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You know what when I was at GFX I saw the latest posters hanging in Les Mills and thought to myself ‘there’s something different about these?’ but didn’t make the connection immediately (I guess as the slogans are the same)… but yes the posters that hit the net a few weeks ago have been updated! Newly released ones below using older images – what do you think?

No changes to the lists below with BODYCOMBAT 52 this quarter guys. There are a couple big tracks in there though – they just don’t quite make the longest lists. The muay thai in BC52 is a whopping 7:27 (and it’s a HARD 7 and a half minutes too!) – and track 8 is a biggie too at 7:38. To offset that tracks 2 and 3 are short however at 4:33 and 4:38 respectively. All up BC52 totals 56.2 minutes in length which is perfect in my opinion (when mixing I always aim for about 56-58 minutes in my playlists).

Just for completions sake here are the current longest and shortest possible BODYCOMBAT playlists.


01: Dragostea Din Tei / My Life Would Suck Without You (BC41) 9:48
02: The United Vibe (BC35) 7:11
03: Poison (BC42) 7:31
04: Enter Sandman / Boom (BC41) 7:09
05: Don’t Need (BC49) 6:57
06: Russian Roulette (BC45) 6:48
07: Excalibur (BC42) 7:42
08: You’re the Feeling (BC50) 8:24
09: Somebody To Love (BC21) 6:05
10: Now We Are Free (BC20) 7:04

TOTAL: 1:14:40


01: Summermelody / Does the Fish Have Chips? (BC34)   6:11
02: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (BC34) / Energy (BC44) 3:16
03: Here Tonight (BC51) 4:14
04: Lord of The Rings / Hava Nagila (BC49) 4:17
05: The Anthem (BC42) 2:58
06: Leave Me Alone (BC32)   3:20
07: Run To The Hills (BC33)   3:01
08: Footloose (BC2) 3:46
09: Gonna Fly Now (BC36) 2:53
10: Black Box (BC45) 3:29

TOTAL: 37:26

Guys sorry for the delay on these I’ve been on my honeymoon! (can’t get a much better excuse than that right?!) Full tracklists for all programs are in the post directly below. We flew in from our honeymoon 5am Friday morning and went straight to Les Mills for the GFX event at 6am – man that was epic! I’ll write a full blog post about that in the coming days – including all the goss on BODYCOMBAT 53, BODYPUMP 83 and BODYATTACK 78! In the meantime BC52 is below (for more info on the release itself see my BODYCOMBAT 52 filming post). As always when I’ve not been able to find the exact track on youtube I’ve linked to the closest one (remix for track 5 is waaay faster than the one linked fixed – cheers Andreas!). Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 52 tracklist

1a: Rain Over Me (Technoposse Remix Edit) – Love Empire
1b: Sexy And I Know It (DJ Shocker Extended Remix) – DJ Shocker feat. Chani
2: Crazy Train – Max Motor
3: When I Close My Eyes (Darren Styles Remix) – Dougal & Gammer feat. Jenna
4: Bring Me To Life (Thomas Petersen vs. Gainworx Remix Edit) – Jan Wayne
5: Passenger (AdF Mix) – DJ Gollum
6: Ring The Alarm – Beyoncé
7: Seek And Destroy – Agent Orange
8: Falling (Breeze Remix) – Breeze vs Barley feat. Taya
9: First Of The Year (Equinox) – Skrillex
10: The Fighter – Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder


Warmup : Beautiful Day (London Villian)
Mixed Impact : Get Dat Love (Ambitious Tribe)
Aerobic : Firework (English Rush)
Plyometric : My Sharona (Addicted Diamond)
Upper Body Conditioning : I’m A Machine (B. Ranch & Little G)
Running : You And I (Technoposse Radio Edit) (Sweat Box)
Agility : Bounce (XNRG Remix) (Klassify feat. Sensus And Devonne)
Interval : Dominoes (Rag Rhino)
Power : Mr Saxobeat (DJ Loud)
Lower Body Conditioning : I Like How It Feels (Solitary Phase)
Core Conditioning : Light It Up (Stan Walker feat. Static Revenger)
Cooldown : Don’t Forget Your Roots (Six60)


