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2011-3 Les Mills posters

Posted on: July 21, 2011

Posters have hit the net guys! Very similar in style to the last ones – though I’d have the argue these slogans are better. BUT- check out the new calorie count for combat! Finally an accurate reading! (I’ll be able to put these ones up in my gym now!) I’m THRILLED about that – great work LMI!

Lots going this month, loads of updates on their way plus BODYCOMBAT 50 and BODYPUMP 80 filmings next week! I’ll post on those soon after (as much as I’m allowed of course) – in the meantime take a look at the below and let me know your thoughts! (oh, and watch for some REALLY exciting news in the coming days too!)

24 Responses to "2011-3 Les Mills posters"

Much better then last. It seems they realized they shouldn’t cover the models with test either 😀 BC caloriecount yeeei! 😀 Like the slogans more to, simple and easy to incorporate into the workout!

Thanks for the post Glen!

I know far better huh?! I actually didn’t even put up the last 2 sets of posters in my gym as I knew the calorie count was wrong. I’m so happy!

I agree Andrianna – I didn’t actually even put up the last 2 sets of posters as I knew that count was wrong. So happy they’ve finally fixed it!

way beter, letters doesnt hide people. And not an “O” aroud a face 🙂

hey! they look better than the other ones! What about the bar code?! sh’bam and cx30?? Thanx so much Glen!!

I’d imagine the barcode will take your phone’s browser to the program website. CX30 and Sh’bam coming soon 🙂

I have tried some of bodystep and its freaking HARD!!!
The posters do look better though….

I know what you mean about one of the tracks in combat now 😉

Does your news relate to you or les mills….

That’s exciting. 🙂

Wow LMI getting high tech now!! QR codes on the DVDs??

@alimskim I know!

Where is SHBAM and CX30?? đŸ˜Ļ

There’s no way Bodycombat burns more calories than Bodyattack! I teach both!

I recognise some of the people on the posters! The Jam poster though, what the hell, the guy on the left looks really awkward and a bit spastic o_O Not sure I’ve ever seen a true Jammer like that! G of course looks awesome though 😀

Hysterical how Combat has a higher calorie count than Attack by 2 calories – I think the person who did up the numbers this time is a Combatter!

Kia Ora Glen,

Once more posters sucks! They don’t motivate new people to come to the classes just by looking at them, as the before previous posters. But as you said FINALLY correct calorie count on BC. Yiouhouuuuuuu.

Yes, the posters are again ugly(light improvement in comparison with the previous posters.

Hey nzglen,
the posters are greats!! But i don’t see the BC49 tracklist. have you posted yet?


Am I the only one who liked most the previous slogans? Anyway, I liked the posters, they put people that really seem to workout (at least in RPM and Combat) this time and the calorie count is more exact.

Why are those attackers so flipping happy? They should be a lot sweatier and look a bit more out of breath.

The posters for BodyPump 75 76 and 77 were awesome and BodyCombat 45 46 47, Not sure whats going on with these new ones. Because the gym were I work which is a leading brand in the refusing to put them up becuase they think they look ‘tacky’

Love from the Uk…


The posters

Shbam 5



trying again đŸ˜Ļ though I copied the link I’m not sure why it came out like this. the link should end by Poster[1].jpg

Does anyone have a body combat or shbam life size wall hanging that usually goes up at a gym for sale? Id love one for inspiration for my wall please… ill be happy to buy it if i can afford it… Cheers

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