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Beachbody & Les Mills Pump

Posted on: October 19, 2011

So if you’ve been keeping an eye on or the Les Mills facebook pages over the last few days you’ll have heard about the “new” program “Les Mills Pump”. You mean BODYPUMP right Glen? Well, no, I mean Les Mills Pump; a new, straight to consumer package of home use DVDs and pump equipment sold via infomercials and the Beachbody network. Home Pump DVDs being sold straight to participants? Wait what?!

Yes it’s true. I’ve known about this for some time but I’ve been unable to discuss it – but as Les Mills released an official statement about it yesterday (not to mention the fact that Beachbody ‘coaches’ have been blasting the Les Mills facebook pages and forum with “offers” and “discounts” in recent days) I can finally let the cat out of the bag.

So what’s the deal? Let’s start with the facts as listed on the Les Mills statement: Les Mills Pump is a set of 12 workouts based on BODYPUMP sold straight to home users launching December 2011 in the US only. I say it again; US only. That’s important to know. Basically, as far as I understand it penetration of the Les Mills brand in the USA is nothing like it is here in NZ, Australia, the UK, Middle East or in many other parts of the world. In any of those countries you can basically throw a stick and hit a Les Mills franchised gym. As I sit and type right now I have 5 within a 5 mile radius. In the UK whilst I was there last month I managed to find LM classes everywhere I went, even in tiny little villages of a few thousand people! However from what I’ve seen that’s not the case in the United States. I had an American attend my classes at my local gym here who was on holiday from the US, she fell in love with BODYCOMBAT and has since told me upon returning to the States she has to drive over 40 miles to find a single gym that offers it – and she lives in a fairly well populated city! So for whatever reason LM haven’t quite made the inroads they’d like into the ol’ US of A just yet.

So, to build the brand, they’ve partnered with Beachbody, a “Multichannel Marketer” to sell Les Mills Pump via a network of tens of thousands of BB sales agents (network marketing) and informercials. Okay, so those are the facts as I understand them.

Here’s the problem. You only need to read the Les Mills forums to see for the most part instructors are pissed. Actually some are outright furious. The words cropping up are “angers me to my core” “TOTALLY DISGUSTED” “disgrace” “selling out” – and that’s on this one page alone – and there’s at least 7 pages of feedback! (so far!)

There’s a couple of issues here. Now of course if you’re an instructor living in the USA you might feel a little threatened that your members might toss in the towel and grab a DVD and equipment kit and start training at home. However, realistically I don’t think that’s going to happen – nothing replaces the amazing group fitness atmosphere with a pumping sound system and a kick ass instructor. I don’t think this is what people are upset about.

What they are concerned about is the degradation of the “Pump” brand, the crazy claims being made in the infomercials; The clip below claims 1000 calories being burnt in a session at home using a single set of two 5kg and two 2.5kg plates? C’mon… even our BODYPUMP posters only claim up to 600 and that’s with a full set of equipment! Plus there’s quite a bit of animosity about the way most found out – that is, second hand and not from LMI themselves.

Possibly here’s where you went wrong LMI. What you perhaps should’ve done is thrown a small leaflet in the BODYPUMP 79 DVD kit effectively saying “Look guys, we’re about to launch a home DVD product for the US market only; this shouldn’t affect your class numbers at all it’s aimed at a completely different non-trained segment of the population. In fact, we aim to actually drive MORE people into your gyms as non-gymgoers become familiar with the Les Mills brand, and become less intimidated by our programs. We’re actually even going to stick some free class passes in with the DVDs so once they become sick of the limited number of workouts they have at home they can try out your classes for free…” yada yada yada. It’s called preemptive damage control. Addition: I’ve since been told instructors who attended the massive Lonestar event in the US were told – but it still seems many were left out of the loop.

That way, the instructors who are at the forefront of representing the Les Mills brand every single day would have felt a little more respected, and less of a case of “oh s@#t there’s pages and pages of instructors furious on our forums – we better tell them something!” – which is kinda how it looks. The upsetting thing for many was that the first they heard of this was second hand from some Beachbody coach offering them 25% off on a program that quite frankly they’ve already paid through the nose for.

I do know a wee bit about this very subject as I used to own the New Zealand agency for a very well known US sports supplement brand (EAS). We sold exclusively through specialty channels such as gyms, health food stores and nutrition centres. Once we’d hit saturation we looked at bringing in a lower tier “mass market” line to sell through supermarkets. What I did was consult all my specialty line customers and tell them “hey, this is what we’re doing, we aim to bring new people into the supplement market – once they try our basic supermarket line we aim to educate them on the benefits and upsell them into our specialty line – which means more customers for you”. The method worked and for the most part everyone was happy. However, if I’d just released the same products into supermarkets without consulting all my specialty customers guess what would of happened. The proverbial would’ve hit the fan. And that’s kinda what’s happening here with Les Mills… your “specialty customers” (instructors) had no idea you were going mass market and they’re not entirely impressed. You have 70,000 very passionate soldiers on the front line for your company – a little heads up would’ve been nice.

What’s my personal opinion on the move? Well, I actually think this is a good thing for LMI (however – I don’t live in the USA and if this was on my doorstep I might feel a little differently). I do think it’s going to build the brand and I do think it will drive more people into classes (much like it did with Zumba). But, do I feel they could’ve handled it better? Absolutely.

That’s not to say I don’t have some concerns. I am a little worried about the gimmick factor. Remember Taebo? Remember the Abdominizer? Ab King Pro? Those products exploded… then imploded on themselves. There was no longevity because they were gimmicks. What goes up must come down and I don’t know about where you live but where I am the same thing is happening with Zumba. It was literally everywhere, gyms, church halls, community centres – but now, well all those classes have just vanished. I don’t want to see “pump” thrown into this category.

Then there’s the cheese factor; Take a look at the video below; The “rep effect”? “1000 calories” – “ohh can you feel the burn!” “you so deserve this!” – it is so cheesy it’s almost painful to watch. I really don’t want the program I love so much to become a cheesy gimmick – especially as it works so well! My $0.02 – interested in your thoughts.

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Really awesome post, Glen, I agree with you on so many levels. What also concerns me is how many people who purchase the DVDs look at the physiques of the presenter (and let’s face it, they’ve done everything they possibly can to flaunt them at the viewers) and think, “If I do Les Mills Pump, I can look like that, since those guys do Les Mills Pump, and that’s what they look like.” When I look at the weights that some of the presenters lift on the DVD, they look less than the weight of the metal bars alone at LM Auckland. I feel that’s a bit misleading.

Not hating on home workouts at all, since I was a home workout addict, and it was through that that I finally developed the confidence to try out a Les Mills class. Had I not had the DVD ‘primer’, I wouldn’t have ever given it a go. But! For LM and Beach Body to outright market Les Mills Pump as a superior product to BODYPUMP? Yeah… I’m concerned too.

Cheers – I never thought about the physique aspect that but yes you’re right – it’s all packaged in a very slick way.

Gonna be interesting to watch what happens for sure!

Hi Glen, I’m a certified Bodypump instructor in Canada. I couldn’t agree with you more. This sounds too much like a gimmick to me, and frankly I think does harm to the Bodypump brand and image. And they should have absolutely informed us instructors first. Thanks for blogging… keep up the great work!

Cheers Shawn – will be interesting to see if this trickles into Canada – you might find the informercials popping up there late at night I’m not sure. Thanks for your comment 🙂

Bla bla bla… Wake up mate, LM is a business! They only care about money…

Not to mention the number of people who are going to hurt themselves because of bad technique. They may insist on proper technique on the DVDs, but no one is going to be told whether they’re doing lunges or clean presses correctly.

