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BODYCOMBAT 50 tracklist

Posted on: November 12, 2011

Hi guys, sorry for the delay on this – I’m not allowed to release tracklists until workshops start (which is today!) so here it is! (the only exception I ever make is if another website publishes the tracklist first – then as it’s ‘out there’ I will do the same – but BC50 has been nicely kept under wraps this quarter!)

So here we go! Bit of a celebration mix as you’ll see with three tracks being brought back from earlier releases (Nessaja which was the bonus track from BC16, plus Frozen and Eye of the Tiger from BC2!) and, love ’em or not the return of sound effects! For my first impressions on the release itself see my BODYCOMBAT 50 Filming post. As always where an LM cover has been used I’ve tried my best to link to an original (the mix for Frozen is faster than the one linked as an example). Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 50 tracklist

1a. More (B&W Edit) – Spice Club
1b. Rolling In The Deep (Technoposse Remix) – Fizzy Deejay
2. Frozen – Big Fiesta
3. What’s Up? (Dougal & Gammer Hardcore Mix) – DJ Destiny
4. Let It Die – Kartsy Wolfbain
5. Nessaja (Breeze Remix) – Scooter
6. Gimmie Dat – Ciara
7. Eye Of The Tiger – Uprising
8. You’re The Feeling (Exclusive HN Mix) – Heaven 7 vs Al Storm
9. Pause – Pitbull
10. ISHFWILF – Disturbed

44 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 50 tracklist"

thank you so much. Listening the songs now.

Wow Glen love your website! Always gets me pumped in anticipation for the next quarter! Love how D & R have taken a couple of the old ones, especially eye of the tiger…

Looking forward to seeing the other track lists!

Keep up the great work mate!

Thanks Matt! Couple of awesome tracks in there for sure!

Combat good – yup always. So where the update in your favourite programme Attack? 😉

Looking forward to seeing What’s Up 🙂 Love that song!

Chad at least someone does! Haha

Nice one Glen. Can’t wait for this in the UK in a couple of weeks 🙂

I am very disappointed with the last song. You could end with the original for a more relaxation.
the rest of the Tracklist will be fun to hear and move with them.
Good classics!!!

\o/ ^.^ \o/

So Nessaja was that track five you loved that much. I can see why 😀 that remix rocks!

I know Adrián it rocks!!!

Guess what Glen – my module is tomorrow (49) and I got assigned 4 and 5 🙂 Oh yeah… I like the song, well I like the Attack and Pump versions. The original is too loud.

By the way, can we get a clue about the new kick in track 4? hehe, I would really love to see some harder taekwondo kicks in BC, but I can’t really imagine which one could be appropriate for it 😛

Track 5 Chad that’s awesome! Good luck!

Adrián its the step over side kick. Step one leg behind the other to cover distance. I used to use a similar kick in TKD (in fact was my favourite kick behind spinning back kick) but we did the sliding side kick.

Thanks for the reply! I also trained TKD some years ago and was hoping for some spinning kick, but I guess it would be too tricky for BC, hehe. And thanks also for the tracklist and all the updates you post here!

The spinning back kick IS in Shut Up and Drive believe it or not!

Yeah, but the Spinning Back kick in “Shut up and Drive” is only a performance finisher. Loving the sound of the new(ish) Side Kick! Thanks for posting the tracklist, very exciting to see “Eye of the Tiger” back, can’t wait to see what moves go with it. See it next Saturday at my quarterlies. In PPCA-free land, we are always desperately waiting for the new releases so we have some more back catalogue to play with!


Nice work Glen, THANKS 🙂 do you know when this release will be launched?

Greetings from Portugal!

ANI it’s launched at different dates all over the globe. For example we’ll start launching here in NZ from this week – same with australia and a few other countries. The States and UK are usually later – and I’m not sure about Portugal sorry! Would expect in the next month or so though. best to speak to your local LM agent.

I won a “virtual” $120 today at my quarterlies due to predicting the end of track 8 of BC50. I so wish it wasn’t so predictable…

Was your prediction jabs?

Of course Glen 🙂

You’ll never guess the end to track 8 to 51 then! 😉

Hahahaha…too funny! Bring back “Neckbreaker” chorey is what I say 🙂

Amazing track Neckbreaker. Just killer

We’re training on BC50 tonight here in Dubai! Just love the tracks! Now with these on here I can listen to them at home too 🙂

just saw the new release… track 5 is OFF – THE – HOOK!!! oh my, this track is getting better and better!!! the only thing i dont like is that all those great releases make it hard to choose something for mixing up a class =) everything is so good =)

Do we need ‘Bionic hearing’ to hear the sound effects of Frozen? I can hear the sword katta effects – “Schwing” x2 but can’t hear the ‘Bish’ ‘Bish’ sounds. This is on my ipod at full blast. Can hear it on the dvd though.

YOU ARE AWESOME MAN! would u can please update the songs…? I can´t find them… number 2 and 3 for example…

Thanks Cristian – yeah it’s tough youtube keep removing the music! I’ll try to update – 3 should work but sometimes there are different copyright laws in each country.

thanks bro! =)

I can’t help it, I hate track 8 – music and moves. Parts of the song sound like a cat being dragged backwards through a barb-wire fence, ugh. Funnily enough, I’ll probably overcompensate for my dislike of this track, by absolutely slamming it home, and it will end up being the most requested track 8, just to spite me 🙂

Hey is the first track the real first track? cause i saw a video-performance of the first track from dan and rachel and your first track doesnt match up with it. ?
love your blog!
greetz, tam

tam – now I listen you’re right it is slightly different! It’s sometimes hard to find exact mixes online – I’ll search for a better one or let me know if you find one.

Absolutley love your blogs. Just read BC51 and i’ve only just got the training materials for BC50 so will be learning that over the xmas period. Can you do me a favour, in BC50 in the lower body warm up around 4.00 minutes in, what is the word said, it sounds like shi* bare, but on some (not all) lyric list on the websites it says ship or shi*. Just so I know if it is the bad word, I can make a noise over it.
Your blogs are great…keep them up.

OMG BC 50 is an amazing rls!! But I HAVE TO know something…..are D&R divorced? or is it just a mistake that Rach is called “Newsham” at the beginning of the DVD??

Glenn, do you have the punch/kick/etc count for BC50 like you had for BC49?

No Darren I don’t sorry. I didn’t work that out – I’m sure someone will though – it’ll be high!

AAAARgh another cool release I’ll have to miss ;( Injured my ankle no more Combat for at least 6 more weeks… Was so much looking forward to getting back into shape after the holidays… for now I’ll just read along here…

Thx for your great blog!

Love this release !!

I follow on your blog the new playlists : Thanks a lot for all the pleasure I have to listen to this !
But how to listen all the playlist without interruption ? Is it possible on Youtube ?
Thanks, Magali from France

Hi Arwenn – I think some people have made playlists using the likes of Spotify – or you can create a playlist in youtube quite easily.

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