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BODYCOMBAT 49 filming

Posted on: May 12, 2011

Well once again, much like my BODYCOMBAT 48 filming post – I am REALLY excited to write this. BODYCOMBAT 49 absolutely kicks ass. Serious serious SERIOUS ass.

Now as per usual I have to do my short disclaimer. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I can’t disclose anything specific about the music or choreography. LM like to keep this under wraps till workshops kick off, and they’re the boss! All good though – I can tell you my opinion of the release – and my opinion is it freaken rocked.

BODYCOMBAT 49 was presented by D&R, George from Cyprus and Tamu from Japan. Although the internationals only presented a total of a track each (well actually two half tracks each to be precise) they did really well. I managed to catch a rehearsal class just two days before the filming and I was amazingly impressed by how much they improved in just a mere 48 hour period. I mean let’s face it – it probably doesn’t get much more intimidating than presenting a class to a) a room full of instructors and b) 3 or 4 cameras and the entire Les Mills International production team filming it for release to tens of thousands more! So yep they did a great job.

The release itself? Well I can’t believe I’m saying this now for two releases in a row, but my favourite track was, wait for it… TRACK FIVE! I’ve made no secret about the fact that track five has almost always been the low point for in recent releases for me personally; the likes of The Warriors Code, Proud Mary, Ballroom Blitz etc haven’t really floated my boat. But, that’s all in the past because track 5 in both BC48 and BC49 are freaken amazing! BC49’s track five might even be better than 48’s! Actually coincidentally both of those tracks have been in previous BC releases (in fact the track 5 in BC49 was used in a BC release only 10 or so releases ago!) but the remixes used could not be more different. So definitely get really to rock that one loud as it will go off!!

The rest of 49 is awesome too. Both the upper and lower body warmup tracks have been in recent LM releases – however very different remixes. The lower body track when used in pump wasn’t that great in my opinion – but in combat it works much better. The music for track 3 will surprise you – and make you giggle! Track 4 felt quite a bit like track 4 from BC44, a little bit dark, a little bit ominous – it’s good!

Structurally track 6 felt very similar to track 6 from BC45 (though faster and better!) and the muay thai was kinda rocky. And be prepared to feel like you’ve run a marathon after track 8 as it’s a long one!!! (and a good one!)

Choreography wise, without being specific, 49 is a simple release. Nothing new or fancy, just pure, simple and brilliant! I really can’t rave about it enough.

So again, much like 48 I’m really excited about this one! For those of you that have seen 48 you’ll know what I mean about track 5 – and 49’s better! Woo hoo!

So that’s it in a nutshell! Be excited! Next up is BODYCOMBAT 50 on the 1st of August! Book your tickets to NZ now as that’s gonna be epic! See ya there!

36 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 49 filming"

Someday, I’d love to make it to NZ. Are there special arrangements that have to be made to be in a master class filming???
P.S. Thanks for your insights and opinions on BC (and BP). As a new instructor, it’s great to have an idea of what’s just beyond the horizon!! πŸ™‚

Hi Mike! All you need to do is purchase a pass from Les Mills New Zealand and it gets you into all the filmings for the day. You don’t need to book into anything except RPM (as there are limited bikes) – the rest you just bowl along to – but it is a good idea to get to the pump filming class early as there are limited benches. The other classes no probs at all.

The passes are discounted to NZ$10 per day – if you are coming just let me know and I’ll give you the contact details. Most international guests stay at The Oaks – and we get a discounted rate there – you can book that at – easy as that!

Thanks Glen!

Love your posts! Waiting fΓΆr 48 and already HYPED for 49 πŸ™‚


Thanks Andrianna!

@Mike – You’ll need to contact Carla Fitzsimons at LMNZ to organise your access to the gym, though as for the filming itself, if you’re in the gym, you pretty much just walk on in!

Glen, awesome post as always! So great to hear your excitement about the last two releases πŸ˜€

I have to say that even though Warrior’s Code is relatively simple (and also the first release I’ve done as an instructor), it was good to see the return of a circle track…I also miss the split room tracks! I actually liked Ballroom blitz and Proud Mary (and even Tutti Frutti!) because they’re well known songs that are just fun to do!…plus those jump squats in some track 5’s get the legs working

Wow – Warriors Code made my ears bleed. I tried my best to sell it to my peeps but by the third class I had 4 different people ask me to mix it out. First time a track has not even made a week after release before.

But yes, different strokes for different folks!

By the way you have a very famous LM namesake here!

As for track 5’s… I liked Johnny B Goode & Tutti Frutti, but other recent track 5’s haven’t done it for me. Proud Mary was in RPM 3 and is constantly requested at my gym, yet the chorey in the Combat version had me yawning. Warriors Code… so few people I have come across like that track, I have known several people (members and instructors alike) who leave the room when that track starts! What a diverse landscape we live in, it’s great to hear that different people have different experiences with the releases πŸ™‚

Love reading your posts on the new releases. I’m so looking forward to 49 now. 48 is Good! ….. Make that GOOD!!! Liking most of the choreo & music.

Chris must be 1 of the few ppl who like Warrior’s Code. Thot it’s a unanimous hate *grins*.

Thanks Linda. Yep that track went down worse than any track I’ve ever taught – right back to BC16! Someone must’ve liked it though as it ended up in there! πŸ˜›

No Irish drinking songs in 48 or 49 thankfully!! πŸ˜‰

Gosh! Your opinion about 49 make me shiver, can’t wait for the next two releases.

Greetings from Mexico.

Glen – you’ve got me drooling….. hopefully we will be in Tga by the time BC49 gets released… our house is already on the market….
I can’t wait to do regular combat classes again!

