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1a. Layla (Caribbean Mix) – DJ U Hey vs DJ Minagawa
1b: Hot n Cold – Katy Perry
2. I Know Kung Fu – Shitdisco
3. Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix) – Rezonance-Q
4a. Power Of The Mind – Headhunterz
4b. Tubthumping (Everybody Handz Up In Japan Remix) – Hi End Attack
5. Tutti Frutti – Mike Hardy & The KooladeSingers
6. Burn It To The Ground – Nickelback
7. Speed – Atari Teenage Riot
8: Set you free (Hixxy Remix) – N-trance
9: Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
10. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon


Warmup: Don’t Leave me with the Light On – Danzel
Squats: It’s All Your Fault – Pink
Chest: Infinity 2008 – Guru Josh Project
Back: True Believer – E-Type
Triceps: Keeps Gettin’ Better – Christine Aguilera
Biceps: Gotta Be Somebody – Nickelback
Lunges: Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) – Sash! feat. Stunt
Shoulders: Thunderstruck – Hinder
Abdominals: Love Lockdown – Kanye West
Cooldown: If I Were A Boy – Beyonce


1. Everywhere – Master Blaster
2. That’s Not My Name – Kopy Katz
3. Baby I’m On Fire – DJ Razorsharp
4. Tubthumping – Smash & Grab
5. I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy
6. Rhythm Of The Night – Amber Luck
7. Don’t Want To Go To Bed Now – Southern Light
8. True Faith – Kelly Duncan
9. Jump – Tony Moroni & The HardOutCrew
10. Sneakernight – Vanessa Hudgens
11. Pokerface – Lady Gaga
12. The Best Is Yet To Come – Hinder


1a. In the Air – MCX & PI
1b. Twight Zone – Body Tronixx
2. Keeps Gettin’ Better – Christina Aguilera
3. Step Back in Time – Global Nation feat. Simone F
4. Start It – Annie Lee
5. Space Jam – Tone Tonic
6. Venus Or Mars – East Blokk
7. Up (Wideboy’s Remix) – The Saturday’s
8. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – Freakmaster
9. The Time Warp – Karamelody
10. Walkin In the Neon – Arms of Dub
11a. Planet Claire – Tecnologik
11b. 21st Century Life – Sam Sparro
12. Space – The Pussycat Dolls


1. Hyenas – Moby
2. It’s Amazing – Jem
3. Crack The Shutters – Snow Patrol
4. Against All Odds – Mariah Carey feat. Westlife
5. Apple Of My Eye – Dolores O’Riordan
6. Funhouse – Pink
7. Shattered (Turn The Car Around) – O.A.R
8a. You Make It Real – James Morrison
8b. Ave Maria – Beyonce
9. Look No Further – Dido
10. Gymnopedie No.1 – Angela Brownridge
11. An Ending (Ascent) – Brian Eno


1. Sandcastle Disco – Freemasons Remix
2. Shakeup The Party – Joy Enriquez
3. Loaded – Ricky Martin
4. Robo Cop – Kanye West
5. Party Like A Rock Star -Shop Boyz
6. One Night Only (Disco Version) – Anika Noni Rose, Beyonce Knowles & Sharon Leal
7. Turnin’ Me On Kerri Wilson feat. Lil Wayne
8. Return the Favour – Kerri Wilson feat. Timberland
9. You Got Me Burning Up! 2008 – Cevin Fisher feat. Loleatta Holloway
10. 3 minutes to explain – Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman
11. Womaniser (Benny Benassi Mix) – Britney Spears
12. See You In My Nightmares feat. Lil Wayne – Kayne West


1. Finally – CeCe Peniston
2. Jump – Van Halen
3. Livin’ La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin
4. She Works Hard For The Money – Dona Summer
5. Mony Mony – Billy Idol
6. Rise – Herb Alpert
7. Theme From New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
8. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Backstreet Boys
9. Don’t Cha – The Pussycat Dolls
10. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr
11. The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
12. Diamonds & Pearls – Prince

