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BODYCOMBAT 59 filming

Posted on: October 4, 2013

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you’ll know I’ve been to a lot of BODYCOMBAT filmings, I think this is my 18th or 19th one, my first one was BC38! And I have to say given the venue was Super Saturday in Stockholm Sweden (whoa that’s a lot of S’s!) this one was something pretty freaken special! After all this was the first time Les Mills have ever filmed outside Auckland, I mean Studio One at Les Mills Auckland Central fits, at most I’d estimate 250 people. Well check out this pic snapped at the BODYCOMBAT 59 filming!


Reports vary depending on who you’re talking to but there was at least 2,000, possibly closer to 4,000 people in that room absolutely ripping it up! In the middle of it all I must admit I stopped for a moment, looked around and just soaked it all up – the whole weekend was something truly quite special. I’ve posted quite a few pics to my facebook page – take a look it’s very surreal!

I must admit having been to so many filmings I thought the glitz and the glamour of it all had worn off a bit (cynical old veteran that I am haha) but I was like a kid in a candy shop again for this one! So I’ll try and put some of my childlike excitement aside and attempt to give you an objective look at the release. Thankfully by the time BC59 rolled around I was already very smashed from BODYPUMP 89, GRIT Strength 8, CXWORX 14 and BODYATTACK 84 so it probably offset my buzz a bit.

BODYCOMBAT 59 was presented by a pretty huge team (not as large as BODYCOMBAT 58 admittedly!) Dan and Rach (well duh) with Pernilla and Mika from LM Nordic, as well as a support crew that included T and Will from NZ and the “big boys” Petter and Fredrik (apologies if I forgot anyone!). This was the first time I’ve seen the team present in Reebok gear; I have to admit the clothing did surprise me a little as it didn’t feel very “combaty” – however I’ve since learnt that this wasn’t actually customised gear for Les Mills made by Reebok (that is coming) but actual regular Reebok gear branded with the program names (not sure I’m explaining the distinction to well but let’s just say BODYCOMBAT specific clothing made by Reebok isn’t out… yet). So hopefully that has a more combateske feel (look at me making up a bunch of new words).

So, as for the release itself – well BODYCOMBAT 59 has got a few surprises that’s for sure! (not as many as BODYPUMP 89 but that’s a story for another day). The Upper body warmup kicks off with a upbeat mix of a track by a young country and western singer (I kid you not!). Certainly made me smile (heck if we can punch to Call Me Maybe we can do it to anything!) The track has another surprise in that it has a move that you would NEVER expect in an upper body warmup – and no not the shoot – much worse!! Certainly gets the body warm quickly that’s for sure! The LBWU is a remix of a song from my youth – oldie but a goodie! And has a bit more of a BC feel to it. One thing I did like about the warmup is it introduced a couple of the unique combos used later in the class – great work D&R.

The thing that stands out about most about Track 2 is the music! It’s a track taken from a very well known hit movie from the 80s! I can’t really tell you the name of the movie as that would give the track away in a heartbeat – but let’s just say if you guess it you can be my wingman any time. 😉 It’s certainly no where near as tough as recent track 2s that’s for sure.

Track 3 what can I tell you – definitely solid track from Hixxy, Sy & Unknown. I really enjoyed it. Uplifting and happy!

Track 4 was rocky and certainly not my favourite track of the release. However the theme for the track was fighting which obviously fits combat very well! The choreography felt a bit all over the place in this track if I’m honest, none of the combos seemed to flow. But I’ve heard others say it was one of their favourite tracks of the release so there ya go! Certainly is a track you can grit your teeth and smack it out to that’s for sure!

Track 5 – BOOM! Another Sy & Unknown track and it was fantastic! I was a little afraid that we might see a flash back to old time rock and roll like BC57 again but thankfully it seems like that may’ve been an anomaly (phew!). If you teach BODYATTACK you’ll recognise this track as a recent interval track – it works in combat too – builds to an amazing peak that will give you goosebumps! Just let the music do the talking when you teach this one.

Track 6 is when the release starts to get a really interesting! Leg loading anyone??! The track combines two of the most vicious leg loading moves together for the first time and trust me it hurts! Thankfully it seems really short which your legs will thank you for – especially if you’re an instructor who teaches combat every day! It’s dubstep (think Skrillex style) and it’s freaken nuts!! The other crazy thing is that I think this song has the exact same lyrics as track 2! I really liked it – even the pain – maybe I have issues haha.

Muay Thai I enjoyed as well! I’m not a religious guy but I think I literally looked up and thanked the heavens when I realised it wasn’t Airbourne! It had a drum and bass feel – it’s great! I don’t remember too much else I was pretty smashed by then… but if like me you’re not a fan of the ‘Born to Kill/Raise The Flag/Stand Up for Rock and Roll’ type MT tracks of late I think you’ll like this one.

