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Hernan in the latest BC poster

Celebrate 10 years of your favorite Martial Arts-inspired program with BODYCOMBAT® 40! A great mix of Martial Arts disciplines will ensure you’re challenged both physically and mentally with a larger variety of Strikes and Blocks to really keep you on your toes. There’s a great mix of old and new styles of music with a couple of bring-backs, a nod to the past and a hint of the future.

By the time you reach Track 2, you’ll have experienced Kick-boxing, Karate and Tae Kwon Do, and you’ll be ready to pull out your best Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan impersonations to I Know Kung-Fu. The Boxing ring reckons in Track 3 before your legs are challenged in Track 4 with three conditioning blocks – first the Kick KATA followed by the Esquiva, then the Jump Kick is unleashed. Let loose and have fun in Track 5 with Tutti Frutti but don’t be fooled by the sing along nature of the song – you’ll be firing up the energy and throwing some power shots.

Refocus your technique and re-center in Track 6 to Nickelback’s Burn It To The Ground before the onslaught that is Track 7. Speed by name, speed by nature – you’ll be unleashed in the Descending Elbow Sequence. There’s one goal in Track 8 and that’s to completely empty the tank – you’ll punch until you can’t punch any more. In Track 9 there’s a new move – the Komodo Dragon. It’ll challenge your core to the max but fear not – recovery is near with soft KATAs to Kings Of Leon’s hit Use Somebody. Stay with the fight!

Latest BODYPUMP 70 poster

Latest BODYPUMP 70 poster

The key focus of BodyPump 70 is perfect timing. This means your body spends more time under tension and this will get you shape fast! The music in this release really ‘goes off’ – and keep an ear out for beats you’ve never heard before in BodyPump.

Game on in the Squat Track! Challenge yourself with more resistance. Don’t be fooled by the slow start and the Pop-Rock nature of the track – the back half bites hard with four sets of Singles and Bottom Halves back-to-back to finish! Go a little bit heavier in the Chest Track – Infinity 2008 is awesome and builds anticipation before you pump it! The new tempo means your muscles will be under tension for the maximum amount of time.

True Believer will inspire you to give it all you’ve got in the Back Track, before Christine Aguilera’s Keeps Gettin’ Better drives you through the Triceps Track. You don’t need but get ready to feel the burn in the Pushups and Kickbacks! Rock through the Biceps Track with Nickelback’s Gotta Be Somebody where Singles are the name of the game.

Take a deep breath before the Lunge Track. Sash! is back for this endurance track that is VERY intense and includes Lunges and Squats with heavy weight. Ouch! Another classic Rock track is in the house with Thunderstruck motivating you through the Shoulder Track. There’s a new move in the Abdominals Track – The Rotator Plank. Kanye West’s Love Lockdown is unlike any Abs Track – get ready for a dark, dim, sexy beat!

If you read this blog regularly you may recall that I registered for the BODYPUMP module a couple months ago. I enjoy Pump (Combat however is definitely my passion) and figured it would be a nice additional feather in my cap. I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to teach it, but, figured if a gym needed cover or the opportunity arose it would be a great skill to have. And I still believe all those things…

What I didn’t count of was the actual weekend rolling around so bloody quickly and me being so unprepared! The last few weeks especially have been very hectic for me, two other local combat instructors have been away and I’ve been covering all their classes (plus mine) resulting in, and this isn’t an exaggeration, my teaching 14 combat classes per week – on top of a full time job. I don’t believe in the “I didn’t have time” excuse (we all have the exact same amount of minutes in a day; what you’re really saying is “it wasn’t a priority for me” ) – but, doing all those classes did mean it was very hard to get a Pump class in. In reality I haven’t done a Pump class in probably 6 weeks…

Now, that’s all well and good but if you know anything about the Pump module you’ll know going into 3 intensive days of absolute Pump craziness when your body hasn’t done a pump class in over a month is NOT a good idea! Day three finally finished today and boy – I am in a lot of pain!!!!

As for the module itself, well I’ll make this relatively brief as I have to be on a plane to Perth in a few hours but the weekend rocked. The module was taken by Matt Thraxton (GFM at Les Mills New Lynn and presenter on the BODYPUMP 69 DVD) itself was structured in a very similar way to the combat module – day one we started with a Pump class (funny that) covered a lot of theory and basically spent the entire day in learning mode. Day two we presented our tracks twice (meaning we did two full classes), more theory, plus we did the BODYPUMP Challenge, which I am convinced is just an excuse for the trainer to literally belt the living crap out of us for an hour (was a blast though!). Day three we presented twice again (different tracks), and spent a bit of time covering our respective strengths and weaknesses based on our performance (much like the combat module watching myself on DVD was a bit of an eye opener!)

There were nine of us in the group and the experience range varied widely, from instructors of other programmes (one was an RPM instructor, another a Jam instructor), a few Personal Trainers, to a couple of people who’d literally never stepped foot on a stage. All up as you’d expect the 3 days entailed a boatload of exercise (probably didn’t help myself that I did a combat class on each of the days as well… gotta get the cardio in ya know! – though the other peeps in the module did think I was rather mental for doing that…)

I learnt a tonne and would like to go into it in more detail but I literally have to get some sleep as I have to be up to go to the airport in 4 hours. As such my postings may be rather sparse (read that as non existent) over the next ten days but I promise I’ll bring you right up to speed right after my holiday… I think it’ll take me about that long to recover!

I’m heading on holiday in about ten days and figured about a month ago I’d sort my diet out and lean up a bit for the trip – I’m heading to Perth and it’s about 40° C there at the moment (over 100° F!) so will be on the beach a bit! Anyway, always good when you set a goal to have a starting point so I snapped a before pic. I wasn’t out-of-shape (at least I don’t think so) but my diet wasn’t ideal so really all I did was stop eating any rubbish for one month. Without a word of a lie literally the only exercise I’ve done over this period is… you guessed it; BODYCOMBAT.

The pics below were taken exactly one month apart to the day and I think speak for themselves (the second pic was actually taken about a week ago and I’ve gotten quite a bit leaner still since then). Total weight lost is about 5 kilos (11 lb) in 4 weeks.  Don’t let anyone ever tell ya group fitness doesn’t work my friends!

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Hey team, released BODYCOMBAT 39 at one of the gyms I teach at last night (currently teaching at 3) – went off! The muay thai especially was through the roof – people yelling and wooping the whole way through. Was fantastic! Pics follow:

Mel & I - 16 knees!

Yours truly unleashing on the muay thai!

Johnny B Goode


Treble elbow...

Body rips - track 8 - looking fairly stuffed by now!

The crew

Mel & I before the mayhem :)

Mel & I before the mayhem 🙂

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