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BODYPUMP 74 tracklist

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Here ya go guys, I’ve had these for a while but been waiting for them to “hit the net”. More to follow 🙂

BODYPUMP 74 tracklist

Warmup: Run (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit) – Jamie Knight
Squats: This Is Who I Am – Annie Lee
Chest: We Weren’t Born To Follow – OneZeroOne feat. Ant P
Back: Don’t Speak – Alex Cortez
Triceps: 3 – Britney Spears
Biceps: Boom Boom Pow – Beat Factory
Lunges: Dangerous – Rhythm Twins
Shoulders: She’s A Genius – Badlands Inc
Abs: In My Head – Jason Derulo
Cooldown: Art Of Love (featuring Jordin Sparks) – Guy Sebastian

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Hmmm that warm up version seems CRAZY FAST!

Cool – Run was my favourite track in BB46 – no chance of confusing it with the hamstring track!!! Does seem fast though 🙂

Hmmm, Britney Spears?? Isn’t she on the PPCA list? I thought they’re all suppose to be covers but it seems like only Aus will get cover versions … ?

Thanks Glen=) Looks very good – can’t wait for the Attack and Combat lists!

Good! Still some nice tracks and originals.

Cary looks like Australia will be getting their own release 😦

Kinda good, kinda not.

Kristian will post attack soon.

(The following is just my opinion in reference to my moozical taste)

Some good tracks and some really sucky ones musically. I am going to close my ears during the squat (seriously I can’t stand this song) and chest track but totally ROCK IT OUT during triceps and shoulders!!! A Jet song! Yeah!! That’ll really make you want to kill those shoulders.

Wonder how Boom Boom Pow is going to sound. The cover of ‘I gotta feeling’ was actually really good – it was done by a different band (transnoise) so I’m curious.

Jason Derulo huh? Sorry but I’m already sick of hearing this song on the radio. My fault as my radio station in the car is pretty much stuck on 92.9 which play the top 40 hits over and over again.. oh well.

hang on… we in Australia aren’t getting this?

Annie – you’ll be getting all covers (this is just my opinion based on what I’ve heard)

So 5, 9 & 10 may be covers. Maybe 1 and 4 too.

oh yay.

So LMI/LMAP have gone the seperate covers route for AU releases? Interesting…

If that is the case I’m glad that the decisions made by a “non-profit” organisation doesn’t affect the quality of the release anywhere else in the world.

Looks to be a great tracklist. I can’t wait for workshop ^^

Pascal that’s the word on the street.

Only thing is that if the Aussie decision sets a precedent then rumour is Canada may be next, then NZ, then who knows…

If that’s true then we’re all gonna be in the same boat sooner or later.

But, we find out more in May. Until then we’re all effectively guesstimating.

Never heard a single one of those songs so whether we get covers or not is irrelevant to me.

Funnily enough, I was just leafing through the Indecent Music thread on – I wonder how some of those people are going to react to having the song 3 by Britney in this release (considering what the lyrics are about)…!

Overall pretty good tracks (I’m so sick and tired of In My Head and Boom Boom Pow, though). Our quarterlies should be held May 16th (at least for Combat), so I’m interested to hear the final versions of the songs, not to mention how they go with the choreo!

OMG!!!! Great songs!!! I can’t wait for it!!!
Greetings from Argentina

Wow thanks Glen…

Great shoulder track again thanks m8 🙂

Greetz from the netherlands

Wooot! Thanks Glen 😀

I can’t wait for this release! Track 4 is one of my all time favorite No Doubt songs!!

Love T3, T4, T5 and T6 songs.

And wehre ist Bon Jovi????????????

Awwwwwwwwwwww…so many Les Mills cover song again!

Michael – the Bon Jovi track is being covered, track 3

Hi Glen,

Not really sure whether you’ll be able to elaborate on this as it could be deemed as ‘giving away information’ by Les Mills, but did you take any notice of the music during the recent filmings (i.e. BODYPUMP 75 and BODYCOMBAT 45) in terms of PPCA? Did they seem to be covers?

It seems that for the Q2 releases, LMAP will be releasing a separate CD of PPCA-free covers for Aussies, and I’m curious if this will be the norm from now on or whether it will be a global change.


Hey Yen,

Nope there’s definitely originals in the releases, no doubt about it. I believe LM will be releasing an oz only cover version of them all… The quality and reception of this will be interesting.

I have done the new pump in Australia twice; I think the originals posted here were in teh Australian one; I couldn’t tell the difference between Britney Spears 3 and if the version here was different that said I don’t listen to commercial radio so I wouldn’t be the best judge.

Overall I have found it odd; the whole release isn’t near as challenging as the previous few releases; the squat track is definately one of the easiest I think I have done. But I like it as I have been able to increase my weights without flooring myself for the rest of the class.

The only track I have truely found to be difficult is the lunges which I feel are near torture; but then again not a huge fan of lunges but do them anyway; these are difficult.

I have to honestly say this is the first release I am NOT looking forward to getting nor teaching. The songs (at least here in the US) are not cutting-edge and I think that if LM continues down this path (not catering to different musical markets) they are going to lose a lot of clubs. (I know of three in my immediate area which have chosen discontinue BP because of their high licensing fees and their disconnect with what many in the US market are looking for.) I used to really look forward to the releases and sincerely hope BP 75 is not more of the same.

Hello from Ireland.. Tracklist looks good,, lookin forward to it….

Why so many covers if they are going to do separate releases? Glenn used to use Cascada in the past releases and now these covers. The Black Eyed Peas too. The last cover was horrible!

Some usually grow on me, but not too sure about the music lately.

