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Hi guys – just received the dates for the next filming round – these differ slightly from original dates I was given. As usual they are subject to change by Les Mills International. The round after this is GFX – that is a massive fitness extravaganza being held May 10-12 – it’s an awesome event! If you’re coming (to either) see ya there!

Wednesday 25th January 2012

  • SH’BAM 8

Saturday 28th January 2012

  • CXWORX 7

Tuesday 31st January 2012

  • RPM 55
  • BODYJAM 61

Well once again it seems individual tracks in BODYCOMBAT are getting longer with another addition to this list! Yes You’re the Feeling from BODYCOMBAT 50 comes in at a record breaking 8 minutes 24 seconds! No more additions to the lists this quarter – in BC50 the balance of the cardio tracks being quite ‘normal’ in length (5-6 minutes). In total BC50 comes in at 56.6 minutes. But when you start mixing – look out as you could run 15 minutes over the hour if you don’t plan your playlist properly! (or over 20 minutes UNDER!)


01: Dragostea Din Tei / My Life Would Suck Without You (BC41) 9:48
02: The United Vibe (BC35) 7:11
03: Poison (BC42) 7:31
04: Enter Sandman / Boom (BC41) 7:09
05: Don’t Need (BC49) 6:57
06: Russian Roulette (BC45) 6:48
07: Excalibur (BC42) 7:42
08: You’re the Feeling (BC50) 8:24
09: Somebody To Love (BC21) 6:05
10: Now We Are Free (BC20) 7:04

TOTAL: 1:14:40


01: Summermelody / Does the Fish Have Chips? (BC34)   6:11
02: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (BC34) / Energy (BC44) 3:16
03: Revolution (BC2) 4:19
04: Lord of The Rings / Hava Nagila (BC49) 4:17
05: The Anthem (BC42) 2:58
06: Leave Me Alone (BC32)   3:20
07: Run To The Hills (BC33)   3:01
08: Footloose (BC2) 3:46
09: Gonna Fly Now (BC36) 2:53
10: Black Box (BC45) 3:29

TOTAL: 37:30


Warmup : Give Me Everything (Sunny Dee Remix – Jason Born)
Mixed Impact : Party Rock Anthem (Party Playaz feat. The Rocks)
Aerobic : Freakin’ Perfect (Flo Drive)
Plyometric : Party Over Here (Dan Winter)
Upper Body Conditioning : Sweat (Duration Plus)
Running : Night Nurse (Studio 88)
Agility : We No Speak Americano (Mario vs Global)
Interval : Fallin’ (Barley Remix – Breeze vs Barley feat. Taya)
Power : Fading Like A Flower (Sonitus & Daniel P Remix Edit – Vegas Crashers)
Lower Body Conditioning : The Edge Of Glory (Southern Light)
Core Conditioning : Own This Club (DJ Marc)
Cooldown : Telling The World (Logan S.)


Tai Chi Warmup : Forever Lost (Conjure One)
Sun Salutations : Get Some (The Influence)
Standing Strength : The Last Dance (Radiator Of Elegance)
Balance : I’m No Angel (Suburban Shorn)
Hip Openers : Love, Love, Love (Avalanche City)
Core – Abdominals : Lost In The World (de la Roche)
Core – Back : Science & Faith (The Script)
Twists : Secrets (Fundamental Envy)
Forward Bends – Hamstrings : Still Here (Natasha Bedingfield)
Forward Bends – Hamstrings : Scarlet (Brooke Fraser)
Relaxation : Deep Rest (Richard Maddux)
Meditation : Pure Light (Richard Maddux)


1a. More (B&W Edit) – Spice Club
1b. Rolling In The Deep (Technoposse Remix) – Fizzy Deejay
2. Frozen – Big Fiesta
3. What’s Up? (Dougal & Gammer Hardcore Mix) – DJ Destiny
4. Let It Die – Kartsy Wolfbain
5. Nessaja (Breeze Remix) – Scooter
6. Gimmie Dat – Ciara
7. Eye Of The Tiger – Uprising
8. You’re The Feeling (Exclusive HN Mix) – Heaven 7 vs Al Storm
9. Pause – Pitbull
10. ISHFWILF – Disturbed


