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Here ya go guys! Workshops/Quarteries for this release have officially started around the world so the list has hit the net. Just so you know I always wait for the tracklists to go online before I post them – once they are out they are quickly copied everywhere, but I just have to be sure I never post them first as otherwise the PDs want to hunt me down and remove parts of my anatomy!

This release is really good from what I recall from the filming. Yes, a few reused tracks (both from BC and other programmes) – but in saying that though, it’s an oldie and a goodie; Fire just goes off! (so does track 3!) As always where a Les Mills cover has been used I’ve tried as best I can to link to the original (the version of t8 was obviously quicker than the one linked – fixed thanks guys for the link – think more like the BODYATTACK version in BA67 – I think the link to track 3 is pretty much bang on however). Love to hear your thoughts! Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 47 tracklist:

1a: Dynamite (Kritikal Mass Radio Edit) – Jason Born
1b: Love The Way You Lie (KM Hands Up Remix) – Other Ego
2: Let Me Hear You Scream – Kartsy Wolfbain
3: Make You Mine – Lisa Lowe & BamBam
4: Fire – Scooter
5: The Warriors Code – Dropkick Murphys
6: Feels Like A Prayer (Clubstar Remix) – Meck feat. Dino
7: You’re Going Down – Badlands Inc
8: Release Me – Linzi Paul
9: Beautiful Monster (Full Vocal La La Sessica Mix) – Mick Lion
10: Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

UPDATED (see below): Hey guys, these have hit the net so thought I’d show ’em off. Apologies a couple of them have corrupted slightly in the upload and I’ll try to fix that soon. Notice they actually have the amount of calories you’ll burn in each class at the bottom – however (in my opinion) the figure is pretty low. I guess Les Mills have erred on the side of caution and put minimum figures rather than over estimating to be safe – combat as an example has a figure of 545 calories – but my heart rate monitor never shows less than 800 calories burnt in a class – and often shows over a 1000!

Interestingly using LM’s own figures BODYATTACK burns 33% more calories than BODYCOMBAT! Crazy!! Anyway -I’ll try and get better images uploaded as soon as I can – love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Update: Thanks to a comment from Loly we now have the Sh’bam poster – but wait – in 45 minutes Sh’Bam burns more calories than 55 minutes of combat? On per minute basis more than Attack and equals RPM? I’ve never done a Sh’Bam class personally but I’ve watched them at workshops and, without being rude – no way in hell is it more intense than attack! Something’s not quite right…

^shouldn’t that be BODYJAM 56??

If you were wondering why Glen Ostergaard isn’t presenting his programmes (BODYPUMP & RPM) in next round of filmings here’s the official word from the Les Mills Kia Kaha blog. Personally I was hoping for a more exciting story than “misjudged a step” (fighting off a bear would’ve been cool!) but there ya go :):

We told our Program Directors to “take a break” over the Christmas/New Year holidays, but this wasn’t quite what we had in mind …

When Glen Ostergaard hobbled back into work on crutches, it forced his withdrawal from the presenting line-up for next week’s filming of RPM™ and BODYPUMP™ releases. The director of both programs will be restricted to a coaching role after misjudging a step and fracturing his foot.

“At first, the ankle was really painful and swelled right up,” said Glen. “But I sprained that ankle three times last year, so didn’t think much of it.”

The prognosis has him out of action for about two months and, to cover his absence, Aussie ace Lee Smith has been called in to help out on RPM™ 51 – he was last seen on RPM™ 49.
While Glen won’t be featured, BODYPUMP™ will boast a hard-hitting team that includes BODYCOMBAT™ Program Director Dan Cohen, original “road warrior” Emma Barry and a new face with a very familiar name … Les Mills Jnr, son of Phillip and Jackie, and grandson of THE Les Mills.

Kiwis Mid Thomas and Will Pritchard will also shadow in the expanded line-up.

We all wish Glen a speedy recovery … we’ll miss ya, mate!

