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BODYCOMBAT instructor module… done and dusted :)

Posted on: October 14, 2008

My God what a weekend. I’ve never exercised so much in all my life! All up there were eleven of us, all Combat junkies and a really really cool group of people. Quite a broad age range (about 30 years between the youngest and oldest), and there was quite a broad range in combat experience in the group too – from one person who’d already been teaching combat for years to others who’d never actually stepped on a stage before. However every one of us came with the same mindset which was simply marvellous.

The module was taken by Sarah Robinson and Amy Styles which was fantastic as they are both veterans of not only combat but also Jam, Attack, Step, Pump and RPM so they were able to draw on their experience from those programmes and their respective modules.

To be honest the module involved a lot more theory than I thought. I envisaged lots of time doing various kicking and punching drills, perfecting technique and even more time spent on stage, and there was quite a bit of time spent doing those. However we spent most of our time seated with pen and paper in hand discussing the ‘essence’ of BODYCOMBAT, the various factors involved in coaching, and the components of cueing, being a role model etc. The fact your technique was up to par was almost considered a given due to the fact you were there.

The biggest wake up call for me (and probably the moment of truth as far as I was concerned) was watching myself on video. I’ve never seen myself on screen doing combat before, and to see how the participants see me on stage definitely made a difference. Before the module we all had to complete a questionnaire detailing our fitness experience. Sarah told me she specifically gave me track five after reading about my obtaining a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. TKD is primarily kick based, and track five has NO kicks! Evil woman! 😉 Kicks are definitely my strong suit – in fact out of all the compliments I’ve had on my technique all of it has been on my kicks! So it was definitely a wake up call to see my hooks and uppers on tape as they do need some work. Great to know now though however and I’ve already seen improvements in a couple days.

Day 3 was definitely the killer. We’d had two full on days (day two was about 10 hours long) so by day 3 we were all starting to feel a little worse for wear. However just to spice it up a bit on that day we all presented twice which meant 22 cardio tracks that afternoon. What really killed was the order was randomised, and we ended up with consecutive track 6’s, followed by track 4 and the Muay Thai – all in a row – by then my legs were killing me. And, there was absolutely no way you could ease off, I put 100% into every track as if I were fresh as that’s what my fellow combaters deserved.

I took the very last track of the day at about 4:50pm Sunday evening, and there was no way I was holding back – everyone absolutely gave their all it was simply awesome. All in all it was an amazing weekend and I learnt a lot and made some great friends that I know I’ll keep in contact with. Bring on the next challenge! 🙂

3 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT instructor module… done and dusted :)"

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I’m a bit puzzled – how can someone teach combat for years prior to their instructor module?

Hi Sasha – I guess their gym doesn’t police their instructors. Happens quite often in smaller gyms. Same thing happened when I did the attack module, I personally knew one of the instructors and he’s been teaching attack at several gyms around town for years – I almost died when I saw him there as I thought he’d have been certified long before!

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