Here’s the video in better quality :

Fabulous post, Glen. You hit the nail on the head. We feel like something we love very much and are so proud to be associated with has taken the low road and will soon join the ranks of Tae Bo, the thigh-master, the Total Gym, etc. All a bunch of fitness fad has-beens.
I think Zumba will be a “flash in the pan” when we look back on it. The level of training they provide their instructors cannot match LM and that lack of “teaching people how to teach/connect” filters down to the classes.
Of course we are all in favor of reaching more people, getting more people moving, etc. but misrepresenting the program with pie in the sky claims (“1000 calories!”) and taking this route looks and feels like a sell-out. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

i’m a certified BC instructor and a fan of BP here in brazil. to be honest i don’t think that the idea will hit usa so hard, not to mention a lot of workouts at home programs there are around in market, at least here in brazil this kind of stuff doesnt motivate people enough to get the workout going for a long time… but again, is just me thinking out loud…and if the results gained are not the same as “promised” i guess that it can affect the way they see Body pump later, something like “oh i did a program based on this class and it didn’t work, so do the original program probrably wont change anything”.

Thanks Nico have updated the vid!

Oh the thigh master I forgot about that one Leslie!!! Oh God that was awful 😀

I think I’m going to one of the few who isn’t all that concerned with this. As you mention in your post I believe it will end up driving numbers to classes and clubs as it is a way for consumers to be able to be exposed to the les mills brand who may not otherwise. As you mention, that’s what happened with Zumba and Tae Bo and whilst they have imploded a bit, they also didn’t have the backing up the 70k instructors around the world.

Now the claims about the rep effect and 1000 calories are pretty lame and of course unreal, but I suspect that comes from beach body and not LM. Annoying and unrealistic but appears to be more of a marketing spiel…

And finally while a heads up would have been nice, I honestly don’t think it was necessary for them to do it, at least for us instructors. The only people who I reckon could have a case to be royally peeved are the US agents and licensees, as I suppose a case could be made that they pay a lot for programs that are now in home. But us instructors? As long as we keep creating the magic in our classes this can only help!

You took the words straight out of my mouth! No warning, no info, no nothing! The first thing I thought about was indeed Zumba…. and in a positive way at first. Since people did have the DVD at home but still prefer to attend classes. Although our Zumbaclasses have seriously diminished over the last 6 months and now we’re taking on ShBam instead. The hype died with Zumba!

I just did my BP training, though a pumper since long and I would hate to see this become as you very nicely put it “a gimmick”…a cheesy one as well.

I always respected LM for “keeping it real” but this isn’t real! I get the idea behind it, honestly but I too feel a little… ripped off! I go trough training having awesome trainers telling me that the technique is a huge factor underlying the results of the workout. It is our job to deliver a safe workout to our participants and that’s exactly what we do. Ya really think the average American will understand what safe technique is?? I see ppl gone through BP-training and STILL don’t have proper technique!

I reside in Sweden so hopefully (since we do have two of our trainers on the dvds) it won’t affect our classes. It might instead affect the trust we instructors have for LM…..

I really love LM, what it does for the world and stands for… stood? I really hope this won’t reflect badly on BODYPUMP.

Me – “I teach BODYPUMP”
Other – “Oh like that thing you can buy on TV/on the net….”
Me – “No… the real deal”….?

Above all my concern is safety… people have so many ways of doing it wrong< sometimes you look into the crowd of new members and it hurts just to look … and even thinking that the will not lift much.. I think safety is a major issue like it's been said here before me by Nico I am too< thinking about the number of people who might hurt themselves because of bad technique…
and I also second what's been said that LM is just a business.. I have had that feeling before… it is stronger now… sad

I was told 2 do some adv of les mills beachbody , because I’ve lost so much weight but I declined it

That barbell is like 1/8th of what Susan Renata normally uses!! Oh my… terribly misleading.

I know someone who was originally asked to be a presenter on the DVD; they had her send in some photos and then asked her if she could “lean out” a bunch more before filming, because they wanted to present a really shredded physique. She was like, “I’m lean enough, thanks” and bailed on it. Go girl.

I’m on the fence as to what to think about this. In the promo video, the cuts they did to the “actual BodyPump classes” looked about a million times cooler than the home video. It’s almost like they made the video look intentionally cheesy just to ensure that the in-club experience still rises above! Ha.

I think people who have BodyPump classes available to them (geographically, financially) will still flock to the real thing. Those who don’t at least have an option now?

(I just noticed as I was typing this that – like many of us I’m sure – I tend to shorten “BodyPump” to “Pump” when I talk about it. Yeah, I guess I won’t be doing that anymore!)

Thanks for your comments guys. The concerns of the franchised gyms of course is another good point – wonder what they are thinking right now. And of course safety yes that’s a big issue.

@Erin I think they’ve all dropped their weights down as the kit only includes 4 plates so they can’t have big 10kg ones in the DVD as they’re not even in the kit! Makes the 1000 calorie claim even more suspicious!

Disappointing to hear about the “leaning out” requirement – wasn’t aware they asked presenters to do that! 😦

“so they can’t have big 10kg ones in the DVD as they’re not even in the kit!” <– Glen I recall someone telling me who went to that filming – all of the participants used the same bars that the presenters use, it comes in two parts and is screwed together (for ease of storage).

As it was filmed at LM Auckland, the normal BODYPUMP weight racks were in the room, and he loaded the bar up with his normal weight. The bar started to bend! He cut his weight down because he was concerned the bar might snap in half!

“angers me to my core” – I’m laughing so hard it’s hurting mine (I see what they did there) 😉

I’d like a US instructor’s opinion about this announcement. Were they told at quarterlies at all? I understand why everyone else wasn’t.

It was kind of curious when LM were calling out for people to participate in US promo material.

Most (if not all) of the marketing material and spiel has to have come from Beachbody and not LMI. 1000 calories…yeah if I do two BP classes back to back I might get up there. Or maybe I need to up my squats to 20kg. The rep effect? Next thing you know they’ll be saying something like “More reps? More RIPPED!” or something terrible like that. This stuff just writes itself!

OK I was being harsh. I am curious about this after seeing the material out there ATM. The thing is this doesn’t look like LesMills at all. It’s reminiscent of early 90’s aerobics. And 1 and 2 and kick and whatever.

A few things:
1. I am hoping LMI (and FitPro? I think it’s FitPro) uses this opportunity wisely and take every moment possible to promote LesMills (BodyPump not PUMP) at gyms all around America. The way this will succeed for what they want is to get people into the gym for “the original workout” and PUMP will be “just a taste of what you can achieve” or whatever (like I said, writes itself!).

2. They could have used a different program for this. Choosing their most popular and most established workout program while good…for home use it’s a bit worrying. Sadly BP is criticised at the best of times for safety concerns so imagine people doing this at home without someone correcting them or helping them out. (not that I have an alternative…maybe CXWorx?)

3. How much input into this has LMI contributed? Seems like the only thing they’ve given for this are the instructors (Awesome group though but no Glen?) and the studio.

It seems like this plan is ripped straight from the Zumba business books. As long as they market this right and it’s safe and effective, it’ll do what they want. Very big if…

Instructors…will be a bit upset but will probably be happy again when people come back and go “PUMP isn’t as good as your class. I like your class better. You should be a DVD presenter!”

I’m curious about this now. Seeing as I’ve just finished my pump training. See how different this will be to an actual class. Original is best!