RPM 43

1. Closer – Ne-Yo
2. Hot n Cold – Katy Perry
3. Spaceman – The Killers
4. Take Back The City – Snow Patrol
5. VooDoo People – Prodigy
6. In The Darkness – Darude
7. Cry For You – September
8. Broken Strings – James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado
9. Love Is A Losing Game – Amy Winehouse

Well seems like only last week I wrote this post about the blog hitting 100,000 visitors (in reality it was 2 months ago) – and yesterday without fanfare or my even noticing we hit 200k. Kinda amazing really! Thanks to everyone for visiting – I’ll be sure to repay you by keeping this as updated as I can with all the latest info 🙂

Whilst on the subject yesterday I received some inside info about what looks to be the makings of BODYCOMBAT 41 – certainly looks like it’s gonna be a release that causes all manner of a reaction (good or bad at this early stage is anyone’s guess!). Unfortunately because it hasn’t been finalised yet I’ve been very kindly asked if I could keep it under my hat. However, the filming is next weekend so I’ll post all the juicy goss straight after. I’ll also be attending the filming of BODYPUMP 71 so will post updates on that as well. This all takes place at the GFX along with the NZ workshops for BC40 and BP70 so will have a tonne to write about…

In the interim thanks again for your support – and if you are coming to the GFX please be sure to come up and say hi!

Well here it is! Note a couple of the links aren’t the exact mixes (specifically track 4b and 5 – but you’ll get the idea). Enjoy!

1a. Layla (Caribbean Mix) – DJ U Hey vs DJ Minagawa
1b: Hot n Cold – Katy Perry
2. I Know Kung Fu – Shitdisco
3. Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix) – Rezonance-Q
4a. Power Of The Mind – Headhunterz
4b. Tubthumping (Everybody Handz Up In Japan Remix) – Hi End Attack
5. Tutti Frutti – Mike Hardy & The KooladeSingers
6. Burn It To The Ground – Nickelback
7. Speed – Atari Teenage Riot
8: Set you free (Hixxy Remix) – N-trance
9: Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
10. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

Last week Dan and Rach started trialling BODYCOMBAT 41 in their Wednesday class at Les Mills Auckland for the filming next weekend. Although I wasn’t there, I’ve had a couple of reports as to what happened so I’ll tentatively let the cat out of the bag early… couple of points however. a) as I said I wasn’t in attendance so can’t formally confirm the below, and b) these may change dramatically before the actual filming itself. It’s not unheard of for tracks or chorey to change on the day of the filming – or even during the filming (as happened with the chorey in BC40). So, take the below with a grain of the proverbial salt… 😉

So, at last week’s trial Kelly Clarkson featured in the warm up (track 1b) – My Life Would Suck Without You (yes I did say Kelly Clarkson – don’t worry it gets even more interesting!). A remix of Numa Numa was track 1a (that’ll be sure to raise a few eyebrows…) The trial also featured (wait for it) remixes of Enter Sandman by Metallica, Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams and Faith Hill’s Breathe – and no that’s not the cooldown! (yes, interesting choice is what I was thinking too!) Track 8 was Cascada’s What Do You Want From Me (personally I loved What Hurts The Most so more Cascada is all good in my eyes). Right Round by Flo Rider was the conditioning and Halo by Beyonce was the cooldown. But again this all could and probably will change!

Originally I was going to link to the tracks on youtube but as I don’t know the specific remixes it would serve to be a little pointless. Rumour has it that many of these tracks were covers – which I have a theory on (I think if true it may have to do with the proposed massive increases in licensing fees fitness centres would have to pay for music rights – see for more info). But, again that’s only my personal theory – I’ve been wrong before! (only once or twice 😉 )

As for the chorey well you’ll have to sit tight for about two weeks until after the actual filming… however I’ll post updates as soon as I can. My plan originally was to try to “tweet” directly from Les Mills in real time – be interesting to see if that works as I’m very new to the whole Twitter phenomenon! (if you are on Twitter just follow me at for updates). That’s it for now – as always your thoughts are welcome!

