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BODYCOMBAT and fat loss

Posted on: March 6, 2009

I’m heading on holiday in about ten days and figured about a month ago I’d sort my diet out and lean up a bit for the trip – I’m heading to Perth and it’s about 40° C there at the moment (over 100° F!) so will be on the beach a bit! Anyway, always good when you set a goal to have a starting point so I snapped a before pic. I wasn’t out-of-shape (at least I don’t think so) but my diet wasn’t ideal so really all I did was stop eating any rubbish for one month. Without a word of a lie literally the only exercise I’ve done over this period is… you guessed it; BODYCOMBAT.

The pics below were taken exactly one month apart to the day and I think speak for themselves (the second pic was actually taken about a week ago and I’ve gotten quite a bit leaner still since then). Total weight lost is about 5 kilos (11 lb) in 4 weeks.  Don’t let anyone ever tell ya group fitness doesn’t work my friends!

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

Two pics taken one month apart showing effects of BODYCOMBAT and proper diet

16 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT and fat loss"

As an aside I certainly don’t recommend BODYCOMBAT be anyone’s sole form of exercise.

“Normally” I’d do BODYPUMP once a week and also get in a couple weights sessions, however for whatever reason I haven’t been doing that recently (I think with training for the new releases, workshop etc maybe I’ve just been too distracted). But certainly variety is key to a successful fitness regime.

Have a great holiday Glen, you deserve it 😀

(and those are some abs! What a shame I’m not so genetically fortunate, with the amount of exercise I do, I’m still jiggalicious. Oh well! :-D)

Thanks Raina.

Actually although I’d never complain about my genetics if I were to show you a pic of me from 18 months ago you’d not recognise me – I was 19 kilos heavier than I am now (and no it wasn’t muscle trust me!)

I prefer the first pic over the second one – the second one make you look anorectic. 😦 Eat more, mate!

Haha – I’ll be eating plenty next week when I’m on holiday trust me 🙂

Very Nice !

Haha Lou very cute 🙂

Great pics – you didn’t get anyone to ‘photoshop’ them? *L*
I’m sure I’ve got a 6 pack – I think it just has a big protective coating over it at the moment……
Since going to the gym I’ve lost about 10 kgs, and gained so much more in terms of fitness. I’d still like to lose about another 15 kgs to get closer to my goal weight. I’ve actually started seeing a personal trainer, who has designed a weight program for me to do, and that’s made a difference as I can now do more press-ups on my toes!
At the moment each week I do 3-4 combat classes, 1 pump class and my weights program

Too many of the members read this for me to get away with photoshopping Nick! 😉

Hey great results dude, keep up the awesome work. The weight training will really help preserve muscle while losing fat which is really important.

Nicely done! 😀

Hi Glen,,,

man great/awesome/cool/nice job!!!!!… like Raina said i wish i could have better genetics… hehehe.

But i’m shure you work your ass off or at least you work to get those results, … me well i’m thinking seriously to start a new way of working, right now i’m only doing BodyCombat (5 classes/week) and BodyPump (5 classes/week) but that’s just the classes i teach. The new things i want to do is weight training and improve my diet a little bit better (no more trash food).

And i hope i cant get just a liiiiiittle of your results man,,, again WOW 😐

take care master!

One word:


I think the first picture looked much better. No one should be so skinny, girls or boys.

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omg i am new to combat just starting properly and ppl told me combat waste time u cant lose alot weight nor can ya tone ya muscels. reading and looking at ya pix told me u can do everythinh that ppl say u cant, hope u ave a gr8 holiday

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