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BODYPUMP 70 tracklist

Posted on: April 1, 2009

Hey guys, below is the tracklist for BODYPUMP 70. Couple of interesting developments, for example looks like we’ve stepped away from the “rocky” type chest tracks of late this release. Loving the bicep track – and the back track is nice and uplifting (as per usual) – not too sure about the cooldown but who knows opinion could change. No double ups in this and BODYCOMBAT 40 but we do have Nickelback in both releases (gotta be a good thing!) Love to hear your thoughts!

BODYPUMP 70 track list

Warmup: Don’t Leave me with the Light On – Danzel
Squats: It’s All Your Fault – Pink
Chest: Infinity 2008 – Guru Josh Project
Back: True Believer – E-Type
Triceps: Keeps Gettin’ Better – Christine Aguilera
Biceps: Gotta Be Somebody – Nickelback
Lunges: Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) – Sash! feat. Stunt
Shoulders: Thunderstruck – Hinder
Abdominals: Love Lockdown – Kanye West
Cooldown: If I Were A Boy – Beyonce

58 Responses to "BODYPUMP 70 tracklist"

Chest seems to be intresting, already feeling the power in the song. And I have beel waiting impatiently Kanye`s Lockdown. So good to see it in the list. Maybe it just me, but right now I am not yet capable of feeling the power in squats and back track, though I love them in release 69.

Oh nooooooooooooo PINK and E-Type again!!!!! Come oooonnnnnnnn please noooooo mooooooreeeeeeeee
On the other side good chest and biceps…

Yep – where would the LM programmes be without Pink! Hey at least there’s only one Pink track in this release – 69 had two!

I actually quite like the E-Type song, but that’s the thing with personal preference; it’s personal!

I’ll try to find out the warm-up and lunge tracks- maybe they’ll be more to your liking 🙂

I like ACDC but Thunderstruck again for shoulders… wasn’t it a bicep track a while back?

Surely something else fits?

E-type song, is that the one they used in RPM 38? if that’s the one, then it is a good song for back track (my personal opinion too).

I can hear a lot of bottom halves in the chest track!




Thanks so much Glen!!!!

When i heard the True Believe song in RPM i thought this would make a great back track especially with the lyrics, would have plenty of word play to use in this track. can’t wait to teach it.

I am still waiting for a cool Madonna-Track. What about Give it 2 me?
Looking forward to pump soon to a cool Madonna-Track 🙂

I’m agree with Michael…why always the same singers?, please chage them more often…thanks

It may have something to do with getting the licensing rights. Remember Les Mills have to get licenses to use these tracks worldwide; from what I understand that’s a lot harder than it sounds, with some record companies/artists making it a lengthy and complicated process. It would seem that some artists (like Pink for example) are far more willing to grant these rights than others.

Could be one explanation anyway…

Hello from French Polynesia ! 🙂

I agree with other comments…please if you can change…no more PINK !!!! And for E-type…that’s okay, it’s sounding good for back track 😉

What do you think about: Michael Mind – Baker Street << for a next release?? just listen and enjoy, u will like it !! (for track #3 BACK of course..)

And Aerosmith – Dude Looks Like A Lady << for BICEPS, it’s amazing and fits perfectly. I’m thinking for bottom-half (or single), 1-3, 2-2 …

Lunches: Sash – Raindrops (encore une fois)

A wonderfull workout! I had the new release yesterday and it is a hard workout! Way better then 69!

Unfortunatly i will have to wait till the end of june to teach it:-(

Does Anyone now the warming up track????

YAY- True Believer!!!!! but PINK??????!!!!?????!!!???? I’m good with E-type because that song ‘True believer’ was in RPM 38 and love that song 😀

Hey Glen,
thanks for posting the track lists again.

Do you know why they haven’t released the name of the warm up song yet? Is it a secret or was there several to choose from? I really hope it is a good one this time, the last three have been kind of lack luster warm ups, hard to get motivated about a break up song, IMO!

Have you done 70 yet? We just launched 69 and am liking it very much, teach it for the first time tonight, we had been on vacation the last week when it was launched.

Do you find in Combat the program directors use one same artist as much as we do in Pump? So over Pink….but do still like E-type.

Hi Glen:

Love your blog!