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken exactly a month apart following diet below with BODYCOMBAT

Ever since I published this post detailing the results of my diet and loads of BODYCOMBAT I’ve had a tonne of messages asking me exactly what my diet entailed. (Almost all of these were via facebook so if you are on the site and you haven’t already please add me as a friend).

Before I begin let me say I’m the kinda person that doesn’t really do things by halves. So when I decided to drop my bodyfat the programme I set out on was fairly hardcore. In fact if you’re looking for an exciting, interesting nutrition plan that keeps you satisfied you’re probably not going to find it here! I’d also like to say that the programme I followed is  not one I’d recommend anyone follow long term. It was a targeted short term solution that I set out to follow for 4-6 weeks with the specific goal of getting my bodyfat down to single digits in the quickest possible time. My other goal was to maintain energy levels so I wasn’t collapsing on stage when teaching! And it worked, I dropped over 11 lbs in 4 weeks… but – this diet definitely aint for everyone that’s for sure! So, what did I do?

Effectively I ate the same thing every day (told you it wasn’t exciting!)

  • Breakfast: 4 egg omelet with mushrooms, spring onion, tomato and cheese (yes cheese! More on that below)
  • Lunch: One – two skinless/boneless chicken breasts (grilled with various spices) with a lot of broccoli
  • Dinner: Chicken (or a lean red meat) with a tonne of salad (lettuce, tomato etc) and low carb balsamic vinigrette
  • Snacks: Low carb protein shakes or bars (up to two a day as required)

Okay, so – the first thing you’ll probably notice is the distinct lack of carbohydrates. Yes, this is effectively a very low carb (or ketogenic) diet. Although there’s a lot of debate about low carb diets I’ve tried almost everything and (for me personally) they are definitely the best way to lean up quickly. Without being bogged down in the science of it all when you eat very low carb on or around day 3 of your diet your body goes into a state called ketosis whereby it burns ketones as its primary energy source. And the best news is ketones are produced exclusively via the metabolism of fat.

What this means is that once you’re in a ketogenic state you literally give your body no option but to burn fat as its primary fuel. It works, and it works well – especially when combined with effectively exercise!

While on the subject of exercise I’m sure some of you would be concerned about having low energy due to a low carb intake. The thing is, yes, on day 2 and 3 you do feel tired, and your energy levels do suffer. However, once your body goes into ketosis your energy levels return to normal – in fact some people actually find they have more energy on a low carb diet. If you are wondering if your body is in a ketogenic state you can test for it using ketostix (they’re cheap as chips and available at almost any pharmacy or drug store).

There’s loads on the net about low carb diets, probably the best known is the Atkins Diet – however unlike the Atkins diet the diet plan above is not high fat. It’s all the fat (saturated especially) that gave the Atkins diet a bad wrap, and because we’re all doing this to look and feel healthy high fat is not the way to go. However… because your body is in a fat burning state some fat is okay (hence the cheese in my omelet!) – the trick is not to eat more than 20 grams of carbs per day (if you can’t be bothered counting carbs then just don’t eat any!)

So there you have it. I never said it was exciting – and I’m sure it’s not for most people but lemme tell you it works!

On a lighter note the GFX is coming up exactly two weeks so I’ll have loads to report including the latest on BODYCOMBAT 41, and BODYPUMP 71 (as well as more on BC40 and BP70). Any questions or comments just fire away! 🙂


Hernan in the latest BC poster

Hey guys;

I’ve added the new batch of posters to the various sizzlers below – unlike the last batch as far as I can tell these aren’t old recycled images – they’re all new!

The ribbon effect definitely works for the likes of Balance and Vive, not sure if it really works that well for Attack, and you’d think it definitely wouldn’t work for Combat but Hernan looks so fricken cool I think it does! He looks awesome!

Take a look and let me know… Whaddya think??