Rabble rabble rabble…

the thing they probably don’t teach you on these DVD’s is the correct technique…. I remember one of my first BP classes – during squats the instructor told me my legs were so wide a truck could get through, and I should close them a bit. Who is going to correct the ‘home users’ technique?
Years ago I bought one of those ‘Air Walkers’? it sounded good, but it just sat in the lounge and gathered dust…

I am quite shocked that LM I have gone down this route…. I couldn’t do Pump (or Combat / Attack) in my living room…. it wouldn’t be the same…. one of the reasons I love LM Classes is the atmosphere – the pumping music, enthusiastic instructors…etc… you won’t get any of this from a DVD…

I never though of so many politics around this issue when I first read it. I do agree that this programme will be a good tool to reach people out there who have no idea what is LesMills. Even in my country I think not more than 10% of poeple are doing LesMills programmes. But then again, if given a choice of workout at home and at gym, I will much prefer go to gym. The magic is just very different. And I do agree safety is the element that should be worried. Get technique right and safe is very difficult especially for BODYPUMP.

The way LesMills wrote in their page is also encouraging people to go gym, rather than stay at home. Thus, I highly believe the ad is mainly done by Beachbody. Most sales people have tendency to be extravagant in order to persuade potential customers to buy their products. 1000 calories is an obvious mark-up-ed figure. We all know LesMills is being very prudent when stating the calories for the programme in the poster.

Whether Les Mills Pump is good or not, will it affect the club or not, we can only let time to confirm it. Frankly I don’t think gym business will be affected.

And yes, Les Mills is a business. If it don’t operate that way there is no way they are now I don’t think they can sustain for very long. At least the money they earn give back to the society in the way of better and healthier lifestyle.

as a US BODY pump and combat instructor, I’m not really bothered about the idea of PUMP. I think it’d great that Les Mills will be a widely known name. I live in orlando and we have a decent # of gyms in the area with LM programs. But most of the people have no clue what les mills is. I do however hate the fact that when i’m up at 4:30am getting ready to teach i’m going to see cheesy infomercials.

I dont see any of my gyms regular pumpers jumping ship to workout at home. They love their instructors, they love the group fitness social atmosphere, the music blasting… As glen said theres no replicating that at home.

As for LM not telling us… Ehh. if you pay attention to things you knew something was coming. Phillip Mills was quoted saying that an in home work out was coming our way about a year ago (i believe it was a nz magazine or newspaper article?) There were the facebook posts looking for people to participate in the tapings, there were Facebook posts from the presenters on PUMP about being at the beach body studios and being in NZ.

I was at the LoneStar Quarterly event in August. During the BodyPump education session I do remember a very brief, “We’re looking at a direct-to-home version of BodyPump that will be available later this year.” It was sandwiched in with bits of education and teasers of things to come in BodyPump. Not much emphasis was placed on the “announcement” (purposely?).

Hey there!
Being an “enthusiastic” participant at this filming (not necessarily in it – I wasn’t ripped enough) was awful to be honest. And it was HARD to be enthusiastic. I’m a qualified BP instructor and regularly attend classes at Les Mills Auckland – this DID NOT represent The Les Mills Brand we all know, and how we would want people to know it.
1) LMI focus on safety but there were sweet F.A safety tips during this.
2) None of the instructors at LM AKL do cheese and if they come out with something cheesy, we laugh and shame them into 10 press ups at the end of the track as “punishment”. :o)
ALL that these filming’s had were barely dressed instructors (which don’t get me wrong – the bodies were fab but it was obvious that they really ripped up for it – which wasn’t necessary in the first place) false smiles, cringing cheese with a capital C, over the top fake tan and spray water to make it look like they were sweating. Not real.
3) Music is what stands LMI classes out from the rest – some original songs and brilliant covers. The music in this is what we would have heard from previous releases but were re-done again – BADLY.
4) Before one of the ‘takes” the director from Team Beach Body stood up in front of everybody and literally took the piss about:: ” the fat, depressed Americans, complaining about their weight while lying on the couch eating cheesy puffs watching this Advert” the very same people who they are relying on to buy their product and make Team Beach Body and LMI money!! I was ready to walk out and don’t worry, I made my opinion heard!
A few top dogs from LMI WERE there and very much involved and had a lot of say in the whole project.

Yes, I’m ranting but I suppose I’m just not happy about how LMI is going to be perceived across the U.S.A to Les Mills virgins. I just genuinely hope that this doesn’t backfire and ruin a fabulous, cut above the rest brand.
Every LM instructor out there – KEEP IT REAL!!

Phat Kat: One word: wow.

That is crazy. Thanks for your comment – I’m actually in shock!

I teach marketing communications in the States and I give Les Mills an “F” for not guarding its brand. This infomercial is dreadful, misleading, over scripted and cheesy. The message does not communicate or accurately reflect what an amazing workout BodyPump provides or the science behind it. This informercial was clearly produced by people who have never picked up a bar, loaded it up with weights and did one squat, let alone 800. There is a market for a home version. Selling it with this infomercial doesn’t threaten me as an instructor — it threatens the brand. And, the “rep effect” will be the loss of a World-class reputation.

I am in the US – the Midwest region. There is only one “platinum” gym in our area (multi-states). A few states away there may be more and our gym is currently dialing back LM to bring in more freestyle. Now LM is wildly popular but the gym owners are cheap as are their membership rates. Here’s what I see…. Zumba is huge in our area and classes are full. Folks do it at home, buy the Wii game then come to the gym and pack classes. Right away. No building class numbers up – so I see this in LM’s future in regards to Pump. We need more LM but it hasn’t been happening. I believe this is the push we need.

I don’t see what the big deal is, really. What’s to say LM aren’t doing so well financially, and need to try a drastically different marketing strategy to pull some fresh revenue? It’s not for us to know, nor make judgement on.

I agree it’s cheese-factor is over the top, but as an already health-concious & keen instructor (as well as unAmerican), I’m not the video’s target market, so of course I find it ridiculous.

Also, understandably people are making comparisons to Zumba. Most people agree that Zumba’s videos and infomercials helped pack-out classes, but died off like most other fads. But at least it got people through the doors and into gym studios. If US instructors are teaching at the standard they should be, they should see a flood in attendance numbers – and keep them there – because LM BodyPump is not a fad. A great product that delivers real results will keep people coming back.

Oops. Forgot to clarify what I meant by “platinum”. We don’t have all the programs. Most but not all yet still called platinum. We don’t have Sh’bam or Vive. I don’t believe there are many platinum gyms in the US (last I checked) and its sad. It’s hundreds of miles to find most Les Mills programs in our area.

again like most people have mentioned ……safety and technique! how can someone get as much out of a home dvd as a proper BODYPUMP class?? where is the drive from the instructor, the change of teaching style from different instructors, the changing of the coaching so the class dont get bored?? have LM really thought about this properly??
is it not also showing to people “keeping it real” and doing the proper BODYPUMP that if you can burn 1000 cals using 2 x 5k plates and 2 x 2.5k plates in LesMills PUMP but in a proper BODYPUMP class you can only burn an average of about 600 cals using credible weights that they too would benefit more from using lower weights??
unfortunatly here in the UK Zumba is still going and in some places pulling bigger numbers than a Les Mills class!! im sure it will die out soon enought though!
whats to stop people in other contries buying this home set??
would it not be cheaper all round for les mills to offer gyms in the USA that dont have LM programmes extended free trials of BODYPUMP or even any other programmes to encourage members to join the gym or ger a weeks free trial in the gym with the deal being you try the classes out??

