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Hey guys! Just a brief update, the BODYCOMBAT 40 filming is this coming Monday (Feb 2) at 8pm at LM Auckland city (where else!). As I’ve already discussed it’s Combat’s 10th birthday so I expect to see a few changes in format, but I guess we’ll find out in a few days!

Funny thing is (as you’ll see from the invite below) is that after the class they’re offering free pizza and beer (hmm thanks guys – but no thanks…)

As you may or may not know I live about 2 hours south of Auckland, so it’ll be a pretty late night for me – especially considering I’m teaching a class at 6am the next morning! Nevermind, no doubt I’ll be in post BODYCOMBAT-filming bliss and not be able to sleep anyway! I’ll post a full report and pics here on the Tuesday so stay tuned, and if you’re in Auckland and you see me do come say hi!!

BODYCOMBAT 40 filming invite

BODYCOMBAT 40 filming invite



Well here it is! I haven’t had a chance to try this release as I couldn’t make the filming but workshop is early Feb so I’ll post my review as soon as I can… As for the music selection itself… let me know your thoughts!

01. Better In Time – Jamie Knight
02. Get This Party Started – Dan Winter
03. I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy
04. Castles In The Sky – Liz Kay
05. Shut Up & Drive – Rihanna
06. So What – Pink
07. Stand Alone – Dyce
08. All I Ever Wanted – Basshunter
09. All Summer Long – Kid Rock
10. Let Me Be Myself – 3 Doors Down

I LOVE track 4 and track 8 personally – but that’s just me. Having So What by Pink as a track 6 in both BODYCOMAT 39 and BODY PUMP 69 could make life a little interesting (how sick we will get of that song haha) but nevermind! Anyway, really keen to hear your thoughts – this release has a special place in my heart as it’s the release I’ll be doing module on… so it better be good!!!! 😉

* Please note that I can’t guarantee the exact mixes are the same as the ones on the links (track 7 for example is a remix) – but you’ll get the general idea. Again special thanks to Andreas and Raina!

Hey guys, just a quick update! In case you missed it the complete tracklisting for BODYCOMBAT 39 is now listed below along with links to each track on youtube so you can get a feel for them. Overall it’s looking like it will be a pretty good release! (If you haven’t already you can read my initial review impressions after the filming in November here). Let me know your thoughts!

I’m still working on the BODYPUMP 69 tracklist, have got 7 of the ten listed here, any additional help appreciated! I’ll post that list formally as soon as I’ve completed it. All done! You’ll find the BODYPUMP 69 track list here

And, finally in some not quite so interesting news but still exciting (for me at least!) I’m all booked into do the BODYPUMP module in March! Was one of my 2009 goals so figured why wait! Should be a learning experience no doubt!

Amazingly this blog is now getting over 1000 visitors per day so just goes to show the interest in the new releases, thanks for your support! That’s it for now, will get that BP69 list up as soon as I can and also (of course) details of the BODYCOMBAT 40 filming which is just around the corner! In the meantime really keen to hear your thoughts on the various releases’ music!



Hey guys, well here we have it! The tracks that look to make up BODY COMBAT 39.

Some of the tracks are not a surprise at all (So What as a track 6 was a given obviously!) – Rogue Traders as lower body warmup – we’ve been there recently, as with Nick Skitz for the Muay Thai.

Anyway, enough from me – here’s the list (and all the youtube links I could find – note that the exact mixes of each track itself used in the actual release may differ from the mix but you’ll get the idea). Let me know your thoughts… Enjoy!!!

BODY COMBAT 39 track listing

01a. The One & Only (Topmodelz Radio Cut) – Mario Lopez
01b. Calling All Lovers – Rogue Traders
02. Cum On Feel The Noise – Group X
03. Come With Me (Unique Mix) – Styles & Breeze
04. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) – Scooter vs. Status Quo
05. Johnny B. Goode – The Undertow
06. So What – Pink
07. Hardcore Angel – Nick Skitz
08. Cry For You (Weaver Remix) – September
09. I Won’t Be Crying – Infernal
10. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now – Meat Loaf feat. Marion Raven

Special thanks to Andreas & Raina for their help! 🙂

Hey guys, a bit late I know but HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is just a quick note to let you know I’m officially back from my vacation and will begin posting regularly again. Had a great break, spent Xmas with family and did the obligatory partying for New Years/my birthday… still managed to continue all my training which is great because I ate far too much! (as you do!)

Got a lot going in the coming weeks – the BODYCOMBAT 40 filming is just around the corner so will be very interesting to see if my theories there are close to the mark or not… plus the release of BODYCOMBAT 39 is just after that! And I’ve almost completed the track listing for BODYCOMBAT 39 so if you’re looking for that please check back soon!

On another note it’s great to see the blog hit 50,000 visitors today… yay! Thanks for helping make this a formidable source of BC info online. You guys rock!

BODYPUMP® 69 is a strong, intense release that you’re going to learn fast and have fun with! The music is pumping with awesome tracks from Fall Out Boy, Pink and Rihanna, motivating you to really challenge yourself – and your class. The squats track is tough but, as the song suggests, it really gets the party started! There are three blocks of work and in each block the legs are pre-fatigued with bottom halves before the singles.

The chest track is short, simple and hard. Fall Out Boy’s rocking track I Don’t Care provides the momentum needed to get through more killer bottom halves before you start the good, honest, back work in track 4. It’s a classic track with three sets of identical work.

Pink’s huge hit So What ensures the biceps track is oozing attitude – this song is definitely the fun peak of this release! It’s another short, intense track but you’ll feel the burn in the bottom halves. There’s a new move in the lunges track – the three quarters squat. Coming up threequarters of the way in the squats means the load is kept on the leg muscles and boy, does it hurt!

And there’s no relenting of the pain in the massive shoulders track which features two supersets. You do three exercises back-to-back to challenge the shoulders in a slightly different way. Don’t be fooled with the cool feel of Kid Rock’s All Summer Long in the abdominals track as there’s a strong core challenge ahead, before you catch your breath and cool down to the smooth sounds of Let Me Be Myself by 3 Doors Down.

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