Below are the sizzlers for the second batch of 2009 releases. Looking at these there’s quite a few programme track double ups so I’ll post the full tracklists for all these as soon as I have them… enjoy!



Hernan in the latest BC poster

Celebrate 10 years of your favorite Martial Arts-inspired program with BODYCOMBAT® 40! A great mix of Martial Arts disciplines will ensure you’re challenged both physically and mentally with a larger variety of Strikes and Blocks to really keep you on your toes. There’s a great mix of old and new styles of music with a couple of bring-backs, a nod to the past and a hint of the future.

By the time you reach Track 2, you’ll have experienced Kick-boxing, Karate and Tae Kwon Do, and you’ll be ready to pull out your best Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan impersonations to I Know Kung-Fu. The Boxing ring reckons in Track 3 before your legs are challenged in Track 4 with three conditioning blocks – first the Kick KATA followed by the Esquiva, then the Jump Kick is unleashed. Let loose and have fun in Track 5 with Tutti Frutti but don’t be fooled by the sing along nature of the song – you’ll be firing up the energy and throwing some power shots.

Refocus your technique and re-center in Track 6 to Nickelback’s Burn It To The Ground before the onslaught that is Track 7. Speed by name, speed by nature – you’ll be unleashed in the Descending Elbow Sequence. There’s one goal in Track 8 and that’s to completely empty the tank – you’ll punch until you can’t punch any more. In Track 9 there’s a new move – the Komodo Dragon. It’ll challenge your core to the max but fear not – recovery is near with soft KATAs to Kings Of Leon’s hit Use Somebody. Stay with the fight!

BODYPUMP 70 Sizzler

Latest BODYPUMP 70 poster

Latest BODYPUMP 70 poster

The key focus of BodyPump 70 is perfect timing. This means your body spends more time under tension and this will get you shape fast! The music in this release really ‘goes off’ – and keep an ear out for beats you’ve never heard before in BodyPump.

Game on in the Squat Track! Challenge yourself with more resistance. Don’t be fooled by the slow start and the Pop-Rock nature of the track – the back half bites hard with four sets of Singles and Bottom Halves back-to-back to finish! Go a little bit heavier in the Chest Track – Infinity 2008 is awesome and builds anticipation before you pump it! The new tempo means your muscles will be under tension for the maximum amount of time.

True Believer will inspire you to give it all you’ve got in the Back Track, before Christine Aguilera’s Keeps Gettin’ Better drives you through the Triceps Track. You don’t need but get ready to feel the burn in the Pushups and Kickbacks! Rock through the Biceps Track with Nickelback’s Gotta Be Somebody where Singles are the name of the game.

Take a deep breath before the Lunge Track. Sash! is back for this endurance track that is VERY intense and includes Lunges and Squats with heavy weight. Ouch! Another classic Rock track is in the house with Thunderstruck motivating you through the Shoulder Track. There’s a new move in the Abdominals Track – The Rotator Plank. Kanye West’s Love Lockdown is unlike any Abs Track – get ready for a dark, dim, sexy beat!


Latest BODYATTACK 65 poster

Latest BODYATTACK 65 poster

BODYATTACK® 65 is about challenging yourself and your members, and providing enough options so everyone can achieve their personal best! The music will keep your energy levels high and you’ll be moving continuously with hits from Fall Out Boy, Vanessa Hudgens and Lady Gaga. That’s Not My Name provides the perfect energy for Track 2. This track has something for everyone with numerous options for both beginners and advanced members. You’ll be on fire in Track 3 with a huge amount of energy coming from the big moves and big music. You’ll reach your first peak with the new Squat Jump in Track 4, Tubthumping, before hitting the upper body with the Walking Back & Forward Plank in Track 5. This is a different way of conditioning the core and shoulder girdle stabilisers with gentle lengthening of the hamstrings as you move backwards and forward. Sing along to Rhythm Of The Night in Track 6, while getting up close and personal with your members as the class comes together on the floor for the Running Track. There’s work to be done in Track 7! Welcome on the tennis court! Be light and lifted in the Run and low and strong in the Bounces, like you’re waiting for a serve! Track 9 is challenging, with the energy pumping all the way from start to finish, but you’ll be motivated to keep at it with the aptly named Jump. An awesome peak for an awesome result!


