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I just this week realised that this month marks the 2nd birthday of this blog – it was officially started in August 2008 when I first started instructing BODYCOMBAT. My how times flies! Quite a bit has changed in the last two years. Back then I actually didn’t have any classes of my own – in fact I wasn’t even certified I was only shadowing other instructors… nowadays I’m teaching classes every day of the week in three different programmes and absolutely loving every moment of it!

This blog has taken on a bit of a life of its own as well – when I started it, it literally had 1-2 dozen visits per day and was really more of a personal record of my passion for Les Mills. These days it averages 3000-5000 visits per day, in fact we’re about to reach 1.5 MILLION unique visitors! Thanks so much for your support – I’ll continue to keep it as updated as I can.

In celebration of the two year milestone I’ll pull one of my more popular posts out of the archives. I get asked about this topic all the time, both by members, readers and on facebook; “how many calories do we burn in a BODYCOMBAT class?” I originally wrote about this topic in 2008 and I still occasionally wear a heart rate monitor to class and yes the below still holds true now. If you’ve not read it before take a look as you’ll probably find it quite interesting. In the meantime thanks again for reading – you guys rock! 🙂

Calories burnt in a BODYCOMBAT class

I get a lot of questions regarding the number of calories one can burn during a BodyCombat class (or BodyPump class for that matter). Whilst this is almost impossible to determine with 100% accuracy some of the more advanced heart rate monitors (HRM) have the ability to estimate your caloric expenditure using calculations based on your weight, gender, resting heart rate and of course your heart rate whilst exercising. I wore my heart rate monitor (a Polar F11) to every class I did for three straight months, so I’ve now got a pretty good idea of the approx amount of calories I personally burn in a class.

With a few exceptions I almost always track between 800-900 calories per Body Combat class – now that may seem high but there’s a couple of factors to bear in mind. First I’m not a small guy, I’m a dash under 6’1″, and weigh about 82 kg (about 182 lbs), and I’m one of those freaks that puts 110% effort into every movement, and then some. I’ve also found you burn a lot more calories whilst instructing, not sure if it’s the extra adrenalin boost, nerves boosting your heart rate or the fact that you know you’re on display so always strive for perfect technique and maximum effort – but it’s definitely noticeable. In fact I’ve gotten as high as 1050 calories in a one hour class before!

In class this morning a member mentioned she only burns about 600 per class (she also wears an HRM), and that got me thinking. I weigh about 80 kg and burn say, 800 in an average class. She’s about 60 kg and burns 600 on average (and she does train very hard). Could there be a simple direct relationship here? It does make sense that if you’re 25% larger you’ll exert 25% more energy moving that mass. Maybe for those without a HRM a basic calculation of 100 calories per 10kg of bodyweight could work? Food for thought anyway…

Okay team, bit slow off the mark here but better late than never! As you may know I was in Europe for this filming round, so I actually missed the classes. However I’ve had numerous reports from people who were there and I’ll try to update you as much as I’m allowed… but, obviously as I wasn’t personally there I can’t go into the detail I’d normally go into.

Firstly BODYCOMBAT 46. BC46 was presented by Dan and Rach, Hernan and Shaunna May from the USA (for more on this see Raina’s blog here). As seems to be the case with recent BODYCOMBAT releases I’ve had mixed reports. Let me put it this way – BODYCOMBAT 43 was pretty much unanimously considered to be a fantastic release. Definitely The Black Pearl has gone down as possibly the best track 6 ever – Send Me An Angel, Overload, Lovedrunk – all brilliant tracks. 43 was definitely considered a hit. BC44 – not so much. Pretty much all reports I’ve had back from instructors all over the world was that the komodo dragon move is a disaster (and I’ve done this release in 4 or 5 countries now!). ìNessun Dormaî although made for an interesting change was no Black Pearl – The Time of our Lives didn’t quite peak like Send Me An Angel and Energy didn’t set the scene for the workout ahead like Lovedrunk – although there’s no denying Your Shining was a great one. BC45, well to be honest it didn’t blow me away at the filming. I was a little confused as to why Because the Night was brought back so soon (it was in BC38!), that darn komodo dragon is back (sigh), Russian Roulette whilst is nice is just so sooo slow, and Proud Mary just doesn’t work at all (in my mind). However the release did grow on me a little at the workshop over the weekend, and perhaps I’ll enjoy it more when we release it here next week. But what has all this got to do with BC46?

I guess my point is after BC43 response to the releases have been “mixed”… and again it looks like 46 is no exception. What can I tell you. Well, firstly – there’s no komodo dragon (yay!!). Those of us with smaller group fitness studios rejoice! As I’ve said before, although the track seems to work at Les Mills Auckland (where the main studio holds 300!) – it doesn’t work in typical packed studios that hold 30-50 people. There’s just not enough room to go forward in busy classes and the move ends up being a mess. However in BC46 the conditioning is just pure ab work (in fact I’ve been told it feels like a BODYPUMP track 9 more than a combat – which I think is a good thing).