In addition, I have to agree with Hunter. It seems more and more towards BTS with the covers…don’t get me wrong covers are good sometimes, if they are good covers…lately they haven’t been

[…] NZ Glen – 74 Tracklist […]

I love this release

After several sessions of the new tracklist, it’s a horrible line up of music I think I’ve heard for BP. My class do not like it one bit, and it annoys everyone who feels so passionate about the classes, that we have a very poor selection of the playlist. Absolutely shocking decision of music……….

Update from Hunter … of the 5 instructors who teach BP at our gym, 3 of them are refusing to learn any of the tracks on this release, 1 (our GFM) has only learned 1/2 the tracks (she hates the music AND the routines) and I have decided to be fair to do the two tracks I can tolerate the most (back and biceps).
My class commented after hearing the music (since I played sound bites to get their feedback) they do NOT like the songs and don’t find them motivating at all. Sigh.

two weeks into the new one and having hated the tracks originally (squats the most particularly having had just had such a good time with DOA…………………could have done that track 6 or 7 times a day) now have to say am actually having a good time with these.

Still finding the biceps a bit random but our instructor had us doing this up against the wall this weekend and though I still hated the music, I forgot about it a bit due to the burning sensation in my arms after the first minute 🙂

Warmup song is only 128 BPM, it’s just as slow as all the other warmups. I don’t know how anyone would think it was fast, it sounds slow to me.

HellRazoR the original link (when I posted this back in April) was quicker. The one above is about right.

Nice tracks… We just launched BP 74 last Saturday at Surabaya, Indonesia… Really love “Boom Boom Poow”!!! I can do that and shake shake my body, hehehe… Lol 😀



Love the new pump release warmup motivating, squats great fun with the lyrics , back track tough, all good can’t fault it , can’t believe instructors not using it , u can’t tell a track by just listeninig to the sounds , u need to use it get confident with the track and then start to enjoy it works every time

I’m sorry but feel that the posting by “Frances” completely I oversimplifies the entire matter by saying “you need to use it get confident with the track and then start to enjoy it works every time”. I couldn’t disagree with that assessment more. To me, that is like saying someone can’t flawlessly master the choreography and be a wonderfully motivating instructor and still not care for the material (in this case the music) at the same time. Repetition alone does not mean you will magically have a change of heart. Since my last rant, I have taught ALL the new tracks in several of my classes. The consensus remains the same … BAD choice of music on the part of Les Mills.

One thing I need to acknowledge is that in this service oriented line of work we need to have the class WANT to come back. When students who are paying gym memberships (and sometimes quite pricey memberships to boot) take a class, they want to do something which not only helps them achieve their desired result, but allows them to enjoy themselves while they are there. When you have students who time after time are starting to question some of the BodyPump music choices (particularly as of late) and who say point blank to both their instructors and the group fitness managers they will take OTHER non-Les Mills classes if they are going to be forced to listen to “crap” for an hour, believe me I’m going to do what makes my class want to come back even if it means NOT doing certain songs particularly when I 100% concur with them.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. If it works for you, by all means … but all I’ve got to say is thank goodness I have plenty of back releases to choose from.

Hi, as a customer (not an instructor) but who has loved bodypump for more than 5 years, this is without doubt the WORST release I have ever done.

With the exception of lunges, I was quite simply bored. Infact, I think lunges only felt so tough because I had no motivation before it.

The music is simply HORRENDOUS – sounds like music I used to play on my little electronic keyboard when I was 6 years old!

Where is the crashing motivation in the music?

How many times do we need to say:

1. Putting a crap beat behind a song doesn’t make it good (the no doubt track)
2. Having what is basically a love song as the warm up doesn’t work.
3. If Bon Jovi, then why not something like You Give Love A Bad Name, something with some clout behind it.
4. Remember the likes of Silence for lunges, Let Me Entertain You for biceps, Love Will Set You Free, again for lunges, Shakira for the abs track……BP is never going to hit these dizzy heights again because the music isn’t there, pressing you on with the relentless power beats. It needs to be relentless, not having a nice cozy and quiet start to each track.

Interestingly, we recently did tracks from BP 40-58 in the last few weeks. They are a million times harder, a million times better and the class were loving it and pumping…..and really breathing hard by the end of each track.

Whoever does these tracklistings, take note…..

IMO, Bodypump is most definately going in the wrong direction….We are supposed to be adults doing an adult workout, not a bunch of kids wanting to listen to some very horrendous attempts at making music……

Thanks for letting me fume.

(ps….to the above note…..forgot to say)….

6. I am almost 40 years old – I can count from 1,2,3 perfectly well without Britney singing it about a hundred times during that song! What on earth is supposed to be motivating about that track? It’s like the other Britney track on the release prior to this – two versus and the same chorus repeated again and again and again.

Thanks again,
Joanna (UK)

Well put, Joanna!!

Forgot to mention in my previous rants … I find it interesting that Les Mills had to reissue the music CD to the instructors as their previous CD for this release had a “questionable lyric” in track 4 (the back track). Just as the music changes from painfully slow to full force, you hear the words “Pussylickerz Remix”. I’m curious if the releases outside of the USA had this ‘mistake’ in it.

Just goes to support my argument … how much thought really went into this release when they have a word in it that most of the people (particularly the women) in my class are NOT going to appreciate hearing. I guess you can say that Les Mills may not have fully understood what was being said in the track … but makes me wonder why anyone would put something out under their name and not know every word uttered in every song. Perhaps Les Mills felt the same way about the songs that many of us do … they were all too painful to listen to more than once so they didn’t bother.

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