Latest BODYBALANCE 45 poster

Latest BODYBALANCE 45 poster

The focus in BODYBALANCE® 45 is on breathing and letting go. There are plenty of options to enable you to really enjoy the class and experience it with your mind and body. You’ll love the fresh, new music which includes Jem, O.A.R., Pink and Dido. You’ll feel like you’re doing Tai Chi in the park in the warmup to Moby’s Hyenas. We set up the leg pattern in the first sequence then add in fluid, relaxed arm movements. Track 2 is a little different with the first two Salutations like warmups with a simple flow before progressing – rising into Warrior 1. The challenge in Track 3 is to use only the muscles you really need. The drama comes during the chorus of Snow Patrol’s Crack The Shutters when you rise to Sun Warrior. Evolve further into your poses – the Aeroplane, Eagle Pose and Star Pose – in Track 4, before focusing on the best alignment to maximise flexibility in Track 5. A long Frog Pose finishes the track. We use PNF stretching which is a combination of passive stretching and isometric contractions designed to increase flexibility more rapidly. Track 6 is fun! There’s a great sequence of Pilates moves which will ensure your core gets a tough workout. Look forward to new move the Seesaw in Track 7 which strengthens the muscles that stop you slouching. Twisting to James Morrison’s You Make It Real and Beyoncé’s Ave Maria is a real treat – look out for the new extension in our Lunge Twist. To finish the class, your body is relaxed from the outside inwards, then energy is restored with breath from the inside out.

BODYJAM 49 Sizzler

Latest BODYJAM 49 poster

Latest BODYJAM 49 poster

BODYJAM® 49 blurs the lines between dance class and studio workout. The authentic Latin styles in the Smooze Salsa, the long floating lines of Street Jazz, and the uplifting basic steps of House Dance are gonna have your class sashaying, swivelling and screaming like never before! Of course, now you get two options of funk you can drop on your class and when they start wanting more, you can deliver with the advanced options. Is there a better way to start a workout than with a seven minute Freemasons’ remix? Swing your hips, add some flava with a hand clap, then Rock it out in the chorus. The Smooze Salsa to Joy Enriquez’s classic Latin anthem will get the room sizzling before the high-speed Samba to Loaded introduces the Ricky Martin Revival you’ve been waiting for! Combining classic dance studio style with the hotness of Hip Hop is where our Street Jazz takes over. Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne and Beyoncé push us through one incredible fly-though-the-air, ‘please can we do it one more time?’ routine. Then we’re Burnin’ Up Ze ‘Ouse with authentic house steps which will take your class on a musical journey they won’t want to leave. The key is to keep it small – the steps are simple but the speed will create a little chaos in your class! New moves Freeze & Go and the Swivel Turn are added before you rip off the roof to the hugest Britney remix you’ve ever heard. You’ll feel like you’re sashaying across a BODYJAM® cloud of funk, like your feet aren’t even touching the ground!

