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Hello! Long time no speak! Seems like every time I write a blog post these days I start it with an apology for my lack of communication. And… this will be no exception. Sorry! In my defence I have been all over the show. My new role as the Brand Manager for Les Mills here in the Middle East means I do a lot of travel. A lot. It’s barely April and I’ve been on four separate overseas trips visiting seven different countries! Not that I’m complaining of course!

One of those trips was to IHRSA fitness event with the LMI crew in San Diego. Man, what a blast that was. A full week of fitness immersion! Most of it I can’t really comment on (what goes on tour stays on tour!) but if we’re friends on facebook you may’ve seen a few sneaky snippets. 😉

Anyway – the below is an exact copy and paste from the Les Mills website on the next filming coming up very soon. You’ll notice LM are ‘auditioning’ people for some of the filmings this quarter (whoa bit flash!) If you are going and want to write about any of the filmings let me know!


MAY 2014: Q3 2014 FILMING DATES:

Q3 2014 will be filmed on Apr 30 and May 5th. Tickets will be available on Feb 3rd for the filming of RPM™, and the casting for Les Mills GRIT™ series. Please be informed this timetable is subject to changes without notice:

Wednesday April 30th 

07.00 – BODYVIVE 32™
08.30 – BODYBALANCE 66™
11.00 – BODYATTACK 86™
12.30 – SH’BAM 17™
13.30 – BODYPUMP 91™

Monday May 5th

07.00 – RPM 64™
09.00 – BODYCOMBAT 61™
10.30 – BODYJAM 70™
13.00 – BODYSTEP 97™

Wednesday May 14th

Special classes will be filmed off-site this round. If you want to join this team, you need to go though the casting process.
Morning – CXWORX 16™ – to register, click here >
Afternoon – BODYSTEP™ REEBOK – to register, click here >

If you are not a Les Mills New Zealand club member or instructor, you will need to purchase a casual pass. Casual passes are sold online and are giving you access to the filming classes and all other classes in the club (There is a fee for some classes like RPM™). You can purchase a pass anytime. Keep in mind the price is more expensive at the club. To purchase a casual pass valid between March 1st and May 31st, 2014, click here >

To join the filming group of RPM™64, click here > 

To be a participant for CXWORX™16 filming (date and time to be confirmed) click here >

To join the casting process for Les Mills™ GRIT 10 filmed on May 8 and 9th, click here >

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