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BODYPUMP 85 tracklist

Posted on: February 10, 2013

BODYPUMP 85Alright you impatient lot here’s BODYPUMP 85! EPIC squat track, LOVE the back track too! The lunge track is, erm, interesting! Really can’t wait to see how that is received worldwide! Personally I love it but then again I’m a bit of a freak haha.

Have linked to the original where an LM cover has been used. Enjoy!

BODYPUMP 85 tracklist

1. Heartbreak On Hold – Alexandra Burke
2. Antidote – Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party
3. Uprising – Muse
4. The Rhythm Of The Night (Ryan T. & Rick M. Radio Edit) – Cascada
5. Let It Roll – Flo Rida
6. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Clean Radio Edit) – P!nk
7. Spectrum – Loyal Crown
8. This Is How We Rock! (Hardforze H.A.R.D Remix Edit) – Brooklyn Bounce
9. One More Night – Eastern Clause
10. Forever – Six60

Alt 4. Undefeated (Basslouder Remix Edit) – Ruff Cash

38 Responses to "BODYPUMP 85 tracklist"

Hi! Glen Thank you even you’re so far from A town you’re still tuned šŸ˜‰

Haha yeah still keep my ear to the ground Patou! šŸ™‚

You’re the man, Glen. šŸ™‚ I can live without the track 3 on 84, but I know tastes vary and must be satisfied. No. 6 is brilliant. Plus 82 is a work of true genius. šŸ™‚

Glen, Flo+the Machine is huge in Europe, so don’t worry about the lunge track šŸ™‚ I can’t wait for this release, tracklist is so amazing and for some reason tracks reminds me of summer? Here, on the other side of globe it is cold and snowy (and dark), so a promise of summer is just what we need! Nice recycled ’90s song from Cascada is a nice surprise, that song was a huge hit here back in the day šŸ˜€

Sari it’s not the music in the lunge track I’m worried about… wait till you see it!

Glen, I have seen the lunge track. Not sure I’ll care what music is put to it – hahaha…

Thanks Glenn!!

Thanks for sharing! Highly anticipated. Can’t wait to try it. Our quarterly is two weeks away! šŸ™‚

Track 8 error : This is how we ROCK

Oh nicely spotted thanks!

Thanks for the tracklist, looks good šŸ™‚


Love this release!!! Participated in the filmings back in october, best time ever!!

As a huuuuuuge SHM fan, I am beyond stoked for the squat track!!!!!!!!

Hi Glen,
thnx. It looks and sounds really fantastic.
Do you have the tracklists to other programms (BodyBalance, BodyStep, CXWorx, etc) ? It would fantastic to see them as well

No not at this stage sorry but les mills should post them soon

Please please please; where can RPM 58 be found ???

How can someone like this tracklist? Seriously enough of these bullshit tracks of swaggotry and faggotry. Sick of house/techo and party music in BP and if it’s not all that above it’s Adele and more puked “artists”. There is no song in that list that is at least tastable, it’s all a big bucket of vomit.

Someone’s a little cranky. The tracklist is amazing with the exception of track 5 I’m not very fond of. That’s your opinion. Les Mills needs to set standards according to the majority of their costumers tastes.

Looks like a great tracklist………….. do you want all the tracks to be opera, country and western, death metal !!!!

I think this is gonna be a GREAT release!!! I love all the songs, BUT I don’t think I’m gonna like the lunge track….. seems/sounds weird! CIAO from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Track 8 doesn’t sound anything like the one we use and that’s on the only YouTube vid I can find if I search “bodypump 85 track 8” – am I missing something?

The first vid that comes up when you search bodypump 85 track 8 is a youtube vid which actually has BP84’s track 8 on it. The link above is the correct music

Here is the Bodypump 85 Spotify Playlist. Enjoy!

WOW! Some big loves like 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 (so happy Pink is back in BP!) but will have to learn to love some of the others i think! Massive thank you šŸ™‚ still loving the current shoulders track thats my problem!

BP84 tracklist are way much better than BP85. Glen Pls inprove on the music selection!

Glen, for your next BP86 tracklist you may want to put in song from boyband BLUE(Sing For Me, I can, Paradise, Break My Heart), One Direction Take Me Home Album(Almost all the song suitable for BP workout) & NKOTB Upcoming New Album!

Suggestion for BP Track!

I can’t wait for BP 85.

the lunge track is ummmm HARD. Are we doing BP or GRIT?? Lots of particpiants are hating it (the chorey)

Wow lots of negative comments on this release šŸ˜¦ my class are loving the lunges, they love the plyometric squat jumps and enjoying the challenge :)) I secretly am too!

What’s the lunge track going to be like?

Tomorrow is the launch at my gym and I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention I do an arobics class on the outside as well sandiwched in between BP on Wed night and Sat morning. My flexibility and coordination has improved so much. I can almost do the splitz.

The lunge track with the bench top is going to be the hardest thing for me to master. Because number 1. My balance can be an issue. I can see myself falling forward, backwards and even on the side. Number 2 The bench tops that I use are so narrow. Any ideas besisdes the floor?

It was released at the gym I attend yesterday so tonight was my first class. Mixed bunch some great tracks some not so great. Chest track, biceps and abs track were my favourites

I STILL LOVE LOVE LOVE BodyPump 85! Great tracks, awesome exercises, and fabulous and fabulously encouraging presenters in the master class are models to emulate!

Thank you!

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