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Posted on: November 4, 2008

Arrrggg! I’m a tad frustrated at myself! Last night was the BODYCOMBAT 39 filming in Auckland – snapped quite a few pics (some below), made a few mental notes about the chorry so I could post it here this morning, but I’ve forgotten all the darn tracks that were in it! Sorry! nevermind, I can confirm my suspicions were correct and “So What” by Pink is the track 6 (more on that below) and I can also confirm Scooter vs. Status Quo “Whatever you want” is track 4 – the rest I’ve drawn a complete and utter blank! Bloody useless if you ask me! 😉 Addition Jan 09: Full track list now available here

The theme for BODY COMBAT 39 is cage fighting (Ultimate Fighting Championship). The stage was decked out as a cage, and Dan, Rach and the other two presenters (whose names I’ve forgotten too sorry!) Tony from Brazil and Vanessa from Portugal (thanks Bevan and Raina for that info! 😀 ) were all wearing gear with a ‘cage pattern’ on it. Looked pretty awesome actually! All for were tanned and in absolutely awesome shape. The one thing I’ll say about this release is that they have kept it REALLY simple. There’s no ginga, no esquiva, no e-kick, no jump knees – it’s all really really simple chorry (and sometimes really repetitive). Track 4 does have the jump kick, but that’s the only “advanced” move in the entire release.

The real stand out tracks for me were track 6, and track 7. Track 6 (So What by Pink) had simple but effective chorry – double uppers, hook-hook, back kick, double knee, front kick. I found myself getting into a really good rhythm coming from the back kick into the knees and really enjoyed this track. The fact I love the song helped! Rach presented this and she was able to really build the levels and hit the peak with heaps of attitude “we’re all gonna get in a fight!”.

Track 7 (Muay Thai) was awesome too. A tonne of knees… and I really mean a TONNE of knees, and just when you thought the track was over it wasn’t and continued with another massive burst of knees.

I mentioned that the chorry in this release is simple, and it really is. That can be good as it makes the entry into BC easier for people trying it for the first time. I’m sure there have been times when new participants have tried to emulate an instructor doing jumping evasive side kicks on their first class and maybe gotten a little freaked out! Nice thing about this (and quite a few of the recent releases actually) is that newbies can quite easily follow the moves almost immediately without too much of a worry. The downside is simple movements can get a little boring for the diehard experienced combatters. The power training tracks in particular were pretty repetitive I thought. One of them (I’m pretty sure it was track 3) had the same sequence repeated 6 times throughout the track… of course I enjoyed it last night but I did worry that perhaps the novelty could wear off? Time will tell of course.

One other interesting point was that there was no crunches nor sit ups in this release. Not-a-one! Instead we had the plank (or hover as you may call it)… and that’s it for abs! I know! A lot of them – both front and side. It was kinda cool for a change and the great thing is the transition from a plank into a press up is of course seamless.

All in all I really enjoyed the release. And I enjoyed all of the music – a really consistent hard workout with no lulls – I think it’ll be great for bringing new people into the programme too. Of course having only done it once my opinion will no doubt change after the official release – but IMO this is definitely a release to look forward to!!!

BC39 filming

BC39 filming

BODYCOMBAT 39 filming

BODYCOMBAT 39 filming



BODYCOMBAT 39 filming

BODYCOMBAT 39 filming - yours truly 🙂



BODYCOMBAT 39 filming - knees!

BODYCOMBAT 39 filming - knees!


39 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 39 DVD filming"


Thanks for the info!

There’s no need to struggle with the music……. 😉 Muhahahahahahaha!!!!

Oh and by the way – Paradise City (30) and Not Gonna Get Us (18) had planks too! But I love the idea of not having any crunches! You make me both look forward to this release and not (because of the simple chorry, no advanced moves).

Haha – yeah I figured not to stress about the music (these things seem to have a way of revealing themselves…) 😉

The whole evening was a bit of a blur so no wonder I forgot so much. I just remembered the funniest part (which I forgot to mention above) was after the much hyped intro – there was a big “ARE YOU READY FOR BODYCOMBAT 39!!!”, all the presenters went into a guard stance and the music started blaring… then suddenly they all looked confused… they had accidentally started playing the Step release. Hysterical 🙂

I’m sure more will come to me as I continue to think about it so will add on as it occurs to me. Thanks bud!

Haha that’s hilarious!

Add me on MSN if you wanna, I want to know more about BC39. 😀

Wheeee!! Thanks for the sneak peek 😀
Hmm…now there are 2 tracks in BC with the same title *lol*

Can’t wait for 39!! And we haven’t even done 38 yet!!

thanks glen.. =D

Glen, thanks for the info!!!

kinda sounds like 35… easy for newbies but no stop challenge for the regulars, and i really love 35 sooo i’m gonna look forward for this release =)

take care!

Brilliant Mate!

Great work.

