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BODYPUMP 71 tracklist

Posted on: July 8, 2009

BP71This is the tracklist that looks to make up BODYPUMP 71 (thanks so much for your help Andreas!)

Bear in mind the links may not be the exact mixes used.

For more info on the release/filming itself see here – and keep an eye on this page as I’ll update it with a link to the warm up track as soon as I can.

In the meantime enjoy!


Warm up: Magnetized (Original Mix) – James Sampson

Squats: Summer of 69 (Picco, Jens O & Maddin Original Mix)– Mega-mania

Chest: Right Round – Flo Rida

Back: When love becomes a lie (Cascada Remix) – Liz Kay

Triceps: Black Fingernails, Red Wine – Eskimo Joe

Biceps: What I’ve Done – Hiroshi Free

Lunges: Doesn’t Matter – Mamad Voltek

Shoulders: Operation Blade 09 – Public Domain

Abs: Circus – Britney Spears

Cooldown: Sober – Pink

23 Responses to "BODYPUMP 71 tracklist"

Warm-up: James Sampson – Magnetized (Original Mix)
Squats: Mega Mania – Summer Of 69 (Picco, Jens O & Maddin Original Mix)
Lunges: Mamad Voltek – Doesn’t Matter
Shoulders: Public Domain – Operation Blade 09

back track should be more energetic!

did it in Pompadour
awsome release

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RE: Lunges… It’s a cover used in BP71 – hence the other name. 🙂

Anyway, it’s one of my favourite hardcore songs ever – check out Doesn’t Matter (Squad-E Remix). It was even trialled in a BC once but they decided not to use it… Shame!!! 😦

Ah – meant to ask you about that! I tried to find the other one on youtube but no joy so thought I’d link to this version.

Thanks for the update!

Btw just noticed you linked the Dougal & Gammer Remix there… lol Original: most likely the one covered in BP. 😉

Anyway check out the Squad-E one and tell me it was a damn shame DnR didn’t use it. 😀

Yep that does sound like the one! 🙂

This one was almost used in BC? I love it! What a shame!

Yep, that one… Such a bloody shame! 😀 Think it was BC37…

What a surprise. Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello, i like the new tracklist! 🙂 But i like a song that’s never been in BP mixes, the name is Medicine by Kim Leoni, is a powerful song that sounds like a BP track 🙂 You should listen it.
Bye, kisses from Chile

Now THAT is what I call a Biceps song! 😀
Squats song already used in power jump, but w.e, great mix!

I JUST love that you publish the tracks lists! 😀

One correction:

The singer of Track #3 is Flo Rida, not Flo Rider. This was incorrectly posted on another blog and obviously was just copy-pasted onto here.

it’s a great release though- Track 7 is awesome with two sets of pushup in the middle of the track instead of the beginning/ end.

Track #9 has reverse crunches… this was an excellent addition…

I`m from Paraguay…how can I get a body pump dvd to bye. Can you send dvds to other countries? How much it cost?
Thank you very much.

Hi Leticia,

The DVDs are only available to instructors I’m afraid. They are specifically for instructor training and not for public distribution.

You could always become an instructor though! 🙂

Just awesome music 🙂

and just an equal awesome workout!!

Keep up the nice work

@Larry T: Pushup in track 7, a lunges track. I looking forward to this combination….or did you mean the shoulder track, no. 8?

Nice and tough release above all the biceps and the shoulders
But I don’t like the music much.
The chest track is awsome.

i love this release xx im 15 years old and pump it twice a week inbetween xx its legendary!!! x love chest and spesh warmup x oo and shoulders are amazing x got a bit of pink as always, dont expct anythink less x

cant wait for to see the body pump 72 x

I’m looking for the two tracks on itunes for Eskimo Joe, and James Sampson and no luck. Can you help?

mmm…this Body Pump is less than body pump 70.. =(

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