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BODYPUMP 76 tracklist

Posted on: October 6, 2010

Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, Cascada… this release is gonna be interesting! Word on the street is it absolutely rocks however (I’ll let you know first week of November). Again where covers have been used I’ve linked to the original – version in release may differ however. Tracklist below – enjoy 🙂

BODYPUMP 76 tracklist

1: The Climb (Almighty Essential Radio Edit) – Almighty Pop Factor
2: Telephone (Original Radio Edit) – Pandora BX
3: Beautiful Day – Lee Jones
4: Pyromania – Sun Flash
5: My First Kiss – 3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha
6: Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera
7: Storm – DJ Lotus
8: Bring It Back – Paffendorf
9: Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner
10: The Truth – Kris Allen

32 Responses to "BODYPUMP 76 tracklist"

anything Paffendorf its a good choice and 3OH!3 ft Ke$ha is just a fun track!
Christina A… good track! and Mike Posner debut single is a good catchy song!

Kris Allen.. well.. what can i say.. i rather listen some Opera or Classical
but i think overall sounds like a great playlist


Shoulder track = best. ever. You thought Ravers in the UK was good?! Just wait for this!

Remix of Telephone and it’s choreo are both awesome as well!

Not looking forward to this release based on the tracklist…

Nevermind, I’ll get over Miley Cyrus lol. The rest of the tracklist sounds good, especially 3,4,5,7,8,9!

here’s the remixed version of track 2

I know you guys aren’t allowed to spill the details regarding the choreo, but give us something! Are there any new moves this time? What makes the shoulder track so good? I’m not really feeling the music yet but the tracks sound different and come alive once you’re moving to the beat so I’m not passing judgement just yet.

oooh i remember you were asking when that particular cascada song was going to be picked up in les mills 😛

Super thanks again

You’re welcome Glen! Thank you for the tracklists!

I like the release.
I don’t think it’s the best yet, but never mind.
New bodypump is always fun.
Though I don’t know about track 7. Could not find a version anywhere.
Maybe it’s Storm by Milk Inc.
Because the only newer track of DJ Lotus was a cover of need you now.
Any thoughts anyone?

Omg!! I can’t wait to do this one!! Although I am a bit shocked about Miley Cyrus, I am sure it’s nothing I won’t get used to…

This squat track should be a good one, I am liking the current one too!!

Let’s hope we have a painful workout to match these tracks 🙂

Thanks for the tracks Glen!

Christian, apparently the lunge track is purely instrumental

I don’t know about the lunge track.
First of all, the text says
“version in release may differ however (no idea if lunge track is correct version at all)”
Second: I searched the whole internet and there is no track Storm by DJ Lotus.
And third: somewhere in the internet I read something like: the original is the one without vocals but the remix has vocals.
But I don’t know.

Maybe you are right and I just can’t accept the fact that they put in a borring instrumental track 😉

I asked someone who was at the filming which version it was and they said they couldn’t remember because it was mostly instrumental. Either way, there have been nothing but good reviews on the net, so I’m very excited to receive this release!

Also, I found another instrumental techno track titled storm by dj koltsov on youtube.

See? Mostly instrumental and this track is only instrumental, so I don’t know…
If somebody finds more details about the version or even a video with it (or just a small preview of the track) maybe he or she could link it here.
I’m really curious, because as it is, I think the track is rather borring.
But the other tracks sound like fun, so all in all not my favourite release but not bad either.

I love all the songs… looking forward to teach this release in December!

Here’s Milk Inc’s Storm They’ve been featured in bodypump before so it would make sense.

Yeah! I knew it.
Just saw the release and track 7 is Storm by MilcInc.
So not the borring instumental Storm I feared!
Now I’m happy with the release!

Overall not a bad set of tracks. I can undertand the reasoning behind “The Climb” track 1. Progressive, light hearted lyrics symbolic of building and climbing the intensity which hits the crescendo on the leg track which is fab. POW! springs to mind real gritty, solid and a real leg teaser. I can already feel the intensity just listening to the track.

