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BODYCOMBAT 63 filming

Posted on: December 7, 2014

63Well writing this post took a lot longer than it was meant to… sorry guys! Better late than never huh?

So, let me just say right off the bat this was probably the most interesting BODYCOMBAT filming I’ve ever been to! (and I have been to a lot of filmings!) Why? Well, if you follow Dan Cohen on Facebook (and let’s face it if you’re ready this blog you probably do!) you may recall him talking about BODYCOMBAT 63 being the first of the “new vision” for Combat. Sounds fascinating right??? Well let me tell you it was!

Now unfortunately I cannot give the game away as that would ruin all the fun come release time – but I can tell you the intensity of BODYCOMBAT has been dialed up… And Up… AND UP!!! Right from the upper body warmup it kicks off and then it’s game freaken on!



But, before I get into as much detail as I’m allowed about BC63 lets talk about the presenting team… as… Carrie’s back! Yee ha! And this time she’s teaching! (yes I’m a big Carrie fan haha – it’s okay wifey knows and she’s okay with it). Tauvaga was also ripping up 63 and there was a massive Les Mills Asia Pacific contingent in support on the stage too.

This was also the first filming held outside Les Mills studio one in Auckland in a long long time (Super Saturday last year excluded of course). The filming was done in the Viaduct Events Centre right on the gorgeous Auckland waterfront which was great as it was huge! (and it needed to be the place was rammed!)

Now you should also know that I didn’t make any rehearsal classes for this release. Which meant my first, and only experience of 63 was at the filming itself. Which probably wasn’t ideal as I spent most of the class just trying to keep up!

So, on to the release itself. Well, it kicks off with a 90s dance rift that pretty much everyone will recognise… except you may not as you’ll be thrown of immediately by how freaken fast you’re moving! I recall Dan cracking a joke about how intense everyone’s faces looked right off that bat – that’s definitely true as the warmup has some unique timings, unique combos, and definitely lifted the heartrate in record pace! I think everyone was just thinking “WTF!” It felt more like a freaken GRIT accelerated warmup!

Track 2 was taken by T and it makes Turbulence look like a walk in the park in terms of roundhouses, busted glutes, pounded hip-flexors and intensity. My butt was on fire by the end of this track… I completely lost count of the number of roundhouses we did but I do remember thinking “this is only track 2 we’re in for a heck of workout!”

Track 3 was taken by Carrie and she absolutely smashed this one out of the ballpark. Great track and amazing delivery. Look forward to this one.

Now, track 4 was presented by Dan, and this is when things got, shall we say “interesting”. I’m not going to say too much but this is a track 4 like no other and clearly marks a shift in BODYCOMBAT. Throw everything you know about BC out the window on this one trust me! The music was rock/metal which isn’t traditionally my preference, but again, you’ll probably not even notice while you pick yourself up off the floor after it… Literally!

Track 5 – A-MAZ-ZING!!! Farking incredible track! For those of you that have been doing Combat since the late 20s you’ll recognise the tune from one of the most memorable combat tracks of all time. This one is such a favourite there’s even an internet Meme about it! The reign of epic track 5s goes on and long may it continue. Fantastic D&R well done.

Track 6 – the intensity just keeps going up again. I believe this track was presented by Jon by LMAP but to be honest by this stage everything was such a blur I can’t be sure! A very “combatty” track, the theme was “FIGHT” – it had jumps, kicks, knees, you name it! Awesome track – honestly could’ve been a muay thai track.

Speaking of muay thai – this track had a very appropriate name! It was rock again (no not Airborne for a change haha) – this band has been in combat before (as a muay thai actually!) but what was really unique about this track is the way it ended! I can’t say too much but think old school track five – very different!

And then, track 8. OMFG. MOST EPIC TRACK EVER. Just phenomenal! Goosebumps, hair raising on the back of your neck, shivers – just that good! I’ve not felt like this about a track 8 for some time. Just unreal. The room just erupted during this track it was truly something special to witness. The track peaks and pulls back and peaks again – just out of this world.

Track 9 was a core busting track (youch) and track 10 a beautiful track by a group that has featured in BC before – very epic end to a very epic workout.

So guys – in summary, BODYCOMBAT 63 is definitely a game changer. Think a shift in intensity – but also very achievable for new people as the combos are clear and easy to follow. I guarantee you there will be quite a few raised eyebrows when you see this release!

Be very excited for this one!!!!

11 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 63 filming"

I can feel the excitement you have for this just from reading this! Great review…now I’m way too excited for it to come out!!

I’m having goosebumps as well by just reading this blog!!! Can’t wait for BC 63! Woooohooo!

Can. not. WAIT! Thanks for always sharing your perspective and passion!

This sounds like a release that will go into the Hall of Combat-Fame 😀 I’m just so excited

Thanks Glen for your dedication and for giving us the heads up… love your work!

Oh I wished I liked this one as much as you did! I don’t remember track 5 from any older releases but the repetitive lyrics make me want to jab a Q-tip ALL the way through my ear. As for track 7, our members have never liked the running into the middle of the room thing – we have to practically drag them there. I generally think it’s a mistake trying to make muay thai the “fun” track. That’s where people want to get gritty and let go – not gather in a circle. There are some decent tracks here – 1, 2, 6 and 8 – but we as a team are having to dig deep on this one to muster our enthusiasm for launch.

I 100% agree with you on the muay thai – that track lasted under a week at my club before I was asked to go back to 62. However I loooove track 5! Love 8 too, and 3. 4 not-so-much. Overall I really like this release though

Sorry, but to be honest I totally disagree with you this time. Really, really dislike BC 63. None of the tracks excites me. The songs are not enjoyable. Some of the combos feel awkward. Definitely will not be requesting any of the tracks to my instructors in the future.

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