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January 2011 Les Mills filming times

Posted on: January 17, 2011

Happy 2011 everyone! I officially kicked into reality today, back into 45 hours at my day job and teaching 11 classes on top of this week… just to make it a little more interesting I’m paying the price of three weeks of dietary in indulgence and have reined in the calories and carbs as of today too (man, pump tonight was hard work as a result!)

Below are the actual times for the next batch of filming masterclasses next week – looks like I’ll be able to attend both days so I’ll be sure to let you know how they go! You’ll also notice the new “core” programme has an official name: CX30 – sounds very high tech!

Anyway – I’ll be sure to give you guys an update after, if you’re coming please do let me know and I’ll see ya there!


4.00pm BODYPUMP 78
5.30pm SH’BAM 4
8.00pm BODYSTEP 84
9.30pm CX30 3


1.30pm RPM 51
4.10pm BODYATTACK 73
5.40pm BODYCOMBAT 48
7.30pm BODYVIVE 19
9.00pm BODYJAM 57

11 Responses to "January 2011 Les Mills filming times"

Hey Glen

Any news on who is presenting this time round?

Hope to see you and the Mrs. there 🙂


yay Paul!

All I’ve heard so far is a rumour that Mr Cohen is presenting pump?

I’ll put my feelers out and let you know!

see you there!

Wow – he’s gonna be busy if he does Combat, Pump and CX30…

Thursday is gonna be a long day, I kinda wanna do them all… lol…

Most excited about Sh’bam – I’m kinda obsessed!!!

yeah I’m guessing that’s why combat and pump are on different days – usually they’re on the same one.

I’m excited about watching Sh’Bam – it does look super cool! If I had an ounce of rhythm I’d do it – but I don’t!

See ya soon!

Any signs of new tracklists?

Great blog post – as always, Glen. :)))


A wee birdy told me they are very very close 😉

hmmmm – one day they will do a BC filming on a Saturday / Sunday mid morning / afternoon – then I can just come up for the weekend…
I am looking forward to BC47 being released here Feb 26th!

Nathan jones is presenting for attack 🙂

Have also heard Mid is in Attack and Carla is in Jam………I’ll be attending team teaches from Friday so can let you know!

I’ve seen the BP77 tracklist floating around online for a while now. Thanks Glen for taking the time to update your blog amidst the madness (btw I recommend carb cycling).

Oh that’s good news. I’ve got them here but les mills are getting quite protective so I don’t like to be the first to post 🙂

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