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Although I’m only a BODYPUMP participant (I’m thinking maybe I’ll do the instructor module next year) I’ve had a few requests for the Body Pump 68 track list, so here it is! Below are the links to the songs on youtube (as best I could find) – obviously until the workshop I can’t guarantee that these are the exact versions used by Les Mills. The quarterly is in two weeks (November 15) so I’ll post my feedback then. Have now added my review here ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime enjoy!

1. “Perfect Day” – Indigo
2. “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – Nick Skitz
3. “It’s Not My Time” – 3 Doors Down
4. “What Do You Want From Me” – Cascada
5. “Hook Me Up” – Veronicas
6. “Start It” – Vanessa Amorosi
7. “Listen To Your Heart” – Nick Skitz
8. “My Game” – Darude
9. “Forever” – Chris Brown
10. “Dare To Live” – Andrea Bocelli

So, based on the song choices alone… whaddya think???

BODYPUMP 68 Sizzler:

Look forward to lots of exciting new tempos and combos in BODYPUMPยฎ68.

There is more focus, for example, on pure strength in the Chest Track, emphasis on power in the Back Track and overall, you are going to get a huge cardio blast. There are also some cool new moves in the Triceps, Lunges and Abs Tracks. Watch for lots of Singles and Bottom Halves in combination with slow strength in the Squats Track. The six sets of Singles will increase your heart rate, burn calories and help you get fit faster!

The heavy beat and uplifting feel of Big Girls Don’t Cry really powers you through this great interval training session. The new tempo in the Chest Track is the Slow Bottom Half โ€“ it is all about control and it’s tough! Watch out for the 4 Clean & Presses in a row in the Back Track. This is intense! This will lift up the heart rate and bring a huge power-training effect to this track.

No bar is used in the Triceps Track instead, the focus is on Kickbacks, Pushups and Seated Extensions and you’ll be able to sing along to the Veronicas’ Hook Me Up. Again, the Bottom Halves are the killers in the Biceps Track but give it your all because the song is short.

A remix of Listen to Your Heart will get you through the killer butt workout that is the Lunges Track. Your legs are going to be hammered with the Forward-Stepping Pulsing Lunge and then you’re going to give whatever’s left to the new move โ€“ the Front Squat. You position the bar on the front of your shoulders which gives you a totally new sensation in your legs and helps you maintain a perfect back position when squatting.

The Plate Crunch in the Abdominal Track adds resistance to your sixpack. Straight from the weight room, this is authentic resistance abs work at its best and will seal the deal in BODYPUMPยฎ 68.

I consider myself pretty fit. I exercise every single day, at least one combat class per day, as well as 2 or 3 weight workouts per week – and it’s only about once every two or three weeks I’ll actually take a day off. My heart rate monitor has a function that tests your fitness level (assigning you an OwnIndex – a measurement that predicts your maximal oxygen uptake [VO2max]) and mine was in the “elite” range so yes all this combat is keeping me pretty fit.

However, the weekend just gone was a long weekend here in NZ (Labour Day) and I went away for a bit of a break, and as a result I couldn’t get to any classes for two days. No biggie, I figured I’d keep my fitness up by doing some running. So I went on two runs on Sunday totalling about 12k (7k on a treadmill in the morning and a 5k bush run in the afternoon), and one yesterday which was about 7k or 8k. Only thing is today I got up for my 6am combat class and could barely walk! I actually had to apologise to the class beforehand for my lackluster technique as my quads are so sore I could/can barely kick at all!

Funnily enough once the class started and I got a bit of blood pumping through them they weren’t so bad. The exact same thing happened to me when I first started BODYPUMP. I was so sore after my first Pump class that I was hobbling around afterwards for over a week!

But, it did get me thinking about maybe adding a bit of variety into my exercise regime. Right now the only variety I have is doing different releases in each combat class ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m definitely going to keep up the running now I’ve started, especially now we’re coming into summer here, running outside is a definite option… besides, I want my body to get used to it so I don’t have to go through all this pain again! The moral of the story seems to be that no matter how fit you are, starting a different form of exercise hurts! Anyone else experience something similar or I am the only one who goes through this?

Got a busy few weeks coming up BODYCOMBAT wise; Got the filming for BODYCOMBAT 39 on Nov 3rd in Auckland (can’t wait for that!!), as well as the Les Mills Instructor Workshop on November 15th which is the release of BODYCOMBAT 38… which means we’ll be releasing BC38 at our gym around a week or so after that… phew!