Wondered how long it would take them to do this. LM imo are desperate to break the US market and will try to do it all costs it seems and I believe its more about them making money from deluded insomniacs, who are also purchasing the ab circle pro, pro activ and fat free cooking grills than anything else. We all know the training that those trainers do to get the bodies they have, and its definitely not from doing ‘pump for dummies’. They won’t let instructors sell their un-needed dvd kits on ebay due to ‘protecting their reputation and safety issues’ etc, yet they’ve gone and done it themselves! It won’t be long until you see these pump dvd box sets available on ebay for sale & how are LM going to police that? If any program should’ve gone down this road it should’ve been BodyJam in order to kill off Zumba, but I’m very pleased to say that Zumba is being dropped by our club due to such poor class number retention!!! LM have sold out. These are my opinions and anyone is free to disagree

Why aren’t any of the presenters glistening with sweat like they are in the regular Body Pump releases???

I am in the US and not a fan of this. Safety issues hello! I wonder if they will use the “propulsion lunge ” in these at home routines?

And how come in the cringefomercial a lot of the guys in various shots are using way more than the two plates in the kit?

I’m shaking my head, I feel bad for the club owners, I hope mine won’t drop it because Body Pump is my only discipline I teach. I trained hard, paid money, buy my releases and keep as current as I can be. Many Ymca’s and Military bases are adding LM as well. How about helping clubs with a nation advertising campaign promoting the clubs that have it instead of taking what the clubs have and promoting only it.

I hope they used a lot of Pink songs.

Irritated Me

I guess the rumours about LMI producing an at home video game based workout are true too…

I agree LM Sell out – they weren’t willing to spend the advertising/publishing money to break the US market themselves and are jealous of zumba so sold their soul to the infomercial devil. They have lost complete credibility in my eyes. whats next on the horizon Turbo Combat or Sh’bummer? They can justify all they want with this hypothetical target to get the world fit. If they truely wanted to do that then relax the licensing model and let qualified instructors teach out in the community. It would have been better to publish their own DVDs to the public. I don’t know about these “beachbody coaches” sounds like a dodgy pyramid selling scheme myself…

sad fact is most people who buy these home things are not dedicated enough to keep working at it (don’t blame them seriously how can you be motivated outside a real class?!) and they want a quick fix. when they don’t end up looking like the fake “ripped” bodies they see on the screen they will give up and just consider Les Mills Pump as just another fitness scam like all those others before…

Thanks for your comments everyone – really interesting stuff. I think we’ll all have a lot more stuff to say about this when the actual product comes out.

I’ve spent some time watching the other beachbody infomercials ( and OMG they are just awful. If you have a moment (and haven’t eaten!) check out Turbofire – the set looks exactly the same as LMPump! And the actual workout… Well if that’s where we’re going then lord help us

Great blog Glen!

This isn’t the first time Les Mills tried to sell to a home-video market. There was a VHS tape released in 1999 which rehashed/ re-choreographed tracks from early releases and it was demoed by Jackie Mills herself. So it’s obvious they’ve been looking to break into the USA home video market because here it is 12 yrs later and they’ve taken another avenue to do it.

I don’t like the misleading marketing ploy being used by BeachBody to sell this product, though. It reeks like those sarcastic parodies on the Simpsons, and is bound to demean the LMI brand once people start associating its cheese factor with the actual program, especially if they’ve never attended a BodyPump class before. Susan and Emma must have been dying inside when they had to recite those ridiculous plugs (Les Mills Jr’s presence on the other hand, doesn’t give me the impression that he’s worried at all about this venture).

And with this claim of burning “1000 calories in one hour”? No disclaimer popping up saying “not typical results”? ….Maybe they’re going on the fact that couch potatoes who weigh 350+ lbs will pick it up, try the program for an hour, and because they’re so out of shape and sedentary will burn 1000 Calories just because they’re moving.

I hope I’m wrong about all this, and that it just creates publicity for the real McCoy due to its weaknesses….

Beachbody don’t care about safety – have you seen Insanity? Plyometrics all over the show. I wonder how many injuries have been caused by that.
This whole thing is dumb, and I just lost a whole lot of respect for people who I looked up to. Including the presenters on the Home DVD 😐

I’m British and live in the US, I teach BodyPump (and RPM)…
So, how do you get the LM message to the masses here in America??? YES….Cheesey at home workouts advertised on TV (that are unrealistic)….sad but true, I think/hope it’ll work, I don’t think it’ll affect class sizes only that they should grow, I don’t like the at home workout idea (unrealistic results, safety…etc), but I love that it spreads the LM brand into American homes (they are NOT going to get that knowledge any other way unless they walk into a gym, and with most of the population out here that’s NOT going to happen)….lack of communication to us instructors aside (and the fact that the ad is aweful) lets hope it drives a few people into the gyms….

@richard…..i totally agree, would it not have been better to let les mills instructors take the classes out into the community, some people wont go to the gym because they dont feel confidant enough in them selfs but if it went out into the community then they might feel a little more relaxed!

By the way the new FAQ on this on makes it pretty clear there’s more programs coming out too (I’m guessing combat and CX) so look out for that :/

well the Brazil Butt Lift video looks good 😉

Hey guys.. I remember an email going out during the filming period of Combat 50 + Attack 75. They were also filming an Attack, Combat and Balance style classes too. There was a four day filming session post official filming’s for our releases…

Oi, was that Rach puming at 1.40? 😀

Yeah – the filming requested specifically for Attack and Combat in addition. I remember because I was really sad I couldn’t go… since it involved Attack and was targeted at the US.

Honestly though, I don’t see what the big deal is. A lot of people outside of the US don’t get what it’s like here. Les Mills is a company and at the end of the day, yes they want to expand and grow. Regardless of this product, I think to say that they’ve “sold out” is a bit of a stretch. It doesn’t destroy all the good things they’ve done and will continue to do.

People need to understand the USA and our unique set of circumstances. It is very much as Glen said… I live in the 6th largest metro area in the country and there are only 4 I repeat 4 clubs in Phoenix that have anything other than Pump and RPM. Those 4 are the only 4 which currently have Attack, Combat, Step, Flow, Jam and Sh’bam on their schedules. It’s not like in other parts of the world where LM is huge and readily available.

Another large issue here is A) USA is definitely one of the most obese nations in the world and B) Gimmicky workouts are what sell here. Everyone is looking for a get-skinny-quick scheme. Everything is “7 minutes to the body of your dreams…” Convenience and minimal effort + a marketed “miracle product” are what sell. Problem is NONE of that works. I myself lost over 200 pounds and can tell you that it takes hard dedicated effort. There were days when I did a block of 3 classes to get the last 40 pounds off in 2 months.

I do believe there will be some success in driving people to classes with this product. I do not believe the product will deliver some of the results LM is saying it will. So it’s a gray area with mixed results. We will see…

I’d REALLY be interested to hear from someone who attended the non-Pump filmings to see what they were like.

Chad you’ve lost over 200lbs? Holy moly man that’s amazing!!!

That’s quite an achievement you’re a freaken legend!

I agree with most of what you said but I’m getting the feeling from LMI’s statements since this became public that they are going to take this outside the US. I do feel that the cheesy marketing will damage the brand in countries where LM is the market leader in GF.

After all, I would have some issues proudly proclaiming I’m a pump instructor if the general perception is pump is what’s is on the infomercial. If that is what people think “Les Mills” is then I probably won’t be proudly wearing LM wrist bands anymore! Yikes!

