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BODYPUMP 70 Sizzler

Posted on: March 30, 2009

Latest BODYPUMP 70 poster

Latest BODYPUMP 70 poster

The key focus of BodyPump 70 is perfect timing. This means your body spends more time under tension and this will get you shape fast! The music in this release really ‘goes off’ – and keep an ear out for beats you’ve never heard before in BodyPump.

Game on in the Squat Track! Challenge yourself with more resistance. Don’t be fooled by the slow start and the Pop-Rock nature of the track – the back half bites hard with four sets of Singles and Bottom Halves back-to-back to finish! Go a little bit heavier in the Chest Track – Infinity 2008 is awesome and builds anticipation before you pump it! The new tempo means your muscles will be under tension for the maximum amount of time.

True Believer will inspire you to give it all you’ve got in the Back Track, before Christine Aguilera’s Keeps Gettin’ Better drives you through the Triceps Track. You don’t need but get ready to feel the burn in the Pushups and Kickbacks! Rock through the Biceps Track with Nickelback’s Gotta Be Somebody where Singles are the name of the game.

Take a deep breath before the Lunge Track. Sash! is back for this endurance track that is VERY intense and includes Lunges and Squats with heavy weight. Ouch! Another classic Rock track is in the house with Thunderstruck motivating you through the Shoulder Track. There’s a new move in the Abdominals Track – The Rotator Plank. Kanye West’s Love Lockdown is unlike any Abs Track – get ready for a dark, dim, sexy beat!

5 Responses to "BODYPUMP 70 Sizzler"

I am so excited that AC/DC is going to be in Pump! I can’t wait!

AC/DC’s Thunderstruck has already been in Body in Pump – BP49 T8??

The chest track for me is the standout – REAL unusual rhythm, love it 😀

Hey Glen,

Any idea about the warm up song? The motivation in the warm up songs has been lacking in the last couple releases, at least for me. They are usually one of my favorite parts, but Better In Time, I think is one of my least fav. warm up songs.

Still love your site and know you will be one of the first to post the info we (I) love to get.

[…] – Combat and Pump have their own posts so click on the following links for BODYCOMBAT 40 and BODYPUMP 70. Looking at these there’s quite a few programme track double ups so I’ll post the full […]

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