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BODYCOMBAT 50 filming

Posted on: July 29, 2011

BC50 gift bags given out after class

Well guys the big half century for the world’s number one martial arts based fitness program has officially been filmed, locked and loaded. BODYCOMBAT 50 is complete! And, as you would expect it was a MASSIVE night.

As per usual, I have to do my short disclaimer. I will endeavour to give you a feel for the release, and my first impressions of it – but I cannot reveal any specific music or choreography until instructor workshops begin. But I will do my best to tell you as much as I can without letting the proverbial cat out of the bag.

BODYCOMBAT 50 had a literal ‘A Team’ of presenters from around the globe. D&R, Andres Vesga (originally from Colombia last seen on BC47), Shaunna May (from the USA last on BC46) and Judy King (now training out of South East Asia last on BC43). The team were dressed in black and white LMI shorts and celebratory BC50 black tops. As per usual they all looked lean, tanned and amazing!

By the time the actual class kicked off it was approaching 10pm so as you’d expect the class wasn’t quite as packed as some previous filmings, yet it was still busy especially given how late it was. However, it seemed that well over half the people that were in the room were fighting for the front row – the front section were just jammed in like venum sponsored sardines! In fact both Dan and Rach told them on separate occasions that they would have to move back, and give each other some room. I’m not too sure the words of advice were heeded however.

If you’ve read my last two filming posts you’ll see I fell in love with both BODYCOMBAT 48 and BODYCOMBAT 49 immediately as soon as I did them for the first time. Some releases you do instantly love, and some can take time to grow on you; I think BC50 falls into the latter category.

Now if you’ve seen the sizzler for BC49 (or done the release itself) you’ll know that the intensity of the workout starts straight from the first track. In fact the first time I did BC49 I was puffing mid way through the lower body warmup! I recall very clearly a friend of mine turning to me during a BC49 rehearsal class and saying “OMFG is this still the warmup?!” – it’s a big track! Well 50 is similar – the lower body warmup felt long and had loads of kicks. I know the upper body track has been in pump before, and the lower body track is a well known artist breaking all sorts of album sales at the moment *hint hint*!

Hopefully I can say this (I’m sure LM will tell me quick smart if I can’t); sound effects are back! Is this part of a celebration of combat’s heritage perhaps? They are very noticeable in track 2, and the muay thai – and I think track 4 as well from memory. Definite “bish” moves on kicks and upper body movements. But don’t fret if you’re not a fan… we’ve not gone back to the days of BC15 with bells and gongs!

There’s a couple of new moves in 50. A new kick in track 4 (this is the kick Dan warned everyone they’d need some room for), and a new adaption of a move in the muay thai. Both are pretty cool. And be prepared as track 6 is 6 solid minutes of pure pain. This track makes Stamp or Spitfire seem like a stroll in a park by comparison; YOUCH!

But, the highlight of the release for me? Third release running, yes you guessed it; TRACK FIVE! Man the days of me absolutely cringing at track 5s has well and truly gone. Track 5 in BC48 was awesome, track 5 in BC49 is EVEN BETTER and track 5 in BC50 is definitely the peak of the release. In fact every single instructor I spoke to felt the same way. It. Goes. Off. Freakishly all three of those tracks (48-5, 49-5 and 50-5) have all been in previous BC releases! How crazy is that! However, much like the version of No Good (aka Don’t Need) that is in 49, the version of the track in 50 that was in an earlier release bears little resemblance to its predecessor.

I mentioned this release may be a grower because if I’m completely truthful the first time I tried it I wasn’t “blown away”. But, the second time at the actual filming I enjoyed it a lot more which is brilliant. Yes there’s a move in track 2 that feels a little silly, yes track 3 didn’t quite peak like they usually do, and yes the cooldown cover is pretty awful if I’m being honest… but track 5 and 8 absolutely go off and that more than makes up for it! Track 8 is another uber-marathon 8+ minuter, and you’ll be riding an endorphin wave the entire way.

Happy Birthday BC!

Overall BODYCOMBAT 50 is a solid release. There’s innovation in new moves, with a couple of the tracks having been in early combat releases plus the sound effects BC50 definitely feels like a tribute release fitting of a such a big landmark. Excitingly I think it’s fair to say a new format has been found for track 5 and I for one freaken LOVE IT. Instructors you’ve got a few months up your sleeve to think of a way to celebrate this milestone – start prepping now and put your thinking caps on as it’s gonna be a big one!

And of course to BODYCOMBAT; Happy Birthday! It’s been a wild ride so cheers to another 50!

27 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 50 filming"

Yeah definitely liked this one, glad I stretched and warmed up BEFORE the class as the warm-up was huge. Looks like Dan and Rach are spending more time on legs and squatting moves for toning, my quads were on fire. Then again I shouldn’t have done heavy legs the day before. Love the TKD and Muay Thai segments and the very long intense ending; I think this is one that can really grow on you with still room to push beyond the tracks. There were some annoying bits in it that threw 2 tracks out for me, but the majority was intense and fast, I cant really remember them anyway as I was too busy trying not to kick or get kicked by others. It was pretty tight in there.

Question to anyone, are there any other gyms in CH-CH that do BC as the LMills CH-Ch Combat classes are few and far between and I want to get some classes in next week.

My legs were SCREAMING too Robbo – like you I’d trained earlier, and had just done another combat, attack and pump just beforehand. Man I was in pain!!

Hopefully someone can assist you with the Chch question too. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

Well written review as always!

I wonder if the tops will be available via LMI Clothing like the RPM 50 jerseys were… If so, let’s hope they learned their lesson from the stock debacle that was that – for the majority of countries, the tops were only available well after most clubs had launched!

