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BODYCOMBAT 44 sizzler

Posted on: March 31, 2010

Here’s the sizzler team! (thanks Gail!) Expect the other programmes any moment – and yes – Use Somebody (the cooldown in BC40) is the warmup in BC44… work that out??! (different version – see the one linked) Enjoy! 🙂

BODYCOMBAT 44 sizzler

Huge dance hit Use Somebody starts us off smooth and sweet. it nicely warms up your legs, preparing them for the vicious battle they are about to face.

Track 4’s Paint It Black 2009 is perfect for working on your execution of the Shoot. And Ignorance will get your elbows higher than ever in Track 5 with one of the coolest chorus combos yet! Let that emo sound drive you and really sink your fangs into this workout.

Then, come with us to a place BODYCOMBAT has never gone before – opera mixed with a tough balance challenge. Nessun Dorma (English: None shall sleep) is an aria from the final act of Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot. Find your focus, and let your Side Kick fly. This will really blow your glutes.

Mortal Kombat‘s theme song is in Muay thai for track 7 and have a look – so are sonya, Scorpion and SubZero. Get inspired. Then get furious. Two words: downward punch.

Hold on…..did you hear that? Brazilian jiu-jitsu is in BODYCOMBAT! Crocodile Push Ups and Triangle Chokes? What’s going on here? Take it to the floor and feel those abs getting cut, right before your eyes.

23 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 44 sizzler"

OMG! i can’t wait!!!!

It sounds awesome already 😛

Hellloooooooo six-pack!! 😀

I brought my son to combat once (during release 42) and he liked it.. he does BJJ – so wonder if he’ll be inspired to come to 44?? hehehe..

Loving that ‘paint it black’!!

I’mma gonna like this release :))

These are great news. If you love it definitely I’ll do. Regarding BC we share almost the same music preferences.
This version of Use somebody is odd. It doesn’t sound bad (it is Ultrabeat and usually is fine for me) but I really love the original version of Kings of Lion.
I am not sure about Nessun Dorma, sometimes opera is not my favorite. I hate Excalibur in BC 11 but in BC 42 is amazing. I’ll see.
Finally I’ll be waiting for that “Brazilian” taste too.

Now I’m just gonna wait until someone mixes both versions of Use Somebody (warm up and cool down) into a class 😛

Just read about all of the sizzlers from the LMAP newsletter. Can’t wait for workshop! XD

The 44 sizzler is out already?!? Uh oh…..

I’m only half way through learning 43 now…….and yeah, I did have to resist the urge to start swinging a sword around the tube this morning to “The Black Pearl”.

I’m off to see if LMAP have the next Revolution on line yet – there usually seems to be a bit more in there than the magazine we get over in the UK.

aaaaahhh!!!! Todavia no lanzan el 43 en mi gimnasio y ya quiero el 44!!!!

Opera – Combat – Side-kicks! sounds mad as!

BC 10 had “Funiculi Funicula” by Luciano Pavarotti, BC 2 had “Time To Say Goodbye” by Boccelli/Brightman as the cooldown tracks.

Although, a first for a working track… *smile*.
But, expand that to rock/opera, Meatloaf has featured a coupla’ times to eh!

[…] 44 wurde heute veröffentlicht. Das Original (inkl. Links auf YouTube) findet ihr wieder in Glen’s Blog. Die (freie) Übersetzung gibts bei […]

Yay yay yay! Can’t wait! another 6 weeks??

I hope it’s better than 43 – my wife and I did our *first* BC 43 last night and it was severely disappointing!! After BC 42’s fantastic “Apotheosis’ O Fortuna” and BC 36’s “Ultrasonic – Party Non Stop” knee-fests, I found 43 to be pretty tame in comparison tbh. I didn’t finish knackered like I was before. In fact, I pleaded with the instructor (a pal) to keep with O Fortuna once a week cos I expect to lose fitness 🙂

The MMA “shoot” was daft – I heard a few in the class saying “what the hell was that?” or words to that effect, bemused smiles all round. The wife didn’t rate it either.

The Black Pearl sword-swinging was fun but as I’m the only bloke in a class full of women I was well self-conscious – it’s really camp. I wouldn’t want my mates seeing me do BC, that’s for sure.