Warmup : Til Death (R3hab Remix – Wynter Gordon )
Isolations : Drop It Low (Kat Deluna feat. Fatman Scoop)
Hip Hop : Get It (T.I.)
Hip Hop : Countdown (Beyoncé)
We Run This Mutha : Happiness (Michael Woods Remix – Alexis Jordan )
We Run This Mutha : Run The World (Girls) (Kaskade Club Remix – Beyoncé)
Recovery : Bass Down Low (Depth Emblem Vegas)
Til Death Do We Party : Judas (Southern Light)
Til Death Do We Party : Metrum (Original Club Mix – Fedde le Grand)
Til Death Do We Party : Champagne Showers (Party Playaz)
Til Death Do We Party : Til Death (Ken Loi Remix – Wynter Gordon )
Groove Down : Dedication To My Ex (Lucid Long)


Warmup: Resuscitate Me – September
Squats: The Edge Of Glory (Glory Mix) – Red Beans & Rice
Chest: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Ninth Immortal
Back: The Tide – Twilight
Triceps: Till The World Ends – Britney Spears
Biceps: Eye Of The Tiger – Altiyan Childs
Lunges: Fading Like A Flower (Club Radio Mix) – Dan Winter
Shoulders: Hands Up! (Sample Ripperz Remix) – Jens O
Abs: Rolling In The Deep – Colourbox
Cooldown: Fade Into Me – David Cook

RPM 53

Pack Ride : All Night Long (Lost Issue Overdose)
Pace : Till The World Ends (Alex Suarez Radio Remix – Britney Spears)
Hills : Welcome To The Club 2011 (Dancefloor Kingz Remix – Manian)
Mixed Terrain : Kings And Queens (Mekon Garden)
Intervals : 1983 (Negative Experience)
Speed Work : Wired (Extended Mix – Dash Berlin feat. Susana)
Mountain Climb : Wherever You Will Go (Handz Up Club Mix – Jan Wayne)
Ride Home : Busy (Olly Murs)
Stretch : She Ain’t You (Chris Brown)


Warmup : Ready 2 Go (Dead Eye Vacancy)
Step Warmup : Who’s That Girl (Neutron Ignition)
Step Orientation : Loud (Zesty Thunder)
Step Athletic : Determinate (Infinite Council)
Mixed Strength : Party Rock Anthem (Party Playaz)
Power Peak : Rise Up (Lip Six)
Step Recovery : Happiness (Jump Smokers Radio Edit – Alexis Jordan)
Party Step : Run The World (Girls) (Breeze Xile)
Speed Step : Untouched (Viper Electro)
Peak : Poison (Reachout)
Recovery/Conditioning : Like Water (Ladi6)
Cooldown/Stretch : Price Tag (Jagged Eagle)
Alternative 8&9 – Athletic Circuit Track : Mortal Kombat (Encounter The Ultimate – Ironic Militant)


Warmup : Let Me Take You Away (Radio Mix – Jenn Cuneta)
Cardio 1 – Squats & Leg Lifts : Not Myself Tonight (Jody Den Broeder Radio – Christina Aguilera )
Cardio 2 : Mucho Mambo Sway (Audiophox Re-Boogie Remix – Shaft)
Cardio 3 – Agility : I’m A Believer (Metal Alexander Shutdown)
Peak Cardio : Ring The Alarm (Freemasons Club Mix Radio Edit – Beyoncé )
Active Recovery : More Than A Woman (Bee Gees)
Dynamic Strength : Bright Lights Bigger City (Cee Lo Green)
Integrated Strength : Boys And Girls (Space Jammers)
Hips : My House (Kids Of 88)
Core 1 – Back : Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons Remix – Eurythmics)
Core 2 – Abs : Like Water (Ladi6)
Stretch : Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down (Alicia Keys)


Track 1 : The Edge Of Glory (Beans Mix – Red Beans & Rice)
Track 2 : Get Down (Crew 7 and Young Sixx)
Track 3 : Lady Marmalade (Global Nation)
Track 4 : Sweat (David May Remix Edit – Wand 17)
Track 5 : Papi (Legend Zappa)
Track 6 : Judas (Southern Light)
Track 7 : I Was Made For Lovin’ You (Blizzard Brothers)
Track 8 : Throw Your Hands Up (Dancar Kuduro – Qwote feat. Pitbull & Lucenzo)
Track 9 : Run The World (Girls) (Beyoncé)
Track 10 : Party Rock Anthem (Party Playaz)
Track 11 : Don’t Stop Believing (Warm Armadillo Rampage)
Track 12 : Pretty Girl Rock (Audiogroove)


