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BODYCOMBAT 53 tracklist

Posted on: July 30, 2012

Les Mills have posted the BODYCOMBAT 53 tracklist to their website already so I guess it’s okay for me to do the same! BC53 would have to be my favourite release ever! Seriously it is absolutely EPIC. For more on it see my filming post. Coincidentally the BODYCOMBAT 54 filming was this morning – fantastic release as well more on that soon! As usual where covers have been used I’ve tried my best to link to original. Enjoy and be very excited!!!

BODYCOMBAT 53 tracklist

1a: Written In The Stars (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
1b: Are You Ready For This – Friday Night Posse
2: Rock N Roll All Night – Kicking Import
3: Shine On (Hixxy Remix) – R.I.O.
4: Sweet Dreams – Mislead Lizard
5: True Believer (Styles and Breeze Remix) – E-type
6: Swagger Jagger – Cher Lloyd
7: Blade (Re Con Remix) – Ali Payami vs. Aquagen & Warp Brothers
8: Summer Rain – Breeze vs. Brad Sure Feat Katie Halliday
9: Bangarang – Skrillex feat. Sirah
10: Is Anybody Out There? – Soldier TV

48 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 53 tracklist"

Best BC tracklist in a LONG TIME!!!
Thanks Glen!

It really is it’s amazing!!!!

Awesome another Skrillex Ab song. Loving First Of The Year right now.

It’s a goodie!

Yeah, my 12yr old is very excited to see “Bangarang” in there. I must admit, I quite like it too 🙂

was just looking at BC 52 tracklist this afternoon after its release here this weekend. and now BC 53! have only done 52 once and now here it is already! and you guys just filmed 54! excitement overload lol

52 is a great release but 53 is better! 54 is great too – somewhere in between the two probably. But enjoy 52 and just know there’s some amazing stuff to come!

And OMG, T5! I’ve loved the track in RPM since forever and have been RAWR over it appearing in other programs, but that mix is WICKED!

It’s awesome!!! I thought it would be a cover since E-type was covered in a recent pump release but it’s the original and it’s fanfreakentastic!

Hey there! Any Sh’Bam tracklist information yet?? I can’t wait (as usual), 🙂

Thank you so much! This looks like a phenomenal release 🙂

Had a look at your link to the Les Mills website. Looks like a very short release, around 52 minutes (if I counted correctly ;-)) Short and Sweet!!

Yep 52 minutes is right!

so no crappy metal tracks, or stupid ones like na na na, or la la la??? Thank goodness

Yeah I know yay!


Yay, tracks 1a and 5 are two of my favourites from Pump!

OMG! I can’t wait for it!!! It’s like a Hyper-Pump Class!!! jaja

Got to DO 53 here in the US over the weekend @ the Les Mills East Coast Mini – Q in Atlanta. It is EVERYTHING you have said!! Fantastic from start to finish!!!

I know right?! Man you guys saw that quick we’ve not even had quarterlies here yet!

This mini-Q coincided w/ a major fitness convention that happens about this time each year.They were given the nod to go ahead with the new releases since pretty much everyone in the world has already seen and launched the current releases. I was THRILLED to get to see them so early on!! They did the brand new BP, Sh’Bam, BC, BA & CX!! All AMAZING releases! I am SMASHED today! :0D (yes, I did all of them, aside from about 1/2 of sh’bam…I was saving my strenth for Combat & Attack back to back! OUCH!

New attack is awesome too huh??!!

Well this is new, for once I’m more excited for the back half than the front half. The track 3 really isn’t for me this round :/

It’s a grower track 3!

Wow… nice list… true believer appearing again in LM prograns…loved track 5 and 8… not so much 3.7 really really is great, blade remixes never desappoint. classic rock in track 2, good track 1a/b, track 4 is alright, track 6 is nice.loved conditioning track :D… loving it so much since first hearing…mix 52 was released in gyms here about 2 weeks… and i’m already anxious about 53…can’t wait for it!

3 has really grown on me the more I hear it – whole release is fantastic!

From Spain a while that I still, I like do not keep the news updated les mills, since you are closer than others. Congratulations.
I would ask the other tracklist and especially the bodyjam. Thank you.
PS: I a geek combat and pump and can not wait to come to us BODYCOMBAT 53

Hi Sergio, they are actually on les I just need to type them out, but check out there in the meantime 🙂

Thank you Glen! Loving the sizzler on YouTube too!

Just got done listening to the entire set, I am really liking 3 as Glen had mentioned since it was so UPLIFTING (hehe Glen!) Love the blog, can’t wait to see your post for BC 54

Track 7 just sounds like knees and elbows combos! 😉

That’s basically muay thai! The knees are round house knees which makes it a little more challenging 🙂

I cant wait to feel bc53!!!!

Hi Glen. Combat 53. When I click on Track 4 Sweet Dreams – Misled Lizard, I get Marion Marilyn Manson. Is this correct? Really like your site.

It’s a Les Mills cover – the Marilyn Manson version is the closest I could find.

Well, as I type I’m readying myself to bring BC53 to my participants tomorrow morning. Whilst track 6 seemed horrendous at the workshop, I’m finding that the most strenuous track for me is the Muay Thai. Roundhouse knees are a favourite of mine and totally kill my obliques! How great is “Are you ready for this” in the warm-up? I have been waiting for this track in an LM program for so long! The only thing that would be smashingly better would be the Dr Who theme song. Can you imagine how that would go OFF?! And yes, I’m using those extra minutes to set up the conditioning 🙂

wow!! Epic!! I want to play it next to you people !!! I´m from Spain, What I have to do? Where to go? how to do it? greeting! from barcelona , Catalonia!

Loving the swagger jagger lunge track!!

Loving the swagger jagger lunge track!! 🙂

Does anyone know the name of the song to a track that goes like “this is murder first degree” i think it might be a track 3 or 8 because it has a lot of jabs. Thanks!

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