won’t be finished until about 11pm – which means I’ll get home around 2am and I’ve got to teach a class at 6am the next day! Things we do for our love of fitness huh?! If you’re coming see ya there!

Wednesday 27 July 2011

  • 3:00pm BODYBALANCE 55
  • 4:30pm SH’BAM 6
  • 5:30pm BODYATTACK 75
  • 8:00pm BODYPUMP 80
  • 9:30pm BODYCOMBAT 50

Monday 1 August 2011

  • 12:30pm RPM 53
  • 3:30pm BODYVIVE 21
  • 6:00pm BODYSTEP 86
  • 7:30pm BODYJAM 59

Wednesday 10 August 2011

  • CX30 5 (time TBA)

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