LOVE E-Type, and will enjoy “True Believer” as I did in RPM 38. I can hear the clean & press combos in pretty much any E-Type song!


Thunderstruck, it will be NZ49 redone! Yes, it was a shoulder track….

How great did Susan look in the BP69 DVD??? WOW! I was impressed.

Hi Glen..
Hi Everybody.. ^_^

I’m new at Body Pump, but I have some suggestions for Body Pump 70.

Check these out:

1. Beyonce – Halo (Mysto & Pizzi Dance Remix) —

2. Rihanna – Disturbia (Rezidence club mix) —

3. Katy Perry – Hot n Cold, either Cornail Remix — (fasater beat) or Almighty Anthem Radio Edit — (slower beat)

4. And for Kanye West’s Love Lockdown, how about this rocky remix alternative —

5. I also found this in YouTube for Lady Gaga’s Poker Face —, what do u you guys think? Chest track?

I think Katy Perry and Lady Gaga will be thrilled to have their songs in Body Pump. I think Beyonce’s Halo is a powerful ‘falling in love’ song. We need that.. Yaii.. For the rock remix of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown, I found it together with Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. It was the same new band called The 401 from Canada who did the cover for both songs.

And last recommendation:

6. From Slumdog Millionaire – Jai Ho – New York Electric Mix —, maybe this one is good for shoulder track?


should we consider the Pussycat Dolls version? — (this is the video clip for movie version)

Come on Glen, this is mid 2009. This should be the revival of our global economy. Let’s have something very optimistic and uplifting to feel good about all around us, and work harder ‘cos these tracks are all very long and exhausting.

So chin up, chest up and tuck your tummy people… hahaha ^_^

It seems lot of people turn off Pink. She is great singer, but there is too much same songs in pump and combat. When I started the realise 57 was great but, starting on 60, the songs were not so good any more. No more Pink, Cascada, E-Type, Nick Skitz enough is enough

Hey everyone – great feedback about the songs, maybe you should post these responses on the Pump forums over at – Glen is like you and I and is pretty powerless to influence the choices that LMI make with their song choices, and the tax on license fees for fitness will probably make things even more constrained.

Gandalf had to work hard to eventually get rights to use The Prodigy in BJ45, and that paved the way for it being used in BC38 and RPM43. If some artists make it easier to purchase rights, then it it makes business sense for Les Mills to continue to use those artists, so while sometimes the rotation of songs/artists may wear a bit thin, I think they’re doing the best job that they can.

[In short… it’s not Glen’s fault! Don’t get angry at him! :-D]


01. Warmup:
Danzel – Don’t Leave me with the Light On

I ‘m starting 2 hate pink;) xd could be nice that one from guru josh project;)

Sorry ya nzglen, here’s little change:

07. Legs/Lunges:
Sash! feat. Stunt – Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)

08. Shoulders/Arms:
Hinder – Thunderstruck

I havnt done body pump 69 as my instructor ..decided to teach body pump 46 again 😦 I fancyied doing the tunes from 69. I really hate the biceps in 46.bottom half,then top half…cant get it!

Personally i luv Nick Skitz music , basshunter, e-type. I enjoyed 68 and hopefully 70 will be much enjoyed too!

Body Pump Music is ALWAYS great!!!
All my participants love every release!! I can’t wait for BP 70!!
I think the back track and the lung track will REALLY go off!! Super excited!!!
Thanks Glen!!

Oh lord, tell me the cool down song is a joke. It’s horrid. It’s not that it’s a *bad* song (although it is), it’s that as a woman, it makes my skin crawl. It’s embarrassing. I will use it exactly 3 times…the number of times I HAVE to before we start switching it up again, and then that one is going in the garbage.

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for the new release of bodypump 70 on dvd or the choreo, can anybody help me please.

Thanks !!

Hi Heli

You’ll need to be an instructor to get the DVD or chorey notes… good excuse to go get certified I reckon! 🙂

Biscuit – I’m with you. 110%!

Me 2 Biscuit….alsow wanna change the abs-track fast…. the rest beautiful!! and uhhh… I never get tired of Pink 🙂

Just did 40 today I am with you also ‘biscuit’, the rest rocks.
people sugestions are great but in the right place mr “NZGlen” does such a good job here I would hate to think you are confusing him with the les mills people. get onto

and tell them how you really feel.

and thanks glen hopefully you will have more visits from Perth western Australia, have been spreading the word.