No new innovations but alot of changes on the tempos which I’m looking forward too. The feeling I get on the this one, is the quickness and sharpness of it. Quick changes /transitions quick breaks and lots of different superset exercises all crambed in.

we will see!

I’m hoping the choreography is good because this is another release where I’m not thrilled with the music choices. (BP 75 was marked improvement over the mess they sent out with BP 74.)

Fortunately the clubs where I teach don’t force us to do the entire release (nor have an official ‘launch’) so based on what I know my classes respond to I can almost guarantee that I’m not going to present a few of these tracks … in particular that lackluster warm-up. It it were a re-mixed version (with a beat) … maybe. But what were they thinking?

Hey, Les Mills … get your act together with the music. Lyrics ALONE do not make for good selections when the melody sounds sounds like something you are subjected to when you call someone and put ‘on hold’. That’s unfortunately what I’m going to be doing with that warm-up song … putting it ‘on hold’. 🙂

When do you guys launch 76? Our quarterlies aren’t untill the 25th and I’m dying to know what we have in store.

Sasha we’re launching 76 in a week. Shoulder track is AMAZING!!

Hi Glen,
I’m new here, from Australia. I came across your blog a while ago (but first time commenting) when I was looking up Combat tracks. First of all, I love this blog, love to hear your view about new releases and how I get an early insight about the next release. Anyway, back to pump 76…our gym launch the new releases next week. We had a sneak peak, I’ve done few tracks from the new release already and so far I am loving it (I LOVE the biceps and shoulder track – absolute killer yet challenging) I also love how pace out the choreography is, its not as jerky – very smooth!

Sizzler is out: The pop divas of BODYPUMP® may seem a little flirty, but don’t be fooled – this release packs a punch with a solid workout that targets small muscle groups, while bombarding the bigger ones with short sharp shocks of intensity.

The warm-up helps you climb into your work by preparing you for what’s to come back to haunt in the very next track – Squats.

Another of those big muscle groups – the chest – gets the treatment in Track 3, really stressing the Singles and Bottom Half Presses. Then we get the fire started with Pyromania, attacking the back with a double shot of power and strength – two clean and Presses/two Deadrows.

Track 5 is the highlight of the release, Your First Kiss was never like this, but the song’s playfulness can’t disguise the punch you feel as an opening series of Dips softens up the triceps for a circuit of Push-ups and Kickbacks, then closing Overhead Presses.

Unleased the perfect Storm on your legs, surprising hem with heavy – loaded Squats so they’re burning by the time the lunges hit home. Go to new depths on the lunges with the bench option.

BODYPUMP® 75 highlighted the “peck-dec” shoulder track and you learn another new move this time a Reverse Fly that tests the rear deltoids, trapezius, the rhombus and smaller shoulder muscles.

Well we did the release yesterday and thought it was pretty good – both music and chorry wise
I didn’t really like that pathetic remake of U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ though, but thought the release was good.

the link of milk inc-storm is that.

Track nr 7
7: Storm – DJ Lotus

must be replaced by

7: Storm – Milk Inc.

Thank you all for finding the track 7 song “Storm” I really like that song. Now I have it! Thank you! Also I really like my bodypump classes!

is there anywhere you can find Pyromania by Sun Flash?
I want to download/buy whatever the tracks from this released it totally got me into BodyPump especially that track I always looked forward to that one
the original is so boring!!

I find it really distracting to listen to have to listen to some slutty girl reaching orgasm while I’m reaching the end of my biceps workout (I just learned it’s Christina Aguilera). “Oh yeah, give it to me baby, that’s just what I needed”. Really strange you can’t say words like “*ss” or “sh*t” on a BP soundtrack (they’re all filtered out), but very explicit sex noises are completely OK. I hope we can get some decent music performed by decent artists on the next releases, instead of junk like this – not to mention the very bad U2 cover.

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