Warmup : Best Love Song (T-Pain feat. Chris Brown )
Core Strength 1 : Hold It Against Me (Jumpsmokers Radio Remix – Britney Spears)
Standing Strength 1 : Heavy Cross (Gossip)
Standing Strength 2 : Gimmie Dat (Ciara)
Core Strength 2 : Operation B2010 (Amigo Reverse Three)
Core Strength 3 : Back For More (Cool Million feat. Eugene Wilde)
Bonus 3 – Standing Strength 1 : Burn It To The Ground (Intergalactic)
Bonus 4 – Standing Strength 2 : The Beautiful People (Marooned Atmosphere)
Bonus 5 – Core Strength 2 : O.M.G. (Gordon & Doyle Remix – Jason Born)

Hi guys, sorry for the delay on this – I’m not allowed to release tracklists until workshops start (which is today!) so here it is! (the only exception I ever make is if another website publishes the tracklist first – then as it’s ‘out there’ I will do the same – but BC50 has been nicely kept under wraps this quarter!)

So here we go! Bit of a celebration mix as you’ll see with three tracks being brought back from earlier releases (Nessaja which was the bonus track from BC16, plus Frozen and Eye of the Tiger from BC2!) and, love ’em or not the return of sound effects! For my first impressions on the release itself see my BODYCOMBAT 50 Filming post. As always where an LM cover has been used I’ve tried my best to link to an original (the mix for Frozen is faster than the one linked as an example). Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 50 tracklist

1a. More (B&W Edit) – Spice Club
1b. Rolling In The Deep (Technoposse Remix) – Fizzy Deejay
2. Frozen – Big Fiesta
3. What’s Up? (Dougal & Gammer Hardcore Mix) – DJ Destiny
4. Let It Die – Kartsy Wolfbain
5. Nessaja (Breeze Remix) – Scooter
6. Gimmie Dat – Ciara
7. Eye Of The Tiger – Uprising
8. You’re The Feeling (Exclusive HN Mix) – Heaven 7 vs Al Storm
9. Pause – Pitbull
10. ISHFWILF – Disturbed

I don’t usually write about BODYPUMP filmings but as a few of you have asked about it and now I know a bit more about the entire process after my interview with Glen for BODYPUMP 80 I thought I’d write a quick post about it.

If you read my BODYCOMBAT 51 post you’ll know I didn’t actually participate in this one. I did see the release from the squat track on though and it was the first time I’ve actually ‘watched’ a BODYPUMP filming (I’m usually always participating). It was quite fascinating to actually just witness the event as you can take a lot more in – especially when you’re not busting your gut just trying to complete a set!

Again I did try to make a timetabled team teach of this release beforehand on the Saturday (as I did with combat). A group of us set up our equipment to do the class then noticed it wasn’t actually a full BP81 rehearsal at all, rather it was Ruthie T and Héctor Ponce Cortegana (from the Netherlands who was an 81 presenter). When the warmup started and it was ‘Saturday’ from BP78 we turned to each other and decided to pack up and leave. Ruthie/Héctor if you saw a group of us go it wasn’t anything personal, we’d already done 4 classes that day and had come in especially to see 81, so sorry we left, if anything we were all a bit disappointed as the BC51 team teach didn’t happen beforehand either!

Anyway, BODYPUMP 81 was presented by Glen and Susan, Héctor (above) and Shaun Egan from the UK. I do have to make a special mention of Shaun; man the guy blew me away. The way he instructs really resonated with me, strong powerful delivery – it was awesome! I saw him present the back and shoulder tracks and both were out of this world – in fact watching him present the shoulder track actually gave me goosebumps! (I’m not kidding!) Wicked wicked job.

Although I can’t mention specifics about any of the music I can give you a feel for each track (except the warmup as I missed it!) Squats was a very well known track that’s by a very well known band, however it was a cover. I was a bit concerned when I heard it as everyone will be immediately aware it’s not the original and it will probably raise a few eyebrows. I’m always a little worried when LM remake a track from a supergroup like U2/Bon Jovi/Guns n Roses etc as these bands are so established that it’s instantly recognisable when they are covered (wait to you hear the cover of the coodown in BC50 as an example). We can remake slightly more obscure bands or pop tracks any day of the week no problem, but these iconic bands when covered are a lot harder to sell as people have heard their music hundreds of times throughout their lives. But that’s kinda my pet peeve and most probably feel differently. I can’t really speak of the chorey for this track as I arrived towards the end of it.