This is what I found funny though – here is the description I was given of 46’s track (6 oops) – I mean 5“some weird ass Russian Folk Song” – Russian Folk?? You can’t help but picture those Russian Cossack dancers can you?! Don’t worry I checked and this move is not in the chorey! (but OMG imagine if it was- heck of a leg workout!) 😀

I’ve seen the tracklist for 46, and there’s a couple of interesting tracks (Russian Folk aside!). I can’t specifically name any tracks as you probably know – but, if I were to ask you who is a stock standard artist we’ve seen in many a combat track 3 or 8 what would you answer? Well yes, she’s in 46 as well (the track is a pump squat track if that helps!)

One thing I have heard is the warmup in 46 is brilliant – word is it’s almost too good to be a warmup! So look forward to that. I’ll of course update on more on 46 when I see it (which admittedly won’t be for some time) – but, hopefully it’s one of those releases that grows on you. Moving on…

BODYPUMP 76; okay, this is where it seems to get good! BP76 was presented by Glen, Susan, Emma Barry, Mark Sinclair and Ruthie T! (again, for more on this see Raina’s blog). Here’s what PJ had to say about it: “I was totally blown away by this release – I am starting to have doubts if Glen will be able to come up with anything awesome-er to top this release, but I won’t underestimate his magic…” – that’s a pretty great review!! Especially considering how great 75 is! You can read PJ’s full report plus pics on his blog here. So what did my other spies tell me?

Okay – well the first thing I noticed when I looked at BP76’s tracklist is we once again are missing a lot of rock. Lack of rock is the first thing I noticed when I did BP75 too. Personally, I’m happy with rock,. trance, dance, anything in pump as long as it has a driving beat and the music peaks. So, not having any rock doesn’t bother me so much if the other tracks are driving and uplifting (which in 75 I know they are). But, I do know some of my participants just love it so it would be nice to see a bit more in there. Here’s what else I noticed, the tracklist has a large amount of female pop (like half the class!). In fact, although there’s no Pink or Britney, if you could rattle of five other female pop artists they’re all in there! Don’t despair though – I’m told the remixes are awesome! And, everyone I’ve spoken to LOVES the shoulder track! Could it be better than the shoulder track from BP75? Personally I don’t see how that’s possible but time will tell!

So there you have it!

As I mentioned we’ve got local releases of BC75 and BC45 next week so I’ll let you know my thoughts on those after I’ve taught them a few times. In the meantime I hope the above gives you at least some idea, given it is an update on the releases, without naming any artists or specific choreography from someone who wasn’t even there! (thinking about it how did I even manage to write this post?!) 😉

Hey team, not forgotten about the filming posts – they are coming! But in the interim thought you might be interested in the latest list of shortest and longest BODYCOMBAT tracks. Once again another track has (just!) made it onto the list from BODYCOMBAT45 – also made it onto the shortest list as well. The warm up from BC45 almost made it onto the list at 9:29 – it’s a biggy! Amazing that there’s over half an hour between the mixes!! This is just another reminder that we need to be very careful when planning our playlists when mixing now…. For more on my thoughts on this see my last post on the subject 🙂


01: Dragostea Din Tei / My Life Would Suck Without You (BC41) 9:48
02: The United Vibe (BC35) 7:11
03: Poison (BC42) 7:31
04: Enter Sandman / Boom (BC41) 7:09
05: How Far We’ve Come (BC37) 6:33
06: Russian Roulette (BC45) 6:48
07: Excalibur (BC42) 7:42
08: Your Shining (Hixxy Remix) (BC44) 8:05
09: Somebody To Love (BC21) 6:05
10: Now We Are Free (BC20) 7:04

TOTAL: 1:13:57

If you look as far back as when upper and lower body were separate tracks you can make this mix even longer by doing The Immortals (BC4) / Electric Avenue (BC12) 10:12! (Thanks Roger for that info!) Of course, in order to counter these long tracks we’ve seen some super short tracks come into combat as well. Track 5 in both 41 and 42 were ridiculously short (heck in BC42 track 5 is under 3 minutes long!)


01: Summermelody / Does the Fish Have Chips? (BC34)   6:11
02: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (BC34) / Energy (BC44) 3:16
03: Revolution (BC2) 4:19
04: Tribal Dance 2.4 (BC27) 4:26
05: The Anthem (BC42) 2:58
06: Leave Me Alone (BC32)   3:20
07: Run To The Hills (BC33)   3:01
08: Footloose (BC2) 3:46
09: Gonna Fly Now (BC36) 2:52
10: Black Box (BC45) 3:29

TOTAL: 37:38

Well I’m officially back in chilly NZ! Bit of a shock to the system after Dubai’s 45 degree temperatures (it’s winter here) but great to be home. Arrived in Friday evening and jumped straight into teaching combat Saturday morning (no rest for the wicked!)

Unfortunately as you may know my trip meant I missed the round of filmings just gone but all is not lost – I’ve had my “spies” report back and will post everything I’m allowed on BODYCOMBAT 46, BODYPUMP 76 and BODYATTACK 71. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about BP76 and BA71 so really excited about those!

The workshop for the Q3 releases (BC45, BP75 and BA70 etc) is coming up next weekend here in NZ so I’ll have a lot more to write about regarding those releases too!

GFX teaser - Nov 2010

GFX teaser - Nov 2010

So really this post is just a teaser post to tell you more info is coming and I haven’t forgotten about you… oh, and don’t forget this coming November is the GFX (massive Group Fitness Event) so I’ll give you some details on that as well – if you’re thinking of coming do let me know!

Allow me a few days to catch up and check back soon!

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