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2011-3 Les Mills sizzlers

Posted on: July 26, 2011


After the Warm-up it’s straight into a new squat combination – four Singles and four Bottom Halves. Then be prepared to have the kitchen sink thrown at your triceps with Extensions, Presses and Overhead Extensions. Even the Abs track has something new – a Reverse Weight Grip that opens up the chest and makes Crunches just a little trickier.


The first couple of tracks use a new style of choreography that warms you up with sets of Kicks before the heart races into the training zone with simple Kick/Punch combos. There are no tricks here, so just go with it.


Energy, passion, drive and challenge – this release has it all! The full-on Aerobic track will have your heart pounding before your legs are tested with an awesome Lunges/Squats power combo and the new Walking Burpees fire up arms and shoulders. You sure weren’t Born This Way but you’re on the ‘right track’ to a better you.


Flowing t’ai chi movements in the Warm-up encourage you to connect breath, body and mind before a series of composition moves combine to make the ultimate complete core workout. Let your mind lift up into the music as you energise your body before you re-enter the stillness of the Meditation track and, eventually, bring your awareness back into the room and re-enter the world.


To mark the programme’s fifth year you’re invited to celebrate with this release, which is divided into two blocks: low impact but high intensity, and functional strength. As you enter the Integrated Strength track, there’s a surprise for you! Then focus your attention on your hips as you work them using a VIVE tube and a whole lot of willpower.


This is the hottest dance class in the world – The Future Funk of Paris. You’ll feel it drop straight from the first beat, so roll up one leg and get ready to jam. There are three advanced options for this release. This is your class: take it, love it, dance it, own it.

RPM 52

Attack your legs with a release that features short, sharp sprints and some big climbs that’ll get you out of your seats and stretch your lungs to the limits. You’re playing in the Mixed Terrain – racing and climbing – then a series of intervals kick-start your heart rate and smash your legs as you take on the pack. Attack, attack!


Welcome to the revolution. You can choose your usual kick-butt workout or push your class to another level with the new format. Instructors can now replace Tracks 8 and 9 with the new Athletic Circuit – 7½ minutes of high-intensity interval training including the Weighted Squat, Power Jump and Burpee. Get ready to sweat because this ain’t no dance class.

11 Responses to "2011-3 Les Mills sizzlers"

Man the sizzlers are short this round!

lol reckon, think I’ll wait for your reivew Glen hehe

Haha yeah doesn’t give too much away does it!

The sizzler looks super nice… Too bad at my place is a few release late…

Short and to the point and no song reveals!

Yeah bit of a clue in attack but that’s it!

Teases & tantalizes!

I’m even thinking of trying Attack just for Born This Way… 😀 itching to know the other tracklists!!

There is a clue in BodyJam

LM official website has posted full sizzlers with introduction videos (Y)

Here’s the updated sizzler for BB54:

Let your ‘me’ time begin as you follow a warmup featuring a different balance of flowing and more energetic moves. Enjoy the abundant and flowing Tai Chi movements as they encourage you to connect breath, body and mind.

Following on is the Sun Salutations track which is set to the 2011 remake of Frozen. It features a new Yoga transition where you step or jump in and out of the Forward Fold.

Track 4 is a highlight track that sees a pose evolved in three different ways, advancing and developing each time it changes, encouraging you to sink deeper into it and your practice.

Next, it’s time for the Hip Openers track, set to Every Time It Rains. Just like the rain, this track is full of movements with a beautiful, mesmerising feel to them.

Now it’s time to channel attention on your core. Enjoy the sounds of Rolling In The Deep while your body transitions through a composition of moves that combine to make the ultimate complete core workout.

Take pleasure listening to the heart-rendering remake of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face in Track 9. Let your mind lift up into the music as you enjoy a series of Forward Bends that loosen your hamstrings and energize your body.

Then it’s time to enter the stillness of the Meditation track and, eventually, bring your awareness back into the room and re-enter the world.

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