Warmup : Boogie 2nite (DJ Pistol)
Step Warmup : Midnight Midnight (The Jooly Defect)
Step Orientation : Domino (Fried Cold)
Step Athletic : My Delirium (88Eight)
Mixed Strength : Stay Awake (Blink Tide)
Mixed Strength : Jump (K Double)
Power Peak : Thunderstruck (Ruff Emerald)
Step Recovery : Don’t Hold Your Breath (Petal Shock)
Party Step : Countdown (High Ability)
Speed Step : Everythings Gonna Be Alright (Minor Cubs)
Peak : Wet (Shock Petal)
Recovery/Conditioning : Without You (The Running)
Cooldown/Stretch : Love On Top (Beyoncé)
Athletic Circuit Track : Are You Gonna Go My Way (Violent Gloom)
Athletic Circuit Track : B-Boys & Flygirls (Ripe Tide)
Alternative 10 : Wet (Instrumental) (Super Suspense)


Warmup : End Of Time (Beyoncé)
Core Strength 1 : Alive (Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat. Kate Elsworth)
Standing Strength 1 : Know Your Enemy (The Distort)
Standing Strength 2 : Little Bad Girl (Bbop & Roksteadi Radio Remix) (Candid)
Core Strength 2 : Feel So Close (Calvin Harris)
Core Strength 3 : I Don’t Need It (Jamie Foxx)
Bonus 2 – Core Strength 1 : Til Death (R3hab Remix) (Wynter Gordon)
Bonus 6 – Core Strength 3 : Pocketbook (Jennifer Hudson feat. Ludacris)

RPM 55

Pack Ride : Listen To The Music (Motiv 8 Extended Mix) (The Doobie Brothers)
Pace : We Found Love (Miss Piper)
Hills : Loco (Empyre One Remix) (Manian)
Mixed Terrain : Good Feeling (Flo Rida)
Intervals : Run With The Wolves (The Prodigy)
Speed Work : Drowning (Avicii Remix) (Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V)
Mountain Climb : Will I Ever (Dragon And Hunter Remix) (Paffendorf feat. Fara)
Ride Home : Paradise (Coldplay)
Stretch : Not Over You (Gavin DeGraw)
Bonus 7 : Overload 2011 (Voodoo & Serano Mix) (Voodoo And Serano)


1. Raining Diamonds – Ricki-Lee
2. Someone Like You (Kris McTwain Club Edit) – N-Finity
3. I Like How It Feels – Solitary Phase
4. Bring Me To Life (Hands Up Club Mix) – Jan Wayne
5. Bad Case Of Loving You – Secret Appendix
6. Bottoms Up – Nickelback
7. Ecuador (Bad Behavior Remix) – Sash!
8. Be Cool 2011 (DJ From Mars Club Remix) – Paffendorf
9. Feel So Close – Calvin Harris
10. Time To Say Goodbye – il Divo
Alternative track 6: Gettin Over You – The Louder Forest
Alternative track 8: Airplanes (Kris McTwain Remix) – Groove Chasers


1a: Rain Over Me (Technoposse Remix Edit) – Love Empire
1b: Sexy And I Know It (DJ Shocker Extended Remix) – DJ Shocker feat. Chani
2: Crazy Train – Max Motor
3: When I Close My Eyes (Darren Styles Remix) – Dougal & Gammer feat. Jenna
4: Bring Me To Life (Thomas Petersen vs. Gainworx Remix Edit) – Jan Wayne
5: Passenger (AdF Mix) – DJ Gollum
6: Ring The Alarm – Beyoncé
7: Seek And Destroy – Agent Orange
8: Falling (Breeze Remix) – Breeze vs Barley feat. Taya
9: First Of The Year (Equinox) – Skrillex
10: The Fighter – Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder


Tai Chi Warmup : Just Say It (Sleepthief feat. Kyoko Baertsoen)
Sun Salutations : Happy (Faithless)
Standing Strength : Set Fire To The Rain (Valentine)
Balance : Shelter (Mint Kid)
Hip Openers : F**kin’ Perfect (P!nk)
Core – Abdominals : Whole Lotta Love (Pale Fleece)
Core – Back : Say Hey (I Love You) (Surrender)
Twists : Fly (Bust & Hook)
Forward Bends – Hamstrings : Song To The Siren (Ironic T)
Relaxation/Meditation : Guardian (Hamish Lang)
Alternative 6 : Survivor (Destiny’s Child)