Thanks Marshy! I’m sure they will be, they’ll be in hot demand!

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Not had BC49 here in the UK yet but love reading your updates on what’s down the line for us all around the rest of the world. Thanks for such a good review whilst keeping within the constraints of understandable secrecy but MAN! just one snippit, juicy morsel, hint at a song choice, anything? 🙂 No-ones looking and honest I’ll not tell D&R 😉

Haha well… muay thai was in BC2 originally – it’s not much to go on but it’s better than nothing and hopefully won’t get my ass kicked! Thanks for the kind words!

actually just to really mess with your head track 2 was in BC2 as well!

It really sounds nice especially track 5 … it seems to grow from the most boring track to become the best track in the release. BC48 had a good T5, the one of BC49 is even better and now T5 is the highlight … I can’t wait to do the release :))

If there was a “like” function as in Facebook then I’d be liking this post…….lots.

Although now I’m curious as to what these BodyCombat 50 tops look like. I know you guys can’t comment in much detail, let alone post pics anymore but if someone from LMI is reading this (if?!?) how about a teaser? Please?

Rob the combat tops were black singlet/tank tops with the same logo that is on the bag in the pic 🙂

GREAT! Awesome, Glen! Thanks a lot for sharing your insights! :)…Yeah, i would say the music play an important role in inspiring the moments when you have a great time with the release….i always think we should start with a bang musically on the warmup..some where during the power training tracks..and the cool down needs to give some uplifting moments musically….BC48 was awesome in workout but it paled towards the end musically..BC47 was great in this aspect musically…ending with a bang of a love song that was so upbeat and uplifting…I am looking forward to BC49..have listened to some of the tracks over youtube, pretty interesting selection……..just can’t wait….

Hi, I am interested in taking Body Combat lessons here in Toronto, could u tell me where can I search which gyms offer these classes??


why is hernan lopez no longer in BC filmings??

hola perdon donde puedo descargar body combat 50?¿

Ryan, Hernan was last seen on BodyCombat 46, it just isnt fair for presenters to be on consecutive releases.
We might see him in a future release.
He is a really good presenter!

Hi, I don’t know why everybody cheers so much for track 5. In 48 track 5 really sucked. It was the first one to be replaced in my course. In 49 track 5 has a not very interesting music but the combination music+choreo did it. Not bad for a track 5 though I have seen better ones. In the last releases track 2 got more energy (much more, i like that) and track 3 was becoming something like a warmup, ain’t that hot a track anymore it used to be (f. e. like bc40 which was a crazy release).

Just my 2 cents.

Hi Glen! Will you be posting the track list for BodyCombat 50 soon? I’m so excited to see it. Get to see it in a few weeks at our region’s quarterly workshop!!! (but I can’t wait!!!!!)

Did BC 50 for the second time tonight and it’s definitely a grower for me as well. I did it yesterday morning and wasn’t blown away like I was with 48 and 49. Tonight, though, I liked it a bit more!

I can’t say I like track 4 too much, but. The blocks seem to be on the off-beat, which, well, puts me off. And, the new side-kick is definitely not “beginner-friendly”. Also, track 7 is a bit messy if I was to be honest. It really seems all over the place. I think it’s more to do with the music rather than the actual choreography. They had the muay thai track down with BC48, but they have lost me with the past 2 released.

However, I LOVE TRACK 5!!! I still like Don’t Need more, but this one is SERIOUSLY good! Track 8 is pretty good too! It doesn’t go off for me like Turn To Me does, but my shoulders SCREAM during this one! My goal (along with track 6… OUCH!!!) is to get through this track without having to stop.

By the way, keep up the awesome blog, man! Seriously LOVE it!

Sean I agree 100% with every word you just said! I’m in week 2 of teaching and def prefer more now. But again not 48 or 49 to me either.

Thanks for your kind words!

i really like this new version of bc ,,,,,its the big 50 and hety they have dont to make ur legs screammmmmmmmmmmm 🙂 ,,,,, thankx les miles and our instructors 🙂


Hi again Glen, I had just participated in the launching of BC50 here in Indonesia last night. It was AWESOME! there were 3 instructors, one of them was Lee Regina (you might have known her since I think she’s a Les Mills representative instructor for South East Asia). The launch was held in Celebrity Fitness gym chain. It was full packed with bodycombat nutters. Young and old, male and female, unity in diversity! It was a great event, the instructors were full of energy and they directed the choreo very well. All of the participants were pumped up and the energy was kinda infecting into one another..

As for the BC itself, I think I kinda agree with you. Though the launch was awesome, it didn’t help mask the fact that it wasn’t as explosive and intense as I expected it to. As some previous releases, I know eventually it will grow on me, but my first impression, I wasn’t really blown away. Track 5 is great by the way. simple moveset, doesn’t really have many combos but man when you do it with power, it’s a shoulder killer! The advancing side kick from track 4 is interesting. When you do it from static stand it’s kinda hard to do, but I did it while moving and with a bit of small jumping start and it felt natural (Bruce Lee’s style) owing to my Taekwondo background. Anyway, it’s great to read your blog then actually compare your experience with mine when I did it for the first time ever. Keep up the good work, and hope for more success for you!


Cheers Alvin! You know what I found it really hard not to go into a jumping or sliding side kick on track 4 too… Feels way more natural to me too.

Thanks for your comment! 🙂

Can someone help me!

I really recognise the scooter sample used in track five strigt after the silent bit in the middle – what track was this used in befre and what release was this from! Its bugging me!

Does anyone know!

Thanks 🙂

Karen that’s from the original Nessaja – a bonus track in BC16

Ha ha – going back to read this blog now after actually doing the release it makes loads of sense!

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