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2012-2 Les Mills filming dates

Posted on: November 30, 2011

Hi guys – just received the dates for the next filming round – these differ slightly from original dates I was given. As usual they are subject to change by Les Mills International. The round after this is GFX – that is a massive fitness extravaganza being held May 10-12 – it’s an awesome event! If you’re coming (to either) see ya there!

Wednesday 25th January 2012

  • SH’BAM 8

Saturday 28th January 2012

  • CXWORX 7

Tuesday 31st January 2012

  • RPM 55
  • BODYJAM 61

15 Responses to "2012-2 Les Mills filming dates"

Soy entrenadora de body combat y de body pum me encatan las disiplinas y los todos los progamas de lesmills

Thanks for posting. Do you know if the tapings are open to non instructors? I am planning a trip from the NorthEast USA. Would love to attend Body Jam taping. Tried posting and asking help on Facebook for maybe somewhere to stay. Can u help me? Thanks so much!

Marcella yes open to non-instructors. If you’re not a member of Les Mills then you’ll need to pay a casual fee for the day. Just come to reception on the day and ask to buy a casual entry. Then you can access all the filmings of the day (exception is RPM which is probably fully booked already and is an additional fee)

Hi, I am raul from Spain and finally I will be coming for January filming with the french trip, a real good opportunity to meet amazing people.
The dates are the same as I was given from and Wednesday will be a real challenge as I will be arriving at 8 am 25/Jan (NZ time) after 24h flight and in the afternoon I would like to do pump + attack (and maybe balance¿?). I hope the flight is on time and I do not miss the first filming day (it is supposed to start around 15h).
I am really excited about the trip and I hope I will see you there Glen.
Thanks for your posts.

Where is Bodypump 82 going to be filmed at?

Hi Glen! I’m thinking about traveling to NZ for one of the filmings next year, probably May or July. Can you tell me more about what the GFX is? Does this event make the classes more busy or harder to get into? I’ll be traveling all the way from the U.S. so I want to make sure I can attend as many of the filmings as possible! Thanks for the info!

Lauren it’s a massive event where Les Mills NZ and Les Mills International combine all the filmings, workshops and educations into one weekend – then finish it all with a massive party on the Saturday night. It WILL be really busy, but that just means you need to run up for everything early. The great thing is in one weekend you’ll see two releases – for example you’ll see the filming of BODYCOMBAT 53, plus the workshop for BODYCOMBAT 52. It’s epic – but yeah – REALLY really busy and if you’re not early for equipment based programmes like pump you may miss a spot. Hope this helps!

Glen, one quick question. Will the filming be done in that order: balance, shbam, pump..?
Merry Christmas from Spain and I hope I will see you there!
Counting down the days for the flight to NZ!!

Hi Raul no we don’t know the order yet unfortunately. Will post when I see it. See ya there!

Glen, can’t wait to meet you in person at the BP filming in a few weeks! Cheers from Washington, DC, US!

Hey Glen, when are the master class filmings generally? I want to plan a trip down there and would love to be there during tapings, so if I wanted to come to the Q4 taping for example, when during the year would that be? Thanks!

Angie Les Mills have just started putting all the dates on their facebook page which is handy – so all the dates for 2012 are there (they generally don’t shift) – check out and click on ‘events’

Hey Glen! How do you book for GFX please? I’d love to come over from England for one!
Nat :o)

Nat – to book go to – password is gfwarpspeed 🙂

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