PICTURED: The extended BODYPUMP™ 78 team – (left to right) Les Mills Jnr, Emma Barry, Petter Ehrnvall, Glen Ostergaard, Mid Thomas, Susan Renata and daughter Grace, Jacqueline Klossner, Will Pritchard and daughter Lazuli. Absent – Dan Cohen.

This is a blatant copy ‘n paste from Raina’s blog – she’s made some really good observations and comments about the list below, so bowl over to her blog and check it out! If you’re gonna be there on Thursday (timetable here) I’ll see you for pump and balance!


  • Lisa Osborne (Program Director)
  • June Anderson (New Zealand)
  • Bevan Eyles (New Zealand)
  • Nate Jones (Australia)
  • Mid Thomas (New Zealand)


  • Jackie Mills (Program Director)
  • Corey Baird (New Zealand)
  • Dr Dave McKenzie (New Zealand)
  • Anna Paringer (Sweden)


  • Dan and Rachel Cohen (Program Directors)


  • Gandalf Archer (Program Director)
  • Carla Fitzsimons (New Zealand)
  • Nicole Hsu Sanchez (United States)


  • Susan Renata (Head Trainer)
  • Emma Barry (New Zealand)
  • Dan Cohen (New Zealand)
  • Petter Ehrnvall (Sweden)
  • Jacqueline Klossner (Switzerland)
  • Les Mills Jnr (New Zealand)


  • Susan Trainor (Program Director)
  • Maureen Baker (New Zealand)
  • Kathi Fleig (Switzerland)
  • Mo Hagan (Canada)
  • Mark Nu’u (New Zealand)


  • Mark Nu’u (Program Director)
  • Lisa Osborne (Research and Development Director)
  • Susan Renata (New Zealand)
  • Sarah Robinson (New Zealand)

RPM 51

  • Sarah Ostergaard (Assistant Program Director)
  • Patrick Maes (Netherlands)
  • Lee Smith (Australia)


  • Rachael Cohen (Program Director)
  • Claudio Melamed (Spain)

I’m so excited to be able to talk about this release now that the tracklist has started appearing on the net as obviously since I was at the filming I’ve known it for some time!

The last time I did this release was 3 months ago, and it is simply EPIC. Leaves BP76 for dead (and that’s saying something!). Not one weak track as I recall. The peak for me was the lunge track – I actually got goosebumps!  And yes, we have Scooter in pump!!

Tracklist is below – again where a Les Mills cover has been used I’ve tried to link to the original as best I can. Oh, and the BODYPUMP 78  filming is this week! Enjoy!

BODYPUMP 77 tracklist

Warmup: Commander – Spacegliderz
Squats: It’s My life – Swade
Chest: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher feat. Pitbull
Back: Hold Me Tonight (Manox Remix) – Manian
Triceps: I Like It – Tokyo Haze
Biceps: Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) – Shinedown
Lunges: Only Girl In The World (E-Nergy Remix) – Nick Skitz vs DJ Lotus
Shoulders: Ti Sento – Scooter
Abs: We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool vrs DCUP
Cooldown: One Last Chance – Daughtry

Happy 2011 everyone! I officially kicked into reality today, back into 45 hours at my day job and teaching 11 classes on top of this week… just to make it a little more interesting I’m paying the price of three weeks of dietary in indulgence and have reined in the calories and carbs as of today too (man, pump tonight was hard work as a result!)

Below are the actual times for the next batch of filming masterclasses next week – looks like I’ll be able to attend both days so I’ll be sure to let you know how they go! You’ll also notice the new “core” programme has an official name: CX30 – sounds very high tech!

Anyway – I’ll be sure to give you guys an update after, if you’re coming please do let me know and I’ll see ya there!


4.00pm BODYPUMP 78
5.30pm SH’BAM 4
8.00pm BODYSTEP 84
9.30pm CX30 3


1.30pm RPM 51
4.10pm BODYATTACK 73
5.40pm BODYCOMBAT 48
7.30pm BODYVIVE 19
9.00pm BODYJAM 57

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