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Hi guys just a short update to let you know I’m still here! I’ve actually been in the UK for the last few weeks and was only in any one part of the country for a day or two before moving on (catching up with friends and family and TWO weddings!) so my internet connectivity was sporadic to say the least!

I did get to the gym a lot there, probably visited 8-10 different gyms and saw a variety of different instructors and styles. I would always discreetly come in, hide at the back and ensure I did my best not to put the instructor off by following everything they did rightly or wrongly. As always, some were amazing, and some, were, well… not.

One thing I did notice which blew my mind as a Kiwi (as I’ve NEVER seen this happen here) is in multiple gyms, in multiple towns I witnessed BODYATTACK instructors teach with their backs to the class. The first time it happened I was taken aback and thought “wow this person must usually be a freestyle instructor – maybe she’s covering?” and kinda shrugged it off as an anomaly. Then, I went to another gym chain, in a completely different part of the country to do my second BA class and saw it again!

Whilst I understand that typically in NZ we don’t have mirrored walls on the front of our studios (in the UK most gyms that I’ve seen do) and this means participants there can see the instructor’s refection in the mirror – I found it odd as this isn’t the way we’re taught to teach an LM programme (or am I wrong and in the UK this is acceptable?) I believe the instructors who do that must do it as they feel it makes it easier for members to follow if everyone is facing the same way, but I think it comes down to what you’re used to as I found it very unsettling to be staring at someone’s back for 55 minutes. Plus, isn’t there an element of connection lost? It certainly must make it harder to correct a member’s technique if you are looking at their reflection and trying to make eye contact that way… And surely it removes an element of the fitness magic as well?

I pitched this on twitter at the time and I’ve had loads of feedback about it in the past weeks; ranging from ‘unacceptable’ to ‘this is common where I live too’ – as such be really keen to hear your thoughts on it.

I also had the amazing experience of being invited to the UK Super Quarterly Workshop during my visit (thanks Fitpro!). It was amazing it really was. I’ve written a post about that which I’ll post in the coming weeks (or look for it in Kia Ora Magazine if you’re in the UK). It was phenomenal I can’t rave enough about how much fun I had.

And, believe it or not filmings roll around in just a few short weeks too! (I know how quick has that been?!) I’ll be sure to post about those as well.

Finally, just before I go here’s something interesting. You may recall a blog post I wrote back in January about the calorie count on the Sh’bam poster; Burn rate 600 calories per class. I thought that seemed excessively high given the class is only 45 minutes – that means on a per minute basis Sh’bam burns more than BODYATTACK  which to me seemed quite surprising given the nature of the two classes (and many of you commented and were just as surprised as I was). Anyway, a newer poster has since been released (below) so obviously someone agreed with us. Until next time!

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