Track 8 – OH YES! By far my favourite track of the whole release!! OMFG it’s epic. It’s a lot more Happy Hardcore than the recent track 8s we’ve had – which I just love! Fast, uplifting, long and epic! Exactly the peak you need when the energy starts to dip at the end of the class. I LURVED IT!

Conditioning I liked but I have to admit I didn’t actually do – but if you look closely at the pic above you’ll recognise the move. More dubstep by the way! And the cooldown I didn’t actually stay for but I’ve heard reports the music is fantastic.

So there ya go! BODYCOMBAT 59 in a nutshell (without me giving too much of the game away!). I don’t know about you but I’m not completely in love with 57, I don’t dislike it, but it’s certainly far from my favourite. I’ve heard amazing things about 58 and you can DEFINITELY look forward to 59!

And to the powers that be at Les Mills if plans aren’t in the pipeline already you really should make this an annual event and combine Super Saturday with filmings again as it was truly something special. You could even move venues and have it at a different location around the world each year. It’s gives instructors from the other side of the globe a chance to experience the magic, plus the energy was just off the chart and I’m sure it will look phenomenal on film! A massive well done to everyone involved and cheers to the next one! (hint hint!)

23 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 59 filming"

Top Gun!!!

*cough cough* 😛

Thanks so much for the review!! My guess for track 2 – “Danger Zone?”
Curious about track 8 – can you give a recent example of where “happy hardcore” may fall in line? My fav track 8s of all time are “Your Shining,” “Turn to Me,” “The Silence,” and possibly “Summer Rain.” I struggled through the likes of “Dark Skies,” “For a Lifetime,” “Falling” – just the music doesn’t do it for me.


re track 8 you and I have exactly the same taste so you’ll love it!

Hola !! como hago para certificarme en bodycombat con ustedes a distancia

le agradezco su colaboracin

Marlon Cuadro Polo preparador fsico -Mster personal trainer (WISS)


Amigo creo que usted tiene que asistir un “Training Module” en su país.

Great to have you back G! Thanks for the write up. Looking forward to it already!

Thank you for another great review. You got a lot with you from that release. I remember, that I liked it, but was to focused on not to kick or punch anybody to remember the music. And track 9 was difficult to do, because there was so many people. And I remember I thought “wtf” when they had that move in the upper body warmup. The energy and the atmosphere in Globen was awesome 🙂

Cheers! That’s why I stayed at the back 🙂

Thanks for the recap. It is like re-living it a little. Oddly enough a stand out for me was the cooldown track. Obviously not because it was hard, but the katas were fantastic – I heard several people talk about it as we were leaving. Not as innovative as Bodypump 89 or Bodyflow 64, but solid release, I thought.

Hey Glen, great review as always, thank you. I dont know how you do it, were you taking notes? 🙂 It feels like a total blur to me I was just too excited and running on adrenalin by that point. The only tracks I remember are 2,3 and 10 and only because I did them at the rehearsal class too…oh and 9 because of that move 😉 …loved it though and was nice to catch you (very briefly) xx

Haha I actually do write notes! Stace helps me too as do some others. Was great to see you too!

Hi Glen, thanks as always for a brilliant review that just includes enough but not too many details! Any chance of a BP89 review please? 🙂

Cheers Tony. I have my notes I just gotta type em out! Hopefully this weekend 🙂

Can’t wait to read your BP review. Glad I checked in on here to see if you had any updates. (Patiently waiting…) 🙂

And obviously I was so excited, I couldn’t spell my name correctly.

Great write-up, Glen! I couldn’t agree more! I really hope they do it again next year as I really want to experience the whole thing again. Here’s a short video summarizing a tiny bit of my experience (obviously not of the upcoming releases as I didn’t want to break the rules but it’s of the overall feel):

As for BC59, I remember liking the 2nd half of it more and none of the first 4 songs stood out much to me but maybe I was just in dream land :). There’s some kung-fu stuff in the release that I really liked and I’m glad they put it. Track 7 I agree, nice to have a break from the rock n roll picks and the song is by a famous band appropriate to the location for sure ;-). At least if my memory is good. I agree about the warmup too and the leg-tiring move that u mention. I was surprised when the cue came for that haha!

I must say I enjoyed Body Attack (84?) a LOT more than I thought as well! Soooo fun. Pump Was crazy and I personally liked the music of Pump 89 even more than BC59. CX worx was pretty good too!

I want to do this again! Soooooo awesome!

BodyPump! BodyPump! BodyPump! Want to hear about BodyPump! 😉

Hi Glen
Track 4 is a tribute from a Danish band called Volbeat… (the song is called “A Warriors call”) to a Danish boxing champ called Mikkel Kessler… the song is used by Mikkel Kessler as “introduction music” at his fights 🙂

Hi Glen, now that BC 59 is released, I’m curious to know what the move in the conditioning track (#9) is called? The one you start from a push up position and push your leg out the opposite side

They call it a “hip escape”

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