Thanks for your comment, and again, well done my friend! 🙂

Being a GFI for LM BP, BB, CX, BV, RPM and SHBAM since the introduction of the programs in Holland, paying a lot of money for license and kit 4 times a year, I feel betrayed. Not only that, I am disgusted by the infomercial, naked torsoes and underdressed female instructors, the ones we know too well from our dvd’s, promoting this product.
November 11 and 12 2011, Mike, Emma and Steven will be here for the “MegaKwartaal”! Mike I can look straight in the eyes, Emma and Steven, hmmmm.

As a US BP instructor, I can understand the rationale of LMI to make LM programs a household name. I am not threatened by the thought of marketing to customers who may be intimidated to go to a gym and try a program as physical as BP for the first time…AND in front of strangers.

My only concern is that the video of LM Pump looks cheesy. The lines used by the instructors lack sincerity and authenticity and the calorie claim appears too high, as ,many others have already stated.

I take what I do seriously and I don’t want the first “taste” of LM Pump or BP to have the clownish look and feel that I see in the video clip. I am proud to say that I am a LM BP instructor…I just hope that I have that same pride after Beachbody’s LM Pump advertisements are aired in the US

I can’t speak for all the instructors out there, but as an American (not an instructor) who’s gym offers LM classes, I appreciate the chance to get the DVDs to work out at home. My gym offers the classes at all different times throughout the week, but with my work schedule and their class schedule I can only make it to an actual class 1 – 2 times per week.

The DVDs will allow me to get 1-2 more classes in a week. I totally prefer classes with the instructors and will only use these DVDs as a supplement for the times I can’t make the real class. My instructors are always saying you need to make it to class 2-3 times a week for it to make a difference – I cannot do that at the moment with all the scheduling conflicts.

I think the DVDs released in the States will actually generate more interest in the Les Mills classes and maybe there will be more offerings at more gyms becuase of it in the end!

Hi all, nice to see your post NZ Glen! I’m here to share a real live result of LMI’s latest business venture in the US. On Tuesday, Nov. 1st, our GFM was contacted by a Beach Body Coach to come teach Bodypump at our club FOR FREE (no one was aware of the whole Beach Body thing). This BB Coach then went on to share that two other fitness centers in our city (Kenosha, Wisconsin) had accepted her offer to provide free classes, and that she’d even offer it in writing.
Our club pays to carry 5 Les Mills programs, and currently has 20 LM certified instructors. Our classes are not free; non members can purchase classes, and members are offered a reduced rate. Even though the web site indicates that this is not allowed, Beach Body Coaches seem to operate under a different set of rules.
Because of the economic situation here in the US, many clubs are re-evaluating costs – these programs are not cheap. If my club no longer sees value in paying the licensing fees for something that is not exclusive, then we have nowhere to teach. I guess we could teach for Beach Body ………….. but then again, we’re not allowed to teach unless we’re affiliated with a licensed club …… egads.
Yes, it could probably work if 1) LM did a better job communicating, and 2) If the company they chose to partner with had some ethics. Problem is, there’s a lot of money to be made and Beach Body Coaches seem to be very bent on making it quick.
Cheers! Kim

Thanks for your comment Kim. *sigh* – I really don’t know what to think of this. Even if I truly felt LMI had the best intention of growing class numbers in their gyms (rather than making a quick buck in the home video market which is what my intuition tells me) they seem to have unleashed an army of Beachbody cowboys into the market with (seemingly) no morals or scruples. These BB “coaches” are just out to make a quick buck and don’t care what damage they do to our brand or our industry!

I feel we’re going to see more and more stories like this – and WE, as instructors and the public face of LMI are going to be in damage control 😦

Oh – just wanted to say it’s nice to have a place to post this that won’t get scrubbed. The Beach Body sites are erasing all negative posts.

I’ve heard LMI are doing the same thing off their facebook pages too which upsets me very very much.

Hi Glen. Thank you for opening this up for comments. I’m a BP instructor here in the US and I agree with almost everything posted here so far. It’s true that LMI is certainly not a household name in the US; and in the midwest where I am, it’s even worse.

I am most concerned that the first (and potentially last) opinion people will have of the LMI brand will be these pathetic videos that are going to be marketed on late night infomercials, and by sales “coaches” who could care less if anyone ever used or got anything positive out of the product. I just have a feeling that’s going to cause a lot of deep tarnish to the LMI brand that won’t be easily smoothed over.

There are so many other ways to market quality products than to make a deal with the devil (as was mentioned in an earlier post). Even short ads on TV showing the REAL BodyPump program with the website class locator would be better than this. At least it would give people a real look at the program, and would allow them to associate the LMI brand with the program well all know and love.

The reason people are so upset in many of the forums is because we do LOVE BodyPump and are very passionate about it. This DVD video, how it’s being marketed, and how we all found out about it (I heard from a Beachbody coach who knows that I teach the program), really feels like a slap in the face – even if LMI had positive intentions. It would be great if we could get some more feedback from LMI. They really need to post some answers to many of the questions that have been brought up. The “silent treatment” that we have been getting isn’t working very well.

Thanks again for opening this up as a place to post concerns and opinions. At this point, I just hope LMI is listening…..


Cheers Doug. LMI are listening – they have emailed me about this very post (only to clarify some things). So neverfear they are hearing you even if they aren’t saying too much at the moment.

Whether anything gets done remains to be seen as LMI is a large company now governed by a board so much like a massive ship it takes time to change direction.

I suspect first on their list will be to sort out these cowboy Beachbody coaches – the “hosting of classes” concerns me greatly.

Thanks for making contact.

Hi Glen,
I am based in QLD and the owner of one of my gyms is going to bring in “Turbokick” and teach it. I was under the impression she couldn’t do this as it’s only for home use rather than gym use. Apparently she doesn’t care as no-one outside the US will care either. Now she’s heard about LMPump, and is considering getting relatives in the US to buy the DVD set and send it over. When I asked her about where she’s going to get the music from, she laughed and told me anything is available to those who know how to get it. My idea is that itunes probably has a lot of the music available for purchase.

While LMI states this is only for the US market, the reprecusions may well be far and wide, and involve a lot of other countries.

OMG this is just what I needed,
Now I can cancel my gym membership, sit on the couch and watch the whole thang from home. No more nagging from the instructor that I have to do my lunges 90/90, no more heavy weights, plenty of rest in between the exercises and I even burn more calories then in the gym!
Oh and so ya know I became a coach so I can sell the set to my neighbors and friends too, I made them my coaches so when they sell it to the people they know I’m still earning, it sounds a little like a pyramid scam but I think it’s all legit.
The only problem is I don’t look ripped but that will come in a few weeks as promised.
Sorry if this is such a short message but I have to do a youtube video so I can get more coaches to work for me.
Talk to you later about more upcoming exciting fitness news like the other new DVD series like kickingturbo and steppingfeets.

(PS: I could not resist)

Hey Glen. Regarding the hosting of classes. I’ll tell you what I have heard from a BB Coach who has been trying to pull me in to their network marketing mayhem.

The “coach” finds a facility to use – a church, school gym, etc. They then publicize that they are hosting a fit club (probably for free) to anyone who wants to come. They pop in one of the BB programs and do the class together to the DVD. They then provide samples of their food products when everyone when then are finished working out. The reason they do this is to market the BB products, AND to sign people up under them as a BB coach. It’s a big chance for them to recruite people to sell BB products. That’s their entire motivation for these fit clubs – product sales, and to add sales people under them who will help boost their own commission.

I know of another LM instructor that just recently left our gym with her boyfriend to start her own fitness studio with all LM classes. Keep in mind it’s not easy to start a group fitness studio from the ground up when the economy is poor. She was contact about 3 weeks ago by a BB coach who wanted to partner with her (probably to sign her as a coach under her) and sell the BB at home DVDs in to her new all LM studio. She politely said “No thanks. That’s completely against what I’m trying to build here.”