Track 1 : Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) (DJ Shocker Remix) (DJ Shocker feat. Paulette)
Track 2 : You Should Be Dancing (Liquid Paw)
Track 3 : El Party (Loco Madness)
Track 4 : Black Betty (Royal Gigolos (DJ Tyson Meets Royal Gigolos))
Track 5 : Wet (Shock Petal)
Track 6 : Sexy And I Know It (Bbop & Roksteadi Radio Remix) (Def Motion)
Track 7 : Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Swing Wednesdays)
Track 8 : Moves Like Jagger (The Sugar Snatch)
Track 9 : Grito Mundial (Snap Snap)
Track 10 : Troublemaker (Living Blaze)
Track 11 : No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Pathos V2 Kick Out Radio Edit) (Amber & Zelma Davis)
Track 12 : Dance With Me Tonight (Olly Murs)
Alternative 5 : Wet (Instrumental) (Fresh Approach)


Warmup : Happiness (Alexis Jordan)
Cardio 1 : Rain Down Love (Freemasons feat. Siedah Garrett)
Cardio 2 : Let’s Hear It For The Boy (Footloose Soundtrack) (Jana Kramer)
Cardio 3 : Uptight (Everything Is Alright) (Wonder Muse)
Peak Cardio : Shot Through The Heart (Power Remix) (Dean W)
Active Recovery : Let’s Stay Together (Guy Sebastian)
Dynamic Strength : Big Spender (Shirley Bassey)
Integrated Strength : Pretty Please (Love Me) (Estelle feat. Cee-Lo)
Hips : The Power (Pulsing Beat)
Core 1 : Slippery People (Talking Heads)
Core 2 : Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) (Everything But The Girl)
Stretch : Yellow (Coldplay)


Warmup : Throw Your Hands Up (R3hab Mix) (Qwote feat. Pitbull And Lucenzo)
Isolation : Booty Wurk (One Cheek At A Time) (T-Pain feat. Joey Galaxy )
Hip hop : It’s Not You (It’s Me) (T-Pain vs. Chuckie feat. Pitbull )
Dance hard, work hard, play hard : Where Have You Been (Miss Piper)
Dance hard, work hard, play hard : Get Up! (Korn feat. Skrillex)
Dance hard, work hard, play hard : Work Hard, Play Hard (Original Mix) (Tiesto feat. Kay)
Recovery : Watch N’ Learn (Candid Freak)
DMFAO : Antidote (Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party)
DMFAO : Toca’s Miracle (Inpetto 2012 Update) (Fragma)
DMFAO : Heaven (Stripped) (Emeli Sandé )
DMFAO : Promises ‘Lola’s Mash’ (Obscene Rumble)
Groovedown : Take Care (Ground Studio)

They’re out! Bit different this round for sure! Means tracklists can’t be far either! Enjoy 🙂 (PS: Go Mandi!)  UPDATE: There’s new versions of these out! Click here.

One packed house!

One packed house!

The BODYCOMBAT 52 filming was always going to be a very very emotional evening. With the passing of Hernan just a few days earlier everyone was anticipating this class to be a special tribute to our BODYCOMBAT hero – and a tribute it certainly was. The room was absolutely packed to capacity with an amazing number of people wearing black armbands (including Dan and Rach) as a mark of respect to our fallen warrior. I’ve been to 14, maybe 15 Combat filmings and I don’t recall ever seeing one this busy – it was truly amazing to see so many people. Even people that never usually do Combat made the effort in his memory.

Many of you have asked me about the tribute itself. Well it was beautiful. For the cooldown Dan and Rach called up many of the Les Mills instructors present that worked closely with Hernan (names you’ll know from DVDs such as Sarah Robinson, Chris Richardson, Will Pritchard, Sharyn Sue See…) as well as Hernan’s brother Leo who had just flown into the country. The cooldown track that they chose given the circumstances was perfect. Just perfect. By the end of it the whole room was in tears. Literally the whole room. It was an amazing tribute to an amazing man. The entire room came together as one in Hernan’s honour and it’s something I’m sure I’ll remember forever.

If you are reading this as an instructor I’m sure that magical moment will be captured on film. And if you’re a participant never-fear as you too will know what I’m talking about when you experience the release in your own gym.

Hernan’s trademark was his ‘Colgate smile’ and he would’ve wanted us to work hard and have a great time so it’s something we all made an effort to do. And to be honest it was made a lot easier by the fact that BODYCOMBAT 52 is freaken AWESOME.