RPM 43 Sizzler

Latest RPM 43 poster

Latest RPM 43 poster

Pace and push – or speed and resistance management – are the main focuses of RPM™ 43. You’ll be introduced to the concept of base resistance versus working resistance and in Tracks 2, 4 and 6 you’ll be managing your resistance to help you stay on the beat for longer. This, combined with some awesome new music, will really get that heart racing! You’re eased into the workout with Ne-Yo’s Closer. Take the time to set up the correct cycling position and become familiar with the base and working resistance. Your heart rate will lift in Track 2 with the two one-minute intervals. Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold will have you singing along before the hard work hits in Track 3. The Killers’ Spaceman will help you through the three short, steep phases which are followed by one power effort. Snow Patrol’s Take Back The City is a great track to catch your breath to during the cruisy climbs but get ready to push yourself in the sprints. The Prodigy are in the house driving Track 5 – a big song, big sound and intense interval training track. There are four efforts on the flats in the hardest gear which will have you gasping for air. You get the chance to flush your legs and recover in Track 6 – but don’t get too comfortable as there are two big, one-minute speed work-efforts. The key to surviving Track 7 is to manage your intensity wisely. Go big but pace yourself as you’ll need to put in a huge effort to make it to the top. Two short 30-second efforts are followed by two 90-second strength endurance phases. Your hard work is rewarded with a ride home to Broken Strings – James Morrison’s beautiful hit featuring Nelly Furtado.

BODYSTEP 76 Sizzler

Latest BODYSTEP 76 poster

Latest BODYSTEP 76 poster

Welcome Space Cadets! The space and time travelling themes in BODYSTEP® 76 are out of this world – you’ll really need to get your imagination going as you enter the BODYSTEP® zone! Christina Aguilera sums Track 2 up nicely with Keeps Gettin’ Better. The Rocker – a great warmup for your hip flexors – makes a welcome return, before you lift the heart rate and add some flava in Track 3. Track 4 is simple and athletic – turn up the heat and pick up your feet. Intensity will be lifted with Jumping Jacks and High Knee Runs. Get ready to shoot some hoops in Track 5. The Squat Taps will fire up the gluteals before you leap high for the Slam Dunk – it’s a great mix of strength and cardio work. You’ll love the Moonwalk in Track 6 to Venus Or Mars before your gluteals are challenged once again in Track 7 with the Back-Stepping Lunge & Half Squat Combo and the Repeater Combo. Have some fun with the Beyoncé-inspired Party Step Track – make sure you bring some Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) attitude to your moves. You’ll enjoy Track 9 which is also a flava track – performance is in the house with The Time Warp! Track 10 is all about power with Repeaters, Over The Tops and advanced move Moonwalk Part 2. After grueling core-conditioning and leg-strength exercise and a triceps workout, you’ve certainly earned your warm-down to The Pussycat Dolls’ Space. So dust off your moon boots, get ready for takeoff, and enjoy!

BODYVIVE 11 Sizzler

Latest BODYVIVE 11 poster

Latest BODYVIVE 11 poster

BODYVIVE™ 11 uses patterns, themes and concepts throughout the release, making it easier to learn so that you can have maximum amounts of fun! You’ll want to sing along as soon as the music starts with popular hit from Priscilla Queen of the Desert’s Finally. Track 1 focuses on depth rather than direction and you’ll warm up in no time as you drop lower in the Step Touch and progress the Tap Repeater to Knee Repeater. Track 2 is called Jump but do the opposite – get low, again focusing on depth in the legs to increase the intensity. You’ll definitely be feeling it in your butt and thighs! The theme for Track 3 is Latino and you’re dancing with Ricky Martin! Look forward to new move the Braid Step to which you’ll add the Salsa and push that heart rate up. You’ll be working hard for your fitness in Track 4 before reaching your cardio peak in Track 5. Billy Idol’s Mony Mony will motivate you to keep building intensity during each block of work – it’s tough but rewarding! Your hamstrings get a well-deserved stretch in Track 6 where you’re introduced to two new moves – the Warrior 1 and Sun Warrior. Both balance and leg-strength are worked in Track 7 – and you may be tempted to bust out a couple of Broadway moves to New York, New York. A new setup in Track 8 means you’ll perform the Side Raise with precision, giving you toned, strong shoulders. Sing along to Track 9 – Don’t Cha – while working on your hips and thighs. The Pelvic Lifts in Track 10 will really target the deep abdominals and you’ll be having the time of your life (as the song suggests) in Track 11 as you continue to work your core. New move the Sphinx is great for core stability. Relax, release and celebrate a great workout to Prince’s Diamonds & Pearls.

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