Chest is a poppy track that’s also in BODYCOMBAT 51. Seemed fun! Back was one of the two stand out tracks for me. I had another instructor come up to me after the filming and say “Oh my God did you see that back track – it must be like 9 minutes!”. It. Is. HUGE. Just when you think it’s over there’s more – then more! Massive track and loved the music and chorey – plus Shaun delivered it with absolute precision.

Triceps – didn’t really recognise the tune – but again it was pop. Biceps was rock – think BP77ish. Seemed to go down well. Héctor presented that one. Lunges sees the return of a BODYPUMP super regular artist! (no not Pink – but probably your next guess is right!) – hope you like the new move in BP80 that’s all I’ll say about that! Shoulders I’ve spoken about before. I don’t know the track (in fact I’m not even sure it had any lyrics!) but felt very ‘operation blade’ like – dark, powerful and EPIC!

Abs was similar in style to the ab tracks of late (like We No Speak No Americano or Please Don’t Go) – seemed okay. For me personally the last few ab tracks have been a bit, umm, how do I say it, “odd”? If you look at the ab tracks from say BP76 (Cooler Than Me) through to BP79 (We’ll Be Alright) they are all a bit quirky don’t you think? They seem to have lost a bit of the intensity from the previous ones like BP75 (More), 74 (In My Head), 73 (SOS Let The Music Play) etc. Do you agree? Anyway – 81 follows on in a similar vein in my opinion.

As far as an overall feel for the release? Well the emphasis for this release seemed to go back to building ‘pressure’ in the muscles. There was a big push towards hitting this 800 rep figure that seems to be a theme in the new Les Mills Pump, as well as *cough splutter* “The Rep Effect”.  Again I LOVED the back and shoulder tracks! They will go down in history as standouts for sure. Lunges looked like a butt kicker and rock lovers will enjoy biceps. All in all 81 looked great!

Well to be honest it only just feels like BODYCOMBAT 50 was filmed – but here we are and BODYCOMBAT 51 is officially in the bag! I *almost* didn’t make this one for a few reasons, but mostly as it was scheduled for 10 o’clock at night on a Monday! (I mean seriously what sort of hour for a group fitness class is that?!) Given I live about 2.5 hours out of Auckland and had to teach a class of my own at 5:30pm it was touch and go as to whether I’d make this one at all. But, sure enough straight after my combat class was over we jumped in the car and made the trip, arrived just in time to see almost all of BODYPUMP 81 (wicked stuff) and do BC51, before making the trip home arriving back about 2am; over 5 hours of driving just to do a single BODYCOMBAT class… things we do for the love of fitness huh?!

Because it’s really hard to get a feel for a release just doing it once I did head up to Auckland on the Saturday beforehand to make the 4:10pm BC51 rehearsal Team Teach that was timetabled. However, disappointingly at the last minute this was cancelled and a normal class was held instead. The cover instructor offered no explanation other than “Dan and Rach couldn’t make it” but I know many were disappointed. I spoke to some instructors that had flown into NZ that very day and rushed to the gym to make that class, some from Singapore and some from the other side of the world! So there were a few long faces that afternoon! So even though I did try my best to view it, Monday night was literally the first and only time I’ve seen BC51.

The actually filming class itself didn’t start till close to 10:30pm, and as a result there was definitely a lot more room to move and kick than a usual filming; I mean let’s face it, only nutters like me (and probably you if you’re reading this!) would be loopy enough to do a fitness class that finishes near midnight on a Monday! Presenters were D&R and Tauvaga Siolo (or “T”).

Before I get onto speaking about the release itself I wanna take a moment to make special mention of Tauvaga. I was SOOO happy to see T on stage – he is an absolute living legend here in NZ and he lit up the stage like a freaken rockstar the moment he took the mic. If you’re reading this from out of NZ and don’t know who T is you’ll DEFINITELY recognise him. He’s already been the face of a tonne of program posters and DVD covers, from Combat to Jam to RPM – so he has been “on” a BODYCOMBAT DVD before (literally on, as in “on the cover” of BC36, BC41 and BC42) – it’s just now he’s finally “in” it! I actually must admit I felt quite emotional when he took the stage, not only because T conducted my BODYCOMBAT AIM (along with Matty Thraxton), and not only because he’s an amazing guy and an amazing instructor, but also because it’s been a LONG time since we’ve had a Kiwi guest present on a BC DVD. Hernan lives in NZ and he’s been a regular BC presenter, but of course Hernan is from Argentina originally. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the last time we had a Kiwi presenter on a BODYCOMBAT DVD was sometime in the 20’s? Close to 30 releases ago! So it was a very proud moment that’s been a long time coming.

