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BODYCOMBAT 46, BODYPUMP 76 etc. updates coming soon…

Posted on: August 11, 2010

Well I’m officially back in chilly NZ! Bit of a shock to the system after Dubai’s 45 degree temperatures (it’s winter here) but great to be home. Arrived in Friday evening and jumped straight into teaching combat Saturday morning (no rest for the wicked!)

Unfortunately as you may know my trip meant I missed the round of filmings just gone but all is not lost – I’ve had my “spies” report back and will post everything I’m allowed on BODYCOMBAT 46, BODYPUMP 76 and BODYATTACK 71. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about BP76 and BA71 so really excited about those!

The workshop for the Q3 releases (BC45, BP75 and BA70 etc) is coming up next weekend here in NZ so I’ll have a lot more to write about regarding those releases too!

GFX teaser - Nov 2010

GFX teaser - Nov 2010

So really this post is just a teaser post to tell you more info is coming and I haven’t forgotten about you… oh, and don’t forget this coming November is the GFX (massive Group Fitness Event) so I’ll give you some details on that as well – if you’re thinking of coming do let me know!

Allow me a few days to catch up and check back soon!

13 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 46, BODYPUMP 76 etc. updates coming soon…"

AWeSOME GLEN! I’ll be waiting for the news! good to have spies! lol! I’d like to see pics or something too…haven’t found anything yet…hugs! Laura 🙂

Haha yep – I’m quite lucky! Update soon!! 😀

Hee Glen, I heard BP 76 was great, a dutch girl was in NZ and she did the masterclass with filming……music was great but she tell nothing about tracklist

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Hi Glen,

do you know the dates for the GFX? might see if I can sneak a weekend up in the big smoke! cheers Nick

Nick 5th and 6th of November, filmings, workshops and a massive party! Make it happen!

See you in November!!! Super excited my first filming experience 🙂

Kuala Lumpur Workshop THIS weekend! :p

Bugger – I’m working that Friday until about 2pm….

There’s still the saturday!

Awesome!! Can’t wait! 😀

Glen, mind to ask you a question?
seem, this saturday the Malaysia will start a workshop for Q3, how come in Les Mills Website there still don’t have any video sizzlers from the directors?

Hi Glen,

I’m heading off to our 3rd Quart this weekend, BC 45 et al. Glad you had a great holiday, I spent 1 month in Greece on Astanga Yoga teacher training, it was tough. I thought I’d be good to go when I got back but I almost died during my combat class last week. xxx

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