Dan and Rach presented this release on their own this round. They were dressed in stunning new Les Mills gear. Although LM gear does always look pretty good, this is the first time I’ve ever looked at it and thought “OMG I’m buying that!”. The male shorts especially were really cool – from memory they were a textured charcoal with orange trim; LES MILLS written in massive orange letters down one leg and ‘BODYCOMBAT’ across the other (bout time LM started properly branding us – none of this tiny discreet ‘LMI’ stuff!). The male t-shirt was pretty cool too. Just an orange cotton tee (kinda like the green one from a few releases ago) but it had BODYCOMBAT in large letters down one side and a very Venumesque logo down the other (yes I did just make that word up). That’s two releases in a row the BC gear has been orange and it works surprisingly well!

So onto the release itself. Well, as always I cannot mention specifics about music or choreography, but I can give you my opinion on it so that’s what I’ll do. Bear in mind this is all from memory and obviously my mind was a bit cloudy that night but I’ve tried my best to recall as much as I can.

Warmup – both tracks uplifting and lower body especially was very fun! Without giving too much away – this is the second release in a row we’ve gone all sexy in track one! (there that’s as much of a hint as you’re getting!) Choreography wise the track did seem a bit ‘bitsy’ in that there are moves in the warmup that aren’t in the actual release – but that’s a minor nitpick of mine and neither here nor there.

It seems we have a reoccurring artist in track 2 – again I can’t mention any specifics but this person’s music is back (again!). If you’re into rock you’ll enjoy this track. Track 3 was possibly my favourite track of the release. If you offered me $1,000,000 to tell you the actual song I couldn’t for the life of me tell you but I do know I loved it! Felt like uplifting hard trance – was awesome.

Track 4 – well, this track was in BODYPUMP 82 as well! It’s an old track (from the early 2000’s) that’s been redone as a club anthem and it’s good! Kicks, kicks and more kicks! Track 5 – well, three words. IT. WENT. OFF. Dan and Rach I LOVE the new format for track 5s as does everyone else I know. Freaken awesome just brilliant. A true ‘power’ track and very easy to remember the words to this one! 😉

Track 6; Youch. Leg conditioning. No esquivas (phew as that’d be 3 releases in a row!) but tonnes of leg loading. Ouchies. Track 7 is a marathon. Felt to me to be at least a good 7-8 minutes. Very simple combo – loads of knees – heart rate maxed out. Massive track. Again it’s a rock track – not my personal preference for muay thai but to be honest I barely noticed as I was too busy breathing out of my butt! Track 8 is a goodie – it has been used in a recent LM programme so I have heard a lot of this track lately… but super solid track all the same.

Track 9 is a tough conditioning track. Obviously when I’m doing a release I’m making mental notes all the way and again I have zero idea what this track was… I’m not even sure I heard a single lyric! I do know the abdominal training fired up my core though that’s for sure. And, cooldown was just gorgeous. Beautiful track and as I mentioned perfectly fitting given the tribe’s recent loss.

So, as you’ve probably worked out by now I loved BODYCOMBAT 52. It reminded me of BC43 or 48 which I also fell in love with immediately. I don’t know about you but for me BC50 was a grower. I wasn’t ‘blown away’ at first – but after doing it several times I began to really like it. Some releases are like that. This one isn’t. I was blown away right on the spot – first time. Look forward to this one guys it’s awesome 🙂

Welcome to 2012! And we’re kicking it off in a big way as the next lot of filmings are only 2 weeks away today! (can you believe BODYCOMBAT 52 is being filmed already!?) I’ve posted the times below (yay for combat not starting at 11pm this quarter!). If you’re coming let me know and I’ll see ya there!

Wednesday 25th January 2012

  • 3:00pm BODYBALANCE 57
  • 4:30pm BODYVIVE 23
  • 6:00pm BODYPUMP 82
  • 8:30pm BODYATTACK 77
  • 10:00pm SH’BAM 8

Saturday 28th January 2012

  • 7:45pm CXWORX 7

Tuesday 31st January 2012

  • 12:30pm RPM 55
  • 3:30pm BODYSTEP 88
  • 6:00pm BODYCOMBAT 52
  • 7:30pm BODYJAM 61

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