Yay Nick that’d be awesome! πŸ™‚

Woohoo so pumped about 49 now!! I wish I could come to NZ for any of the next filming however work/uni collide 😦

@Chris… did you sell it as an irish pub brawl πŸ˜‰ HAHAHA so thankful that I did not get that track at module and that I got release me “cause I don’t need the heartbreak”!!

Can I just ask… did everyone after module never want to hear the release again? I swear if i hear 47 one more time I may cry… its forever embedded in my brain!!

everytime I read this I miss bc a little bit more! I’ve been with 2 gyms recently, both have dropped it. My fav bc instructor says he keeps having to give up bc classes. .. Let’s bring bc back to melbourne!

I have to agree, Warriors Code is quite unpleasant and if I was closer to the door then yes I’d leave … hahaha.

Emily which gym do you go to in melbourne?!

Fitness First have so many classes of combat!!

I was at melbourne uni and now at brunswick baths

We did 49 tonight and it is AWESOME!!! I effin’ LOVE it!

It’s SO hard to walk out of the class thanks to tracks 4 and 6. My legs felt like jelly! And, there’s only one word that can be used to describe track 7. It is KILLER!

Overall, I can’t get enough of this release! My favourite is definitely track 6. Mainly because I like the song and can’t help but really get into it.

Awesome blog, by the way. πŸ™‚

thanks Sean! I can’t wait to do 49 again! πŸ™‚

Actually, just realised we did 48 not 49. Still, 48 ROCKS!

I am wondering when the tracklist for 49 will be up. I have to resit my module again… I did 47 and i absolutely loved it!!!
I look, move and feel like a fighter, i guess i just wasnt in the right headspace to pass.

Hi Ray, the tracklist for 49 will be posted soon. I have it but cannot release until I have the all clear from LMI. It won’t be long however. It is a brilliant release you’ll love it. Good luck for your module – second one will be much easier as you’ll know all the theory.

Looking forward to seeing the track listing for 49. We have just started 48 here!

Thanks for your post, Glen! Can’t wait for the tracklist to go up and to get to workshop end of august πŸ˜› Seriously painful being ppca-free with limited options when mixing, so theres always great anticipation when workshop rolls around πŸ˜€

Having recently fell in love with If I Were You and reading how you think that track 5 in 49 is even BETTER, I can’t wait for my gym to launch 49!!!

Hi Glen! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog! I’m a body combat instructor from Finland but also a huge fan of other LMI classes! I wish that I could someday come to NZ and participate in master class filming, it would be a dream come true! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for release 49, especially track 5!!!

Hey Glen!! I cannot wait to see Track 5 on August 20 at the workshops!! I have loved “If I were you”, def. one of the best track 5s in a while, though I have a soft spot for “Contagious!!”.

“You can’t stop the beat” from BC35 is always requested by my Fernwood ladies and “How Far We’ve Come” is another popular one, but I’m so glad so many of you cannot stand “Warrior’s Code” as I just thought it was the most awful track 5 of all time! Never mixing that in ever again lol after dropping it swiftly!

Can’t wait to see you on the posters!!

G’day Glen, I really enjoy your blog as it keeps me sorta ‘connected’ with NZ. Wondering when you started going to LM central? I used to go there from 2004-2007(never reaaly saw you there), in the days that Susan was still a ‘Tolj’, Dan & Rach weren’t married, Angie & Mike were doing the sunday ‘avro’ BC and so on…..those sweet memories. As Rach used to point out: thanks for the memories”(last BC for me in Auckland). Anyway, keep up the good work here. I’m really excited to hear Nogood is back in BC 49. Saw a vid on the net…it’s awesome, previous version of this song was already good IMHO; this one however is FANTASTIC.
Agree totally that t5 used to suck (sorry D&R). now however.

Hi Arjan – I used to be a member back in the early 2000s but I never did GF. First time I started heading to GF classes there was 2009 – sounds like you were there in what a lot of people call the ‘good ol days!’

Hahaha, well don’t know about good ol days Glen….can’t really compare anymore now, rather difficult to just stop by nowadays (20.000 k’s from there). It’s however a memory that I really cherish, going to the worlds most exciting gym in the world. Hence, I really enjoy reading about what’s going on via your blog.

NZ Glen. OMG is all i can say. I just ordered $210.00 worth of BODYCOMBAT clothing, i cant wait to get it, and then workout in it!!!

Im going to look so good for when i resit next month, im defo going to pass!

Hi Glen!! I love your forum, I think is great! I Love the les mills programmes, I think they are doing a great job in general but in my own opinion les mills should review the contract of all programe directors and make it 4 years only unless re-elected by all the instructors across the world, that way we will all have the opportunity to be at the top of our game at some point and instructors will feel more motivated to work hard and with a bit of luck one day become the programe director.
at the moment all they aim is to be in the dvd and then what? I know some amazing instructors out there who can bring so many new things if given the opportunity.
so what am suggesting is to have some candidates for the top job every 4 years so we get the oportunity to elect or vote for the next promgrame director, that way we keep everyone involved.
isn’t it a good idea? or do you want to see dan and rachel and all the other programe directors for the next 20 years? is just like having apple pie, it taste nice but if you have it every day continuously for 3 months you get sick of it no matter how nice the pie is.

I just want to know what you think of my idea, do you think that may happen one day? or it sounds too crazy to consider? I would like to know what Glen thinks.


Interesting idea Jesus but not sure it would work that well as it would turn into a popularity contest and the person that received the most votes may be a great instructor but that doesn’t mean they’d be a great choreographer. But interesting idea!

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