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Posted on: April 14, 2010

We’re one week away from the latest Les Mills’ filmings – time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve not seen any of these releases yet, but reports from my “spies” in Auckland are that both pump and combat are both winners! (I’m sure the others are too!)

Of course I’ll be there and I’ll report as much as I’m allowed immediately afterwards. I have all the tracklists for next quarters releases too (including BODYCOMBAT 44 & BODYPUMP 74) and I’ll be posting them as soon as I’m able to.

In the meantime the filming times are below – if you’re going be sure to come up and say “Hi!” – I’ll see you there!!! 😀

Thursday 22nd April 2010

  • 3:10pm BODYSTEP 81
  • 4:40pm BODYPUMP 75
  • 6:30pm BODYCOMBAT 45
  • 8:00pm BODYBALANCE 50

Monday 26th April 2010

  • 1:30pm RPM 48
  • 5:20pm BODYVIVE 16
  • 6:40pm BODYATTACK 70
  • 8:00pm BODYJAM 54

Wednesday 29th April 2010

  • 1:30pm BODYJAM+ 54

15 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 45 / BODYPUMP 75 Next Week!"

nooooo, they’ve changed the time again. I just reorganised my leave to do the monday and now combat’s back to the thursday.

Oh no!

Errol who told you that combat was going to be on the Monday? I posted back in February that it was on the Thursday

As far as I know it was always on the Thurs?

Hopefully you can change your leave – be great to see you… especially since pump and combat are on the same day! (yay!)

The FB invite to the filming event had combat on the monday a while back, hadn’t checked it in the last week or so though.

Ah – nah mate trust me over facebook anytime! 😉

Well – see what you can do and hopefully see ya there!

changing my leave won’t be a problem, just working out travel plans now.

Awesomeness! 😀

Yup, BP and BC are winners! Although its hard for me to compare BC to previous releases cause Im a newbie……but I enjoy it and will come back for more!

The others:

RPM: legs almost fall off each time
BA: challenging – different!
BS: always fun and cheesy
BJ: like being in a nightclub

No comments for BV and BB yet but am going to a couple of team teaches for BB this weekend……..will be gorgeous, they all are……..

Hard to give much more indepth analyses when I cant talk about tracks used…….but everyone wins!

See ya next week Rach!

dont forget the chocolate!

Australians are pumped for this BC filming. The last of the presenters is making her way to NZ as we speak 😉

I would not be surprised if there’s a contingent of Aussies there this time around 😀

Bugger…. my wife is actually going to be in Auckland next weekend… she’s still out of combat with foot problems at the moment though…
Shame I have to work in Chch on the Friday morning 😦 otherwise I’d steal the money from somewhere for a return airfare and be there myself!! LOL!

Tell you what, if one more person gives me the shits at the office today I might be on the tube straight out to Heathrow with a passport and a credit card and come to the filmings myeslf…….

Ah – nah mate trust me over facebook anytime!

Mwahahaha, agreed!

Have a great time Glen, am looking forward to reading the post-filming write ups about it 🙂

Will you guys be sticking around for Balance after Combat?

Yeahhhh alright we have just make the release of BP 73 and you filming 75 😦
I can’t wait on 74

We’re doing BA 70 this week at AK central, it is incredible!!!

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