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BODYPUMP 73 tracklist

Posted on: January 19, 2010

Here it is BP73! A lot of Les Mills covers in there so I’ve tired to link to the original version where I can. Really excited about this release! Look forward to your thoughts!

01. Release Me – Linzi Paul
02. DOA – Telstarr
03. I Gotta Feeling – TransNoise
04. Mysterious Times (Kindervater vs Jens O Remix Edit) – Sash feat. Tina Cousins
05. Evacuate The Dancefloor – Studio88
06. New Divide – Crimson Ltd
07. When Love Takes Over – Olson Bjerre
08. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Voc Mix) – Warp Bros
09. S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) – Jordin Sparks
10. No Surprise – Daughtry

32 Responses to "BODYPUMP 73 tracklist"

Looks like a great tracklist, excited for this release! btw do you have the BodyStep 79 tracklist?

I got a feeling – that song has been trashed to death on NZ radio. AAAARRRRGGGGGGGG!!
Love the Warp Brothers teen spirit remix used in BC30?

hi. today my new bodypum monitor did a class of old songs mix, when we said that we want the usual class, she told us that the “usual” in all gyms around the world is to do 1 month of new choreography and then 2 monts of mix-songs class. is that true?

hola vicky! soy Mike Bejar Trainer Nacional de Les Mills, tu instructor esta en lo cierto! se debe usar la misma coreografia de 1 mes a mes y medio, el resto hasta completar los 3 meses, se deben hacer mixes de coreografias anteriores, el entreno de esta forma es mucho mas efectivo que usando la misma coreografia durante los 3 meses!. espero te haya servido
un saludo desde Madrid!


Hi guys! I do the new releases for 3 weeks, 4 tops, then I switch there after until the next one. Participants across the board get tired of the same 10 songs all the time, especially when they go to multiple classes. having variety helps them train their muscles in different ways and to understand the multiple variations of the movements, as well as to challenge themselves by increasing weight with tracks they have heard already 🙂

Hola Mike! 🙂

Another Linkin Park song for biceps? I like it 🙂
Also surely this version of Evacuate the Dancefloor is…a bit slower than the Cascada one. I can’t imagine doing presses or curls with that speed

Thanks for the tracklists Glen. Always good to see you put these up 🙂

What a good TRACK 4! Finally something other than eType or Cascada – love it.
Can’t wait we get it here on 6th February… Looking forward to it.

Thanks Glen

liked the 72 better, but this is also a nice compilation 🙂 has some nice tracks to push myself!

We still have 3 months of 72 left here in The Netherlands. ^^

Wow awesome music in BP73!! Can’t wait to teach this one :). Don’t think that there is one song in it that I DON’T like!!

Thanks Glen, hope you post the BC43 tracklist soon!

Greetings from Holland, Ben

mt bom mesmo o tracklist do body pump 73.
I’m from Brazil..

First Impressions
01. Release Me – Linzi Paul
Class will like it.
02. DOA – Telstarr
OK song. Chorey will have to carry this one.
03. I Gotta Feeling – TransNoise
No surprise. We expected this one to be on a release. This should really pick the class up.
04. Mysterious Times (Kindervater vs Jens O Remix Edit) – Sash feat. Tina Cousins
Back track. I bet it’s straight no chaser. LOL.
05. Evacuate The Dancefloor – Studio88
I can feel lots of opportunities for some good work in this
06. New Divide – Crimson Ltd
Different feel!?! Will this one really is ‘get me there’?
07. When Love Takes Over – Olson Bjerre
Worried about this one as well. Wait and see.
08. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Voc Mix) – Warp Bros
Nothing beats shoulders like 66. That was the bomb!
09. S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) – Jordin Sparks
72 abs are by far the toughest we’ve done. Class members
didn’t get 71 right and are struglling w/ 72. I hope 73 is
back to basics for a bit.
10. No Surprise – Daughtry
Since when did the guitar become the rule of the col down?
Like I said, “First Impressions.”

Good list again, more gitar music…. i love it 😉 I can’t wait to do this release (ME)…..

Hm, who is
-Crimson ltd
-Olson Bjerre
-Linzi Paul????
Can’t find anything ’bout them, neither in Youtube nor with Google. Are they LM Studio artists/bands?

Really lots of cover songs. Hopefully better cover songs than in BP72.
I’m wondering who Linzi Paul, Telstarr, TransNoise, Studio88, Crimson Ltd and Olson Bjerre are. Couln’t find anything ’bout them. Are they LM artists/bands???

the tenth song (no surprise) has its embedding disabled but I know the song…

Not nice & also not correct at all, to post track list &/or mention about filming in the way you do at your blog.

It spoils the surprise @ 1/4lies in many places & also club launches.

You should just find something else to post at your blog… or be more careful with what you post.

You say you’re BC fanatic but you are spoiling LMI culture with
your wrong attitude…

Have a great day!

Escobar – well in 18 months of having this blog this is the first time I’ve ever been told I’m “spoiling LMI culture”. Couple of points.

Firstly there are literally dozens and dozens of Les Mills tracklist sites. Scores of them. People want to know the songs coming up in the releases… it gets them excited. It motivates them and gets people enthusiastic about the release! I’ve had 1200 comments on this blog and not one ever has been negative (until yours). Look at the comments on this post alone (straight above this):

“Can’t wait we get it here on 6th February… Looking forward to it.”

“Wow awesome music in BP73!! Can’t wait to teach this one . Don’t think that there is one song in it that I DON’T like!!”