Something tells me that this is just the tip of the iceberg as the infomercials have not even started on TV.


hey, great blog! love it 🙂

Great post, Glen. Fantastic in summing up with insight and clarity the angst and frustration from the Les Mills side.

As background, I’m a dude in the US who is a Beachbody Coach absolutely STOKED for Pump to hit. Thing is, I see both sides… mostly because my wife is a Les Mills Instructor (RPM) and I’m very familiar with the LM Tribe and door-busting energy behind it all. In fact, I was a drive away from certifying in BodyPump and joining the ranks. Time commitment was a factor that forced me out. Sigh.

I have to say, when I heard Les Mills had teamed with Beachbody, I was giddy. As a guy who’s surrounded by and familiar with Les Mills, I’ve been through my paces in the Bodypump classes and they’re no joke (I can’t vouch for the BB/LM Pump yet).

I say all that simply because, as I mentioned, I see both sides of the argument but as a guy who SINCERELY cares about fitness (and the state of so many people’s fitness here in the US) and is using the Beachbody Coaching opportunity to “spread the word”, I think it’s a little unfair and broad-brushed for ALL coaches to be categorized as people who don’t care about anything but making a buck off this new program and who organize Fit Clubs only for hawking BB goods. The Fit Clubs I know are not much different in spirit than the LM group fitness classes– a place for support, camaraderie and a shared fitness experience with those going through programs like P90X and Insanity. It’s a “see if this program is a fit” experience and a “workout with my friends” experience all in one.

As LM is a relatively unknown brand in the US (that’s an understatement, actually– I’ve heard it described as “a guy from New Zealand”– it just doesn’t have the penetration here) you’re going to have Beachbody coaches misunderstand the HUGE worldwide culture behind it. I’d say most of this is out of ignorance, not malice. And while it can be annoying and, frankly OBNOXIOUS to have coaches recruiting BodyPump instructors, just set the Coaches straight… read them this OFFICIAL BEACHBODY POLICY (and pay special note to the second sentence):

“Coaches will be able to promote and display LES MILLS PUMP through their Fit Clubs; however, becoming a Les Mills® instructor requires specific training and certification, which is separate from our upcoming new program. Accordingly, Coaches who approach gyms or instructors to teach LES MILLS PUMP classes will be in direct violation of the Coach Policies and Procedures.”

Truthfully, I see Pump as going after a different demographic entirely, one that will swell the LM ranks rather than detract from it. Nothing– EVER– could replace the group fitness spirit and instruction of a Body Pump class but for those who would never ever participate in a group fitness class or are too intimidated to try (and there’s plenty), I see Pump as a GOLDEN opportunity to open the door and move people into the Les Mills world of group fitness. There’s plenty of folks out here who’ve had the door to fitness opened through Beachbody programs and gone on to become trainers and even instructors (my wife is one of them). I like to call Beachbody’s programs the gateway drugs to fitness– only with this drug, the side effects are awesome.

I see the LM Pump program as completely synergistic and without cannibalization. That said, I can appreciate the concern for form and safety in an at-home workout program– form is critical to not only success but avoiding injury. But I’d argue the same runs true for any fitness regimen if done without care to form and tuning into the body whether at home, the gym or in group fitness. The jury’s out on that one but the instructors do make a point to make note of it and, personally, I always recommend anyone for starting a program watch the workout/practice at least once through to get form down. Pump won’t be any different.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out as P90X2 is launching in the same quarter as Pump. My hope is Pump doesn’t get lost in the shuffle– then again, I’d still say it doesn’t leave a lot for LM Trainers to worry about.

Just a perspective from a dude in the US familiar with both sides of this coin. Thanks for listening and here’s to keeping all our ultimate goals in focus: helping people achieve and live a better quality of life.


As a studio owner, I just hope our rates go down per month. We pay a lot of $ to have LM programs, and now other gyms can buy the dvds and call if what ever they like and not have the high fees…..not sure how I feel about this 😦

All I hear from these comments is a lot of bitching and complaining from people who derive their income from training. There’s nothing you can do about it! It’s a done deal launching in a few days!

What you need to do is quite whining and figure out how this can help your business. Beachbody (the guys behind the infomercials and the PUMP DVD program) are pros at infomercials and promoting the hell out of a product….ever heard of P90X and now P90X2?? That would be the same company….They’ve sold something like 4 million P90X programs in 7 years and are still selling them.

This is a vein of gold in my personal opinion and quite frankly i’m getting on board and not getting left behind.

Good for you Paul. Tell me would you feel the same way if you owned a studio and paid tens of thousands of dollars for an “exclusive” Les Mills license only to have the program sold directly under your feet? Not always as simple as one single persons perspective. Yes it may drive more people into classes, or, it may not. Time will tell – until then I don’t see anything wrong with people “bitching and complaining” (as you put it) – it’s their right to have an opinion! Good luck with Beachbody – interested to know how you go.

i think it’s great. no, of course, it will not replace my BP classes that i pay an arm and leg to attend at the fancy gym. but i travel a lot and sometimes work very odd hours. it’s tough not being able to go to BP and i hate to having to get back into things after 2-3 weeks. actually, one of the things i dislike most about BP is the inability to take it home – sometimes i just end up trying to remember routines to songs i’ve downloaded. this is the perfect way to maintain! i am excited, even though i find beachbody’s tony horton incessantly annoying. that being said, i just love taking BP and don’t earn my income thru it.

I’m someone that got out of fitness when I was pregnant, and then got back into, and then some after I saw the “dreaded pictures” that a lot of people see. Initially I wouldn’t go into a gym because of what I had done to myself, and I see this as something that is going to help people get introduced to the LMI brand. I know that Beachbody is always good about doing modifications in all of their videos, so I believe that safety was considered. I now would love to enjoy the gym, but I have developed a severe latex (rubber) allergy and can’t workout without having an issue from the proteins in most gyms. So I’m glad to have an option. It’s because of my allergies that I actually found Beachbody, and joined as a coach to get discounts, and found I loved most of their products.

That being said, there are a lot of bad Team Beachbody reps that are going to tarnish the LMI brand along the way. That is the sad part of this for the LMI Instructors and franchise gyms. Out of 60,000 coaches there are going to be a few that are not what you want to represent your brand. It’s a shame really. I guess the good bit is that BB Coaches are not international, and they can only sell Pump in the 48 States to start off with. If things go poorly, I’m guessing that LMI has a clause to protect the brand from being damaged internationally and that the rest of the world will never see the Les Mills Pump DVD’s. One thing I’ve heard is that the DVD’s include a “coupon” to attend a free Body Pump class – and I think that we can all agree that the energy will sell a lot of people on doing both at home and going to a class once they walk into a Body Pump class. Just my two cents.

First and foremost, please let me say that I respect those that are Les Mills instructors. I am a Beachbody coach and I was very, very excited to see that Les Mills Pump was going to be offered through Beachbody. The saturation isn’t huge in the US for Body Pump. There is a gym in my area that offers it, but they offer one class per day and it is at a time that only those without families could hope to attend.

I truly don’t think that the Beachbody version will take away any customers from those who are doing BodyPump in a gym. For me, it’s more a matter of the fact that I can finally do this class that I have been hearing about in my own home on my schedule (4:30 in the morning before family wakes up and my 2 jobs start).

If anything, I really think that this will help those who are Body Pump instructors. Those who already go to gyms will definitely look this up, and if scheduling permits, go to the Body Pump classes. There is something to be said about being in a room full of people who are are working towards the same goal.