Hey there – just had a look at your site… pretty cool!
fancy going to BC 39 filming and forgetting what the tracks are!! *LOL*
I’ve had a listen to most of the BC38 tracks and most are pretty cool – apart from that damn Body Attack one (track 8). I hate it when they use the same songs in different programs!
One of our instructors is leaning BC38 and she said it is pretty cool…

I know I’m a total goose! Some of it is starting to come back to me know… I’ll update this post fairly shortly with some of the other notes I’ve made since 🙂

Still can’t remember any more track names though!!

Yo, can you tell us about Body Combat38. What do you think???

One of the presenters is Brazilian’s Master Trainer Toni Gianini or as Rachel likes to call him Super Toni!


OMG ive just come across this. BC39 sounds excited event without ginga, ESK, and such like, but man i sure do miss those element of combat. You gotta rack your brains for the others tracks, lol

Ive heard BC38 and gotta say at first listen, not impressed with the music, but will reserve my judgement until ive seen the chorry!!!!

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Bevan that’s helpful as it was driving me crazy – Toni is BUILT!! 🙂

BA I’ll be doing BC38 for the first time this Saturday at workshop and will put my thoughts up first thing Monday morning when I get back into town (I didn’t make 38’s filming unfortunately)

Imi will take a look – Cry for You does sound familiar!!!

We have ‘release day’ here on 29 November – it is actually my wedding anniversary, and we were planning a romantic weekend away – but BC38 is more important!! *LOL*

Lol – that’s classic Nick. I wouldn’t be laughing so much except for the fact I’d probably do the same thing! 🙂

hi Glen, how was your sunday? I had pain in all my muscles after this BC intensive training !!!!!ahhhhhhhhhh
(we were in the same “team” do you remember?)
Have to say that you did the “capoeira thing” very well….;-))

Sophie believe it or not I’m still sore!!! Thanks for the compliment too 🙂

So far this is as far as I’ve gotten

Track 1: The One and Only (?)
Track 4: Whatever you want – Scooter vs. Status Quo
Track 5: Johnny Be Good (?)
Track 6: So What – Pink
Track 8: Cry For You – September (or is it November!)

Thanks for the heads up 🙂
cant wait!
havent even started 38 tho….
i always look forward to a new release

[…] it’s BC38). I’ll be adding each release as soon as I get the info (already have about half of 39 but won’t list it till it’s […]

Hi there. I really appreciate reading your entries. I’m just a beginner of Body Combat and fortunately I was included in the Grand Marathon last Nov. 30. Hope to read more entries from you!

Hi there. I really appreciate reading your entries. I’m just a beginner of Body Combat and fortunately I was included in the Grand Marathon last Nov. 30. Hope to read more entries from you!

You’re very welcome! 😉

[…] In fact when you compare 2008 to the four releases of 2007 the difference is chalk and cheese. The complexity of BC31-34 was much higher. BC32 and BC33 had loads of gingas and LOADS of e-kicks in Call Me When You’re Sober and This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race, those releases that didn’t have the e-kick in the track 4 had the jump kick – and jump knees featured in the muay thai tracks. So big changes there. We also know that the complexity drops down even further in BODYCOMBAT 39 (see here). […]

Just came across your blog – nice pics! Pink’s “So What” is in both BC 39 AND BP 69 both as track 6’s?! As a BC/BP instructor that’s gonna be fun to keep straight!

[…] you haven’t already you can read my initial review impressions after the filming in November here). Let me know your […]

Hi !!

Anyone can say me what is the brand of the T-shirt of Dan and Rach’.
I know the brand of the short is “Venum” but I don’y know for the T-shirt…

Help please…

Simon – I’ve wondered this myself. I’ve not seen them before. I’ve seen similar Tapout tees with the cage pattern ( but they aren’t the same obviously.

My first instinct is that they are Tapout or Cage Fighter shirts – but as there’s no distinctive logo (MMA shirts aren’t known for their subtlety!) maybe they were custom printed.

se ve re copado el mix 39 …

[…] discussed in my first post after the filming, the theme for this release is Ultimate Fighting (UFC). At the filming I noted that the complexity […]

found the brand yet? i’m searching for this t-shirt too, but can’t find it anywhere

The Shirts are Custom Made. I had a Series of them done. Please email me for pricing if interested. I could get more done if required. I have the exact same one.


Count me in! Please leave you’re e-mail adress, or e-mail me at remy @ wizzert dot nl

would like to order the Body Combat 39 edition Tshirt.
The same as Dan & Rach in the filming.
If you have one left.
Thanks Tom

Hi everybody;

I’m a French Combat, Pump,& Attack trainer & there’s a few things we can’t find in France,( details that make the difference).
I’m looking for Les Mills long wrist band, white, black, orange or yellow, as shown on dvds of pump, attack or step.
If also you’ve got clues about the Les Mills tribe black T shirt,
(for global summit 2008), & where I could buy one, I’m in.
Au revoir

simplesmente fantástico. tenho 41 anos e comecei á menos de 1 ano e amo.

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