Tauvaga in BODYCOMBAT 51 (borrowed from facebook)

Tauvaga in BODYCOMBAT 51 (from facebook)

I always get asked a lot of questions about what the team were wearing so I’ve pinched this image from Tauvaga’s public facebook profile pic (hope that’s okay T *let me know if it isn’t!*). The team were dressed in black and white shorts with bright orange stripes and a black sleeveless top with ‘Les Mills Body Combat’ written on it; interestingly ‘Body Combat’ was written as two words and lower case which surprised me as LMI normally always ensure it’s written ‘BODYCOMBAT’ for brand continuity – but I digress. Rach’s top was a slightly different style – but no doubt you’ll see all this gear on soon enough. It looked great I have to say.

Right so enough preamble on to the release itself! As per usual my disclaimer stands; I can’t mention anything specific about the music or choreography. That’s all got to be saved as a surprise for the release quarter. However I can give you my interpretation of the release, its musical feel and of course what I thought. Needless to say anything I write is my personal opinion and yours may completely differ!

Having not seen BC51 before filming day I did put my feelers out to many of the other instructors who were in Auckland to gauge their opinion beforehand. Let’s just say opinions varied – CONSIDERABLY. I spoke to maybe 5 or 6 people who had seen it and there was a massive contrast in their feedback. Some LOVED it, and said it was amazing. Others, really disliked it and thought it fell flat. Not often a release gets such contrasting reactions and definitely didn’t give me much to go on in terms of what to expect!

Musically BODYCOMBAT 51 can probably be described as 3 styles; top 40, rock and dance/trance. There’s a lot of rock in there. In fact, tracks 2, 4 and 7 are really rocky! Track by track what can I tell you: Both the upper and lower body warmup were top 40, uplifting music and a great start to the workout. Track 2 musically you can probably draw comparisons to track 2 from BC47. I’ll be honest musically this track was not my cup of tea at all – but T presented it so well the crowd was cheering and kiaiing the whole time it absolutely went off! I smiled the whole time, as did everyone else! T also presented Track 3 and did an amazing job, musically what you’d expect, uplifting and fun – if anything it felt too short!

Track 4 is where the actual workout intensity started to pick up. This track is also VERY rocky, again not my cup of tea, but man did it hurt! We had the esquiva in BC37 and 38 when it was first introduced to combat – but since then I believe it’s not been in 2 consecutive releases in a row. Let’s just say that’s no longer the case and expect a lot of pain in both 50 and 51! This track is a killer, lots of leg loads and kicks, just think “youch”.

Track 5 is interesting to say the least! As you may know I have been really impressed with the track 5s of late, they are all brilliant in 48, 49 and 50. Track 5 in 51 is definitely the “fun” track. You all will know the song and you all will know the words! It’s a silly track that will definitely bring a smile to your faces (even crazier than Barbra Streisand can you believe!) Workout wise it’s not quite as much of a peak as the 3 previous track 5s but it’s still a fun track.

Track 6 is probably the favourite track of the release for me along with 8. Again, very poppy top 40 and a great workout. You will be able to have a lot of fun with it!

To my mind muay thai is normally the ‘peak’ of the class but I wasn’t a fan of this one. I’ll be honest, I really miss the hard-trance muay thai tracks like Hardcore Angel, Raver’s Paradise, Party Non-Stop, Excalibur 2000 etc. With the exception of Braveheart the last 6 or so muay thai tracks have been rock and they don’t ‘go off’ in my opinion. Chorey wise this muay thai is an absolute A++ but musically it is the worst track of the release for me.

And track 8 – well, it’s another freaken marathon (yay!). Track 8 in BC50 and 51 are massively long tracks (think I Surrender or You’re Shining) which I just LOVE. Massive end to the class – awesome work D&R.

So overall you can see BC51 for me has big highlights, and some not so highlights. A big mix of musical genres which I guess is why I’ve been getting such mixed feedback from everyone with some loving it and some feeling it didn’t peak. If you love hard rock, you’ll probably love this release. If you don’t so much, you’ll probably be a bit like me and on the fence on this one.

So in summary, both 50 and 51 weren’t instant ‘OMFG this is amazing!’ releases for me – whereas 48 and 49 definitely both were. But I know many did love it so you might too (and of course some releases take time to grow on you!). In the meantime, BC50 is about to hit the globe any week now so look forward to hearing your thoughts on that. And if you were at BC51 please let me know what you thought!

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