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January 2011 filming presenters

Posted on: January 25, 2011

This is a blatant copy ‘n paste from Raina’s blog – she’s made some really good observations and comments about the list below, so bowl over to her blog and check it out! If you’re gonna be there on Thursday (timetable here) I’ll see you for pump and balance!


  • Lisa Osborne (Program Director)
  • June Anderson (New Zealand)
  • Bevan Eyles (New Zealand)
  • Nate Jones (Australia)
  • Mid Thomas (New Zealand)


  • Jackie Mills (Program Director)
  • Corey Baird (New Zealand)
  • Dr Dave McKenzie (New Zealand)
  • Anna Paringer (Sweden)


  • Dan and Rachel Cohen (Program Directors)


  • Gandalf Archer (Program Director)
  • Carla Fitzsimons (New Zealand)
  • Nicole Hsu Sanchez (United States)


  • Susan Renata (Head Trainer)
  • Emma Barry (New Zealand)
  • Dan Cohen (New Zealand)
  • Petter Ehrnvall (Sweden)
  • Jacqueline Klossner (Switzerland)
  • Les Mills Jnr (New Zealand)


  • Susan Trainor (Program Director)
  • Maureen Baker (New Zealand)
  • Kathi Fleig (Switzerland)
  • Mo Hagan (Canada)
  • Mark Nu’u (New Zealand)


  • Mark Nu’u (Program Director)
  • Lisa Osborne (Research and Development Director)
  • Susan Renata (New Zealand)
  • Sarah Robinson (New Zealand)

RPM 51

  • Sarah Ostergaard (Assistant Program Director)
  • Patrick Maes (Netherlands)
  • Lee Smith (Australia)


  • Rachael Cohen (Program Director)
  • Claudio Melamed (Spain)

9 Responses to "January 2011 filming presenters"

Yes, Glen broke his leg I heard? RPM with a dutch (belgium) presenter, nice can’t wait but first 50 😉

Yeah he has! Won’t be in pump or rpm unfortunately 😦

Hahaha all good, mine was a blatant copy offthe Kia Kaha blog!

See ya Thursday!!

Dan Cohen doing BP?? – I guess if his wife is doing Sh’bam then he can sneak into Pump for a bit….
One day I’ll get to Auckland for a filming….. I’ll win lotto too – trust me! LOL!

I thought the same as you Nick – weird huh! Especially as he doesn’t actually even have a pump class!

I’ll let ya know how it goes 😀

Yep Mario, a belgian presenter for RPM, we call him superPAT over here in Belgium :-). We’re very proud that he will appear on the dvd.
To bad that Glen won’t be in pump or RPM.
No guest presenters for combat? How come?

Iris he’s injured unfortunately. Broken foot or ankle (which one I’m not sure) – I guess that’s why there’s 6 pump presenters to make up for it (plus two more shadowing!)

Dan taught Pump in one of our Super 1/4lys last year…he was pretty slick! xxx

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