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While the rest of the world is enjoying the epicness of BODYCOMBAT 60 back in NZ the filming of BODYCOMBAT 62 is officially in the bag! Once again as I am in Dubai I have called in a guest blogger to write a review of the release. This time it’s the super experienced instructor and friend of mine Tony Ball. As you’ll read below Tony and I actually met through this very blog so it’s really cool that he’s filling in for me.

I must admit I was quite nervous to receive this in my inbox this morning, as I personally feel both BODYCOMBAT 60 and BODYCOMBAT 61 are two of the best releases in the history of the program. Without sounding pessimistic sometimes when we have a really amazing release (like 53 for example) the next one can be a bit spotty. I recall loving 49 and 50 – then 51 hit (if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you’ll know my feelings on 51! haha). Could D&R pull off three absolutely epic releases in a row?! By the sounds of it they have!

I’ll leave the rest to Tony but before I do, if you’re planning a trip to NZ for a filming make plans to come in November! Trust me on this – November 3-5 2014 book your tickets ASAP! This will be the biggest filming event ever! I’ll be there personally for that one – get a loan, sell your car, remortgage your house, just get to NZ for the November filmings! Take it away Tony and thanks for this buddy!

BODYCOMBAT 62 filming review – by Tony Ball

G’day, BodyCombat 62, For me this was a totally unexpected release, I must say I hadn’t been to any of the rehearsal classes, due to trying to fit everything in with my teaching Schedule. So I must admit was a little bit worried when I was asked to move to the front because I had LesMills/Reebok gear on. One of the internationals, which had been to every session though, said to just watch out for the ‘Slow kick’, and we were off.

Might be jumping the Gun a little haha, My name is Tony . I have been an Instructor since 2003, Starting with BodyPump, and now teach Group fitness full time. I moved to Auckland 2 years ago after starting to attend the Filming ‘s in 2009, after reading this actual Blog and another from my good Friend Raina Singh. It got me so excited spending all day reading through past releases, hearing about how the ‘magic’ happens in Studio one, I contacted both Glen and Raina, (thanks guys I know it must have been a bit random), I went and booked my tickets for the July/August filming BC42 the release with that epic Muay Thai Track ‘Excalibur’.

Back to the BC62 filming though, I had already attended RPM earlier that morning, so when I went to get changed I was expecting the Stairs to be filled with people waiting to do the release, ( normally there is such a wait) but by the time I had changed and come back up the stairs the was only a handful of people waiting. Just before 9am we were asked to make our way into studio 1, there was no ‘rush’ for spots, everyone seemed to be in good spirits and the was a good energy around the Studio. I went to about the middle of the room, as I had been to filming before, wanted to let any ‘newbies’ find the good spots, even suggesting where they should stand. I then got asked to go up front for what I was wearing. Let me just say at this point, I have no problem with this LesMills/Reebok branding, as the filming is not only for Instructors anymore (A teaching Aid) it is also part of a bigger product that Les Mills is developing, with the introduction of Virtual classes, hopefully to allow more people to experience what we already know as awesome Classes.

BODYCOMBAT 62: Andres Vesga and Tony

BODYCOMBAT 62: Andres Vesga and Tony

I did have a problem with not having done any of the practice rounds, but was soon happy to find out that my worry was unfounded. The release was actually good to follow and reminded me a bit of the late 30’s early 40’s and by the end, found myself dripping but smiling and thinking, can’t wait to teach this one.

Release 62 was a mix of High Intensity Interval Training HIIT v’s Fun

‘Mixed Martial Arts is a journey for our mind and a journey for our body, and our muscles are hungry for change, and in order to create change we need to create pressure. This pressure is going to take our heart rates up and our heart rates down, this is where we get really fast results’ Dan Cohen

Also a focus on the new participant to know they absolute permission to take a break, maybe do the first 4 tracks in this class and each week to add an extra track.

The Presenters were  Dan & Rach and a Regular Favourite Andres Vesga (by the way congrats to you and Xiomy, about to become Parents)

The release

  1. Upper Body Warmup (Dan)

This felt really familiar (a Squat track from BP) a good start with boxing combo’s and some lower leg work, very uplifting and energising, definitely what the peeps will need as they move forward.

  1. Lower Body Warmup (Rach)

A techno feel to the song, a good showcase of the kicks, a little bit of Dance Magic in the middle and as I was to discover it set up a sequence for later in the class, always a bonus to preview the stuff in the middle.

Good short warmup, I personally like that, leave the workout for the workout. Have a bit of fun, say hi to your peeps, preview what’s coming and bang into it J

  1. Combat 1 (Andres)

Good rock song (also from BP, an older Chest track) people will be singing this one. Starts out with an easy upper body combo, that quickly progresses to include more and more, lower body combos. It is short again with Andres giving a little ninja performance in the middle.

  1. Power Training 1 (Dan)

An upper body blast (a good remix of a BP warmup) this song is short, with long boxing combo’s, through constant training of a movement to lift that HIIT training effect, you end up going really hard in this one, getting to work the levels and then it’s done, your left feeling almost ‘was that it’.

  1. Combat 2 (Dan and Rach)

Everyone will recognise this one (From BB this time) this track was the first real highlight, this has a great Tai Chi feel Kata, it really works well with this song, and an epic kick Kata by putting 2 kick combo’s together to really  help shape and tone the butt, this actually was where I was happy that it was a small crowd, it gave us a chance to enjoy the kick Kata, without fear of collecting a kick from someone close, or worse giving someone a kick.

  1. Power Training 2 (Rach)

Energised techno feel, Boxing Training power v’s speed, again the idea of HIIT training, short intense rounds, really started feeling my Shoulders in this one, and an emphasis on controlling and using your core.

  1. Combat 3 (Andres)

Techno with a bit of a Brazilian flava,  working the squats and kicks, with a progression of getting deeper into the move, think Capoeira, this is the one that had that ‘Slow Kick’, challenging track but it is short, hmmm a bit like Andres’s joke about Dan J definitely a butt toner.

  1. Muay Thai (Dan & Rach)

Electric guitar , hardcore Floor filler, high energy and you real need to tap into it, knees knees and have some more at a higher intensity, running man on steroids,  good combo to separate the chorus, I actually had a little pull in my calf in this one, so really looked forward to the punch sequence and just let the music go. Finishes going all out like Muay Thai track should.

  1. Power Training 3 ( Rach & Dan)

Think Turbulence Hardcore Anthems club dance feel, good solid workout putting together Power v’s Speed, I got the feeling early in my Shoulders and it was kept up all through this track with moments of reprieve before a huge ending combo.

  1. Conditioning. (Dan)

Good flow to this song a bit beaty a bit of rap. No retreat, no surrender, I think Dan calls out, this is really a gut buster, I teach CX and this is a hard challenging track with an emphasis on our Obliques. I was groaning near the end, but I was taking all the ‘high’ options. Dan really coached this track, CX is his thing though. I actually thought this was a great workout at nearly 5 minutes of ab pleasure.

  1. Cooldown (Rach)

Beautiful song by a well-known Diva, The Kata from 4 returns and covers all the stretches we need, really fitting as we lost a combat Warrior the week before (RIP Joe)

All in all great Release and I look forward to teaching it.

Thanks Glen for letting me have a go, wish I could of given you more but only did it the once 🙂

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