“Good list again, more gitar music…. i love it I can’t wait to do this release (ME)…..”

Do these sound like people who are having their experience “spoiled”??

The whole reason I started this blog was to help educate and motivate people about LM and BC… the tracklists are all over the net. You’ll never be able to prevent that it’s human nature that people want to know.. and they want to know because they’re excited! Not because they want their experience “spoiled”

My $0.02 anyway…

Kia Ora Escobar!

My friend… We love LM, and we all wish to be in the filming each and every time. Realistically, we can’t. Most of us if not all are appreciative of Glen’s recap of these events and his sharing of the experience, to which any of may or may not agree with. It’s our individual right of opinion. That being said, for my own personal experience of following this blog for over a year now, Glen adheres himself very strictly to LMI policies. Indeed, program directors are also following the blog and are in touch with Glen on a regular basis.

The idea of this blog, like others out there is to motivate and act as incentive to our craving for new stuff, what’s next? what’s coming?!

A lot of people love it, others express disappointment to what they read. In reality, it’s just a narrative! I am SURE that most if not all of those opinions change when you add the LM Fitness Magic to the music. I, personally, have not been fond of some times, that when adding intensity, technique, coaching, communication and performance opportunities… still make me smile.

Let’s remember that it’s not ultimately about what WE like, it’s about the experience we convey to our members, and they, like us, have different opinions. Opinions that can be heavily influenced by what we say about songs/releases. Let’s keep it all in a positive note, and keep acting in friendly respect for what we all do… whether it is our classes or a note here and there… we’re all in the same team… one tribe, one world! Oh! and yes! we’re all being watched! 🙂

Kia Kaha!

Escobar probably I am slighlty bias but I do have to agree with Glen.

People who actively go online and search for tracklists of Body Combat/Pump whatever information are generally people who are interested in Les Mills and excited about the new releases – they go online and search these blogs/forums for snippets of information which keeps their Les Mills cravings at bay.

These forums/blogs keep people talking and gets the hype up about new releases not spoils them. It creates a place for people to talk and even form friendships.

For people that do not want to know what is upcoming – well simply they won’t be reading blogs or forums – if you know a blog or forum discusses programs and you don’t want to know then its simple don’t read it.

As Glen said there are hundreds of forums and blogs out there speculating on Les Mills programs the only difference with Glen’s is that he writes it in a positive way with passion that people seem to enjoy.

With 820,000.00 visitors to date and only 1 negative comment I do not see that he has spoilt anything for anyone

So as I said before maybe I am bias but I think the numbers speak for themselves.

“For people that do not want to know what is upcoming – well simply they won’t be reading blogs or forums – if you know a blog or forum discusses programs and you don’t want to know then its simple don’t read it.”

100% agree!!! Stacy, that were exactly my thoughts when reading Escobars coment.

your posting of the track listings is like finally getting to scratch an itch you can’t reach! I am SO glad you do it, puts the mind to rest and creates more anticipation!! KEEP IT UP!!!! and Yay for Daughtry!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just to let you know this is an excellent!! tracklist.
Lot of energetic songs.
Really looking forward to release date of BP 73.

Keep up the good work!

Regards from Holland.

I absolutely love your blog! I am so excited to teach 73!!

Hey everybody.
It would be nice if the next release has more rock music in it.
Please let it be the original artist instead a bad coverartist.
That Nirvana covewr is really bad. Its the music that make the release fun or not. If there was only once Iron Maiden in the tracklist of a release is would be very happy.

Anticipate getting the track release early. Went to the launch of 71 in Nashville and got on stage for BP track8 it was awesome.
When I cant get to release I look for the track list ASAP

I watched the DVD for the first time today, I have to say I enjoyed it from the first second! I had quite a laugh, but the message it carried was clear. Funny and educational 🙂

Though I said I didn’t like the music as much as 72, I have to admit that the music in this release is motivating. 🙂

After watching, I of course couldn’t resist trying it. 🙂 And it rocked! I am relieved that the squats are not as hard as in 72. And the biceps track with the ab track rocked the entire DVD!! 😀

A friend of mine today noted that we haven’t done bp 72 since the required time finished! We even have forgotten the actual tracks! Might make a request to do the entire release before the launch the week after..

@Robert Kooistra – You think 72 squats were harder??? I find this track quite difficult but I love it. I also like that there is more rock/guitar music in this release than techno.

The shoulder track is also very good and I haven’t liked a shoulder track for ages.

Chest is a workout but I’m not a fan of the track.

Love the warm up the moment I heard that song on radio I had a feeling pump would use it for a warmup in an upcoming release.

I find the tricep track to be a bit too fast personally; I don’t think the moves fit in with the speed of the track and the biceps have seemed relatively easy compared to the last few releases I think the lack of singles helps it become easier there is only a few singles then most of them are bottom halfs and 3/4.

I heard the ‘New Divide’ cover and it blows………… a woman singing it?? Doesn’t sound right. Just didn’t have the balls – almost literally.

Having done the 73 release a couple of times now, i’m really getting tired of the cover versions of all the tracks. These tracks come up on the radio in the UK all the time and the covers are no where near as good and stick out a mile off.

Also the gym I attend does have a habit of singing along to the music, but as yet we have not found a sing along track in this release.

Have remixes but scrap the covers LM!

Why so much covers on BP, BB, BA for theses releases?
A really bad choice.

i love bodypump!
i’m looking for bodypump74 🙂

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