If you get over this way you’ll have to let us know

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Love the abs track

Hello! This is the first time i’m making a comment here, i always come to see the tracklists of Bodypump.
I think the squats song is more for chest than Infinity 2008, this song is a little bit soft for that kind of work.

MADONNA for Bodypump

What about Give it 2 me?????????????????


Miles Away (LifeLike So Electric Mix)

MADONNA for Bodypump YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here at Bodywrxs in Washington,IA, we think this release has the best songs ever!!!

Chest and shoulders music is the best

[…] de escuchar el playlist de Body Pump nº 70 y me entraron unas ganas terribles de dejar de lado al “queridísimo 69″ que estamos […]

Great Pump release.. maybe the best ever!!

TOTALLLLYY in loooveee with the newest PUMP!!!

Obviously not a lot of P!NK fans here, sorry but I think its great to have her songs in Bodypump, find them really motivating!!!! Can’t wait to do the new release, only another week to wait for our launch – but think the tracks sound great.

Oh no not Pink again… sigh

But the biceps & chests songs are good!!!

However, i love the BP 69. The motions and the music are amazing

Francois from France , a big fan of BodyPump

this release of bp is great, I enjoy every second of it ;D

If you had to pay the fees that they did to get the license for Pink songs, I would use her songs to death too!!!

BP 70 launching on 1 July at my gym,,,,,,Can’t wait…
I love Bodypump already….

BP 70 is the best ever ????

You think Les Mills will teach BodyPump 70 as the initial training still in July?
I signed up for this training, my first Les Mills training, have the shivers already but have confidence that will go away eventually. I have seen the DVD from somebody and must say its a good release to teach.

Hey Blips

Your training will be in the current release – so yeah, odds it’ll be 70 (the only chance it won’t be is if there’s a quarterly before your training – which is almost guaranteed not to be the case as ours isn’t even until Aug 15 and we tend to be ahead of the rest of the world)

So yep you can be safely assured you’ll be training on BP70… call your local LM office to be sure as you’ll need the DVD pack beforehand anyway.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Glen
I’m already into practicing 70 🙂 and your answer seems logic to me. We suppose to receive the DVD at the training day but I found a way. 🙂

I don’t mind having the same artists again and again. E-Type are well suited to Back Tracks (Hold Your Horses is still my favourite of all time) and Christina Aguilera has been good for biceps on a couple of releases – nice to have her in for triceps now – great track. Even Pink has grown on me a little.

But that Cool Down track!! Gah!!! I’ve suffered it elsewhere and was mortified to find it on the new Body Pump release.

@Biscuit, I’m sure it’s not just because you’re a woman that you find that song objectionable, men think it a terrible embarrassment too. It is better to cool down in silent contemplation of how nice it is not to hear that track 🙂

I like e-type and it does really fit for ‘back’ track always. but anyhow my favarite is always ‘africa’ so powerful

and since my fav instructor likes ‘gotta be somebody’ then i also love it 😉

for chest i felt so it’s alrite

Thunderstruck is actually by ACDC. I love this song!

been doing it for two weeks now and can’t wait for infinity to start. I usually don’t like the music blaring in my ear but this whole track is awesome!

Bodypump is like childbirth. So hard – but you are so happy when you are done!

My hubby will have to download all those songs for me.

I love it. Only one problem! Each song makes me start dancing ….

Sorry, but the Nickelback is a HUGE downer for me. It is the worst kind of dumbed-down, watered down “hard rock” and has spawned a slew of equally bad knock-off bands (Hinder, for one).

On the positive side, so far, triceps lunges and abdominals tracks are all working for me.

Glen, I`m from Argentina, my name is Laura. Thank for the tacklist! This release is the best!!! I loooooooove the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Guro Josh project track for the chest is an inspired choice and really motivating.

Gotta say, this new release for me is the best yet. I’ve been doing it since release 67.

Keep pumping guyz!

Overall, a great set! However, the cool down track is the worst song I’ve ever heard for the Pump class, and there have been some real stinkers. I also vote to drop Pink. Thunderstruck is great!

OMG… Pink again??? I think there are more “colors” in the music industry…

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