Plus I’ve going to get my assessment done for full certification in the coming 3-4 weeks; One of the fantastic advantages of working at my gym is that we have a live assessor actually come and view the class personally rather than having to send in a DVD to LMNZ. The great thing about this is that; a) You get your result IMMEDIATELY and don’t have to wait 2-4 months to find out you’ve passed (gulp… or failed!) and b) the assessor can get the true feel for the class participants and the atmosphere instead of just seeing the instructor through the eye of a single lens.

I’m going to get that done before we release BC38 as once we’ve released that we’ll be doing it for several weeks and I already know BC37 like the back of my hand (especially having done it for module).

All in all very exciting times! I’ll ensure I make a note of the tracks in BC39 and get as many pics as I can and post them here so stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally got the full BODYCOMBAT 38 tracklist below – mainly thanks to you guys! You rock! I’ve also linked to the vids on youtube (where possible) in case you’re not familiar with a song… enjoy!

Track 1a: “Writing on the wall” – 2-4 Grooves
Track 1b: โ€œBecause the Nightโ€ – Cascada
Track 2: โ€œTry It Againโ€ – The Hives
Track 3: “Like I feel (squad-e mix)” – D:code Feat Emma
Track 4a: “Headbangerz Rock Da Club” – Nick Skitz
Track 4b: “Cold As Ice” – Starsplash
Track 5: โ€œThe Best Damn Thingโ€ – Avril Lavigne
Track 6: โ€œNo Goodโ€ – The Prodigy
Track 7: “Raverโ€™s Paradise (Stadium Mix)” – Nick Skitz feat MC BB
Track 8: โ€œWhat hurts the most (Al Storm remix)โ€ – Cascada
Track 9: โ€œWhen I grow upโ€ – Pussycat Dolls
Track 10: “Say (All I Need)” – OneRepublic

Wicked that’s all of them – thanks guys!

Just got an message on Facebook that Dan and Rach are trialling BC39 in their class at Les Mills Auckland – apparently it’s really cool – I’m so jealous!

Thanks again guys!

My God what a weekend. I’ve never exercised so much in all my life! All up there were eleven of us, all Combat junkies and a really really cool group of people. Quite a broad age range (about 30 years between the youngest and oldest), and there was quite a broad range in combat experience in the group too – from one person who’d already been teaching combat for years to others who’d never actually stepped on a stage before. However every one of us came with the same mindset which was simply marvellous.

The module was taken by Sarah Robinson and Amy Styles which was fantastic as they are both veterans of not only combat but also Jam, Attack, Step, Pump and RPM so they were able to draw on their experience from those programmes and their respective modules.

To be honest the module involved a lot more theory than I thought. I envisaged lots of time doing various kicking and punching drills, perfecting technique and even more time spent on stage, and there was quite a bit of time spent doing those. However we spent most of our time seated with pen and paper in hand discussing the ‘essence’ of BODYCOMBAT, the various factors involved in coaching, and the components of cueing, being a role model etc. The fact your technique was up to par was almost considered a given due to the fact you were there.

The biggest wake up call for me (and probably the moment of truth as far as I was concerned) was watching myself on video. I’ve never seen myself on screen doing combat before, and to see how the participants see me on stage definitely made a difference. Before the module we all had to complete a questionnaire detailing our fitness experience. Sarah told me she specifically gave me track five after reading about my obtaining a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. TKD is primarily kick based, and track five has NO kicks! Evil woman! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kicks are definitely my strong suit – in fact out of all the compliments I’ve had on my technique all of it has been on my kicks! So it was definitely a wake up call to see my hooks and uppers on tape as they do need some work. Great to know now though however and I’ve already seen improvements in a couple days.

Day 3 was definitely the killer. We’d had two full on days (day two was about 10 hours long) so by day 3 we were all starting to feel a little worse for wear. However just to spice it up a bit on that day we all presented twice which meant 22 cardio tracks that afternoon. What really killed was the order was randomised, and we ended up with consecutive track 6’s, followed by track 4 and the Muay Thai – all in a row – by then my legs were killing me. And, there was absolutely no way you could ease off, I put 100% into every track as if I were fresh as that’s what my fellow combaters deserved.

I took the very last track of the day at about 4:50pm Sunday evening, and there was no way I was holding back – everyone absolutely gave their all it was simply awesome. All in all it was an amazing weekend and I learnt a lot and made some great friends that I know I’ll keep in contact with. Bring on the next challenge! ๐Ÿ™‚

On the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT forum there’s currently a massive discussion going on regarding whether or not the introduction of Capoeira into the programme was a mistake. Without copying and pasting the entire thread into here, essentially it seems a lot of instructors feel when Dan and Rach added capoeira into combat (I believe it was BC30 with “Rock me Amadeus”) they started down a path that is, quote “the road to program oblivion” for the programme. They claim the difficulty of the move has discouraged a lot of participants, and that their numbers are way down since. Plus, it seems, these same instructors themselves (as a result?) have lost their passion for the programme… some claiming that the only reason they continue to do it is, quote “to get paid”.