As for the calorie burning, I’ve hit that number of calories. You guys have to remember, that there are those of us who are bigger that burn more calories than those who are super fit. I make sure the weights are light enough so that I have good form and I don’t try to be macho about it…bottom line, I absolutely love these workouts. I have friends who already pay for a membership to a gym and they now go to BodyPump classes because I’ve been raving about how much I love the program (not trying to sell it to them, but telling them to get to their own gym and get going in the classes).

As for those Beachbody coaches who are blowing up the forums and offering the programs to people like that, I apologize on behalf of all the other honest BB coaches out there. As BB coaches, we are here to help people to achieve a healthier life. If they can do that at their gym, then I don’t want them to quit that. If they cannot get to a gym, then I want to be able to help them.

Again, I have a ton of respect for the Les Mills instructors and those who do the program – it is kicking my rear end in a great way. I can’t speak to how LM informed everyone, but I can speak that I’d rather see us all work together to get people to a better level of fitness.

I should follow up with part that I left out. I’m not a fan of those BB coaches who troll forums looking to get customers. I think that is ridiculous. I meant to mention that in my reply above, so sorry about forgetting that and sorry about the BB coaches who are doing that. They are focused on $$ and not helping people with what is best for their particular situation.

I can’t say for sure what it will do to the LM brand, but I personally see it as a way for LMI to make the money they want in the US. As others on this board have mentioned, Les Mills is not a huge household name like it is in New Zealand and other countries.

My first experience with Les Mills was about 7 or 8 years ago. The gym I was going to introduced Body Pump, which I thought was the greatest thing in the world. The classes were crowded and there was a lot of interest. Within a year of the first Body Pump class at that gym, something changed over at the headquarters of Les Mills and Body Training Systems (BTS) split off in the US to create it’s own workouts based off the Les Mills format. The gym I was going to changed to the BTS workouts as I am sure many across the US did. That most likely did not help the popularity of the Les Mills brand.

Not only that, the gyms in my area only offer maybe 2 or 3 of the programs. Usually they will have Body Pump, then maybe Body Combat, Body Flow or RPM. Then, they will have a bunch of other freestyle classes mixed in so it makes it difficult for gym goers to know that the Les Mills classes are something special. I am a certified RPM instructor and I know from personal experience that the freestyle cycle class we had was more popular than RPM (and no, I was not the only RPM instructor). I believe it was mostly because of the music, but the clientele at my gym just did not “get” the format of RPM. They just wanted to spin as fast as they could.

As Jim noted in his post above, the people that use Beach Body coaches/products are not the same people that go to gyms (for whatever reason). These are people that want or need to work out at home. Will there be some that decide to head to a live Body Pump class? Maybe, if there are any gyms near them that offer it. I really just believe that Les Mills didn’t take off in the US the way they intended and this is a way to make up the difference. I am not sure how it is in other countries, but I think there is a very large market for people that want to work out at home and I believe Les Mills is just capitalizing on that.

P.S. – the gym that I was an RPM instructor at just dropped their Les Mills classes at the start of the new year. The reason was money related. The gym could no longer afford the license.

As a consumer, I don’t think instructors will have to worry about gym goers replacing classes with the BeachBody DVD set. My personal experience and message board research shows that there seems to be quality control issues with the barbells and collars. They don’t fit each other.

I bought the kit because I’m an introvert whose BP knockoff Group Power teacher has dogged multiple times about mistakes. I was new to the class, but after a few sessions, I never want to see her again.

I think there are no the proper BP classes at other branches of the gym. i just wanted to get in shape and accustomed to the workout before trying BP. So far the BB dvd set isn’t working because I can’t secure the plates on the barbell.

With all the problems, I wouldn’t think that BeachBody will [continue to] steal customers. Les Mills reputation on the other hand, you may have to worry about. The barbell kit is junk, and after multiple replacement tries, this is now leaving a bad taste in my mouth about Les Mills. I might try to fit in another teacher’s Group Power classes after all.

Not complaints on BB message boards. They tend to DELETE unflattering comments. I found this out because my name doesn’t appear on the end of a thread and isn’t included in the post count, but my comments appear on MY screen. Seems they blocked the comments from everyone except me. One woman in a barbell help thread said it was her barbell, not her collars that was out of round. I suspect the same.

I’ve been told by BB that the collars are running out due to extra demand (I have it in writing) and I’ve seen mention that the barbell sets are junk in a few non-BB places.

My husband and I have been Body Pumps four times a week for two years now. I purchased a Les Mills Pump kit as a Christmas gift for my husband. He travels frequently and isn’t always able to get into town in time for the Body Pump classes at the gym. WE LOVE IT. Neither of us would ever consider doing BP at home as an alternative to BP at the gym but the convenience of having it at home when we can’t make it to the gym is undeniable.

I have recently been struggling with a knee issue that has caused me to have to skip squats and lunges. It’s impractical to do that in a class situation. It causes me to cool down and can be distracting for those around me to see me just sitting while waiting for the next track. Having the DVDS and equipment at home, I am able to keep up with my workouts and fast forward through the tracks that are problematic for me right now.

Now, I agree with those who mentioned that the collars are cheaply made. After just a few uses, mine are already loose. The collars that came with my gym’s initial equipment purchase were equally cheap and became quite loose within the first year of constant classroom use. We learn to adapt. I can buy something else that works just as well, such as spring clips, for a little more at the sporting goods store.

All in all, a great big thanks to Les Mills for entering the consumer market! I love having this as an option!

I have been waiting and waiting for the right to purchase Les Mills products for my home. I WAS a DEDICATED Body Combatter, but here is my situation…One instructer at my gym went off to college and the other had surgery and has been out for months with no scheduled return. I have not been to the gym in four months after 2 years of solid dedication on my part because there is no combat class right now and I really do not like RPM, Body Vive, or step. I like pump, but I want cardio and I do not care for how crowded the pump classes are at my gym. I am not going to the gym to participate in classes I do not like until the class I like comes back, that is ridiculous and so UNmotivating. I even thought about cancelling my membership to the gym over this. I ordered the Body Pump workout and was THRILLED that it came with a Combat bonus CD (atleast that is 1). I had resorted to working out in my living room to youtube videos of combat, but then they were taken down. I love group workouts, but if there is no option at the gym why not have it at home? Plus we own a family business and when I had to miss a class I was livid all day. I also have friends who will not come to class with me because they are self concious, this could boost people in the right direction. I hope Les Mills will release Combat and Attack for purchase. If the class is offered at the gym I am there, if not, sign me up for some home videos any day. I lost 50 lbs with Les Mills Combat, Zumba and Pump, I don’t care where they come from as long as I can access them. As far as the instructers being upset, I am sorry about that but don’t you have the dvds at home?

I can see why many are so mad about this! I would love to go to a live class but right now those DVDs are all I have! I live in Oregon, the closest body pump to me is 3 hours away! I think the people who don’t have it close by will be more willing to buy it! But trust me If i had one in town i’d totally go to that after this round of les mills pump!

I moved from Manila to the US. It’s so hard to get to the gym w/ a very active toddler. When I was single in Manila there was a Fitness First gym near wherever i was. I did BP 5x a wk. and sometimes RPM. I shd have gotten certified while over there.

I watch a lot more tv than I should & let me tell you I have never seen an infomercial on Pump everrrr. If I did I would have gotten my own set all those months ago. I only found out while reading pages & pages of fitness blogs–all those beachbody coaches who were bragging about something they’ve never heard about before let alone tried.

