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Quick update: BC39 tracklist, BP69 tracklist etc…

Posted on: January 16, 2009

Hey guys, just a quick update! In case you missed it the complete tracklisting for BODYCOMBAT 39 is now listed below along with links to each track on youtube so you can get a feel for them. Overall it’s looking like it will be a pretty good release! (If you haven’t already you can read my initial review impressions after the filming in November here). Let me know your thoughts!

I’m still working on the BODYPUMP 69 tracklist, have got 7 of the ten listed here, any additional help appreciated! I’ll post that list formally as soon as I’ve completed it. All done! You’ll find the BODYPUMP 69 track list here

And, finally in some not quite so interesting news but still exciting (for me at least!) I’m all booked into do the BODYPUMP module in March! Was one of my 2009 goals so figured why wait! Should be a learning experience no doubt!

Amazingly this blog is now getting over 1000 visitors per day so just goes to show the interest in the new releases, thanks for your support! That’s it for now, will get that BP69 list up as soon as I can and also (of course) details of the BODYCOMBAT 40 filming which is just around the corner! In the meantime really keen to hear your thoughts on the various releases’ music!

2 Responses to "Quick update: BC39 tracklist, BP69 tracklist etc…"

01. Jamie Knight – Better In Time
02. Dan Winter – Get This Party Started
03. Fall Out Boy – I Don’t Care
04. Liz Kay – Castles In The Sky
05. Rihanna – Shut Up & Drive
06. P!nk – So What
07. Dyce – Stand Alone
08. Basshunter – All I Ever Wanted
09. Kid Rock – All Summer Long
10. 3 Doors Down – Let Me Be Myself

Thanks bud! You rock!

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