In my mind this could well be a chicken/egg situation. Is it more likely the instructors’ numbers are dwindling because of the programme, or is it because of the attitude of the instructor. As I wrote within the thread: I truly believe that participants feed off the energy of the instructor – when the instructor is having a ball, smiling and giving off that indefinable “x factor” (that energy that makes people want to push harder) they leave the class buzzing and already hanging out for the next session. I don’t care how good an actor you are, if you aren’t enjoying combat anymore for whatever reason your class are going to feel it (whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level).

It therefore comes as little surprise that those that feel combat has gone in the wrong direction, or no longer enjoy it like they used to are seeing class numbers dwindle, whilst those that still have an immense PASSION for it are noticing the exact opposite. Coincidence? Hmmm… likely not.

At our club it’s getting to the point where we are having to look at turning people away as the combat class is so full – no other discipline is having this “problem”.

Just got a call from Les Mills head office minutes ago, called me to tell me I’m taking track five for the instructor module “Let’s see how far we’ve come” – which is very exciting! It was one of the ones I was hoping for – out of the eight cardio tracks I would’ve been happy with 1,2 5 or 8. Not too fussed on 3ย  as the chorey is so simple, I didn’t so much want 4 just because it’s quite repetitive and I’m not a huge fan of the back kick. 6 is quite slow – so hard to really work the levels and pump participants up (although you can of course make them go LOWER) and as for track 7, to be honest I’m just not a huge fan of the music!

But track 5 is all good! The only track I maybe would’ve preferred over this one is track 8, and that’s only because I just loooove the song. When teaching this track we’ve been calling it ‘combat-oke’ as we always make the members sing along… it’s a really upbeat track with loads of energy, and you can really work the levels and make people push harder and harder when teaching it. So yay!

On one of the group fitness forums recently someone asked for tips as they were about to go into their instructor module training, here’s one of the more informative replies:

“1) I suppose someone has accidently dropped the DVD/CD in your gym bag? Get to know the music!!!

2) I think there have been other threads on this but the usuals – change of clothes (several!), snacks (cuz you ain’t gonna get the breaks). Get some good rehydration drinks (lucozade sport, maximuscle). You’re going to need to keep hydrated as you’re basically doing about 5 combat’s per day!

3) I think Roger was wise in saying book the Monday off and book in a sports massage (cuz your gonna seize up!).

4) If there is someone at the gym, try and go through the tracks. I don’t know your background – have you done ETM or GI? Have you team taught or even shadowed with someone. We’ve two grasshoppers who just did the DL module this past week with Tanya. One, who hasn’t taught up front before (despite my saying – get up front with me) got Track 1. So was the first one and didn’t even know what to do with the mic!

5) Have fun – cuz you will. Throw your self into it. Step way out of your comfort zone and enjoy.”

My first reaction? Jesus Christ! I pretty much assumed we’d be doing non stop combat for like 8 hours but no breaks? Seizing up? Take the Monday off and get a massage? Crikey what have I got myself into!

Haha, seriously it sounds hardcore but I think I’m pretty prepared. I know Body Combat 37 like the back of my hand, I’ve taught it now probably 15-20 times? So I’m pretty confident on stage. Having shadowed my trainer on stage for months and months now I thought I’d be pretty confident with the mic, but it’s a lot different. Definitely when I first started micing up about a month ago I was pretty shaky (nerves and all that) as it’s a lot to remember; You have to know the choreography by heart (obviously!) but that’s not the biggest issue. The biggest for me was the pre-cueing, both verbally and also cueing the next movement 2-4 beats ahead, whilst ensuring your own form is perfect. Add voice projection, giving technique tips, motivational tips, working the levels and it all adds up!

The other thing is working on your natural voice cues. Some of the things Dan and Rach say on the DVDs don’t feel entirely natural to me, so I’ve had to work on cues that do feel right – otherwise (in my mind) it could feel a little forced. It’s much easier to enthusiastically shout out a statement you feel comfortable with rather than something you don’t. Some of the cues like “Rambo said live for nothing or fight for something” – which are not only in the DVD but actually suggested within the combat notes are a little too cheesy for me… but in saying that others feel fine and in hindsight they’re super cheesy too (like at the end on BC37 track five when staying in the scissor sequence I’ve shouted “I wanna see you tear up the carpet!” – yep sitting here that seems kinda lame but feels comfortable to me on stage!)

So, moral of the story is next weekend I’ve gotta take a boat load of confidence, a boat load of clothing changes, and a boat load of protein bars!

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