I came across ur blog while combing the net for info to get a feel of how Pump is actually being received. One of my concerns is how to maintain the level of excitement when you have the same DVDs to work out with. At an actual gym we get new releases 4x a year. But I soooo miss LM workouts that I will definitely be ordering it especially since its my birthday.

Thanks for the post. I’ve been reading a lot
Of blogs lately but I didn’t feel compelled to say anything in any other blog.

So count me in as one of those Beachbody Coaches who brags about Pump… but I brag because I dig the heck out of it. I’ve done BodyPump (and was oh so close to getting certified), my Lady-Friend instructs RPM and I’m very familiar with the Les Mills Tribe and the enthusiastic adherence to Kia Kaha. Thing is, Beachbody and Les Mills are very similar in their philosophies as a whole of punching obesity in the face, making it fun and changing the world one workout at a time– Sister entities, even. So don’t hold tertiary coaches who may not have heard of Les Mills too accountable.

That said, as a guy vary familiar with Les Mills Body Pump, I love Pump. As a combination of a few of their programs beyond BodyPump (Body Combat, BodyAttack, BodyFlow, BodyStep) it’s a good time but very, very truncated when it comes to the workouts beyond two Pump workouts “Extreme” and “Revolution” (30 minutes as opposed to the normal 50-60). Still, it’s a good time and very faithfully brings the Les Mills brand into the living room.

I’ve done a couple reviews which cover the cardio aspect of the program via “Combat” and “Sports Attack” that are pretty honest (I’m not a huge fan of BodyAttack in general– I know…I’m sorry!!!) but if you’re interested, here they are. This isn’t an attempt to sell, HONEST. I just believe as a guy who knows the Les Mills, has taken less mills Group X classes and has a significant other who teaches it, It’d be a fairly faithful perspective from a guy who never ventured into these two particular Les Mills classes/disciplines:

If links are allowed, here they are:

Sports Attack (BodyAttack based)

Comabt (BodyCombat base)

Either way, I hold to my assertion earlier in here this is such a great opportunity for instructors to maximize Les Mills exposure. At home, it’s incredibly fun. But as we all know– in the gym, that energy is even hotter. One leads to the other and it’s a nice symbiosis– particularly for those without Les Mills readily available.


Hi Glen! I live in the US and I’m not an instructor or a Beachbody coach, but I have been an avid BodyPump, BodyAttack, BodyCombat, BodyStep, and RPM addict for years. I will not even join a gym unless they offer most Les Mills classes and will drive out of my way everyday if I have to. Yes, Les Mills is not as popular here in the US, but I look down my nose to the gyms that don’t offer classes and won’t even give them a second thought. On that note, I had several choices when I lived on the west coast, but now live on the east coast where I’m currently in school in an area that does not offer any Les Mills classes even remotely nearby. I purchased the home version from Beachbody, but as a Les Mills fanatic it will NEVER be the same as going to the gym and participating in a class with 3 instructors, having personal interaction and the energy of 50-60 other Les Mills fanatics working out with me. I am grateful that I can now do these workouts at home, but can not wait to until next year when I move to a city where classes are offered. As a matter of fact, I have already designated the state and city I’m moving and have already found a gym that offers Les Mills because if they didn’t, I would be forced to move to a city that did because I must have Les Mills every single day.

I just wanted to say that the home version should not be a threat to instructors although I can certainly understand their concern, but from a ‘participant only’ point of view, any “real” Les Mills addict will be working out in the gym and not their living room. I am very serious when it comes to my workouts and even though these are good for now, they don’t compare to the real thing because I’ve been there, done that for so long and I’m counting the days until I’m in the gym again with live instructors and the energy and enthusiasm they provide. Also, I seriously doubt new PUMP DVD’s will be introduced very often from Beachbody, if at all. People are going to get tired of doing the same old thing not to mention doing the same workouts over and over won’t produce the same results as switching it up from time to time. However, I’m very thankful Les Mills did this so perhaps more gyms over here will realize the greatness of their programs, but if I was an instructor I would not be all that happy about it either.

Like I said though, there’s nothing to worry about because the videos are going to get old real quick especially for those of us who do them every day and it’s not uncommon for me to do an Attack or Combat class followed by Pump. So we’ll see how long the excitement lasts and I hope they come out with at least one more video for each class, but in my opinion it should stop there so people will go to their gyms and demand Les Mills classes! I am even thinking of starting my own campaign with flyers, phone calls, and whatever it takes so my classes are available to me wherever I go.

I found this page today and I can see all the negative feedback. I didn’t know anything about les mills pump. Never heard about it before. I got P90X from beachbody one year and half before. Fantastic program. Then I heard about les mills pump from beachbody and I got it in march 2012. I have been doing it since then and let me tell you that the program works. It’s amazing. I really love it. The plates come from 2.5 lbs to 25 lbs. so yo can make it as easy or harder as you want. They really tell you about proper form and really explain how to do every move. And you are watching the trainers all the time so you have to be a morron to get injured. I have not loose weight because I don’t need it. I’m 5″2 110 lbs. but I really can see a lot of definition in my arms, legs and butt. I”m super happy with this program and I hope beachbody realease new dvds with more les mills pump workouts.

I’m a little late to the party here but I will put in my two cents as I live in the USA and am doing both live BP classes and LM Pump at home. I discovered Les Mills while living in South America, and yes, there were several options as far as gyms go to try the different classes. When I moved back to the USA, this was NOT the case. There are only a handful of gyms that offer Les Mills in my “area”. Most of these gyms only teach Pump and one other option such as Combat. The instructors are the same everywhere, traveling from gym to gym. I’m currently driving 30 minutes just to go to class! I love it, but that’s crazy. So when I’m running late at work or can’t make it to the gym, I pop in my LMP DVDs and rock it at home, the trainers are amazing, and my Polar shows a good 400+ calorie burn for a full hour with full weights. Sure LMI did a shoddy, big corporate thing by not sharing this info with their instructors, but guess what, around here there aren’t that many instructors to get their panties in a bunch. I would gladly pay more money to get more Les Mills in my life, but it’s not an option, and I live in the greater NYC area!!!

I concur and I lived in Houston Texas where I couldn’t get a GYM that wasn’t a hours drive. Now I have moved to the Bay area- California and I have a bit more selection – however there is a waiting list and they offer classes at very odd times. Same issue as Houston – its a 30min to 45 mins depending on traffic.

I used to live in Canada and that is when I first got a taste of the Les Mills Programs. I loved it and was totally addicted to going to the Gym. Just as you mentioned I could get to a Les Mill class without much hassle – there were 5 gyms in my little city so no matter what I was able to attend withing a short driving distance. Plus it had classes practically every day so you could attend as many as you wanted.

Sadly I had to leave Canada and moved to the USA. Biggest shock was there wasn’t a Les Mill class within 25 miles of me. It just made me sad that I could not attend as quite frankly, if its no in your way home from work – its hard to get your butt to go to the GYM when you spend an hour traveling to the GYM and then hour back (Bear in mind Traffic is a issue where i live)

I was super happy to see Les Mill now has a home package so I can still do the class i like but its getting boring as there is not much selection and I still like the GYM atmosphere.

I would love to go to the GYM and hope that more Les Mill classes can be offered by more GYM’s and not just the ones they have now.

In addition I did see the schedules and the GYM that does offer these classes has Body pump just twice a week and a waiting list !!!!! So as a consumer in the US I have lucked out.

I attend two BP classes a week along with an arobics class as well I try to eat as many proteins as I possibly can. The only problem is I’m allergic to dairy products. If I eat to much of it my nose runs like a sif. The only thing that I’ve found is Almond milk because it’s lactose and soy free. Any other ideas?

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