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Well here we are.. the big SIX-ZERO. Hard to believe BODYCOMBAT has been around 15 years huh? And man how much has the program evolved? Even since I moduled (BC37) which was back in 2008 it’s like the program has been supercharged – but if you really want to see contrast check out how BODYCOMBAT 1 looked!

Not exactly ‘Turbulence’ is it 😉

So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that BODYCOMBAT 60 was filmed over the weekend. D&R presented with T, and joining them was Brian (from LM Asia/Pacific) and Carrie shadowing (as an aside LMI puullease give Carrie a mic she’s absolutely amazing!) If your facebook feed was anything like mine it erupted with post after post of pics from the event. I must admit seeing them made me very homesick – this is now the fourth filming I’ve missed out of the last five since moving to Dubai – and that’s after not missing a single one in five years!

This event was even more pronounced as it was GFX – that’s the biggest event on the NZ Group Exercise calendar. All the filmings and workshops rolled into one massive weekend… along with one massive party!

Of course having been to three prior GFXs I can tell you they are absolutely manic. People start queuing at 3-4am in order not to miss a spot. It’s crazy but it’s what you had to do if you wanted to get into the front few rows; or at least what you used to have to do… Which brings me to this blog post.

BODYCOMBAT 60 team: Brian, Carrie, Dan, Rach and T.

BODYCOMBAT 60 team: Brian, Carrie, Dan, Rach and T.

As in the last few filmings I had a guest blogger do all the work for me. This quarter it was Violeta. She’s no stranger to this blog having written the post for BC57 last year, in fact if I’m honest she’s a much better blogger than myself! Which I guess is why she now has her own blog.

You can almost feel her emotion as you read the post. It can’t have been an easy one to write, so I take my hat off to her (and thank her sincerely) for having the kahunas to write it. So without further ado, I leave you in the hands of the amazing Vi: BODYCOMBAT 60 review and the rest.

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