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I thought I’d pull the pics below out of the archives (from March last year) for two reasons; 1) because I’m currently trimming back down a bit for summer here and 2) as a follow up to my BODYPUMP and muscle growth post a couple weeks ago.

If you didn’t see this post back then, the two pics below were taken exactly one month apart. Basically all I did for that month was tidy up my diet (quite a lot) and a s@#t load of BODYCOMBAT (I think at the time it was 5 classes per week).

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

In that month using BODYCOMBAT alone I lost about 11lbs (5kgs) of bodyfat. I thought this was an opportune time to remind myself of these results as we’re exactly one month away from summer here in NZ! My point at the time was this and it still stands now: “Don’t let anyone ever tell ya group fitness doesn’t work my friends!”

The massive GFX event is exactly a week away (where I’ll be seeing BODYCOMBAT 46 and 47 at the same time, as well as BODYPUMP 76 and 77 and BODYATTACK 71 and 72!) – the event culminates in a huge Halloween style party where everyone is dressed up in costume – and as my costume is pretty revealing I’ll be ramping up my training and diet in this last week – I’ll be sure to post some pics of the costumes as they are sure to be hysterical. I’ll definitely be writing a whole heap about these releases – although as always I won’t be able to reveal any music or chorey from the filming classes – the posts will be more about my opinion of the releases themselves. So heaps to write about check back soon!

Ever since my “BODYCOMBAT and fat loss” series (part one and part two) I’ve had a lot of questions as to what my exact training programme entails. Many are very surprised to learn that for about 18 months now I get pretty much all my exercise exclusively from group fitness classes. Most ask – “is that enough?” – especially when it comes to weight training. The big question is; “Can you build muscle and lose bodyfat from group fitness alone?”

The answer is a resounding YES as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been in the fitness industry in one capacity or another for over a decade. Now, that’s not to say I’ve always been in shape. I used to own a sport nutrition company here in NZ. When I sold the company at its peak a few years back I took a loooong lay off from all exercise. And I paid the price – about 2 years ago I was close to 20 kg (50 lbs) heavier than I am now – and none of it was muscle! To get back in shape initially I started on the treadmill – but that got old really quick. Then I discovered BODYCOMBAT and the rest as they say is history.

To give you some idea take a look at the two pics below.

Two pics taken 10 years apart; me in 1999 and 2009

The first (on the left) was taken ten years ago back in 1999 in my bodybuilding days. Back then I training everyday at the gym as a bodybuilder. The second pic was taken earlier this year on my way to an event dressed as the wrestler John Cena. I know which exercise programme was more fun; close to two hours a day battling it out lifting weights and reluctantly slugging it out on a treadmill as I was back then – or an hour a day doing a BODYCOMBAT or BODYPUMP class!

My point is this; without question I’ve transformed my body almost exclusively using group fitness. I’ve lost about 50 lbs of fat – toned and built muscle, and more importantly I wake up every day looking forward to getting into the gym rather than dreading it. I used to bust my gutt at the gym to achieve the result on the left – and yes whilst I feel I was in good shape I never ‘enjoyed’ my training. Given I’m in my 30’s now (and let’s face it the ol’ metabolism probably isn’t what it was when I was in my 20’s) I feel I’m in the best shape of my life – and I’ve had an absolute ball doing it!

If you wanna know or see more post a comment below or add me on facebook, and hopefully this post helps answer this seemingly age old question! 🙂

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken exactly a month apart following diet below with BODYCOMBAT

Ever since I published this post detailing the results of my diet and loads of BODYCOMBAT I’ve had a tonne of messages asking me exactly what my diet entailed. (Almost all of these were via facebook so if you are on the site and you haven’t already please add me as a friend).

Before I begin let me say I’m the kinda person that doesn’t really do things by halves. So when I decided to drop my bodyfat the programme I set out on was fairly hardcore. In fact if you’re looking for an exciting, interesting nutrition plan that keeps you satisfied you’re probably not going to find it here! I’d also like to say that the programme I followed is  not one I’d recommend anyone follow long term. It was a targeted short term solution that I set out to follow for 4-6 weeks with the specific goal of getting my bodyfat down to single digits in the quickest possible time. My other goal was to maintain energy levels so I wasn’t collapsing on stage when teaching! And it worked, I dropped over 11 lbs in 4 weeks… but – this diet definitely aint for everyone that’s for sure! So, what did I do?

Effectively I ate the same thing every day (told you it wasn’t exciting!)

  • Breakfast: 4 egg omelet with mushrooms, spring onion, tomato and cheese (yes cheese! More on that below)
  • Lunch: One – two skinless/boneless chicken breasts (grilled with various spices) with a lot of broccoli
  • Dinner: Chicken (or a lean red meat) with a tonne of salad (lettuce, tomato etc) and low carb balsamic vinigrette
  • Snacks: Low carb protein shakes or bars (up to two a day as required)

Okay, so – the first thing you’ll probably notice is the distinct lack of carbohydrates. Yes, this is effectively a very low carb (or ketogenic) diet. Although there’s a lot of debate about low carb diets I’ve tried almost everything and (for me personally) they are definitely the best way to lean up quickly. Without being bogged down in the science of it all when you eat very low carb on or around day 3 of your diet your body goes into a state called ketosis whereby it burns ketones as its primary energy source. And the best news is ketones are produced exclusively via the metabolism of fat.

What this means is that once you’re in a ketogenic state you literally give your body no option but to burn fat as its primary fuel. It works, and it works well – especially when combined with effectively exercise!

While on the subject of exercise I’m sure some of you would be concerned about having low energy due to a low carb intake. The thing is, yes, on day 2 and 3 you do feel tired, and your energy levels do suffer. However, once your body goes into ketosis your energy levels return to normal – in fact some people actually find they have more energy on a low carb diet. If you are wondering if your body is in a ketogenic state you can test for it using ketostix (they’re cheap as chips and available at almost any pharmacy or drug store).

There’s loads on the net about low carb diets, probably the best known is the Atkins Diet – however unlike the Atkins diet the diet plan above is not high fat. It’s all the fat (saturated especially) that gave the Atkins diet a bad wrap, and because we’re all doing this to look and feel healthy high fat is not the way to go. However… because your body is in a fat burning state some fat is okay (hence the cheese in my omelet!) – the trick is not to eat more than 20 grams of carbs per day (if you can’t be bothered counting carbs then just don’t eat any!)

So there you have it. I never said it was exciting – and I’m sure it’s not for most people but lemme tell you it works!

On a lighter note the GFX is coming up exactly two weeks so I’ll have loads to report including the latest on BODYCOMBAT 41, and BODYPUMP 71 (as well as more on BC40 and BP70). Any questions or comments just fire away! 🙂

I’m heading on holiday in about ten days and figured about a month ago I’d sort my diet out and lean up a bit for the trip – I’m heading to Perth and it’s about 40° C there at the moment (over 100° F!) so will be on the beach a bit! Anyway, always good when you set a goal to have a starting point so I snapped a before pic. I wasn’t out-of-shape (at least I don’t think so) but my diet wasn’t ideal so really all I did was stop eating any rubbish for one month. Without a word of a lie literally the only exercise I’ve done over this period is… you guessed it; BODYCOMBAT.

The pics below were taken exactly one month apart to the day and I think speak for themselves (the second pic was actually taken about a week ago and I’ve gotten quite a bit leaner still since then). Total weight lost is about 5 kilos (11 lb) in 4 weeks.  Don’t let anyone ever tell ya group fitness doesn’t work my friends!

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

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