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BODYPUMP 69 tracklist

Posted on: January 17, 2009



Well here it is! I haven’t had a chance to try this release as I couldn’t make the filming but workshop is early Feb so I’ll post my review as soon as I can… As for the music selection itself… let me know your thoughts!

01. Better In Time – Jamie Knight
02. Get This Party Started – Dan Winter
03. I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy
04. Castles In The Sky – Liz Kay
05. Shut Up & Drive – Rihanna
06. So What – Pink
07. Stand Alone – Dyce
08. All I Ever Wanted – Basshunter
09. All Summer Long – Kid Rock
10. Let Me Be Myself – 3 Doors Down

I LOVE track 4 and track 8 personally – but that’s just me. Having So What by Pink as a track 6 in both BODYCOMAT 39 and BODY PUMP 69 could make life a little interesting (how sick we will get of that song haha) but nevermind! Anyway, really keen to hear your thoughts – this release has a special place in my heart as it’s the release I’ll be doing module on… so it better be good!!!! 😉

* Please note that I can’t guarantee the exact mixes are the same as the ones on the links (track 7 for example is a remix) – but you’ll get the general idea. Again special thanks to Andreas and Raina!

35 Responses to "BODYPUMP 69 tracklist"

So, so what?
I still will love it
I love this d*mn song
And I won’t get sick!!

Thx for the tracklists!! 😀

I love this release – in my opinion, it’s structured very similarly to BP67, which is another release that I absolutely love. (Just like how from the looks of things, BP68 is very similar to BP70, which I caught a sneak preview of a few weeks ago)

Track 8 for me is an absolute standout, love love LOVE it 😀

Wooowww.. Thanks, Glen! 😀

Hi Glen.
Ive listened to these over and over!.
It sounds Great!
Cant wait till the launch here in Feb.!
Love it =)

Thanks for that Glen, they sound great – roll on February in Brisbane!!!

Nooooooo….. please tell me that mish mash Kid Rock murdering ‘Werewolves of London’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabamba’ has not made it to the track list of Body Pump???
I just told my wife this and she said if they play that song in any Les Mills class she will walk out!!!
I much prefer the BC39 track list than the BP69 track list
Oh well you can’t please everyone… *LOL*

Nick – I hate to admit it but I don’t mind that track! Has a real driving with the roof off the car in summer feel to it! (not that I drive a convertible so taking the roof off would prove decidedly difficult!!)

Is Castles in the Sky like the song by the same name from release 47’s lunge track?

Thanks so much for posting it, had been looking for a while.

Hi Michelle – good question!! Same song but from what I can tell completely different mix – BP47’s is by Ian Van Dahl – link here:

Compare to:

Hope this helps!!

Yeah, I just figured out the links in blue would play the songs too, way cool site!! Got a while to go before we get it in the US, just launched 68 on Jan 10th. I really like 68, and look forward to every release.

Hi Glen,
I’m just started with bodypump for month and i think it’s very interesting…
Thanks for tracklist.

Hi Glen,
Thanks for nice work, as it is always good to listen new tracks. I have made BP from 57 and these songs are good. As I like disco more than rock it seems this new BP 69 for my taste. In world there is so much good music, but they use similar groups as Cascada, Nick Skitz, E-Type and Pink. They are almost in every realise. Thats way I do Bodycombat also, as music is much groovy.
Thank for tracklist!

Yeah…. if I had a choice between listening to that song or listen to our ex prime minister Helen Clarke talk – I think the song would win hands down!!! *L*

it’s not the worst song in the world – I think Meatloaf in BC39 will be interesting – our instructor has started playing all the cooldowns in BC from 1-38 and tonight he played the BC7? cooldown and that was a Meatloaf song!

Castles in the Sky—Body Pump to Disney musicals, Ick Ick Ick.

Oh Lordy I hate that Kid Rock thing, schmaltzier than the schmaltziest John Mellencamp song. Maybe I can go to the instructors who don’t say anything if you clean up during abs.

Track 8 is good tho–since my gym in San Antonio just did their release of 68 this past weekend I won’t have to worry about it for a good long while though, will I 🙂

Hi Glen – Just wanted to let you know we linked your post – nice blog! T+C

Michelle/Bew: Thanks guys – you’re very welcome 🙂

Nick/Charis: I’m cracking up – well, you know what they say “you can’t please all of the yada yada yada…”

Tami & Craig: Nice blog guys! Thanks for the link

I’m really looking forward to this release – workshop is coming up really soon so will give you my feedback then.

Hi Glen, this is the first time I have had the opportunity to contact you and is an honor to say you’re an example to follow, you’re the best, an all your team. Your work is so hard, and make public compose choreographies 3 months each, and to connect with all kinds people is extremely difficult, but I always get you and your team. Congratulations for the last BP 68 brealise, is the best for years, always take BP 60 in my heart, casue I started with it. you are an example of what I want to become. Congratulations, and start the party!!!
Big hugs from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain!

Olá Glen!!!

Adorei as musicas do mix 69!!

Amo o Body Pump, estamos esperando tua participação em algum

Workshop aqui em Porto Alegre – RS.

Olá Glen!!!

Adorei as musicas do mix 69!!

Amo o Body Pump, estamos esperando tua participação em algum

Workshop aqui em Porto Alegre – RS (Brasil).

Olá Glen!!!

Adorei as musicas do mix 69!!

Amo o Body Pump, estamos esperando tua participação em algum

Workshop aqui em Porto Alegre – RS.


HI Glen….
Track 6 is sounds great,,,, i really love Pink’s song….
Here in Bkk , thailand just launch BP68 in January ..

I like bodypump very very much even I’m just started with it.

Your blog is great !!! Glen. Thank you.


[…] – the complete list for the latest batch of releases (use the following links for BODYCOMBAT 39 and BODYPUMP 69 – all other programmes […]

I’m really looking forward to the new release even thow I love number 68. Favourites – number 6 of cource, Pink is just perfect for BP. And 8 – Basshunter. In Sweden I’ll have to wait until beginning of March before we get nb69.
Thanks for the tracklist.

Hey Glen!

Thanks so much! This Rocks! Love Pink, Kid Rock and 3 Doors Down!

track 8 of BP 69 = track 6 of BA 64 = same song but different tempos!!!! love the track!!!! and boy, is the chest and biceps are tough!!!

Go hard or go home!!

I LOVE the fact that all the songs I’ve been listening to this summer have finally all appeared on a Body Pump sound track.

I’m not sure which I’m more excited about. The slow intense work out I’m getting or the absoloutly amazing sounds that I get to listen to while doing it….

Hi, I just started BP and BA, thank you so much for providing all the track lists, I just came home from a gruelling (but fantastic) BP class but couldnt remember any of the lyrics.

I have recently begun BP and loving it. I go about 1-2 times a week and have seen real results. I have only known the 68 & 69 releases. I have just bought most of these songs off itunes and I will surely love to hate them, or should that be hate to love them.


I know it’s not exactly your territory, BUT could we possibly hear Track 7 (Stand Alone) in a future RPM release? This tune seems to be written specifically for it. 🙂

Pretty fun list of songs!

Thanks for providing tracklist of bp69, I’m from Beijing ,China, bp69 l like songs all summer long and All I ever wanted. bp68 I like hook me up.These music really good, I go 3 times per week for bodypump and bodyjam, really like the songs of bodyjam46!!

I loveee Body pump 69! Those 3/4 squats are killer though!! Abs is my FAVE!!

Hi Glen. This release is so fantastic!!!! But BP 70 IS MUCH BETTER!!!! Thank you for everything!!! kiss, laura

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