On subject of camp: my BC class has had little males for 2 years now. There’s 3 max (incl me) but all 3 only appear on Saturdays. I’ve tried other classes nearby and it’s the same story. I reckon males don’t do the class because it’s camp. I can see BC for what it is – a laugh (sometimes) and hard exercise (most times) – but IMHO if Les Mills wants to attract more males to BC (and why not?) they have to reduce the camp moves and stick with the kicks, punches and elbows (oh, and have the instructor force you to do them right, not daft wee slaps).

If my class is going to stick with BC43 then I’ll probably quit until the next one is released. I know, poor me 🙂

I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for listening 🙂

We did BC 43 this afternoon for first time… Ouch!!! My legs were on fire!!!! It’s so painful!! I love it!!

Dan dropped a new start on the Wednesday class last week, an extended warmup. Had roundhouse kicks repeatedly and shoots continuously. In the warmup.
Haa looked over and man, a lot of seasoned combatters leaning over on their knees, gasping for air.
This is whats coming, according to Dan, I think he touched on Combat 45 already, or the direction of things to come.
Sounds good to me anyway.
Scott, I hear you, I love contact fighting and now being in my forties, do Combat to maintain my fitness, but some things still make me urk.
Like the sword, whatt? and the shoot is so wrong, I know its for fitness, but Ju Jitsu trainees will cetainly look at the tech in distain.
Elbows could be taught better, with face blocking compulsary with the opposing hand as a minimum.
Dan and Rach have wonderfull classes, like Herman and particularly (much missed regularity) Teresa, and have nearly forgotten that I’m a big bloke who now doesn’t mind “too much” being seen “punching air”, as I was once told by a fellow laughing kickboxer. Hey, I’ve lost 16 kgs in 12 months and have never been leaner, fitter or faster before.
Congrats Glen on the visitor milestone.

Robbo thanks so much for the post – apologies for the delay in its appearance for some reason it went into the spam folder.

Wow. BC45 sounds interesting. Shoots in the warm up??! Crikey! can’t wait to see it!

Congrats on your progress – 16 kgs is one hell of an achievement… superb stuff.

Appreciate your comments guys 🙂

oh wow 😀 how exciting!

we just realeased 43 at our gym TODAY, even though i already knew all the moves, it was amazing! everyone was excited.

i cant wait til 44, and 45, and 46, and so on :]

until i become a trainer myself ;D

Thanks Glen!

Did not respond much earlier as was launching BC43 and trying to get a feel of BC43 and how other felt about it..basically AWESOME! But I still find BC42 tougher..mainly because of its epic muay thai track!! 🙂

Btw, start to listen to BC44 tracks…start to have a great feeling of track 4 and track 7…love the energy and rhythm of the music…just waiting for the moves now to blend told us track 8 is a standout track..wonder what that track may be…track 6 based on description of side kick challenge seems to be excellent to’s just the music now..ha ha…

great, looking forward to it! awesome Glen! thanks!

Mortal Combat!!! FINALLY!!! I can’t wait!

I love BC43. its less intensive originally, but then again.. If you want a workout. You better make the moves bigger.
Track 3 what a track
Track 7 ow yeah there you can just workout. Bigger knees. Not the ones just up and down. take em Muay Thai way: Diagonally. Foot far back and up to the opposite shoulder.

only thing is: I want to end 8 with jabs… just really like that. giving it all ya got in the jabs.

Sounds great and i look forward to the crocodile push ups but to point out why is Use Somebody being used yet again? It was the cool down in BC 39…Fair enough if it was used in the 20’s but in the late 30’s? Bit too close to each other to recycle the music

[…] second thing that surprised me (a lot!) was one of the track choices. Now that the sizzler for BODYCOMBAT 44 is out you’ll have seen that the warm up is a remake of Use Somebody, yes the very same Use […]

This release sounds awesome and am really looking forward to it (although it’s a while away for us in the UK).

Love hearing how people have changed doing combat – I dropped two dress sizes and gained BAGS of confidence……..and I met my other half at a body combat party! So combat really changed my life for the better!

I love bodycombat… but I have to tellyou something… may be Im righte, may be I´m not… MIXs 21-36… were terrific…! all the music ( except mix 33) Muay thais made me explote!!!..but.. WHAT HAPPEND now!!! I cant understand… my stundents tell me and every realease they dont like it a lo lot… the music doesnt inspire them…(me neather)…that´s why I must play old mixes. Theres a lot of music that could be used, intead the punk, or he “new hard rock o new heavy rock ” they are using for.. what happend with electronic music?… Dj´s music..?the special topic they used to use,(samurais,navy for example) that kind of music that in the moment is played we get electrified. Thanks for all. 😀

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